I just wanna give Inui a big cuddle and protect the world from him protect him from the world 😭

person: stop trying to make sports anime and manga gay!!!1!


ah yes

how silly of me

how could I ever think it was gay

when it is so obviously not haha

clearly not gay  

not even a little bit




Tease ♡

✕ Koichi Samejima x MC
✕ Kissed by the Baddest Bidder
✕ Voltage Inc.

Music booming through the lively party- our movements dictating the state that we were both in with his hand gripping both sides of my hips. So many drinks led us to this point and with the pool party in full swing, we were having the time of our lives.

The song ends as another uptempo song begins and I walk away from the spot we were in to grab a popsicle that was in the ice cooler next to the bar. Unwrapping the paper, I parted my lips- sliding it inside as I looked over to see him still watching me. I wanted to tease him a little- letting him see what he’s been missing since we broke up.

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Soryu Oh x MC

Prompt: “I l-“  “Please… Don’t…”

Warnings: Angst

The city of Tokyo was just a busy as usual as I strolled down the streets window shopping. It was my first day off in a week and I decided that rather than hanging around the hotel and waiting for my penthouse pager to buzz, that I’d make use of my free time and window shop for a while, maybe even go to a café or something. I know if I wasted time in the hotel that one of the auction managers would catch sight of me and make me go on some pointless errand just for the sake of making me do something. The sight of a dress in a window of a boutique caught my eye, making me take a second look and stop to take a closer look. The dress was rather plain looking but I think it would suit me, I wonder if Soryu would like it? Just as my mind started to wonder, I felt a vibration in my pocket, immediately knowing that it’s my penthouse pager, so much for a peaceful day in the city. I pulled it from my pocket and saw that it wasn’t my pager but my mobile phone.

“Oh!” I raised my eyebrows in surprise and smiled when I saw the caller ID on the screen. It’s not often Soryu would call me, if he needed me he would usually page me so I knew this must be important. “Hey Soryu, what’s up?” I answered coolly, my first thought was he got the day off and was calling me to ask me out on a date, so I tried to keep my composure and not let the excitement I’m feeling of speaking to the man I adore come out in my voice.

“Come to the penthouse, there’s something I need to discuss with you.” He spoke in a monotone voice, a tone I haven’t heard from him in a long time. Not since we shared our first kiss about a month ago in his office at the Ice Dragon’s headquarters. It was on that day that we had told each other that we loved one another. Probably one of the best days of my life. When I first met Soryu he had struck me as a cold, hard, and emotionless person who would do anything to get the job done. Had I known that before I chose him to be the one who bought me, I probably wouldn’t have picked him. But after a few months I had seen a different side of him that I couldn’t help but fall in love with. So, I have no regrets about picking Soryu.  

“Okay I’ll be th-…oh okay.” I frowned and sighed as I was cut off by him hanging up the phone. I took one last look at the dress and rolled my eyes, making my way back to the hotel with a dull feeling of anxiety in my stomach from how Soryu sounded and by how blunt he was.

It didn’t take me long to arrive at the penthouse in which I had spent so much time in recently, my shoes clicked on the floor as I made my way through to the couches where I saw Soryu sitting, a saddened look on his face and his posture slumped. I questioned in my mind as to where the other auction managers could be, wondering if they had purposely made themselves scarce.

“___” He spoke my name, getting up and walking over to me. His eyes locked onto mine and he let out a long sigh as he stopped in front of me. Immediately I could tell something was wrong, making the dull feeling of anxiety in my stomach skyrocket into a fireworks display of anxiety.

“What’s going on? Did something happen? Is it Inui?! Is he hurt?!” I gasped at the thought of sweet Inui being hurt. But to be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me. He’s adorable and loyal but not the sharpest crayon in the box.

“No! No he’s fine!” Soryu’s eyes widened and eyebrows raised in surprise when he saw I had jumped to that conclusion, being quick to dismiss my worries. “I have something I need to tell you.” He broke eye contact with me and suddenly found the floor very interesting to look at.

“What is it…?” My voice came out quieter than expected, not anticipating what Soryu said next.

“I have to marry Mei Ling Lee. I’m sorry.” His words hit me like train, my stomach dropping through the many floors underneath my feet, landing on the stage of the auction hall where I was sold. “We have to end this.” He still wouldn’t make eye contact with me, probably not wanting to see the tears that he knew had flooded to my eyes.

“B-But…we love each other!” Was all I could manage to say, it coming out as a soft whimper, my cheeks being rained on by my tears. I couldn’t quite comprehend the situation, just a month ago he was taking me in his arms, pressing soft kisses to my lips and telling me he loved me. Now he doesn’t dare to look me in the eyes as he breaks up with me to marry a mafia’s boss’s daughter for his job. I always knew that his job would come first, his commitment to the Ice Dragon’s being his main priority in life. He finally looked into my eyes, his eyes wavering to control his emotions from showing. “I l-“

“Please…don’t…” He spoke quietly in almost a whisper, almost like he couldn’t bring himself to hear me say those words. Taking a step closer to me, he reached out and stroked my cheek gently, before letting his hand drop down to his side. “Go. You’re free now.” He stepped back, putting distance between us and turning his back to me.

“I don’t want to be free…” My words came out as a choked sob, my hands coming to my face in disbelief of the situation. I didn’t ask him any questions about the situation he was in, not wanting to hear anymore about his marriage to a woman who wasn’t me. Luckily my legs subconsciously moved themselves to make my exit. Not looking back at the man I thought would spend the rest of my life with as I run away from the life I had come to love.

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Seigaku and Rikkai’s Halloween Costumes



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