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My workspace

This is where the magic happens guys! My little studio located in my bedroom! I hope to rent out an actual studio office in the future but..the rent in NYC is very pricey so this will have to do until I can increase my income and find a better job! 

We’ll start with my precious desktop, Noah. (Yeah, I name my computers. I love them that much.) If I'm not tired by the end of my workday, I’ll work on blog related things here, new starry products or new portfolio projects. (Which I am currently working on.) I also have, a solar system orb, a constellation globe, pens, my USB headphone stand, mh30 headphones from master and dynamic and my Intuos pen and touch tablet from wacom. 

That’s my current project I am working on. New Cosmic Stickies sets! They should be out by Sunday! 

These are where I place some of my crafts here. It’s mainly embossing powders, plastic pouches for future products I am planning on ordering to sell, sketchbooks, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, ink, and of course the distracting ps4 and Nintendo games/ systems. 

Below the crafts shelf is the inspiration shelf. I have a ton of art inspiration I use for work and for cosmic funnies!

Here is my cutting station! My lovely Cricut explore air! This is where I work on creating stickers and other lovely starry projects for you all! :) 

And on my bed, is my laptop, N and my partner, fluff the bunny. After work, I would hang out at the coffee shop and work on cosmic funnies there. (Which is most of the week.)

And that’s all for my mini tour of my workspace! I hope you all enjoyed it! 

Have a great evening and see you on Sunday!

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What tablet do you use?

Intuos Pen & Touch tablet Art !

model : CTH-690/K0

This is not expensive. this is a popular product so I can use simply.

If you want to buy a professional thing, This is not a best tablet ^^.

Sonic 25th anniversary art book review

Hey guys, it’s Shadow. I bought this book. And I’m really emotional about it.

This review will feature a lot of pictures to prove my points.

TLDR; Don’t buy the book. Just ask me if you want a picture of anything. I believe other ppl already made scans of the good pages but If you want me to I can make scans of the few pages that atually do have concept art.

edit: you can buy the book ofc i just think its not worth it, mostly when you are poor as fuck like me and u go in for an investment. (though it would help maybe getting another, better one? I’m kinda conflicted here)

Onto the review:

Fist of all: this book is bigger than you think.

This is an intuos pen&touch small as size ref

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anonymous asked:

I heard your tablet broke, I'm really sorry to hear that! But what kind of tablet did you use? Or do you have any tablet recommendations? I'm looking into buying one hoping it will inspire me more to draw. Anyways any recommendations would be great! Thanks! :)

yeah it sucks… I really loved that tablet ;o;

I use(d) a Wacom Intuos Pro Small tablet!

(isn’t she a beauty :’)) )

It’s a reaaally good tablet, runs really smoothly and has those little shortcut buttons! You don’t even need to use your keyboard when you’re drawing because it’s all there!

AND, it’s a touchscreen, so honestly your keyboard is just an accessory GET OUTTA HERE KEYBOARD WE DON’T NEED YOU (except maybe for… typing)

It also has a wireless option! Amazing!

BUT my very first tablet was a Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch (at least I think that’s what it’s called because I went to check on the official website and I can’t find it anymore? ;o;)

EDIT: It’s still available, they just changed the design! It looks super cool now!)

(ah, my first love. I miss you… i’m sorry i sold you)

It’s a bit smaller than the Intuos Pro tablet but I think it actually has the same surface area size available to draw on?

It has 4 shortcut keys! Which are pretty neat and helpful! Unfortunately, it’s not a touchscreen, and it doesn’t have a wireless feature.

BUT, I do think that this is a very good tablet for beginners! It’s not very complicated to understand and it’s pretty cheap! PLUS LOOK AT IT! It’s super cuteee

Hope this helps!

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how do you recommend starting digital drawing? i've been painting portraits with oil paint for almost a decade so i'm experienced in art but i'd like to try going digital. i just don't know where to start and i'm not sure going out and buying all of this expensive equiptment is the best way to do it right off the bat so i was wondering if you had any tips 😊


first of, if you don’t wanna spend a lot of money on tablet i would recommend wacom bamboo or intuos. i used both and i’m pretty happy with them, currently i’m using wacom intuos pen&touch medium. also, i personally prefer pens with an eraser on the other end. i really find it very handy. but i was satisfied with bamboo pen&touch as well, i bought new tablet only because my dog chewed the pen and i was better and cheaper to buy new tablet than pen :D

about the software: i draw everything in photoshop cs6 but a lot of people are using paint tool sai and finding it good. i started to draw in ps and i tried sai but it’s just easier and more comfortable for me to draw in ps. i also used coral draw for some time but i abandoned it a couple of years ago. i’d recommend you to try different programms so you could compare them and decide which one suits you better. also, if you’re gonna use photoshop, try different brushes. here’s some of mine

the most difficult part in my opinion is getting used to draw without watching at your hand but once you manage that everything else is pretty simple. this only comes with practice. it takes months for some people and others get used to it in a week, it really varies.

