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Mermaid moodboard : Inuit mermaids

Like Sedna, or Sanna; the drowned goddess, Inuit mermaids were once humans. They were women from all ages who drowned by falling under the ice or being washed away by a powerful wave. 
Sedna welcomed thoses women she saw as sisters and granted them the gift of breathing underwater and an orca tail to show that they belonged to the underwater world. She painted their hands with black lines with her hair which symbolizes her own fingers and hands which were cut by her father and from which all the fish sprang out.
Inuit mermaids are benevolent spirits guiding fishermen in winter, leading the fish where they will be needed and calming Sedna when she is angry because of her hair entangled by the currents..

Inuit Mythology →Sedna, Goddess of the Sea

known as the Mother/Mistress of the Sea, Sedna’s tale is one of creation describing how she came to rule of Adlivun (Inuit Underworld). In one version she is the child of Anguta (the creator-god) with a hunger that causes her to attack her parents, resulting in her father taking her to sea and casting her overboard. She clings to the side but Anguta cuts off her fingers and she sinks to the underworld, ruler of the monster of the deep. Her severed fingers become seals, walruses and whales.