Sniper MC saving Bidders - Soryu+MC

Anon Asks: Could you possibly do a short for soryu and reader? Reader is a sniper and saves the guys when they are held captive in a warehouse. Guys dont know she is a sniper til after they are rescued with the help of the ice dragons of course. Fluffy end.

Well sure thing, though don’t know how to do short most of the time, my muse won’t let me lol. But I hope you like this, soryu is one of my favorites.

Another day of work and unusual for any day the pager hasn’t gone off once while you are working. Usually Eisuke is buzzing for coffee, Mamoru to clean his suite once again, and all the usual requests. You finish up the usual rooms and go to the Lounge only to find things kicked over, vases broken, chairs knocked over and the usual guns soryu hid missing.

You wince and pull out your phone and call Samenji “The bidders are gone, the dragons need to find out where they went.” “Got it, we will find them and bring them back…” You interrupt “I’m coming to” It is silent “… He will kill us if we bring you” “Samenji no argument” “… Fine” You hang up and go to Soryu’s suite and dig deep into the back where you hid your rifle bag. You take it out to clean it and assemble it waiting for the call. 

-A couple hours later-

Your phone finally rings after about an hour after you where done getting the rifle ready and all you could do was pace and check the scope. “We found them princess!” “Ok, where are they Inui?” “…You sure you are coming princess?” “Inui, I am coming and that’s final” You say in a no nonsense tone “Yes ma’am, we will pick you up out front” You hang up and pick up your bag and go out front. Of course you hid the rifle in a normal gym bag so you can sneak it by without anyone knowing.

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Where's Inui?...
  • Soryu: Has anyone seen Inui?
  • Samejima: Yeah - he said he was gonna go deal with that guy from before
  • Soryu: ...By himself?
  • Samejima: ... Yes, by himself
  • Soryu: ... When was this?
  • Samejima: ... Last Tuesday
  • Soryu: ...
  • Samejima: ...
  • Samejima: I'm sure he's fine!

person: stop trying to make sports anime and manga gay!!!1!


ah yes

how silly of me

how could I ever think it was gay

when it is so obviously not haha

clearly not gay  

not even a little bit




  • I wanted to do this...cuz.....reasons........ XD
  • OKAY SO IM GONNA SO WHAT SIZES I THINK THE KBTBB GUYS ARE....( and by size I mean how big is their package....)
  • Eisuke: 9 inches (....)
  • Mamoru: 8 inches (not surprised)
  • Ota: 7 inches ( he's the youngest so yeah....)
  • Luke: 10 inches ( dam Boi...)
  • Baba: 8 1/2 inches ( It autocorrected to two inches at first XD)
  • Soryu: 9- 9 1/2 inches (O-o)
  • Shuichi: 9 inches (*nosebleed*)
  • Inui: 7 inches (awwww cute.....)
  • Samejima: 6 inches ( he seems to have no sex drive still love him tho....)
  • Hikaru: 7 1/2 inches (idk....)
Regrets - KBTBB (Part 2)

You can read part 1 here.

Soryu’s POV

Mitsuki’s eyes were a dull shade of red as she crawled out from the backseat of the cab; makeup had stained her cheeks and her hair was a mess, yet for some reason unexplainable, I could still tell that the goddess inside of her hadn’t yet run out of steam. She wasn’t the kind of girl to give up so easily - not after that so far, this world had put her though. I offered her out a hand which she took without a word and shot her a smile which she forced on across her lips in return. I could tell that Mitsuki wasn’t feeling great; it didn’t take a mind reader to figure out that right now she was fragile, but right now I needed confirmation; I needed to make sure that no matter what this girl was going to be okay. Cellphone buzzing like crazy inside my jacket pocket, I continued to ignore the multitude of missed calls I’d received in the last 15 minutes and led the two of us inside.

Genkishu was the busiest I’d seen in all week; Friday nights downtown tended to be like this. A single look and nod towards a hostess near the entry who recognised me was enough to get us a table near the back with a little privacy. Mitsuki was shivering but I could tell it wasn’t because she was cold - it was fear induced, anger induced, frustrated induced, because she was emotionally drained, fed up and exhausted.

