How you feel when you don’t listen to your intuition the first time.

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Elusive Introverted Intuition: What is it?

No matter what source you look at Introverted iNtuition [Ni] never seems to be properly explained. It is always vague with descriptions like “AHA” moments, deep perception, and mystical like psychic abilities. Or you get tumblr, which is probably filled with the most misinformation about the function. (Don’t get me started on forums where people make baseless claims and just cause even more mass confusion). Then the worst reasoning for dominant Ni I have ever seen is “long term planning/goals.” As if no other types, just the rarest in the population, have this ability. 

So where do we start and figure out what this function actually is? Out of credible sources (peer reviewed articles and books) even their descriptions seem vague and are difficult to imagine and actually apply. Unlike all other functions described in their purest form, the dominant position, it can’t seem to be described as its own function. What I mean is Ni can’t seem to be described alone, but must be paired with other functions INJs use in their stack in order to illustrate the function. But at that point you are no longer describing Ni, but the personality type as a whole. Sources seem to dance around the actual definition or explanation of Ni. And it is utterly bothersome. What is it at its core?

I think going into where this misinformation comes from will help ground us in the actual function of Ni in its purest form in INFJs and INTJs. Once this is uncovered we will see why these types are so rare and perhaps glorify them less. This way we don’t see them as mythical unicorns, but people with pros and cons like the rest of the personality types.

1. “Gut Feelings” or AHA moments. Let’s start with Lenore Thomson’s beginning description of the function, “Introverted intuition is more cerebral than the [other perceiving function]. It prompts an interest in perception itself – the process of recognizing and interpreting what we take in” (222). What we take from this is that INJs are theoretical filters. They take in information and focus in on it, they mull over it. INJ’s intuition is very focused and trying to look for a conclusion. From the outside when they finally verbalize their conclusions it can look like a “gut feeling” or AHA moment. But this is a false representation of what is going on inside the mind of an INJ. They worked very hard to get to that conclusion, seeming aloof or empty for so long cause they were so focused inward that once they formulated their conclusion they come back to the land of living to share this information. However, in a dominant position INJs are less inclined to engage with others about their ideas/conclusions, ESPECIALLY when the ideas/conclusions aren’t fully formulated.

Unlike Extroverted intuition types (ENPs) who will blurt out all their theories and ideas aloud to bounce them off others and then hide away not letting others know about their full conclusions, INJs do the exact opposite. They are bouncing these ideas within their own minds. Let us use the act of painting an art piece to demonstrate how this works. Think of the paintings as theories/ideas these people have. Ne (extroverted intuition) will look at the canvas and see a billion possibilities. 

ENPs will be unable to resist painting right away even without, often without, a full picture of what they want to produce as their end art piece. They will make mistakes and chuck out a canvas and replace it anew. Each time they will ask for feedback, probably cutting off people and finishing their thoughts because they share them too and don’t want to sit through a person repeating what they know. After a while of this they will finally have a completed piece of art. Although their workshop is messy, it is completed. AKA the final theory is formed. 

The INJ is different. They look at the blank canvas for a very, very long time. The paints are left untouched and it is absolute silence. They are in an intense state of concentration. In their mind they are imagining the end result they want and how to get there. What will they mix together to get to that end result they so imagine? They will then painstakingly make that vision come to life on the canvas, making sure not one stroke is off. No room for mistakes. It will take an unfortunate amount of time. But once it is finished, if it is exactly the conclusion or painting they wanted in their minds. The INJ will then show it to others, but only then. 

Now, we can see the obvious social differences here. The ENP needed feedback, needed to physically see their ideas in the outside world, and needed a few practice ones. The INJ being introverted kept their work private and not until it was perfect then share it with others. This is why they appear to have “AHA” moments or gut feelings. Because to the outsider it looks like the painter INJ is absent, not there. Then suddenly an idea pops in their minds and they go for it. That isn’t what happened though. Every part of the painting the INJ thought about before physically implementing it. Every part was thought out and methodical. It was brought to a linear conclusion, aka polished to an inch of its life, before the INJ enacted it. There wasn’t an idea from no where. It was an idea the INJ worked, actively worked, hard to achieve. 

