inume14  asked:

I've just read all the chapters of Pulse in two days (too bad I couldn't do it faster due to work) and I LOVE it. How come I have never heard of you and your tumblr?! Thank you for the awesome translation (are there any available in spanish?) and such a lovely and amazing work. It feels so real... it FEELS. Sorry for my english, I'm not quite sure how to say it properly. Are there any plans of translating more authors or from other countries?

Thanks, nice to hear that :) But I need to clarify few things from your msg :)

Our team is official English translation team for Ratana Satis’ works. Pulse and Lily Love are now licensed by Lezhin so OFFICIAL language which is available is English, Japanese and Korean :)

About Spanish version. There will be official Lily Love volume edition (Spanish team is working on it, when there will be more info, we will write about it).

About other translations, we work with other Thai artists :) Our team is doing quality check for their translations. You can check all our releases on “Releases” tab at the top of the page :)

Aaaand if you really didn’t hear about our team and Ratana’s works, maybe you should also follow Ratana’s tumblr, Ratana’s FB, mine FB and Pulse group :)