paopuiisms  asked:


Somehow her head managed to come down for you to pet!

Inumi is terribly excited to see the man who loved to cuddle her.

T'aricordi quanno stretto a tanti sogni
t'addormivi sopra ‘n letto de illusioni
de cui adesso se ce pensi te vergogni?

T'aricordi quanno lampi, pioggia e tuoni
eran fòri dalla testa e i tuoi bisogni
se scioglievan in un cielo de aquiloni?

—  Inumi Laconico
RP: Pup, Pup, Go!


On the behalf of Star’s friend’s parents and the request of his doggy pal, Momotaro and Inumi (the said doggy pal) were watching over the rambunctious laser puppies in the Diaz living room. Apparently Star and this ‘Marcus’ (or was it Marco?) were in this facility called “School of High”. Was it about time they got home? Momotaro did not know these schooling standards.

But the periwinkle furred dog was happily playing with the puppies. Tugging on the appropriate toys, and just prancing in general. Momotaro was just observing the pups while petting any that came his way when they wanted a breather.

Doggy Invasion? (RP with zapfishreclaimationsquad)


What was this? A small shack, and it was stuffed full of plush. What were these plush depicting? Well honestly as a dog, Inumi was aware most dog toys don’t resemble stuff correctly. The shape of these dolls looked like catfish but more infantile. They smelled of ink. Were these toys for dogs? Or for children? Or even, squids and octopi? The plush looked all very worn and patched up.

The fact that this periwinkle coat canine was on a floating island was thrown out of focus with these dolls around. But sniffing was the only interaction she was doing with those toys. The owner might not want chew marks on these already patched plush.

A Fallen Star!?

((Opener inspired by this. For fromanotherdxmension))

It was a typical day for Momotaro and Inumi, a boy and his dog. …well to be more exact, a peach scented young teen with a periwinkle akita mix. Just the usual wandering around the world. But they happened upon a strange building that was called a “sh-cool”. It was big, and stuff, a few things seemed destroyed…with a blond girl fainted in front of it (on the sidewalk).


The two immediately ran to the girl’s aid,

“Nandayo?? Neechan, daijoubu??” Momotaro worriedly shook her…gently though.

Inumi decided to lick her face, like any dog would do. Maybe the drool might wake her up.

Storms and Haunts!



The sky was dark and there was a heavy downpour. Random lightning lit the forested area as the thunder roared.

Momotaro was dashing through the trees, trying to stay dry. These trees didn’t provide enough coverage to avoid wet clothes or provide good shelter. A wet Inumi was running alongside the peach boy, and she really wanted to avoid the loud crashes of the sky.

A big manor was up ahead…would it be alright to enter? It did seem a little worn down…but it would be rude to just bust in. Inumi scratched at the door, hoping to get inside. She could sense that Momotaro was starting to come down with a cold. …He was shivering and sniffling after all.