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“Shit we can’t go to the TM Gemma says there’s cops’ waiting for us there” Jax said after getting of the phone “What about lock down we have the old ladies and kids to cover for” Opie said “The old ladies and children can go to Gemma’s I’ll send the prospects with them” Jax said.

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[Vegebul Smutfest] (Day 1: Toys) “Show Me, Bulma”

Alright folks, here’s my submission for the smutfest.

By the way, this is my FIRST lemon EVER, so please be kind, it really is my first time… *wink*


Vegeta tossed and turned in bed in frustration.


This was his third sleepless night in a row and he couldn’t fucking take it anymore.

What the hell was that goddamned noise?

Whatever it was, he knew where it was coming from: Bulma’s room, and he also knew he was dangerously close to killing that annoying woman once and for all.

He finally got up, angrily picking up the boxers that lay on the ground. The Saiyan had spent his entire life sleeping naked, but ever since that time he’d made a late-night visit to the kitchen’s massive fridge and he’d gotten caught by a very embarrassed blue haired scientist, he’d made sure he was always dressed before leaving his bedroom.

The Prince walked through the corridor in the dark, running his hand through his wild mane and irritably cursing under his breath. Whatever experiment was taking place inside Bulma’s room was ending tonight. One way or another…

Once he reached the woman’s bedroom, he stopped, silently standing in front of the closed door.

There it was again.

That damned buzzing noise.  

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Old friends (Dylan)

Words: 1933

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of Columbine

Request: Ok i hve a request! Can you make one after 4/20 where you were dylan’s gf and you’ve been so depressed after the massacre so one night while home you see dylan and he’s like i have one night to spend time with you and you guys talk & kiss & stuff SORRY THIS IS A MESS BUT LOVE U


Half of the people who came over kept saying that it would be a quick recovery, the other half kept saying that she was bad for getting hung up over it.

“Oh he killed people! He killed your friends, how are you sad?”

“He’s a monster, why do you miss him? Are you crazy too?”

Internally, (Y/N) wanted to get over it, be able to stand up proudly and talk about who he really was, but every time his face came to her mind, she would choke on her breath, beginning to sob into her sweater again. She was angry at him, she was so mad, but not for the reasons she should have been. She was mad that he had left her all alone, with everybody upset with her for something she didn’t do. She was mad that he didn’t think to warn her, he didn’t have a way to tell her that things weren’t okay with him.

And then she was sad, sad that this was the end for him, that he wasn’t going to do all the stuff that he talked about. When he talked about it, he spoke with a dreamy sense, as if his future was going to be the most ethereal experience that anybody had ever experienced.

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Uncertain Future: 3

One Two Four Five Six

NOTE: Wolf!Jeno’s story, Wicked Fate, fills in the time skip in this chapter. So maybe read that if you want.


Hearing the familiar pattern of footsteps reach the porch, you closed the book sitting in your hands and crossed the flat in seconds. Opening the door you smiled at the long blonde haired girl standing before you. “How’d hunting go?” you asked, stepping aside as she entered the living room.

She shrugged. “A few demons, and a crazed vampire,” she took off her coat, revealing cuts on her arms and shoulders from that night’s hunt.

You met the young hunter about two years ago, in fact, she was the first person to befriend you since stepping off the travel bus that you escaped home in. The town you now lived in wasn’t too close or far from your stepfather, and during your first night here, you thought it was still too close to home. But once you met Lisa in a small diner, you learned the town was filled with supernatural beings, and even had it’s own clan of hunters, except unlike your father, these hunters only rid of rotten creatures. Your flatmate was one of those hunters.

Currently, you kept quiet, a question forming in your mind that you’ve wanted to ask her for awhile now. “Lisa,” you murmured her name, and she turned.

“Hm? You okay?”

Nodding, you sat down on the couch with a huff, frowning. “Since you’re a hunter, I was wondering if you heard anything about my stepfather.”

Lisa sat next to you, knowing this was a sensitive topic. “Y/N, Agent Kim shut down your case last year.”

You nodded knowingly, staring into the hunter’s large eyes, worried. “He could still be out there.”

