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SHER - :Love You More:
Wacom Intuos Pro 3 in  PSCS3 (new window for hi-res)

This totally isn’t what I had in mind for this pic, but I really liked the rough look of the lines because it helped convey the emotion I wanted to evoke with this.  And I wanted to play with an old favourite brush of mine, one that fit with the sketchy line art. 

Anyway, there’s no real story for this pic, other than I wanted to do something more emotional for these two together… John and Sherlock sharing tears. Because I’m a sap. 

I hate John in this. I cannot for the life of me get a style for him that is consistent. But I’m trying. Slowly but surely. Hope y’all like it :)

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Hi guys,

Minx here and I’m running another art competition. This time I’ve tweaked a few things due to things raised in the last one. So PLEASE read all this.

1/ This one will be for a slightly longer period from today April 1st. The final deadline is for May 10th 2017. Winners will be announced May 20th.

2/ First prize as before is a 13inch Cintiq. I will also be giving away 2 tablets similar to this

 3/ You must be over 18

4/ You MUST NOT submit under Anonymous SO many of you did last time so we had no way of contacting. You MUST link to your DeviantArt or Tumblr or your art web page with every submission. 

5/ You can’t use tracings.Or photo manipulations or CGI work.

6/ If you steal art, upload it here as your own and we catch you (this did happen last time) I may pursue legal action against you if it results in me getting in trouble. 

7/ You MUST tag the submission with the game it is for so, for example, Uno would be “#uno”. You must also use #contest on each submission. You must also include your country of residence.

8/ The thumbnail must feature the “Minx” character ideally taking up a large portion of the screen. 

9/ The games I am taking submissions for are as follows. You can submit multiple pieces of art. You submit at

Town Of Salem

Outlast 2

Little Nightmares

Cards Against Humanity

Transparent Scared Minx’s

Transparent Minx face looking “thirsty” (lol)

Throne Of Lies

Season 2 SOS Thumbnails - This would require a transparent Minx & Deaf looking angry or disgusted etc. For reference on what Deaf looks like check his channel


By submitting art to the artforminx blog you give me full legal permission to use it any way I see fit in any context however I wish. I will credit art used as long as details of what link to credit are given. 

Solution for Intuos pen pressure issue on Photoshop ( Windows 10 )

Hi everyone ! ^^

Since I have been trying to fix the issue of pen pressure on Photoshop CC after I updated to Windows 10 for a few months. I was really frustrated each time when I use PS to paint. The issue I got was only for Photoshop but not other programs like Sai, Painter, or CSP. I also have heard that some of you also get the same issue in other programs / other windows versions as well. Therefore I would like to share the solution which is really unbelievably easy fix..! 

The issue I had was when I drew brushstroke quickly, the pen pressure and all the settings were suddenly off. As well as for the short brushstroke, it would create a loop back to the starting point. 

At first I thought it was PS CC new update issue with my Windows 10 but I noticed that it only happened with quick brushstrokes. Here is the solution ^^

Open  [ Wacom Tablet Properties ]
and turn off [ Tip Double Click Distance ] 
Now restart the program, and I’m sure that the issue will be fixed ! ♡

I hope this is helpful for anyone who currently has the same issue with me.
If you have any question please feel free to ask as well. ^^ 

Let’s enjoy drawing! 

Here’s a then vs. now with my first drawing on my Intuos 3 and my first drawing (aside from butts lmao) on my Cintiq!  When I was 12 years old I literally wished upon stars to one day get a drawing tablet so that I could bring my imagination to digital life.  I promised myself that I’d become the best artist that I could be and would use my art to share joy, tell stories and inspire others to pursue what makes them the happiest in life.  I’m proud to say that despite life’s efforts to bring me down, I’m still here, even stronger and actually making a living off of my art!  Never in my life would I have ever imagined it all to work out this way - so let this be an example that we all have our own unique beginnings and we all have our own learning pace, but no matter what you are going to get where you want to be as long as you have the drive and determination to do so.  Don’t give up!

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this has already been asked but I love love love love ur art and was wondering what you use and......... Do......? I know there's a tablet involved and stuff and maybe Photoshop. Something about a brush? I don't know anything anymore who am i

I use intuos 3, photoshop, and Shaddy Safadi’s brush pack. The brushes are free on google!

This is an older painting that I wasn’t pleased with, but considering the fact that it’s basically “done” and its concept was cute enough, I figure I should just post it.

Maybe now I can get a better painting of these two going. I can’t believe how much I love drawing them together. It just warms my heart.

