According to the College Board, a private four-year college costs an average of $32,410 a year. Four years comes out to nearly $130,000!

Fortunately, there are some clever strategies you can use to make college tuition less expensive so you don’t graduate with student loans that rival some mortgages. Check out the TurboTax Blog for more info. 

Don’t Let the Beats Break Your Budget!

Coachella unofficially launched the musical festival season.  Money magazine noted that tickets for Coachella ranged from $400-$900.  If you’re out of town, you have to factor in hotel, transportation, and food.

As pricey as things can be, there are ways to be frugal and still have fun. With these tips from the TurboTax Blog team, you can have an incredible time without going broke.

Declaración de impuestos para primerizos

Declarar impuestos no tiene que ser algo complicado para los principiantes. Cuanto más aprendas sobre el sistema fiscal, menos estrés sentirás cuando presentes tu declaración de impuestos por primera vez.  Más información en TurboTax en Español.