She shook your head. “I highly doubt it. You’ve been gone more than a year, I’m sure he’s given up by now. And with the way he treated you…” she trailed off for a moment. “Do you think he’s that determined?”

You scowled. “Let’s hope not.”

There was a beat of silence before Lisa spoke up, leaning her side against the back of the couch, legs tucked aside. “You’re planning on going back, aren’t you?”

Nodding, you muttered, “Yeah…I promised I’d return once I’ve taken responsibility for my life, and look, here I am…” You swung open your arms, gesturing around the flat. “I’ve finished my education, got a job at the bar — oh damn I’ll miss Irene…received Eomma’s money from her will, learned more about werewolves than I could imagine, grew into my own character, discovered how our world works……” you trailed off before smiling at Lisa and sighing. “And I’m gonna miss you guys the most. I’m so thankful you and Jennie guided me through it all.“

She grinned then pulled you into her embrace. “And we don’t ever regret bringing you in, and letting you stay here.”

You both laughed in each others arms, happy and content.

The next two weeks past by too quickly for your liking. You slowly packed, day by day, saying your goodbyes to everyone from work and even ran a quick visit to Agent Kim, thanking the vampire for closing your “missing” case in order to keep you safe and sound. Lastly, you said goodbye to Jennie and Lisa, tears were shed but you three had an amazing movie and girls night before your departure.

Now you drove through the forest in your own black car, using your heightened senses to watch for any signs of wolves or hunters nearby. It took you the entire day to get here, and to say you were nervous was an understatement.

You glanced at the instructions Detective Byun, another vampire in Agent Kim’s coven, wrote you. Since he, his mate Isuel, and Agent Kim had apparently been to NCT’s pack house before, you were relieved when he dropped by the flat to say goodbye and give you the instructions to your destination.

An array of emotions filled the pit of your stomach. Would they recognize me? Do they even remember me? Gosh it would be so awkward if they didn’t. But you were also a little excited to see everyone again.

The closer you got, the stronger an unfamiliar emotion filled your chest. It was longing, but happy and focused all at once. You didn’t recognize it as your own feelings, but then remembered learning how mates, if close enough, could grasp the general emotions of the other. You wondered if he could feel your own anxiety right now, and suppressed it just in case.

Finally, you arrived, recognizing the large house from before and drove into their large driveway. Parking, you turned off the engine and sat their for a minute, calming down, breathing in and out. Gathering all courage, you stepped out of the car and did your best to quietly close the door. You hesitated, staring at the trunk with all your necessities, but decided to grab those later.

The forest looked slightly different in the spring then it did a couple years ago. But the familiarity was welcoming, along with the scents of pine, soil, and fresh air.

Stepping up to the front door, you inhaled deeply before ringing the doorbell.

“I got it!” a young voice called out and you felt your heart skip a beat.

The lock clicked, the knob turned, and you looked away, all of a sudden shy. You swallowed.


Your head shot up at the sound of your name. There stood Eunjung, the warm, familiar smile spreading across her lips. “Hi,” you murmured awkwardly, fidgeting from foot to foot.

Silence filled the air for a heavy second, it felt almost too long, you just about turned away before she pulled you into her arms. “I can’t believe it,” she breathed in wonder before pulling you into the living room, eyes and hands giving you a full examination. “Look at you, you’ve grown, your complexion is healthier, cheeks have filled out, your hair’s shiny…” she went speechless, unable to contain the excited grin lighting up her face. “Oh goddess,” she couldn’t help but giggle and you found yourself laughing along with her, her bubbly mood easily affecting yours.

“I know, I know,” you chortled, happy to see her. “I look different.”

The older shook her head. “Not by much but you look so healthy compared to the night you left I just…” she laughed again and pulled you into another embrace. You remembered how motherly she treated you from before and hugged her tightly, not wanting to let go.

But alas she pulled away and that’s when you noticed the attire she wore. Instead of jeans and a shirt, she wore a flowy blouse tucked into an above the knee skirt, but her feet were bare, used to the floor of her home.

“Is there a special occasion going on?” you asked, gesturing to her clothes.

