KBTBB- Soryu Poison Part 2

“Rise and shine lady!” Gasping at the bitter cold sensation on your skin your consciousness quickly returns. Coughing lightly you try to sit up, only to be stopped by something tied around your wrists. A quick glance at your wrists shows a rope. Attempting to wriggle free you grimace at the sharp pain of the rope cutting into your skin. “There’s no escape lady” Flinching at the cold voice you look up to see a dark figure stood at the other side of the room. “Princess…” You hear a groan from next to the figure. “Inui!” He’s hunched over, slowly reaching a hand towards you. “Princess? Aww what a pretty pet name, and here I was thinking you were the girlfriend of a certain Mr. Oh. I feel played.” Your eyes quiver at the mention of Soryu’s name. In three quick strides the figure reaches you and places a hand around your neck. “Well then ‘Princess’, looks like we’ll have to play a game. It’s obvious you have every Ice Dragon wrapped around your little fingers.” Swallowing your fear, you glare at the man. “What do you want with me?” “Well, you see, there’s a rumour that the Ice Dragons are, how do I put it, indestructible? Yeah, that sounds about right. And I wanted to test that theory. The Ice Dragons are in my way; every time I try to strike a deal they cut me down! I wanted to find a way to destroy them and lo and behold! A certain 'Princess’ is the boss’s lover. What better way to destroy him by messing with him physically and emotionally, hmm?” The man trails his fingers down your cheek. Chills shoot down your spine. “You plan to bring down the Ice Dragons by yourself?” “Oh, but I’m not by myself, am I 'Princess’? I have you”.

“I don’t get it.” Soryu muttered for the third time. He and his men had just arrived at the Chinese Mafia headquarters.“The Chinese Mafia are our allies, why would they target ___?” “I don’t know, but something feels off about this.” Samejima replied with a sigh. Stepping out of the car he knocks on the front door twice, the pauses, then knocks three more times. “Sometimes I wish their security was less childish.” “Ah that’s the great thing about it Soryu Oh, no suspects a secret knock”.Annoyed and frustrated Soryu just scowls at the leader of the Chinese Mafia. “What brings you here? I don’t remember there being a deal.” “We came to ask some questions, it’s urgent.” Nodding in understanding the mob boss gestures for them to follow him. “So what is it?” “This.” Soryu slams the gathered pieces of broken glass onto the table. “Dragon Root?” The mob boss starts laughing. “I’ve not seen this in years” “What do you mean?” Soryu demanded, “I thought this was your signature poison.” Shaking his head the leader of the Chinese Mafia sighs. “The last time my men used this was just before we became allies, that day I lost my best man.” “This Dragon Root was used to kidnap two members of the Ice Dragons. Is it possible that your 'best man’ is still alive?” “If he is I doubt he’d make contact with the Ice Dragons again, he hated you.” “Tell me his name and everything you know about him.” “His name is Yuzuki, and if I remember rightly he used to own a yacht.” “Do you know the name of the yacht?” “It was called Gōngzhǔ.” Nodding Soryu stands up and gestures for his men to get back to the car. Bowing to the mob boss they all leave. “Samejima, get the rest of my men to search all the harbours in Japan for a yacht called Gōngzhǔ.” “Yes, sir.” After an hour his men has narrowed down several yachts with the same name. Scanning through the list Soryu knows immediately where they are. “Men follow me, we’re headed to Moon Bay.”

“You’re forgetting one thing” “I don’t think so” “You don’t have just me.” Smirking you point to behind the man. Whilst you were talking Inui had managed to untie his legs and was now behind him. “This is for Princess”. WHACK!! Inui punches the man straight in the face and he falls dramatically to the ground. “Princess!! Are you okay?!?!” “I’m fine Inui, thank you. Now untie me, we have to find our way out of here.” Quickly Inui makes his way towards you and unties the ropes. “Oh no! Sir is gonna kill me!” “Huh?” Looking down at your wrists you see two purple rings were the rope has bruised your skin. “It’s fine Inui!! Let’s go!” Both of you set off running at the same time, heading for the door at the far side of the room. “Huh, it’s open.” “He was way too distracted with his hate.” Frowning, you pull the heavy door open. Closing the door behind you, you search for something to barricade it, but upon seeing the view outside your mouth drips open. “What the?!?” Before your eyes is the sea. “Were on a boat?!” “Sir is really gonna kill me.” “Inui, we have to get off this boat, but which way do we swim?” “Maybe there’s a navigation room?” You shake your head. “Trying to find that would take too long. If the boat turned we would feel it right? Our only chance is to just swim in the direction we came from.” “But we don’t know how far we’re out at sea.” “It’s our only chance.” Nodding reluctantly Inui grabs your hand. “On three?” “One, two, three!!” Simultaneously both of you jump in the sea.


