Whoooosh, another Fandom Combat has come to an end, now I`m permitted to post the things I made for it (◕‿◕)

This is called “…and bear cubs with balalaikas”. Balalaika is a national Russian musical intsrument with a high-pitched sound. The idea itself came from a funny joky song “Vyacheslav`s harem pants“, where a man called Vyacheslav bought blue harem pants, and bear cubs with balalaikas started visitig and even pestering him. But they made friends after all х)) …it`s so sweet, why not make a slave!AU with ewoks, right? They are just like little bears.  Maul wasn`t given to Sidious, but nevertheless he was sent off Dathomir.

But I would not be me if I didn`t turn all this into some abomination

╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚ So, under the cut there is some continuation, cannibalism in the second picture and a cut throat in the third.

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Guess Who’s Family! Part 2: Liam Dunbar

Damn you guys really wanted Part 2 fast! So here it is! Enjoy! (Especially @beaconhills17!)

“Come again?” I splutter, unable to believe what I was hearing. No way. No way.

“Y/N, I’m sending you to high school.” Derek repeats, crossing his arms. “And I want you,” He turns to look at Liam, “To look after her.”

I blew a loud raspberry, challenging Derek’s raised eyebrow look “Okay, who are you and what have you done with Derek Hale? Because last time I checked I wasn’t allowed to leave the house unless it was so dark outside that I continuously walked into lampposts.”

“Well I mean you are my daughter,” Derek put emphasize on the word and I rolled my eyes heavily. “And I want to put you first now.”

I supressed a nasty laugh as I digested the words he said. “When do I start?” I asked through a clenched jaw, biting back a spiteful remark.

“Monday.” Derek replied and I dropped the bottle I was holding, watching it explode at my feet. Like hell I was.

“I’m not going.” I said once again the following Monday as Derek hands me a rucksack, rummaging through it for the last time to make sure I had everything.

“I think you’ll change your mind once you see this.” Derek says mysteriously as he leads me out the house and towards the garage and I follow him reluctantly. “I highly doubt it.” I shot back.

“This change your mind?” Derek smirks, throwing open the door to reveal a shiny black motorcycle. My jaw dropped as I look at the magnificent piece of machinery in front of me before turning my head to look at Derek, were a small smile was forming.

I throw my arms around his neck, catching him off guard as I squeal, “Thank you! Thank you!” repeatedly. Derek laughs, hugging me back as he hands me the bright shiny keys.

I grab them excitedly, dashing over to the bike and hiking my leg over it.

“I want you to stick to Liam like glue today, okay? I made sure you had all your classes with him.” Derek tells me and I smile brightly, excited about being able to see the cute werewolf in every class.

“Thank you Derek, really. For everything.” I say and he nods, a pleased smile on his face. “Have fun.” He says as he leaves the garage and I push the key in.

I feel the bike begin to purr beneath me as I squeezed the accelerator and shoot out the garage, a happy laugh bubbling from my lips as I fly down the street.

I pull into the parking lot, stepping off dizzily, still slightly dazed from how amazing the bike was.

“Y/N!” I heard from behind me and I turned to see Liam jogging up to me, a wide grin on his face. “Nice bike.” He says impressed and I faintly blush. “Thanks.”

The warning bell rings and Liam looks at me expectantly. “Where’s your first class and I’ll take you.”

“Oh I have all the same classes as you. Derek made sure of it.” I say, blushing even deeper as I realise how desperate that made me sound. Though surprisingly Liam smiled even bigger as he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the front door.

My eyes fly to our linked fingers and I smile secretly to myself as we run to the doors. “Music’s first.” Liam tells me over his shoulder, though I barely heard his as I stared at his toned back.

We make it to the class just in time as the second bell rings. Liam goes up to the teacher and I could hear him telling him that I was new to the school.

The teacher looked at me and nodded, smiling warmly. “Well Miss…” He waited for me and I said, “Hale, Y/N Hale.”

He nods again and motions towards an empty chair next to Liam, which I took relieved that I didn’t have to talk to another person without needing to.

“So, Miss Hale.” The teacher says half way through the lesson. “Do you play any instruments?” He asked.

I nodded slowly. “The cello.” Something Derek had insisted on since I was tiny but every time I asked him why he looked so sad I couldn’t bring myself to push him.

“Would you mind?” He asked again, brandishing the large intsrument in my direction, which I swear wasn’t in his hands before.

“Okay,” I said, getting up and taking the massive instrument, resting it against my legs and then taking the bow as well.

I had only played one sheet of the music and I could already hear the music teacher literally bawling behind me. I glanced up at Liam, a look of amused exasperation on my face but I was surprised to see that Liam was staring gormlessly at me, hanging onto every note.