Eunjung chuckled and pulling you by the hand through the halls, she whispered, “It’s Hana’s eighteenth birthday today.”

You stopped her, a little shocked. “Oh no, I can’t interrupt the get together.”

But she just smiled sweetly and pulled you along. “She’ll be happy to see you, let’s call it a…surprise gift?”

This time, you used your wolf strength to pull her back, freezing her long strides towards the dinging room. “I can’t, really, I’d feel like I’m invading a private moment.”

She stopped, searching your face before sighing and reluctantly nodded. “You’re feeling that uncomfortable?”


“Then how would you like your presence to be known?” She gave you a pointed look.

You laughed quietly. “How about tomorrow morning? I’d like to rest, really. It took five hours to drive down here.”

“Fine,” she smiled in understanding before pulling you in the opposite direction. “Where’d you come from? In fact, why don’t you give me a brief rundown on what you’ve been up to.”

“Can we go grab my things first? They’re in my car.”

You two quietly headed back out, then came back in with two boxes of personal belongings and climbed up the staircase, halting in front of the guest room.

“I’m glad you worked everything out,” Eunjung said as you finished filling her in. “I remember watching the news about them closing your case, and you met Agent Kim! He helped us rescue Jisung three years ago.”

You blinked. “What? Rescue Jisung? The youngest —”

But she quickly shushed you and opened the bedroom door. “That’s a story we’ll share with you for another time, right now, get your rest, I’ll bring some food up, that is if you’re hungry.”

“That would be lovely,” you sighed, realizing just how hungry the drive down made you, then snickered a little, remembering the first time you met Taeil’s mate. “Deja vu, huh?”

She shot you a mischievous grin. “Oh you bet.”

Lying atop the bedsheets, you were out like a light.

Once everyone had gone to bed, you woke up wanting a glass of water and to change your clothes. Grabbing your clothes from one of the boxes, you changed into a pair of sweats and a T-shirt before tossing your dirty clothes aside, mentally noting down to ask where the laundry was.

As silently as possible you crossed the room, recognizing the tray from last night’s dinner Eunjung had brought up sitting on the desk. You opened the door, crept out into the hall, down the staircase (a few steps creaked damn it), and maneuvered past the living room and the dining room, heading towards the kitchen.

The house was dark, all lights turned off, the only source of light came from the moon’s rays intruding through the windows. Unlike that evening, the rooms were silent, the only sounds you could here were the clocks ticking, a mouse scampering across the floor, and someone’s breathing.


Freezing mid-action, senses on full alert, you tasted the air for any unwelcome strangers, and carefully observed your surroundings, turning slowly until you met with a pair of glowing, golden eyes in the shadows.

“You really are here.”

The voice was too familiar, one that clouded your mind on those days when you felt lonely. His face sometimes would appear in your dreams, as if your subconscious was calling to him, and now, here he was.

Your breath hitched as his silhouette stood from the coffee table to it’s full height, walking forwards until he stepped right in front of you, halting inches away, eyes going back to their normal dark brown. “Taeil mentioned your arrival.”

For a moment you couldn’t reply, just tipped your head back slightly to search his face for any give way emotions. What was he thinking? Was he angry? Disappointed? But all you could feel was the same as before; longing, deep, empty longing. His eyes were almost impassive, almost, only making his features sharper, skimming a point of intimidation, but the aura about him dissolved from it’s firm alpha hold, revealing a protective, but loving and tender man.

“Taeyong…I,” you felt words clog your throat, unable to look away. It was almost funny how much you didn’t know about him, how much you wanted to know about him, how much you yearned to reveal the past two years, only to go speechless when the opportunity came. Yet the only word you managed to whisper was, “Joesonghamnida.”

The tips of his mouth quirked upward knowingly, lips curving into a relieved smile. “I know.”

You’re not sure who leaned in first but his lips were on yours, warm and soft, delicate and gentle. A part of you couldn’t help but press against him, feeling him reciprocate and your back met the counter. Arms wrapped around his neck, you could feel his body heat seeping through your shirt, the pressure of his mouth, the shampoo from a recent shower, and the evident tang of wolf.