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Listen to that little voice

One of my favorite attendings in residency told me several times, “if you’re working up a patient and you get a fleeting thought to check something, DO IT. That little voice is hardly ever wrong.” 

Dr. O’s advice has proven invaluable for me many times now. He’s like my Jiminy Cricket.

This week a woman came to my office as a walk-in. She had never been seen by our practice and had not seen a doctor in several years. She was relatively young, healthyish, and didn’t take any medications chronically.

First thing the little voice said: if a young healthy person comes to the doctor for the first time in years, they probably have something pretty legit, so pay attention. Folks don’t avoid going to the doctor forever and then show up one day with some BS complaint. 

The voice also tells you sick vs. not sick. In this case, one look at the patient and the voice said sick. Sick vs. not sick is a skill you develop in residency and hone for the rest of your career. Subtle clues can make the difference. This patient’s complaints were fairly vague. She hurt from her chin to her navel. Sometimes sharp, sometimes dull, worse laying down. That was it. So vague. I was not sure whether that reflected her history giving abilities or if it was just the nature of the condition. 

I asked many more questions but still didn’t get much direction, so my differential was very wide. Physical exam was essentially normal save for some tachycardia and a low grade fever of 100.6. 

I decided at first that she probably had the flu. Achy all over, fever? Sure, could be the flu. She certainly looked ill. But she had no respiratory symptoms, so that bothered me. So I went back over her again.

Her abdomen was firm, but not particularly tender, though she looked uncomfortable every time I touched her, and she didn’t like laying down. Her left shoulder hurt when I palpated her abdomen. Gallbladder, maybe, I thought. She confirmed that she had no appetite, but denied nausea, vomiting, or change in bowel habits. Odd. 

I couldn’t think of one diagnosis that fit. Nothing felt right. But the little voice said, she looks sick. Keep looking. I decided to send her for some stat labs and an ultrasound of her abdomen. While I was ordering the ultrasound, the little voice hit me again. Get an EKG. Maybe it’s pericarditis. There was no neon sign symptom or strong exam finding to point me to this diagnosis. Her signs and symptoms could have easily been caused by 10 other things. But this just popped in my head.

I shrugged off the little voice and ordered my abdominal ultrasound. I went back in the exam room. Get the EKG. The thought was there. It wasn’t going away now. So I ordered the EKG*. 

I actually laughed out loud when my nurse brought me the EKG to read. I had a big grin on my face. “Why are you smiling? That thing does NOT look right,” she said. I exclaimed, “I’m smiling because I got it right. I figured it out!”

Textbook pericarditis. Labs and echo confirmed. 

Students and residents, take note: if you think about it, do it.  

*not the patient’s actual EKG, though very similar. Image source.

Peace is letting go

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The Soul Answers

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about “life quests.” This is our personal crusade of looking for answers either from others or from the outside, rather than seeking the answers from within, from our very soul. Our soul is a bit like a computer, constantly absorbing information from our experiences. Every detail is time stamped and logged, as though it’s a memory imprinted on our soul. Each and every one of us has a unique soul, with our own personal histories, our own values of what is right or wrong, and most importantly our own unique way of interpreting and communicating this information. It’s the combination of all these components that makes us who we are, and defines us during our time on earth.

Yet, so many of us continue to look for answers from the outside. So the theme of this article is about looking within, and tapping into that vast database of memories, information and life experiences. It’s when you tap into this amazing ‘soul answers’ resource that you truly find the answers you’re looking for. It’s like your soul is your inner compass to keep you on track and going in the right direction.

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socially-awkward-french-fry asked:

I'm sorry if I've been bugging you, but I have another question. How would u know if you're an intuitive type or a sensing type?

Right. You caught me in a good mood, congratulations. I’ll answer you. ;)

I was a bit stumped on how to answer this in clear terms, so I asked an INTJ friend. Here’s what she had to say, which pertains to high Ni (I’ll add Ne below):

The question I would ask is this: how well do you deal with second-hand and/or indirect information? A lot of people claim to be intuitives and use their people-reading skills as an example of their intuitive preference, but really - how you do it is more important than anything. A sensor is going to be more reliant on environmental clues of any kind (mimicry, body language, posture, inflection) and generally have a more difficult time interpreting clues that aren’t directly observable or are relayed to them by a third party. Everyone uses a mixture of both sensory information and “gut feeling” to interpret a situation, but the tendency to stick with a gut feeling that seemingly has no basis in reality and come out on top is usually a sign of high Ni.

