High For This - Part 2

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Summary: Stiles wakes up the next morning completely flustered from the night before. He sneaks out, not knowing what else to do, effectively pissing off the one person that made him feel human again. Meanwhile, the pack searches for the link between the missing teens in Beacon Hills and Meica walks smack dab in the middle of it.

Warnings: Smut; very long

Stiles groaned as he awoke from his sleep. The sound of his ringtone filtered into his fogged mind. He blinked hard, face scrunching up as he pushed himself from the clutches of sleep. When he went to sit up, Stiles didn’t budge an inch. He opened his eyes seeing Meica sound asleep on his chest. Stiles licked his lips as he the memories of the night before flooded his mind. His eyes widened as he felt his stomach drop. “Oh shit,” he whispered. His heart thumped hard in his chest as he had a mental freak out.

Carefully, Stiles rolled Meica on to her side. He froze when she stirred, only relaxing when she’d fallen back into a deep sleep. Stiles sat up quickly, jeans still down around his thighs. He hurriedly pulled them up and fished his phone out of his pocket. 

“Hello?” he whispered. He glanced down at Meica and felt his heart skip a beat. What did he just do?

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Things Good About BoO

because I actually liked the book and I want my fandom to be somewhat pleased with the ending so why not share the joy

- The Pipabeth scene. Piper was a complete bad ass and it didn’t glance over the fact that Annabeth was traumatized. And you know, pipabeth

- More jercy friendship

- Litterly everything with Nico, Hedge, and Reyna. They were good chapters, good character devolpment, and just really good

- Gave the foundation of Solangelo

- Gave all characters a future( Percabeth going to college, Jason making shrines and shit, I mean you’ve read the book I assume you know)

- Rick gave the readers the choice of whether they want a sad ending where Leo dies and comes back after his friends are gone or a happy one where Leo comes back almost immediatly or anything else

- Jason faces his mothers ghost

- Reyna also faces her ghosts

- Nico nearly turns into a ghost( rick doesn’t brush over the fact that Nico is shadow traveling a shit ton)

- Jason gets glasses

- Octavians descent into madness was well done and interesting

- When they catch Nike, Hazel is bad ass and Percy and Leo do their little bonding thing

- Hades and Nico father and son moment

- All the shit with the wolves

- Reyna fucking up Orions shit

- Jiper and Percabeth and Frazel( all those moments of those ships)

- Nico tells Percy about his crush and it isn’t just pushed to the side

- Shows weaker sides of Jason not just him as the golden boy

- Leo creates a cool intstrument and it makes me mad because I want it to be real very much so

- Piper singing

- Percys starts the apocolypse with a nosebleed

- The 7 battling with their parents

- The romans and greeks united and the hug between reyna and nico man that was so sweet

- Leads to ideas about Reynas future partner ( god or mortal)

- Festus is put back together

- Leo is happy with Calypso, and focus more on the happy part please

- It has good humor and writing and god damnit there may be flaws but there are a lot of good things too


So here you are—you’ve run into my blog and you’re now interested to see what I have to post. Well, if you’re a huge enthusiast of music like I am, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Daniah (duh•nee•uh), but you can call me Dani. I’m a sophomore in high school here in the States, and I love to dance, sing, and play intstruments such as the ukulele, drums, piano, and the guitar. If you ever run into me in person I’ll either be watching videos related to music or I’d have earphones plugged in.

So if you’re wondering what type of posts would be on my blog, I can name a few ideas:

  • favorite playlists
  • inspiring music/singing videos
  • inspiring dance videos
  • musicians/bands I adore
  • dancers I adore
  • musicals/musical numbers
  • more!

I know my blog will reach to your expectations. My huge passion for music will be filled all over this blog. Stay tuned for more! ( ๑˃̶ ॣꇴ ॣ˂̶)♪⁺

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Music Teacher [Michael Clifford; 2]

Contains: Fluff!!

Requests: Open ^_^

Requested?: Yupperz

Note: Check out part 1 of this imagine. Heres the link: Music Teacher [Michael Clifford; 1) Feedback is always welcome. Hope you like it!!