I smiled to myself as I increased the pace of the music, the bow flying back and forth between my fingers.

I finished and everyone clapped enthusiastically except the music teacher who began banging on the table, looking at me like I was a gift from god. I have never been more grateful for the bell to go before in my life.

“Free period time.” Liam smiled and I sighed in relief. One period in and I already want to go home.

“Want to come to the lacrosse pitch with me? I normally practise during free periods.” Liam offers and I nod eagerly. I finally get to see what lacrosse actually was after hearing so many stories about it. Like literally all the time.

“I’m gonna go get changed and I’ll meet you at the bleachers?” Liam asked and I nod again, touched by his concern.

I exit out the back doors that took me out onto a long stretch of grass, with lots of metal and rusty stands. I plonked myself down on one and pulled my phone out my pocket, mindlessly playing a game while I waited.

A shadow came over my phone and when I looked up my heart skipped a beat. Liam was standing right in front of me in a tank top that showed off his muscly arms and a short pair of shorts with his lacrosse stick over his shoulder. He looked nervous though.

“Hey, Y/N. You mind if I talk to you for a bit?” He asked and I nodded, pocketing my phone and motioning for him to sit.

“How come you still struggle with control? Derek never explained it.” Liam asked, setting his lacrosse stick down and beginning to play with his fingers.

“Um,” I shrug, “it’s programmed into me I guess. To have that ‘animal instinct.’“ Yes air quotes were needed.

“Scott and Derek said that control was especially hard for me because of my I.E.D.” Liam says, without really thinking, gazing into space. My eyebrows shoot up curiously as I tilt my head to the side. Derek had mentioned something about him having anger issues, I just never knew that it was full out I.E.D.

Liam’s head snaps up as he looks at me like a deer caught in the headlights, chewing on his bottom lip worriedly.

“But don’t worry I would never hurt you!” Liam reassures suddenly frantic to make me believe him. I place a calming hand on his shoulder, smiling softly as I nod.

“I don’t believe that what someone diagnoses you with makes you who you are.” I say and Liam frowns confused.

“Well Derek was diagnosed as my father but he never had to be one. You were diagnosed as an ‘impulsive, aggressive and violent person. But I don’t believe that for a second. You are what you make of yourself. Not what someone tells you.” Just as I finished Liam crashes his lips to mine.

My eyes widen in surprise but I hurriedly kiss him back, feeling my lips tingle underneath his soft ones.

Suddenly Liam pulls away, mouth open in shock. “Oh god I’m so sorry!” He stutters, running a hand through his hair.

“Derek’s gonna kill me-“ He groans but I cup his face, running my thumb over his cheek as I kiss him again, crossing my arms around his neck.

He smiles slightly as I pull away. “Now go show me the point of this game. It better be good after everything I’ve heard about it.” I laugh, pushing him towards the pitch with a massive smile.

Prepositions in Serbian! You are the blue dot.

Thank you to crveno-zlo for the translations and grammar explanations!

Note: Whatever is in between the parenthesis is not always necessary to write. It depends on the cases. If you use the preposition without the part in the parenthesis, you are using the instrumental case (Example: “над/под/пред главом|nad/pod/pred glavom” is in the intsrumental case)

If you use the preposition including the part in parenthesis, you are using the genitive case. (Example: “изнад/испод/испред главе|iznad/ispod/ispred glave”)

See: [Spanish] [French] [Greek] [Gato] [Polish] [Dutch] [English] [Romanian] [Italian] [Arabic] [Malay] [Welsh] [German] [Finnish] [Thai] [Portuguese] [Serbian]

【Product Information】

◆Artist: Jin

◆Title:「daze / days」

◆Release Date:June 18, 2014

◆Track list:

01. Jin ft. MARiA from GARNiDELiA / daze

02. Jin ft. Lia / days

03. Jin ft. MARiA from GARNiDELiA / daze(short ver.)

04. Jin ft. Lia / days(short ver.)

05. Jin ft. MARiA from GARNiDELiA / daze(Instrumental)

06. Jin ft. Lia / days(Intsrumental)

◆First-pressed Limited Edition A:2CD+DVD+Chronological Table「CHRONOLOGICAL」 ¥2,500(Tax excluded)

First-pressed Limited Edition B:CD+DVD+Special Booklet (Novel) + Chronological Table 「CHRONOLOGICAL」 ¥2,100(Tax excluded)

First-pressed Normal Edition:CD+DVD ¥1,600(Tax excluded)

◆Publishing Agency:ultraCeep Inc. 



There will be new PV(s) by Shidu.

The script of the Drama CD will be written by Jin and will act as the key to reveal the secret of Kagerou Project.