SHER - :John with Flowers in his Hair for @yorkiepug: (COLOUR VERSION)
Wacom Intuos Pro 3 in  PSCS3 (new window for hi-res)


Ah, finally got this coloured for @yorkiepug!  This is the coloured version of the doodle I made for her birthday. I’m very pleased with it, really liking the colouring style I discovered here. In retrospect I should have lessened the contrast on the black around his eyes, but otherwise it turned out better than I thought. Obviously still needs work, but I like it.

Anyway, hope y’all like it :) 

Tags below cut :P

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Racing The Sun

I was so fortunate to be commissioned by TLDragon for this wonderful piece of Amaterasu from Okami!  We went through a bunch of ideas, settling tentatively on this super red saturated sunset piece.  I’m really glad we did, I’m so pleased with the final result!

Prints available on Etsy -
11 hours in Photoshop CS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

anonymous asked:

Part 1/ I've been whatching your work for a while and you made me realize I want to start drawing again... however it's frustrating for me because whenever I have time to do that I only have pencils and they make me feel like I'm not good at all.

Although a tablet would expedite transitioning from traditional to digital, it’s not strictly necessary; there are plenty of people who draw with a mouse using brushes to account for limitations in movement (Andrea Koroveshi for one). As for programs, there are a lot of free alternatives :

Drawing Programs : (edited w sugestions from the replies!)

  • MSPaint (Windows) | Free
  • Gimp (Mac/Windows/Linux) | Free : Reminiscent of MSPaint but actually has a lot of Photoshop-equivalent tools.
  • OpenToonz (Mac/Windows) )| Free : Open source version of Toonz (used by Ghibli). Currently incredibly buggy. +Animation capabilities.
  • Fire Alpaca (Mac/Windows) | Free 
  • Paint Tool Sai (Windows) | Free(?) 
  • Krita (Mac/Windows/Linux) | Free : +Animation capabilities. 
  • Clip Studio Paint (Mac/Windows) | Paid : + Animation capabilities.
  • TVPaint (Mac/Windows) | Paid : +Animation capabilities.
  • Toonz (Mac/Windows) | Paid : +Animation capabilities. 
  • Photoshop (Mac/Windows) : I’d recommend you get one of the earlier single-payment versions if you can find it rather than paying a monthly fee for cloud. +Animation capabilities but it’s incredibly painful for any versions below CS6.

Programs with excess capabilities (+ well-designed user interface!!) will ease your process but ultimately the result is in the abilities of the artist.

As for myself, I’ve been using Photoshop CS5 for the majority of my experience, but I can attest to Sai + Krita as popular, decent alternatives. For hardware, I’ve used a 9yr old Wacom Intuos 3 tablet for the past 6 years- so a pretty reliable long-term investment if you can afford some expenditure (you can get it for half of what I paid for it anyway, on Amazon). I’ve also dropped it an incredible number of times without replacing any parts or needing to buy extra nibs; it’s pretty sturdy!

There are however alternative + much cheaper tablets as well :

Drawing Tablets : (edited w suggestions from the replies!)

As for pencil-work, although the result may not be as readily satisfying if you particularly admire digital art, in the end, it really is the penultimate medium for rapid visualization, iteration, and getting your ideas down on paper. Consequently, it is the fastest means to approach studies, which will only help you in experimenting to find the best possible solution/foundation for an image/design. These developed skills and eye for design are then transferable to any medium you end up using in the future.

Matt Nava, probably my overall favorite, has beautifully communicative, seemingly effortless pencil sketches. Here are some excerpts from the Journey artbook :

and some work from Abzu :

Plugging a friend’s work- you can get pretty incredible drawings with just graphite/ pencils:

(Image by Stacy Lee : Tumblr | Behance)

But as a traditional alternative, you could also consider using pen/ink. It’ll give your work a more finished looking appearance without requiring any intense rendering. 

Kim Jung Gi is well-known in this field, especially considering he constructs his images mentally and inks directly without an underlying sketch like a crazy person. 

Plus it’s Inktober!

SHER - :John with Flowers in his Hair for @yorkiepug:
Wacom Intuos Pro 3 in  PSCS3 (new window for hi-res)

Yesterday (Feb 26) was my online bff @yorkiepug‘s birthday, and she was telling me that she wishes she could have Martin in a bow. I decided to quickly draw her a John Watson with flowers in his hair… not EXACTLY what she wanted, but it’s close enough :D It was an on-a-whim doodle last night because I needed a break from tumblr. Amazing what I can accomplish LOL. 

I plan to eventually colour this. I’ll see how it goes… I’ve a LOT of art on the back-burner right now, LOL. I wish I had this kind of inspiration on the regular… I still owe 3 people some artwork, D:

Anyway, hope y’all like it :)

Anon requested:

Can you please draw a girl with black hair and honey eyes and slightly tan skin you definitely don’t have to I just really love your art!!!

Her name is Kenzo and she is based off of my friend @bob-the-blob.