“Theres no better way to get to know each other better than 20 questions at iHop at 11:30.” Mr. Cliff- Michael says, leaning back in his seat. You smile, nodding.

“You first.” You say. 

“Full name?”

“Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N” You reply.




“Ive got a younger brother.”

“Favorite song.”

“Thats a bad question. I dont have one.” You state.

“Good. Now we have a true music lover in our hands.” He says, winking. You grin.

“Favorite color?” He asks. You blink. You never really pondered on this question before.

“I guess I like most colors.” You say, shrugging.



“Favorite bands?" 

"Fuck…you make me think.” You mutter.

“And thats a bad thing..?” He asks making you smile. 

“Im into 90s pop punk and pop rock so like Dexys Midnight Runners or The Turtles or something. But I do enjoy Blink 182 and Mayday Parade immensely.” You respond. You see a smile form on his lips.

“Favorite composer?” He asks. 

“Umm… Bach. Boccherini, Breval, Mendehlson…couple more.” You say.

“If you were to pick between your viola and cello? Which intstrument would you pick?” He asks. You dramatically gasp.

“I am so not answering that question.” You say. 

“Awh come one! Just one.” He says. You shake your head.

“No. Thats like picking between your children.”

“Fine fine.” he says before laughing. The both of you go on about each other and never realize that it was finally two in the morning.

“Sorry to interrupt but the both of you have been for around two hours and finished eating an hour or so ago and still haven’t payed. I’d like the both of you to please exit the restaurant.” The waiter says. Your cheeks turn rosy red as you grab your purse, opening it.

“Oh no. Im paying.” Michael says abruptly. You roll your eyes.

“Um no. Thanks sir.” You say, fiddling with your purse.

“Im not joking. Its a treat for you and your amazing viola/cello skills.” He says before paying it. You sigh and grumble.

“Im paying next time.” You say as the both of you exit the restaurant.

“Who says there’s gonna be another time?” Michael asks, cocking an eyebrow. Your cheeks warm up.

“I-I erm, I didn’t-” You stutter. He laughs a laugh that makes you want to wrap yourself up in it. It was a rich buttery laugh. Something you couldnt get used to. He slips his hand into yours.

“Im joking, love.” He says, squeezing your hand. You blush even more as the warm sensation comes back.

“Your cute when you do that.” He says.

“I think iv'e blushed so much to the point where I could boil up some soup.” You say making him laugh again.

“Is it because of me?” He asks, whispering in your ear. He knew very well it was him that made you blush. Sheepishly, you nod. He spins you around to face him.

“I have a question.” He says, suddenly becoming nervous. You nod for him to go on.

“I know its too quick but I feel like ive known you forever and you seem like such a great girl and I really like you-” He sighs.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asks. Your lips quiver gently as you contemplate.

“But- your my teacher. We would be in so much trouble-”

“Give us a try.” He says. Your heart flutters at the pronoun. Us.

“Your almost legal and youll be graduating soon.” He adds before leaning forward.

“And it would honestly kill me to see you everyday and know that your not mine and that I couldn’t kiss you and id have to suffer, watching you talk to boys.” He whispers, his lips moving against your ear. Your heart seemed to flutter like crazy and you felt elate.

“Yes.” You say and he smiles like happiest person alive. The both of you exchange numbers before him pulling you by the waist and pressing his lips on yours for a sweet passionate kiss.

“Ill see you tomorrow.” He says before breaking away. You dont respond, watching him leave to his car. You walk to yours after a minute and shut the door before letting out a squeal. You felt like a 14 year old girl again. 


You get home and snuggle into your bed, thoughts rushing in your mind about Michael. Suddenly your phone rings.

Goodnight babe xx

You were certain you wouldnt sleep tonight.


Groggily, you get up and begin getting ready for school. Last nights events race through your mind making you get ready faster than before. 

“Your in a rush to get to school.” Your mom says, cocking her eyebrow.

“I actually have a friend.” You say, trying to cover up your happiness.

“What her name?” Your mom asks, handing you a cereal bar.

