Here one of my (many) OCs!

Like the others- he is NOT finished yet…ehehe…

Name: -

Gender/pronous: male, he/him

Current nickname: Butterfly

Age: 14

Height: 4′6″

Personality in five words: Angry, smol, gay, sad, >:3c

Story sumary: His parents used to live with him in a giant house, but one day (when he was around 6) they decided to go to LA, they are still not back, maybe even dead? Who knows… Well, he was very lonely beside from his butlers and maids (maiden?). Until a someone broke into his house …

Fun fact:

he has no actual ears and wears make up

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Josh Simmons (Furry Trap & Jessica Farm) joins in on the fun in INTRUDER #8.
Here’s what he had to say during an interrogation.

INTRUDER: Who’s a comic creator that you unconditionally love?

Josh Simmons: Let’s stretch the definition of “comics” a little and I’ll go with Stanley Kubrick.

IN: What have you found difficult to do with comics?

JS: Live like a functional human being.

IN: Where would you be most comfortable drawing?

JS: In a man-made structure with walls and a roof.

IN: Why is darkness easier for an artist to create vs happiness? Do you think that’s even true?

JS: No one wants to read a story about happy people doing perfectly well and fine in life. Struggle, strife, sad bullshit, these are often the roots of good drama. Sad bullshit tweaked in one direction or the other are the basis for comedy and horror. My stories just happen to be especially sad.

IN: How do you sleep at night? Are you riddled with disturbing dreams that keep you tossing and turning?

JS: I have nightmares occasionally. I do use the best ones as starting points for some of my comics. Sometimes they come to me almost fully formed as stories. This was the case with “Picnic” and “Demonwood”. The worst ones can ruin my whole day. This happened when I lived in Portland a few years back and dreamt I was peeing in a filthy urinal and looked down and my penis was ripped open length-wise and it had a fish spine (this image was the origin for my story “Cockbone”). Walking around town the rest of that day everyone had a demon face and my guts were dragging behind me on the sidewalk.

IN: Favorite candy?

JS: Caramello bars

INTRUDER #8 will be released on October 31 at Arcane Comics. Find more of Josh’s work here:


MARK ALLENDER//artist, writer and one of the tallest men in comics! Mark contributes to the Intruder comics newspaper on a regular basis while working on his never ending graphic novel Kill the Wizard! Ge has also contributed a great story to Nemesis Enforcer‬ which you can read HERE free or pick up a copy of the fall issue (#3) at Zanadu Comics in Seattle or online! Full event info on 80% Facebook!

Here’s a photo of a flier for the INTRUDER #4 release party/art show at the One Night Stand Gallery just above the Fantagraphics Bookstore.

We’ll be playing tug of war with David Lasky who is in this new issue and also celebrating his book on the Carter Family at the Fanta store.

November 2nd!! Be there, you square!

Thanks to Michael O'Driscoll for having us!!