I think it’s also important to mention that a high Ni user can’t usually explain how they came to their conclusion. Ni isn’t a function that uses rationality and deduction as a basis for its knowledge - that would be Ti. Ni itself isn’t very systematic or logical at all. I would say that using Ni is very much a process of thinking without thinking. Or perhaps knowing without thinking. Modern neuroscience has equated this process with above-average synapses between the two brain hemispheres.

Okay. I will jump in with Ne and add: getting a sense of what isn’t obvious.

Intuition is seeing what is not there, and reading between the lines. It’s not really rooted in the present so much as in vibes. Hence why secondhand information is just as useful as in person observation.

Let’s say this girl named Jane seems on the level. Taken at face value, she’s cool. Maybe a little needy but most people are.

Intuitive, however, is not reading her on a surface level. It’s reading the gray spaces in between the lines. It’s interpreting what is not obvious. Something is up with Jane. She’s lying about stuff. Even though no one ever catches her at it, something is not adding up in her appeals for attention. So, Ne starts probing her a bit, pushing her to see what happens. She doesn’t like it. She doesn’t say as much, but shuts Ne out by imposing “mass censorship” on her friends (just in case Ne says something to taint them against her). Others aren’t sure what’s going on, but Ne knows Jane has figured out that Ne’s button-pushing has Suspicion behind it.

Nothing Jane said was obvious. None of it was visible. Ne still picked up on it. And eventually, the truth comes out about Jane. The lies all unravel. Ne is not at all surprised, because it had a vague sense that Something Was Up.

Furthermore, let’s say none of this happened in person. All online. No visible cues. It’s only later when Ne looks at the one or two in person interactions it had with Jane and sees little indicators of a sensory nature. It was all Ne instinct, none of it was built on any physical indicators, because Ne was oblivious to them until the larger pattern emerged and added them in as an unconscious afterthought.

Sensors and intuitives may reach the exact same conclusion about someone or something, but how they got there is very different. Sensors are better able to explain just how they reached their conclusion because they have direct sensory evidence whereas intuitives do not have evidence; they find it later, because their instinct got ahead of the sensory environment.

Techniques for Intuitive Awareness

Hi I have a question lately I have been very freaked out by myself for a few small reasons. Lately before a song will come on (when on Spotify which is shuffled) I already know it’s gonna come on and then I get freaked out when the song I guessed comes on. Not only that my gut feeling is always right, I’m always listening to it. Lately someone will be telling me something but as they are I’ll be scrolling through my phone & will read exactly what they’ve said same time. Lately I just know things beforehand they keep happening and its frightening. I’ll think of someone I haven’t talked to in forever & they’ll text me later on that night. Am I going crazy???

No you’re not crazy, you’re just waking up. Welcome :)

It’s quite humorous what once terrifies us due to the unknown eventually turns into a joyful often playful energy of realization. These type of occurrences happen to me every day, it’s become so normal that i often laugh and say “the universe is playful”. It is perfectly natural to feel this way because this is something outside of your comfort zone. When we start going outside of our comfort zone, the ego is intimidated, it doesn’t know what to do how can this be, there is something more than MY reality? How can this be my reality if this no longer feels real? So it creates a shield of cognitive dissonance, a fear that something is wrong in my personal reality. But is it?

As we start to awaken our mind likes to give us triggers or maybe you could call them easter eggs but basically the subconscious likes to give you archetypal triggers to Awaken you. Often they are given across in master numbers but they also start happening by paying attention through conscious awareness. Conscious Awareness is when you begin to start watching your present surroundings and notice symbols, deja vu, numerology, little signs that seem surreal and almost as if you’re in a dream. The more our observations increase, the stronger our intuitive awareness becomes, hence the gut feeling. So the stronger the intuition becomes, the more you start paying attention to the signs all around you.

