InuYasha Favourite Moments: The sacred tree…this is the tree on which InuYasha was sealed. Five hundred years ago…this is where I first met InuYasha. Why did I ever meet him? If it were going to hurt this much, I wish I had never met him! But…I want to see him. I want to see InuYasha once more. I…I’m in love with InuYasha.


5 Favourite Ending Themes of Inuyasha {3/5}: Fukai Mori (Deep Forest) - Do As Infinity.

“We go on with our lives and lose those things behind / Wrapped around in lies we stand there voiceless / We wander and live our lives until we find a way / Searching for the light for eternity.”


5 Favourite Ending Themes of Inuyasha {4/5}: My Will by Dream.

“Quietly awakening… / I always, always wish/ That these fleeting thoughts/ Would reach you… Unable to move forward across "just a little more” distance/ The way I see before me is always blocked