“I don’t know if I want to be here.”

They weren’t the words I’d wanted to hear from her but they were at least something. She was talking.

“Here - Genkishu? Or here - Tokyo?”, I asked with a raised brow before we took our seats.
“Ha…”, she choked out as she slumped down into a chair I wasn’t quick enough to pull out for her, “A little from option a and a little from option b.”

She licked her lips once over before food was brought to the table and rubbed her belly once; a perk of being a regulars - they already knew our orders. Thanking a waitress who poured tea quietly without saying a word, Mitsuki picked up a set of chopsticks and stabbed around at what was on her plate for a few seconds before finally deciding on what to eat. Taking a bite, she sighed and relaxed into her seat, eyes gazing at my own intently before she focused her own on something behind me in the distance.

“Do you want to know or do you already know?”, Mitsuki sniffled, shoulders dropping; looking defeated.

“Do I already know or want to know what?”, I responded unsure of what she was getting at. Obviously, she had had some kind of disagreement or fight with Eisuke - of course, their relationship and lives were something I didn’t have a say or opinion on, nor that I would ever dare to try. It killed me on the inside though that even after all the years they’d been together he still managed to reduce her to tears.

“You’re not covering for him?”, she asked cocking her head to one side, all her words came out between tiny bites.

“I haven’t spoken to Ichinomiya in days”, I explained taking a sip of tea, “If it looks like I’m covering for something, it’s actually confusion as I have no idea what is going on.”

“That makes two of us”, she mumbled beneath her breath, eyes half rolling as she continued to eat. I could tell by her expressions that she was cut up on the inside. Torn apart to say the least. “Soryu, I know - like always - I ask for way, way, way too much from you but, I need some help. I need to get out of the city for a few days, I don’t care where, Eisuke just can’t find me.”

“Do you want to tell me what’s going on?”

I… We… Eisuke… he..”, her words stuttered and stopped as a familiar and unwelcomed scent flooded throughout the restaurant. She dropped her chopsticks and spilt her tea in a hurried rush to stand up - to flee.

“What is it?”
“He’s here… I.. he must have seen me get into the cab. He must have followed me downstairs earlier. Soryu…. we.. we need to leave. Now.”

Abandoning the meal and throwing spare cash I had in my pocket on the table, I took Mitsuki’s hand as a panicked look etched across her face and escorted her through the exit at the back of the kitchen.

Mitsuki’s POV (later that night)

“It’s late Mitsuki… you should sleep”, Soryu tried with a sympathetic smile; letting me walk into his office before him as he shut the door quietly behind us. I hadn’t realized what time it was until I looked up at the old clock hanging on the wall above his desk - I’d been so selfishly involved with my problems I hadn’t cared to think of the toll I’d taken on a friend. We’d walked the bustling city streets for hours; Soryu comfortingly rubbing my back and wrapping an arm around my shoulders whenever, unwanted, I wept.

Soryu walked around me in the office as if I were some kind of bomb close to detonating; as if  I were about to explode at any second. After leaving the restaurant Soryu’s first suggestion had been that we find me a hotel but I knew that wasn’t an option - not with Eisuke’s controlling, stalker like, information finding tendencies - I had to go to a place where I’d blend in but still be hidden; a place that I knew well enough yet didn’t feel like home so that I wouldn’t get comfortable and wouldn’t let my guard down. He suggested his place, I declined the offer and suggested we head to his work - it was a quick decision that neither of us could find fault in. The one place in Tokyo that Eisuke couldn’t just waltz into whenever he felt like it.

“I’m not tired”, I confessed with a twist of a lie, dropping into a seat in front of his desk I raised a hand to stop him from pouring two glasses of whiskey and for the hundredth time tonight sighed. Right now, I was genuinely grateful for Soryu’s concern but wasn’t sure of anything else. “I do though owe you some kind of explanation for tonight. For calling you. For making you come into town. For running away from E—”

“You don’t”, he spoke quietly, cutting me off and shaking his head, “You don’t have to say anything or talk about anything unless you want to or until you’re ready.”

Trust Soryu to pick up on my nervous vibes. The whole time I knew him he’d always been a little sensitive.