“Its a he. And his name is Kenny.” You say, quickly thinking. She nods suspiciously.

“Im so sorry I couldnt come for your concert last night. You came home pretty late though.” Your mom says. Your lip quivers.

“Kenny actually plays cello so we thought wed go to ihop.” You say quickly. She nods. You finish up your bar. You rmom quickly kisses yoru cheek.

“Have a great day!” She yells.

“You too!!” You reply before walking to your car.


You sigh, waiting till classes were over. You were in your seventh period which meant Music was next. Quickly finishing up your worksheet, you dashed to your locker to get your things for the next class. 

Keep calm. Dont look excited. Keep your cool, Y/N. 

You slowly open the door and see a couple students it. You look to your left and see Micha- Mr. Clifford. His gaze was already on you. He gives you a bright pearly smile and you give him a small smile in return. You make your way to the back and pull out your items.

“Good Afternoon class. Before we start our lesson, we have a transfer elective student. Please welcome Y/E/B/F/N  (your ex best friends name).” Mr. Clifford says. Your mouth almost drops open and you look up to see Y/B/F/N. She smirks when she sees you.

“Thanks Mr. C. I just love music, ya know.” She purrs. Your stomach does a jolt you felt like throwing up. On her. Y/E/B/F/N slightly tugs Mr. Clifford’s tie.

“Music is just so captivating.” She purrs again. You really wanted to punch her. Michael looks at the students before looking at you. He winks at you before looking her.

“What instruments do you play?” He asks. Her eyes widen and she jumps back.

“I-I dont play any.” She mutters. He smirks.

“Well maybe try learning one. Or two like Ms. Y/LN.” He says, looking at you. You blush and look down. Y/E/B/F/N gawks and goes and sits down in the front before glaring at you. You look back down at your notes. Class ends and you slowly pack up your items. You shove your books in your bag and look up. The class is empty and you look over at Michael who’s gaze is on you.

“Stop doing that.” You say, blushing while shrugging on your bag.

“Doing what?” He asks, walking over to you. Your heart begins to beat fast.

“Whenever I look at you. Your always already looking.”  You mutter. He smiles, tilting your chin with his fingers.

“I really cant help it. You draw me in.” He says. You suppress a smile. He wraps his arm around your waist and draws you in, placing a kiss on you. This time, you become dominant, tugging on his hair and making him moaning mess. Suddenly you hear footsteps and jump away. 

“Hey Michael. Oh er- hello Y/N” Your history teacher, Mr. Traunt says. You smile.

“Hey Mr. Traunt.” You say. Your heart was beating faster than ever.

“I was just helping Y/N with some theory. Did you need something, Erik?” Michael asks.

“Only if you wanted to join me for some coffee?” Mr. Traunt asks. Michael sighs.

“I really cant. I have to start making the students quizzes. How about another time?” Michael asks, sugar coating his words. Mr. Traunt nods.

“Alright. See ya bro. See ya Y/N” He says, nodding. You smile at him. He closes the door and you let out a deep sigh.

“That was close.” You whisper. Michael nods.

“Ill see you tomorrow, beautiful.” He says before kissing you again.


Mikey and you have been dating for nearly 5 months and you cant help but fall harder everyday. Hes been leaving roses in your locker and you would always come early to school to see him. He was everything you never imagine that boy would do. And you loved him but were super afraid to tell him. You walked into Music class but Mikey didn’t offer you a smile. Or even look at you for a matter. His hair was everywhere and his eyes lost color. His tie was lose and he looked troubled. You decided to talk to him after class. Not once did he look at you during the lesson. You were now afraid of why he was troubled. Did you do something?

“Y/N, I need to see you after class.” He mumbles. Your heart drops and you were nervous as hell. You couldn’t concentrate on the worksheet and within minutes class ended. You waited till class ended and walked up to his desk.

“Yes?” You ask, timidly.

“We need to-We’ve got to break up.” He whispers. You felt your heart shatter and your stomach drop to the lowest of the lows.

“W-Why?” You ask, keeping your gaze on the floor.

