inuit parka

It’s Korrasami’s WEDDING DAY!

Looking at all the pictures, I really wanted to do something, so I did… but I didn’t have much time, so I cheated a bit. Sketched over a screencap and then adjusted it and drew clothes over top.

Asami’s dress is based on a Japanese wedding outfit from the 1920s (Fire Nation) and Korra’s is VERY loosely based on a design I found for an Inuit parka. You know she’d want to show those guns… and her back has a scoop cut because I have read SOOO many fanfics where Asami just loves her back. lol

Korra’s neckline has a Water Tribe symbol beneath her betrothal necklace and the edging over her shoulder is Raava’s. The rest of the edging (veil, armband,waist) is the wave from the Water Tribe symbol.

White’s more of a western thing, but I liked Asami’s better white than the black the real dress had. I was going to do something with gears instead of the lace, but I’d already spent close to 2 and a half hours, so I needed to finish and I didn’t get to shading, so it’s just flat color. :/ I’m missing out on the rest of the art!

With a lack of fundamental understanding of the culture being pumped for design inspiration, there’s always the danger that a designer will shift from appreciating to appropriating without even noticing. Then, the whole damn enterprise gets flipped on its head. Instead of venerating a culture, we denigrate it.

Not exactly fair recompense for all that “inspiration.”

—  Jonathan Evans in Esquire on the thin line between cultural inspiration and cultural appropriation, addressing a recent case in which British label KTZ copied an Inuit shaman’s parka.