“Well I want to. Eventually. Maybe in the morning”, I yawned trying not to give into my exhaustion.
“Did I not tell you that you needed sleep”, he half joked.
“But I’m not tired.”
“You just yawned.”
“I was.. just.. this seat is really comfortable.”

Stretching out my arms above my head I tried to think of ways to keep myself awake; to make sure that Soryu wouldn’t have a chance to contact Eisuke and tell him of my whereabouts. To make sure myself that I’d be safe. I pinched the inside of my arm hard. I began to hum a tune from a film I couldn’t quite remember the title off. I asked Soryu about his day and played with the ends of my hair to ensure my eyes stayed open. They had to be. There was no other option.

“Mitsuki”, Soryu uttered my name, pulling me by the wrists up onto my feet and softly against his chest, “You need to sleep. Pinching yourself and getting me to talk isn’t going to cut it. Take my room; I’ll sleep in the bunks with the boys. Just.. relax. Try to. Whatever it is it’s going to be okay.”

Yeah, because my husband - your best friend - cheating on me with his ex - a woman that you never trusted - is going to work out fine.

“I don’t want to though”, I whimpered trying not to cry over the last thought.
“I know”, Soryu confirmed stroking my back.
“I just… I want…”

They were the last words I was able to say before my eyes shut and I blacked out.

The following morning; I wasn’t met by the familiarity of Soryu yet instead the friendly smirk of Ryosuke.

“Princess! You’re awake.”

My head felt horrible although I knew I hadn’t had a single drink. I wondered where Soryu was and why Ryosuke was here. What time was it? Late? Early? The next day or the same? In a panic, I tried to roll out of the over-sized bed I awoke in.

“Princess? You okay? Boss said to watch over you until he got back!”
“Soryu’s gone?”, I groaned rubbing my eyes as they adjusted to the light, “When will he be back Inui? I need him here.”
“Um.. I’m.. not sure”, he confessed, dropping his head and shoulders as I shuffled to the edge of the bed.

Picking up the glass of water that was sitting on the side table, I forwent the aspirin and tried to take a few mouthfuls; which would hopefully be enough to subdue my minor dehydration. I was thirsty. I was hungry. I was still upset. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get back home to get the things I needed and all I had right now was the clothes I was wearing on my back.

“Inui.. I need you to go to my hou–, I mean, Mr Ichinomiya’s place and get me some things”, I explained keeping my eyes low, “Can you do that for me?”

He was merely a subordinate but Soryu had high hopes for this young boy - hopefully, right now with a little trust I could have the same.

“Of course Princess. What do you need?”, he perked up enthusiastically.
“I.. um..”, I muttered, “Clothes; any - as long as they aren’t tight.”
“Anything else?”

“I..”, before another word could be said, I could feel the bites of food I’d had last night try to force their way up. Cupping a hand over my mouth, I replaced it with the glass of water hoping to wash the sickness down.

“Perhaps you should take the aspirin Princess”, Ryosuke suggested, “It could help you feel better.”

Shaking my head in response, I tried to laugh off the innocent suggestion.

“I can’t..”, I explained forcing a smile.
“I don’t understand”, Ryosuke inquired.
“I… I can’t”, I forced out again in a fumble, trying to smile.

“Why not? Is something wrong? Should I tell Boss to get back here right away? Do we need to take you to hospital? You’re going to die are you Princess? We’d be lonely without you around. Everyone. Even me.”

“Inui.. I…”
“You can tell me. Is something up? I can help. I won’t tell Boss.”

“You had to promise me that”, I stuttered not hearing the bedroom door swing open, “You can’t tell Soryu because I know he’ll tell Eisuke and that is going to cause way, too many problems.”

“I promise. Honestly. You can trust me Princess. Why are you feeling ill?”

The younger boy tilted his head to one side and took a seat on the edge of the bed beside me; his hands falling lazily into his hands as I took a deep breath and told Ryosuke the news I’d been so excited to tell Eisuke last night - before finding the underwear, before discovering the other woman, before learning of the affair.

“I’m pregnant.”

The silence between us both was short lived as another voice piped into conversation.