“The board of directors. Their suspicious of me and you. I cant do this anymore. I have to keep equal attention on everyone. Your just a distraction. I’m sorry.” He explains. You keep your gaze on the floor.

“I opened up to you.” You whispered before looking at him. His eyes were filled with emotion.

“I let you see me. I let you take advantage. I understand. I knew this from the start but no, You wanted this. And I was so stupid. Incredibly stupid. I am so sorry. I really hate you.” By now, the tears were pouring. 

“Y/N-” You hear him call weakly, but you were already out the door, heaving with sobs. You didn’t stop crying at all that night.


School was a drag. You avoided Kenny even though it killed you. He was your only friend. You kept your spirit within you and pretended that you were fine. By lunch, you began to talk to Kenny and it almost felt as if you were normal again. Almost. Kenny asked what was wrong but you told him not to worry about it. And he stopped pestering you, enjoying the attention he could get. You wanted to scream at Michael. For letting him see you with your walls down. You were enraged but sad. You felt lonely than ever. Music finally came and you wanted skip. But you knew you couldn’t. So instead, you walked in with your head down. You felt his gaze but ignored it. You finally looked up at Michael and he was well dressed. As if nothing happened. And you didn’t know what to feel. It was a sick feeling. Even more sick to watch him and Y/E/B/F/N flirt throughout class. You refused to cry. You bit your lip hard and began to doodle in your notebook. You did all the worksheets he provided and finished them all too keep him off your head. You look up and saw him give Y/E/B/F/N that pearly white smile he used to give you. And then you knew that he was over you. That nearly broke you. You let a few tears pass but wiped it up. There was only a couple minutes till class was over. You waited patiently. You wanted to go home. 

“Y/N I need to see you after class.” Mr. Clifford called. Your head sunk even farther. You decided on whether to face him or not. You waited till everyone cleared out.

“Came to give me more reasons why?” You ask. He shook his head and walked over to you, placing his hand on your shoulder. You closed your eyes, his touch was warm and familiar and you hated it. You moved to the side from his touch.

“I miss you.” He whispered. This was the time where you would scream and shout and tell him how angry you are.

“Why don’t you tell that to Y/E/B/F/N.” You mutter. 

“Y/N I really do. I miss your cuddles. I miss you sleeping next to me. I miss your kisses. I miss your touch. I miss every damn thing about you. And I realized that I love you.” He whispers. You flinch at his words. He finally said it. The words were bubbling up in your thorat.

“You don’t love me, do you?” He said slowly, so much emotion in his voice it killed you.

“I’m so stupid. Why the fuck would I do that? First I go and act like its okay to fl-” You cut him off by taking two long strides and kissing him, with all the emotion in your body. He immediately wraps his arms around your waist and draws you extremely close. Your heart swells at the feeling. You missed this so much, it hurt. You pull away and lean your head on his torso. 

“I love you too.” You say. The both of you stay quiet, enjoying the embrace of one another.

“Will you give me another chance. I swear to you, ill do anything to keep us together. Anything and everything. I love you and i can never get used to saying that. I love you. I love you. I love you.” He repeats. You grin and kiss him again.

“Just no more flirting. You can give equal attention to everyone just not too much. Especially to Y/E/B/F/N” You say.

“And why is that?” He asks, drawing back to look at you.

“Because your mine.” You say timidly.

“What?” He asks, blinking. You shake your head.

“No. I want you to say it again. I like the way how it sounds. Please.” He says.

“Your mine.” You repeat. And this time he leans in and kiss you with emotion. And as cliche as it sounds, you knew he was the one for you. He lit up your world.

“I love you.” He says again. You giggle and roll your eyes.

“I know, you told me before.” You say. He chuckles.

“How about we go to my house for some movies and cuddling?” He asks. You smile at him.

“Sounds wonderful.”