Author’s Note: For some reason I was thinking about Soryu, and this happened.  (Things happen when I let my brain go wandering around lol)

It had been a long flight back to Dubai from Japan. He wished he could have taken her with him - he was certain Eisuke would have had no issue arranging for her to take time off her maid work, but he was still reluctant to involve her heavily in the politics of the Ice Dragons, so he had left her behind on this trip.

Rubbing at his eyes with thumb and forefinger, he stood out the front of the airport, the scent of exhaust fumes tickling his nose as cars idled nearby, waiting for their passengers.

“Boss!” came the energetic voice he had been awaiting, and Inui appeared before him, huffing slightly. “We’re parked over this way, Boss! Welcome home!”

The look of joy on Inui’s face was much like a puppy. It had been said before, but Soryu couldn’t help but acknowledge it again now that it was right in front of him. With a nod, he flicked his jacket over his shoulder and followed Inui to the car with tinted windows, seating himself in the back and giving a nod to Samejima, who was at the wheel.

“Boss.” Samejima said, a slight smile on his lips. Clearly he had been missed.

They talked shop briefly, but both Inui and Samejima could tell their boss’s mind was elsewhere, so the car eventually fell silent - and he was left to his thoughts of her smile, the way she carried herself, the fastidious manner in which she did her job. He had missed her terribly.

It was nearing midnight when he finally arrived home, and Inui and Samejima took off in the car after dropping him off, stating that they were ‘giving Boss and Princess time alone!’

They could be surprisingly considerate sometimes, he admitted.

He could see lights on inside as he shuffled in through the front door, slipping his feet out of his shoes and into his comfortable house slippers. The scuffing of little feet told him she was on her way to him.


There she was, her tiny frame launching toward him and her arms squeezing him as tightly as she could. He returned her embrace, letting his fingers comb through the ends of her hair.

“I’m home…” he murmured, and they shared a gentle kiss, their lips lingering afterward, as if to say they missed one another.

“Welcome home!” she chirped, looking altogether bright eyed despite the lateness of the hour. “I made you food, please come and eat…”

Soryu’s nose already knew what to expect, he had smelled it the moment he entered the house. He had a weakness for her omelettes, and she knew it - he could almost taste the fluffy eggs as he followed her into the dining room, and he couldn’t help but smile at seeing everything set up on the table…along with two extra place settings.

“Inui and Samejima won’t be joining us tonight,” he told her, and she looked half-relieved, half upset. “I’m sure I can eat their share, though.”

That brightened her expression, and she quickly re-plated the food. It was, as always…perfection. He could eat her omelettes forever, especially when she looked so happy to see him enjoy her cooking.

After dinner, they curled up together on the couch to watch a detective movie she had rented just for him. Soryu found himself getting dragged into the plot, and - clenching his fists during the action scene - he gazed at her to see if she was doing the same…but saw she had closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. A wry smile appeared on his lips.

He wasn’t surprised, if he was being honest. Just looking around the room he could tell she had been cleaning furiously in preperation for his arrival and waiting up for him. And she likely hadn’t slept the night before due to excitement, or worry.  That was simply the kind of woman she was, and he loved her for it.

Her head on his shoulder was a comfortable, soothing weight. Shifting slowly to be able to hold her properly and rest his cheek against the top of her head, he inhaled the gentle fragrance of her shampoo, the movie forgotten.

In her warmth, surrounded by her little gestures of love. Love he hadn’t known until he met her.

This was home.

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Well, we gotta get ‘em outta the way eventually, I guess. These demons, all originating from Devil Summoner, are some of the most unloved of all Kaneko’s legions…and probably for good reason. Let’s see if any are worthy of extra consideration.

  1. Inui (No. 044): Shouldn’t this guy have been hanging around SMTIV’s National Defense Divinities?
  2. Oliver (No. 086): Oliver is the ONLY diaper-wearing ape in the series. Such a standout.
  3. Kashiyama (No. 099): This scan will probably be the most attention anyone will ever give to Kashiyama.
  4. Killer Chopper (No. 128): Such a gangster!
  5. Tattoo Man (No. 233): Funny tattoo, dweeb. But how did it feel to be scraped off of the bottom of the barrel for your SMTIV appearance?
  6. Dzolob (No. 245): This thing is the worst non-original demon in the series. I will puke if it appears again.
  7. Bifang (No. 330): Bifang is the only one in this lineup who deserves another shot in a compendium. So of course we’ll get Dzolob first.
  8. Hooligan (No. 341): smdh @ this guy getting revived in SMTIV and not Stolas.
  9. Julia (No. 423): Fat-shaming exists in Shin Megami Tensei.
  10. Rastaman (No. 436): Hoooooo boy.
When Soryu is missing...
  • MC :Hum, where is Soryu, I can't find him with this crow...
  • Inui :Do not worried Princess ! I have a plan !
  • Samejima :*whisper* Most of your plan are stupid, like you. And they all fail.
  • Inui :I can hear you Samejima !
  • Soryu :*points his gun against the head of Inui* What did you say to MC's omelettes ?
  • Samejima :Here he is.
  • MC :Soryu !! No guns !!