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*New Story- Comment to be tagged in updates*

After the tragic death of his best friend Inui Ryosuke, Koichi Samejima struggles to grasp reality. With the help of the group, especially his leader Soryu, he manages to keep himself together. But as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, can he see the bigger picture?

Aurora Inui is left broken after the discovery of her brother’s death; her mother, as fragile as she was, could not comprehend the letter detailing his passing. Determined to get answers, Aurora is thrown into a dark place…a dark world when she discovers her brother’s true occupation. Coming to terms with the discoveries she makes about him, Aurora believes no one could possibly understand the pain she feels, until she meets a Samejima- but can the beauty save him…from himself?

“Stay out of this world, Aurora- a girl like you won’t survive here.”


Author’s Note: For some reason I was thinking about Soryu, and this happened.  (Things happen when I let my brain go wandering around lol)

It had been a long flight back to Dubai from Japan. He wished he could have taken her with him - he was certain Eisuke would have had no issue arranging for her to take time off her maid work, but he was still reluctant to involve her heavily in the politics of the Ice Dragons, so he had left her behind on this trip.

Rubbing at his eyes with thumb and forefinger, he stood out the front of the airport, the scent of exhaust fumes tickling his nose as cars idled nearby, waiting for their passengers.

“Boss!” came the energetic voice he had been awaiting, and Inui appeared before him, huffing slightly. “We’re parked over this way, Boss! Welcome home!”

The look of joy on Inui’s face was much like a puppy. It had been said before, but Soryu couldn’t help but acknowledge it again now that it was right in front of him. With a nod, he flicked his jacket over his shoulder and followed Inui to the car with tinted windows, seating himself in the back and giving a nod to Samejima, who was at the wheel.

“Boss.” Samejima said, a slight smile on his lips. Clearly he had been missed.

They talked shop briefly, but both Inui and Samejima could tell their boss’s mind was elsewhere, so the car eventually fell silent - and he was left to his thoughts of her smile, the way she carried herself, the fastidious manner in which she did her job. He had missed her terribly.

It was nearing midnight when he finally arrived home, and Inui and Samejima took off in the car after dropping him off, stating that they were ‘giving Boss and Princess time alone!’

They could be surprisingly considerate sometimes, he admitted.

He could see lights on inside as he shuffled in through the front door, slipping his feet out of his shoes and into his comfortable house slippers. The scuffing of little feet told him she was on her way to him.


There she was, her tiny frame launching toward him and her arms squeezing him as tightly as she could. He returned her embrace, letting his fingers comb through the ends of her hair.

“I’m home…” he murmured, and they shared a gentle kiss, their lips lingering afterward, as if to say they missed one another.

“Welcome home!” she chirped, looking altogether bright eyed despite the lateness of the hour. “I made you food, please come and eat…”

Soryu’s nose already knew what to expect, he had smelled it the moment he entered the house. He had a weakness for her omelettes, and she knew it - he could almost taste the fluffy eggs as he followed her into the dining room, and he couldn’t help but smile at seeing everything set up on the table…along with two extra place settings.

“Inui and Samejima won’t be joining us tonight,” he told her, and she looked half-relieved, half upset. “I’m sure I can eat their share, though.”

That brightened her expression, and she quickly re-plated the food. It was, as always…perfection. He could eat her omelettes forever, especially when she looked so happy to see him enjoy her cooking.

After dinner, they curled up together on the couch to watch a detective movie she had rented just for him. Soryu found himself getting dragged into the plot, and - clenching his fists during the action scene - he gazed at her to see if she was doing the same…but saw she had closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. A wry smile appeared on his lips.

He wasn’t surprised, if he was being honest. Just looking around the room he could tell she had been cleaning furiously in preperation for his arrival and waiting up for him. And she likely hadn’t slept the night before due to excitement, or worry.  That was simply the kind of woman she was, and he loved her for it.

Her head on his shoulder was a comfortable, soothing weight. Shifting slowly to be able to hold her properly and rest his cheek against the top of her head, he inhaled the gentle fragrance of her shampoo, the movie forgotten.

In her warmth, surrounded by her little gestures of love. Love he hadn’t known until he met her.

This was home.

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