We are telepathic by nature, our minds garnish thoughts that manifest and mold into our reality. However we instead label this as pseudoscience or insanity when in actuality if you can think something, it has to come from somewhere doesn’t it? What are thoughts really? The idea we need to embrace is that as ONE collective consciousness, we are not separate beings but we believe through the ego that we are all having individual experiences. However this is merely the illusion of separation and in truth our minds are linked with one another in a very telekinetic way through our experiences. This is why intuition can be viewed as insanity because we are conditioned to believe our minds aren’t connected to others when in reality they are. So if you suddenly think of someone and then in five seconds they call you, this is a direct telepathic communication taking place unconsciously. Terence Mckenna called this linking with the Gaian Mind: “The planet has a kind of intelligence, it can actually open a channel of communication with an individual human being. The message that nature sends is, transform your language through a synergy between electronic culture and the psychedelic imagination, a synergy between dance and idea, a synergy between understanding and intuition, and dissolve the boundaries that your culture has sanctioned between you, to become part of this Gaian supermind”

We call all of this synchronicity but it’s so much more than that, it’s using your innate talents, your intuition and especially your conscious awareness to empower your limitless potential inside of you

Techniques for Intuitive Awareness

I am very hands on and something I love encouraging is the utilization of our mind’s potential. For me, I like to have fun with it, it is something so simple we forget that we are the ones with the compass to our mind. See if you can reverse  those experiences of fear into fun. Let me give you some basic exercises to try, if you are focusing correctly all of them will work but you have to believe in yourself.
Ipod Shuffle - Music divination is fun and really easy to do if you have a music player and some time to yourself. Now what you do is put your music player on shuffle, big catalogs of music work best for this but as long as it’s an iPod, iTunes player or any music player that shuffles you’re good. Clear your mind and think of one particular emotion such as love, sadness, joy, anger, or whatever emotion you want. Begin listening to the songs that come up, if you do it correctly you will begin seeing a pattern emerging what you are feeling starts correlating with the songs that come up through the shuffle. This is because the energy you emit is connecting to the vibrations of the music. If it didn’t work make sure your mind is clear and relaxed. I promise it works every time! It’s also a great way to see messages from spirit because what you are emitting is what you are receiving.

Number Reveal - Grab a big book roughly 500 pages or more, close your eyes, COMPLETELY clear your mind and emotion and focus on a number, any number. Then flip through the book with your eyes closed, until you feel focused on that precise number, with practice you will flip directly to the number, like magic. ;)

Guessing game - Before checking your message or text box when you hear the alert button going off saying you have a message, rather than instantly grabbing the phone to see who it is, GUESS who it is…you may surprise yourself and get it right. 

Symbolism - Rather than just going about your day like normal, begin watching what you are attracting in your reality, where does your attention go? Objects, animals, billboards, people, what symbol is your subconscious mind attracting? 

Hide and Seek - I use this when i need to find an item I lost, sometimes this one doesn’t always work because you need to be emotionally clear, if you are not relaxed it won’t always work. Stressed to find the car keys? won’t work lol. You need to feel the object in your mind, picture it, see it, visualize it completely, then don’t even ask yourself where it is, let yourself relax and move, move to where you think it is, don’t let the thoughts cloud you, just let go and move to the location of the object. I swear if your emotions are in check, you will go right to the object. no joke. 

We never give ourselves enough credit, our mind is powerful and intuitive awareness is very useful! It might even give you a spark of magic you felt you lost or a remembrance for a distance past. We feel fearful about these new experiences or gut feelings because it is unknown territory to the old consciousness. However the more we begin to observe, the more we begin to open our eyes and slowly see we are evolving…

Are you paying attention? ;)

Every single second is a new moment to begin again. Realign your thoughts so you are unstoppable.

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Meditation connects you with your soul – and this connection gives you access to your intuition, your heartfelt desires, your integrity, and the inspiration to create a life you love.

The process of creation starts with Thought, an Idea, Conception, Visualization. EVERYTHING you see was once someone’s idea. NOTHING exists in your world that it not first existed in pure Thought. Thought is the first level of creation.🙇🙏🌿🌎 #thought #visualization #mind #power #mindpower #frequency #vibration #universe #truth #lawofattraction #cosmos #goals #dreams #destiny #consciousness #selfgod #achieve #meditation #chakra #follow #enlightment #awakening #starseed #manifestation #intuition #wakeup #hiddenknowledge #loveandlight #art #wealth

Be mindful of where you’re investing your energy. Practice self control to protect your vibe.

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