The kiss turned passionate, impatient, longing, but content, and you couldn’t help but emit a sigh in relief. He was here in your arms, physically and spiritually here, it wasn’t a dream anymore.

Minutes later you both pulled away, catching your breath, foreheads meeting, just basking in each other’s scent. “Two years is too long,” you heard him whisper and felt him press a kiss against your forehead.

“But I don’t regret leaving,” you muttered in reply. “I’m safe now.” You enveloped him in an embrace, face pressing into his shoulder.

“No more running?” he inquired, feeling him run a hand up your back, gently tangling his fingers in your hair.

You hummed a reply and felt him sag in relief. After a moment you felt yourself beginning to doze off. “Taeyong.”


“I’m falling asleep.”

“Why were you up?”

You both chortled at his words and you pulled away, but immediately missed the warmth of his embrace. “Water. I came down to find water.”

“Ah I’ll get that.” Taeyong headed toward one of the cabinets, pulled a glass out and filled it with water. “Well,” he muttered. “I must’ve distracted ya.”

Laughing quietly, you took the glass from him and downed it quickly. “You really did,” you teased.


Whatta reunion, I’m getting emotional these two are just too freaking sweet for me (yet again I’m the one that wrote it lmao)!

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Hola! Can you pls do Akashi's s/o breaking up with him. As a result, akashi becomes yandere and stalks her and leaving ransom notes style messages and flowers in her locker every day?? Nsfw pls

Everything was perfect. You had everything. You didn’t know when it began go wrong. You loved him, but he started scaring you. He became possessive, refusing to let you talk to your friends anymore. He wanted to have your free time, he wanted to hold you as close as possible. He wanted to own you whole and completely. Only thing you could do was to break up with him.

You thought he would throw a fit, make a fuss, but he accepted it calmly. Almost too calmly for your liking. You didn’t dwell on it longer than necessary. You wanted to move on.

It began with notes in your locker. They were short, but with a meaning.

You’re beautiful.

It warmed your chest.

I want to tell this to you.
You are my heart and my soul too.
I can’t live a day without you.
My feeling cannot be expressed in words.
I love you so much my dearest queen.

Your heart skipped a beat every morning.

Why do I love you?
Because I finally learned what the word means,
and you were the one who showed me.

But messages became weirder and much daring.

To [Name].
You are just so pretty and so beautiful. I just cannot stop thinking about you. Many times when I think about you I began to shake. [Name], what am I doing wrong. I am in love with you. I really and truly am in love with you. [Name], please, please give me one more chance.
Whatever you decide to do, could you do one thing at least. Please, keep smiling.

You began looking around. You felt hair on your neck stood when you were met with red eyes you knew too well. He smiled at you, but your lips cracked a weak smile before you turned to your locker and grabbed the books. You left looking to the floor.

Every morning, you were afraid to open your locker and see another message. You pushed your friends away, knowing of his temper. You didn’t want to see them hurt. That was the last thing.

It didn’t pass long before you received a bouquet of your favourite flowers at your home. You smiled at the delivery man when he said how lucky you were having a man, who loved you. But you wondered if he really did love you? To you, it looked more like stalking.

You didn’t feel safe anywhere you went. The cars passing by your side, made you jump every time, feeling he was there, watching your every move.

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Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Summary: The reader can’t sleep and Liam tries to help.

I had an idea for fluff but I didn’t know who to write it for, then I saw this picture and this story just kind of… happened? I guess?

Tink! Tink! 

Liam groaned tiredly as the annoying noise continued to resonate from his window, the intruding sound only enhanced by his werewolf senses, and groggily rolled over in his bed. He reached his right arm out blindly, grabbing an unused pillow and holding it tightly over his head, eventually giving up when he could still hear the sound through his pillow. Huffing in frustration, the teenager threw the comforter off of his body and made his way over to the source of his awakening, not bothering to put anything else on other than the white t-shirt and boxers he’d been sleeping in and opening the window.