I did it!!! I said it would be posted this coming week but lied, Ha!! Hope you guys liked it as much as I liked writing it! Love you!!


hc: the orchestra

so dipper gets really into the violin. like, hardcore. he passes a lot of the time practicing, and eventually gets good enough that he can play most anything with about a week’s worth of dedicated practice (fyi from a real life violinist, if you practiced a couple of hours a day, this level of skill would probably take ~10 years.) anyway, he looks to expand and try something new. so he learns every single one of the string instruments. then moves on and eventually, after maybe a hundred years or so, he can be his own 100 piece orchestra (using the splitting trick shown by bill in that one draft of the intro to dreamscaperers) and he makes really grand, sweeping orchestral arrangements of popular songs. his music gets really popular, and dipper just revels in his fame as an anonymous orchestral composer/ really talented instrumentalist. maybe he makes a couple of deals with professional musicians along the line- a copy of their skills in exchange for, say, a new intstrument, or repairs. (can you imagine professional violinists in back alleys summoning alcor like “i’ll let you copy my music skills if you can nab me a stradivarius” “deal”). he also totally plays with school orchestras if they need, say, a harpist or a percussionist when it’s performance night and their guys are sick/out for whatever reason. eventually he gets into the marching band scene and ages himself down to kid size and spends a year in high school nerding out in band camp, then immediately regretting the decision because oh god marching band is an even worse cult than his own.

He Finds Out You Play An Instrument [Muke/4 Preference]

Hemmings: You played the trumpet. Super random, but fun to you. In third grade, your school passed out flyers for music lessons after school. It was open to band, strings, or choir. It was only $25 and your parents thought you playing an instrument was wonderful. Your father had to sit down and sign you up for what instrument you were going to play. He asked you what you wanted to play and you responded “Trumpet” since it was the only instrument you knew at the time. Your dad sealed the information in an envelope and tucked it in your polka dot backpack for school the next day. At first you were horrible at the trumpet which was no surprise for a beginner but now at 18 years, you were experienced and well trained. You never played when you were around Luke, and he never knew you could play. You were slightly embarrassed, him playing the guitar while you played the trumpet. Whenever Luke wasn’t home, you would go to your closet that had all your sheet music and you would  play much to your hearts content. One day, he told you that he was going out for lunch with the guys and invited you to come. You shrugged him off, telling him that you were going to do the laundry when in reality, your hands were itching to feel the familiar cool brass instrument. He assured if you were okay with it and then left. You waited to hear the low hum of the engine disappear. Once you were sure he was not home, you ran to your closet to get out your music. You dashed to the music room and pushed Luke’s sheet music aside. You delicately placed your sheet music on the stand and brought the mouth piece to your lips. You sucked in your breath and began to play the tune to Talk Dirty. You were rusty at first, considering it had been so long since you played but when it came to the chorus you were back on track. You shut your eyes and enjoyed being lost in the music. You swayed your hips a little to the tune. By the time you finished, you heard clapping. You jumped up and whipped around to see Luke with a lop sided grin on his sweet pink lips.

“Luke Robert Hemmings, don’t you ever-” You say, cutting yourself off, placing a hand to your chest. He chuckles.

“I didn’t know you can play.” He admits, walking over to you. A light blush creeps on to your cheeks.

“Well…I can.” You say.

“I can obviously see that.” He states. You flush. You drop to your knees and put the trumpet away. You pull yourself up.

“I’m not that good.” You mumble, pulling your sheet music aside. You hear him gasp and feel his arms around your waist.

“You were amazing. Like, I cant even express how great you play. We need the fans to know.” He says. You shake your head. 

“Why did you come so early?” You ask.

“I forgot my phone but then I heard you play and I wanted a full concert. Speaking of which, when can I attend another?” He asks. Your lips spread into a wide smile. He leans in and kisses you sweetly. 