i guess you know it yourself but still, start from some simple things, do studies and don’t try to draw something super-complicated at the first time.

hope this will help and good luck with digital drawing!

voltronicc  asked:

(sorry if I sound annoying) but what what you use for your art? (like what software or whatever it's called XD) bc I wanna digitally draw but idk what to use..I tried almost everything but nothing works..

It’s not annoying dw!

I use Paint Tool SAI (which has stabilizer), which is obtainable here : 
In addition to that, I use a wacom intuos pen and touch, as well as a bit of photoshop to touch up some of my drawings/do backgrounds

I also recommend Clip Studio Paint, which is similar to SAI although with more features! However, I recommend SAI over clip for new digital artists since it is more simple and easy to use. 

coffee-creations  asked:

May I ask what kind of drawing tablet you use? I'm planning to get one soon! :3

I’m using ‘wacom INTUOS pen&touch small’ :D But I bought it a long time ago. I think if you can buy something better! 


Can i draw (insert a character here)?

- Yes, feel free to draw my characters. (´∀`) ♡

Can i draw (insert a character here) nsfw?

- Mmmmn. Yes, but in respect of minors keep it away from the main tag.

Can i draw (insert a character here) with mine/nsfw with mine?

- Fine, fine. But probably I’m not going to reblog it, unless you have talked to me, or are my friend.

Can i write a fanfic about (insert a character here)?

- If you keep them in character, no problem. Because i can’t see a Mary Sue Agma. And Runaway is the only canon story about Agma.

Can I use/repost your art & comics?

- As long you don’t edit it and ask my permission first. There are some arts that I don’t want to be reposted.

Can I dub your comics?

- Yes, sure! Just link me back.

Can I send you a message & talk to you?

- Absolutely! But I’m a bit shy, and I can take time to answer your message, but yes, you can talk to me. (Oh, my English sucks.)

What program, tablet & brushes do you use?

Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch. Paint Tool Sai. 3000 x 3000 canvas.

Why haven’t you answered my ask & mention?

Well, I usually get seven to twenty asks per day, I’m not always going to be able to answer them all, sorry. :’D Not all mentions work, but I’ll always give it a like if I see that you mentioned my url.

charalegend  asked:

Hey um what drawing tablet do you have?

Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch [Small]

It was the cheapest I could afford during college when my old one broke. Been using this for about 3-ish years now uvu

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Quiestion 16 pls

16. what kind of tablet do you use?

wacom intuos pen and touch (small). it a bit old now but i still really love it

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Emmmm espero que no te moleste pero si ahora estas haciendo los comics con tableta me puedes decir el modelo? ( para tener opciones de tabletas para en un futuro adquirir una) porfavor

Bueno,la tableta que uso es una Wacom Intuos Manga (Creative pen and touch tablet). 0w0

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Sorry you probably get this a lot but, what tablet do you use? (*´ω`*)

hello! no worries *7* this is the first time someone asked me on tumblr <3

meet my pen tablet, ichiro!! //slapped yeh I named him and everything here’s the full website page thing that I made for him :’)))

he’s a wacom intuos pen and touch small *0* //the old version;;; I think they made a new version idk

I took a picture to show you how smol he is *7* My close friends in middle school started doing digital art too (at the time I drew with a mouse) and they used a wacom intuos small *v* //I also didn’t know what a pen tablet was asdfjkl;// so I just got the same thing as them and eventually other people did too *7* I got it when it was on sale //mmm like 40% off or something for christmas// and it’s really cute portable ;7;

but in the end, if you plan on getting a tablet, it doesn’t have to be fancy or anything <3 whatever works for you ( ‘ v ‘ )b //but according to a friend of mine, don’t get wacom bamboo because apparently it crashes a lot idk// //most artists use wacom from what I know *0*//