The sight of his girlfriend in nothing but his lacrosse jersey and spandex shorts was definitely unexpected, though not unwelcome. She was looking at the ground, looking for another pebble to throw at his window, when his voice interrupted her efforts. “(Y/n), baby, what’re you doing?” She froze in place, a small stone no bigger than her thumbnail in her hand as she turned slowly to face her boyfriend. She refused to look anywhere but the ground, guilt and shame evident in the way she held herself. She fidgeted with the hem of the jersey she wore, shuffling her feet uneasily. 

“I, um… I didn’t wanna bother you, I knew you’d probably be asleep…” She turned away from the house, muttering just loud enough for him to hear. “It was a stupid idea, I’m sorry I woke you up… I’ll go home now, you can go back to sleep.” The embarrassed girl began to slowly shuffle back towards her own home, mentally scolding herself.

Liam rolled his eyes affectionately, shaking his head at his girlfriend. “Aaand where do you think you’re going, exactly?” She didn’t answer, so he jumped out of the window and jogged slightly to catch up with her. “Come on, princess, come with me.” He gently grabbed her wrists in his large, calloused hands and led her back to his home, opting to go through the front door as silently as possible instead of trying to lift his - very much human - girlfriend through his bedroom window. “How come you’re up so early, babe?” He walked her over to his bed, sitting down and glancing at the clock on his dresser. “It’s only 2:51, you should be asleep.”

(Y/n) sighed, her body folding in on itself as she picked at the seams of her top. “I was asleep, but…” She looked down, embarrassed at how silly it all sounded in her head now. “I had a bad dream, and I just wanted to see you and, and make sure you’re safe.”

Liam’s heart swelled at her words and he scooped her into his arms. “Well I assure you, I’m perfectly fine.” He placed small, soft kisses on her temples, cheeks, and her forehead as he held her more securely to his toned torso. “I’m safe, babygirl, and so are you. So is everybody. We’re safe.” He pulled away for just a moment, chuckling quietly when the tired freshman made a quiet noise of protest. “Come on, under the covers.” She obeyed quickly, happy that she didn’t have to ask to stay, humming in contentment when he joined her under the soft blankets.

(Y/n) groaned when he attempted to stay on the opposite side of the bed, making grabby motions toward him and causing him to laugh quietly. He obeyed his girlfriend’s silent demand, pulling her closer to him by the backs of her thighs and allowing her to bury her face in his shirt as he nuzzled his nose into the crook of her neck and played with her (h/c) hair. She yawned almost silently, having obviously relaxed quite a bit. “I’m sorry I woke you up, Li.”

Her boyfriend smiled, placing another gentle kiss onto her forehead. “I’d rather have you wake me up for me to hold you than have you feel worried or alone.”

A tiny hum resonated through her chest as she scooted even closer to Liam. “Thank you for being safe.”

Mistakes | Tyler Down

New blog here! 

So this is my first imagine EVER. It’s definitely not perfect but I really hope you like it. 

Summary: Tyler seems to be the only one being judged by what he did to Hannah so the reader reminds him he’s not the only one who made a mistake. 

Warnings: A bit of swearing 


You groan as your phone buzzes with a new text message, pulling you out of your dozed off state. You take your phone of your nightstand, squinting your eyes because of the light of the screen.

You open the text that Clay sent you and soon all sleep leaves your body.  

It’s a picture of Tyler. He clearly isn’t aware of the intruder just outside his window.

He’s now used to the rocks being thrown at his window every once in a while but this definitely caught him off guard.  

He’s completely naked facing the other side of his room. There is no doubt that all of the people in Liberty High have already received this exact same picture.

Your blood boils with anger and before you can even think about it, you throw on a pair of leggings and a hoodie and put your shoes on.

You make sure your parents are asleep before silently sprinting to your front door. Adrenaline is rushing through your system while you make your way to Clay’s house.

There is no other thing in your mind apart from Tyler. After all, he is your… well, you’re not really sure what kind of relationship you both shared.

You met each other at the beginning of high school. You had just moved from your hometown because of your dad’s job and you haven’t had the chance to make friends yet.


You were at your locker putting some books in your bag, getting ready for first period when the particular click of a camera startled you.