Clifford: Cello. You played the cello and you absolutely loved it. You originally picked it up because your best friend declared that you couldnt play a whole concerto in 6th grade. She told you that if you prove her wrong shed give you a $75 gift card to Aeropastel. You didnt like the store as much as your sibling did so you decided you could give it to them. It turned out you had natural talent at the instrument and played the concerto perfectly which made your best friend brag to everyone about your talent. You were a little hesitant to play the instrument at first because of its large size. But that didnt cause you from not playing it. Seven years and you were good. Not good. Fantastic. But Michael didnt know. You would keep it to yourself. You were embarrassed at the intstrument you were playing, it being so classical and lulling while Michael was all headbanging rock person dude. Of course you listened to all his music and the music he plays but whenever your earbds were in, you had sweet melodies of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven playing. One day you were going to show you Michael your talent. You had a big recital today. You were going to be performing with a group as well as a solo. You knew Michael was out with the boys for dinner so you scribbled down a note and left a ticket to your recital beside it.

                                                 Hey, Michael

                                     Go to the address on the ticket.

                       Wear nice clothes, no skinny jeans or band tees

                                Dont ask any questions, its a surprise.

                                                  Love you,


You grabbed your cello and checked your make up in the mirror. You had worn a black performace dress with black pumps. Your make up was subtle. You had on the necklace Michael had bought you last Christmas. You smile and fiddle with it before heading towards the performance hall. It took you some time to reach your destination but you got there on time. Before you know it, it was your turn. You held your cello in your right hand and your bow in the left hand. Your eyes flickered to the crowd and you spotted Michael. He was dressed in an elegant tux. He smiled warmly at you. Something flared up inside you. You werent sure if it was confidence or nerves. You diverted your attention to the music stand and began to play the notes of Bach’s Cello Suite #1. After your solo, you had to performed in other sets. By the end of the night, you were hot and sweaty. You packed up your cello and left it by the dressing room. You walked out and spotted Michael. You ran towards him and he hugged you, swirling you in the air. 

“Since when did you play the cello?” He asked, tilting your head.

“And freaking well?” He added. You flushed, embarrassed about not telling him your hidden talent. 

“Ive been playing since 6th year.” You say. He thinks for a moment.

“Why didnt you tell me?”

You rub your forearm gently.

“I was embarrassed…you like hardcore music while I listen to classical.” You explain. He shakes his head and kissed your forehead. 

“You were amazing out there, Y/N! Theres no reason to be embarrassed because your so talented. I absolutely loved it!” He exclaims. You smile at him and kisses you lightly.


I shall hopefully post Cashton up later. This wasnt requested. Hope you liked it!


Okay but consider a tfa high school band orchestra au with Conductor!Hux and that one problematic violinist Kylo Ren, who is also string section leader, who names his fellow strings players the ‘Knights of Ren’ because he’s that kind of guy.

Kylo who always plays TOO DAMN LOUD whenever he’s on and Hux has to yell at him to dial it down and read the music instead of playing default  fortissimo. Kylo who mumbles about how being a conductor ‘isn’t even that hard’ and ‘all he does is wave a baton around’ and Hux wants to stab him with said baton.

Percussionist Phasma who hits things very hard and will smack Kylo with a mallet if it is necessary.  Hux is a flutist and he’s not ashamed. Also he plays like all the intstruments. Fuck you Kylo.

Somehow Kylo is still one of their best musicians who can play like every string instrument with incredible skill and Hux can’t sack him because the audience and the people in charge (Snoke) adore him.

Romantic comedy where their fabulous orchestra go on tour and Hux has to try and not murder Hux in like twenty different cities. Hux visits the Eiffel tower and Kylo is there. Hux goes to the London Eye and Kylo is there in line. They fight over who is the best composer and what modern movie soundtracks will survive into the future. Kylo plays his music too loud and only listens to pop-rock and dubstep while Hux’s phone is filled with 100% classics and instrumentals. Somehow they fall in love while travelling with a giant rag tag group of musicians and making lots of music.

Then word comes that Kylo is leaving the orchestra to start an independent music career since his youtube channel is taking off and there is angst but ultimate happy endings because they love each other and will make things work no matter what.


A Noiz (Dmmd) fanmix. The tracks basically follow phases in Noiz’ life in chronological order. Half of these (the intstrumental ones) are choosen for their mood while the other half is chosen for the lyrics so it’s a bit of a clusterfuck of styles but doesn’t that just suit Noiz?


This is the first time I’ve made a fanmix of any kind, so I hope it turned out alright!