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Lol the top left was the first time I drew Gio digitally– it was also the time where I started to take digital art more seriously. I haven’t touched my tablet in years before that since I didn’t have a computer fast enough to run the art programs lol. But yeah 2014-15 was when I drew on my intuos pen and touch tablet and it wasn’t until February 2016 that I switched over to my Surface 3 to draw on c: Looking back at my old art, I’m happy to see my improvement over the years, but at the same time there’s so many more things to learn!

just got a new pen tablet and its only mandatory that i draw dean as one of my first few doodles using it ( ノ ‾ʖ̫‾)ノ

Miraculous Ladybug.

I decided to do this drawing because I really really love this serie. Nowaday in my country is in ongoing and for that I had to do this drawing LOL.


► Program: Paint Tool Sai, Medibang paint pro and Sketchbook pro 7.

► Graphics Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small CTH480

► Total estimated time: 4 hours.


So I finally finished up something.
Here’s my character Elsie dressed up as Mercy from Overwatch.  Had a lot of fun doing this from start to finish.  First pic I’ve ever done of her(kind of surprising actually) and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  Took a lot longer than I had intended but I finished it in the end.


Materials Used [Sketch]:
Rhodia No.18 DotPad [A4] | Alvin Promatic 2.0mm Lead Holder w/ IC Comic Draft Blue Lead | Pentel GraphGear 1000 0.3mm | Rotring rapidPRO 2.0mm Lead Holder | Tombow Mono Zero 2.5x5mm Eraser
Materials Used [Final]:
PaintTool SAI | Wacom Intuos Pen&Touch Small

I’m gonna have to buy a new tablet, this current one has just been fucking up my wrist

Does anyone else have this issue with the intuos pen n touch?

Also does anyone have any suggestions for a good tablet?

silveremerald101  asked:

I have some questions, being an amateur artist: 1) Do you use a tablet/iPad? 2) What app/whatever do you use to draw? 3) What is your best tips you can actually use (not something like... Just be yourself) but more like (don't forget to shadow)

1. I use a tablet by Wacom called the Intuos Pen and Touch.

2. I currently only use Paint Tool Sai but I’m hoping to also learn how to use Photoshop soon.

3. Here are some tips I can think of at the moment which helped me, sorry if they aren’t great, I’m new to giving advice. ^_^

When you shade, try not to blend too much because when you do, it becomes less of a shadow and more of a gradient instead. Consider the distance of whatever is casting the shadow. for example, if someone is holding a hand really close to their face, the shadow will have sharper edges and will appear darker.

If the background or a certain object is reflecting light in a certain colour, make use of that colour. For example, imagine your character is holding a blue lightsaber, use that blue colour on your character to really make them fit in the scene.

This is all I could think of for now, hope it helped in some way!

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Uh so anyone want a Wacom Bamboo Tablet?

so yea basically, I already have a different tablet that I use way more often and soon something else too, so basically my Wacom Bamboo Tablet is only starting to collect dust

it’s this one:

here’s a pic of it (yea potato quality i’m sorry my phone hates me):

Size: around 35cm long and i’m sorry I dunno what it’s called in English, but the other side thing is around 20,5cm long
Pen: I apologize for this part, but I’m giving the pen of a small, non-multi-touch Intuos pen with it instead of the one shown in the first picture, so basically I don’t think u can use the end as an eraser and it’s a bit smaller.
Touch?: yea it has touch
Bluetooth?: nah it got a cablething
Does it work?: of course it should work just fine, I didn’t use it that much
Shipping: I pay for it, so don’t worry. I ship worldwide, I guess.
Package?: on request u get it in the original package that I have SOMEWHERE in the house
extras?: i gotta see about extra pen tips and other stuff, i can say that later, but there’ll be austrian/german sweets in the package (just tell me what u don’t like and about ur allergies, i guess)
follower only?: i prefer to give it to followers or those who i follow and need a new tablet, so please no absolute strangers, i’m sorry ;w; (following out of all sudden just for this won’t count)
who gets it?: i doubt this’ll be a big giveaway hah, but if several want it: reblog this and tell me why ya want it 
: Follower/someone I follow/know only. Pls be nice. Someone who actually needs it should get it. Must be comfortable giving me ur e-mail, address and real name! 

Message me if you got any other questions!

Seiwind’s 400 Follower Giveaway!

As the words on the screen say, it is indeed that time folks. This time however, I will be giving away things of massive monetary value! What are they you ask? Well, let’s get to the rules first.


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So with that being said, I wish you all good luck :) And once again take the chance to thank all of you for sooooo much amazingness. I can’t believe I hit 400 watchers this ….soon. It’s only been a year, but gdi tumblr peeps, you be amazin.