Next to you was a pale, tall boy with curly hair holding a camera in his hands.

“I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean to-to scare you” he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “I’m just starting early on my yearbook duties”

“It’s okay, you just caught me off guard”

“You’re new here, right?” he asked with a curious glint in his eyes. You nodded and offered him a shy smile.

“Yeah, I just moved here a few days ago.”

“I figured. I haven’t seen you around here before.” he looked and sounded a bit awkward, as if he didn’t do this often. “I’m Tyler”

You smiled at the faint blush in his cheeks and couldn’t help but think how cute he looked. “I’m Y/N”


And just like that something special began to bloom. You were definitely not a couple but you weren’t just friends either. You have this skinny love kind of thing going on and neither of you wanted to risk that by confessing your feelings. Plus, what you had was special and certainly, enough for you… at least for now.

Given your relationship with Tyler, as soon as you saw that picture, your protective instincts kicked in.

You knew about the tapes and you knew what he did to Hannah. However, you thought that people weren’t being fair to him. He didn’t deserve all of this, just for one mistake that he deeply regretted.

You saw Clay leaving his bike in his front yard and before he could climb the stairs of his porch, you called him.

“Jensen!” You were fuming at this point. You can only imagine the shit Tyler is going to get at school just because of that picture.

“Y/N now’s not a good time.” Clay look beyond tired and you knew why. Hannah’s tapes took a toll on everyone on her list.

“What is wrong with you Clay?” you pulled your hair in frustration. “Why did you send that picture?”

He scoffed and his faced shifted in anger. “Because he deserved it”

“No he didn’t Clay!”

“You don’t know anything Y/N. Stay out of this!” He tried to make his way to his house but you blocked the way planting yourself in front of him.

“I know everything Clay.” he rolled his eyes in exasperation and started walking again. ”I know about the tapes.” you said quietly but firmly. He stopped in his tracks and looked at you horrified. “I’ve listened to them and I know what every single one of you did to Hannah.”

“H-how?” he breathed. “H-how do you know a-about them?”

“I’m not on the tapes if that’s what you’re asking.” you said to him, catching on his accusatory tone. “Tyler got the package a couple of weeks ago. He never told me anything but I noticed that whatever was on that box, was affecting him greatly.” you sighed recalling the past few weeks. “Eventually, it was too much for him to handle and he broke. He told me everything and showed me the tapes.”

“Then you know what he did to her.” his anger was back and you could tell he was not backing down.

“I do.”

“And still you’re here to defend him?!” he yelled. He was looking at you as if you were the biggest idiot on Earth.

“Yes! And you want know why? Because he wasn’t the only one who made a mistake!” You were tired of people treating him bad because of those tapes. You were tired of the jocks bullying him every single day. You were tired to see all the pain he has to go trough. “There are thirteen fucking tapes, means that thirteen people did something to Hannah! Why are you all acting as if you are better than Tyler? He made a mistake! Alex made a mistake! Jessica made a mistake! You made a mistake!” tears were rolling down your face but you didn’t care anymore. You just needed him to understand. “Why does Tyler has to be satanized for what he did? You were all as wrong as he was.”

Clay just looked at you, taken aback by your words. He didn’t know what to say, he just stood there with shock in his face. You shook your head and wiped your tears before walking away.  

You were now going to Tyler’s. You needed to see him and comfort him as much as you possibly could. God knows he needed it.

You wanted to cry. You wanted to scream, but right now, you needed to be strong for Tyler. He was going to be the one to take all the bullying after all.

Tyler’s parents went out for dinner and you knew they wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours.

You knocked on his door hoping to see his face, but he didn’t open it. You sighed already imagining the damage and reached for the emergency key under the mat.

You let yourself in and locked the door behind you. With slow and silent steps you made your way to Tyler’s room.

His door was open and you could see the light coming out of the room. You started to make more noise with your steps so you wouldn’t startle him with your arrival.

“Tyler?” you called from the door. You got closer and your heart broke at the sight.

He was sitting on his bed with his arms resting on top of his legs and his head between his hands. And by the slight shaking of his shoulders, there was no doubt he was silently crying. “Oh Tyler…”

You sat next to him and immediately wrapped your arms around him. He slowly but surely rested his head on your shoulder and held you so tightly you could barely breathe but you don’t say anything. He needs it right now.

He is breaking right in front of you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Nothing you can do will stop him from hurting. You have never felt more useless in your life.

None of you say anything for a while. You just hold him and let him cry for as long as he needs to. You rub his back trying to provide him with more comfort and eventually his sobs become silent tears.

“I’m tired of everything” he says breaking the silence. His voice is laced with pain and the lump in his throat is more than obvious. It isn’t a pleasant thing to hear but at least he’s opening up to you.

“I know you are” you rest your chin on the top of his head and hold him a bit tighter. “but don’t give up on me just yet.”

“I’m sorry.” he nuzzles his head in your neck and sighs. “It’s just so hard sometimes.”

“Don’t apologize. I can only imagine what you have to go through.”

You press a kiss to his forehead before holding his face in your hands. His eyes are puffy and red and a few tears are still making their way down his face. You wipe his flushed cheeks with your fingers and give him a sad smile. He just closes his eyes and rubs his nose with the back of his hand.  

“C’mon I’ll make you some tea.”

You take his hand in yours and guide him to the kitchen.

He stands awkwardly in the middle of the room while you start filling up the kettle. You open the cupboard and take a mug, honey and a box full of tea bags.

You waited silently by the stove until the kettle started whistling, letting you know the water was ready.

You put the tea bag inside the mug and started pouring some water when a pair of arms snaked around your waist. Tyler pressed his chest to your back and rested his head on your shoulder. You happily melted in his arms and slightly rested your head against his chest. 

You turn around in his embrace and offer him the mug.  

“This will make you feel better.” He takes the mug from your hands and with a tiny smile he starts drinking the tea.

You can already tell he feels a bit better by the look in his eyes.

His cheeks still hold a blush and his hair is messy as ever, but his eyes are back to their usual blue.

God, he is so beautiful.

“Y/N” you look at him at the mention of your name. “May-maybe I deserve it.”

“What?” you ask in disbelief.

“Yeah…I-I hurt Hannah. I took her security away…” you can see the guilt eating him alive and ever since it happened, Tyler has been more than devastated.

“No Ty, don’t say that.”

“I was on the tapes. I was one of the reasons why she did it.” he starts tearing up again and you don’t know if you will be able to pull him out of his misery this time.

“Tyler look at me.” you hold his face between your hands and even though he’s crying, he’s trying hard not to completely lose it. “You made a mistake. You had a crush on a girl and you didn’t express it in the right way. But you cared about her and you definitely still care about her.” Tears start streaming down his cheeks but you don’t stop, he has to listen to you. “We both know that you didn’t mean this to happen. You didn’t know the consequences of what you were doing Tyler. You shouldn’t let one mistake you made, define you.” he shakes his head and is clear that the guilt doesn’t let him understand. You sigh. “I made a mistake too, I hurt Hannah as well. The only difference is that I’m not on the tapes.”

“Don’t lie Y/N. You didn’t do anything to Hannah.” he has a frown on his face but you can see the doubt in his eyes.

“I did. I let her push me away. I knew she needed a friend and I didn’t try harder.” you close your eyes, remembering how lonely Hannah was and how sad she was getting over the months. “the thing is, just because I’m not on the tapes, doesn’t mean I didn’t contribute to her heartache. I made a mistake too but no one is judging me based on that mistake. We all hurt Hannah. Why is your case different Tyler?”

“But the people at school…” you interrupt him already knowing what he is going to say.

“To them is easier to point out other people’s mistakes rather than own up to their own.” he finally releases a breath he’s been holding and wraps his arms around you. You bury your face in his chest and breathe in his scent.

“Thank you for being here Y/N” he whispers against your ear. “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“I’ll always be here Tyler, we’ll get through this together.” he holds your hand and intertwine his fingers with yours before letting you go.

“Let’s go to bed. You have to catch up on some sleep.” He rubs his eyes while yawning silently, making you giggle. It’s been a tough night after all.

“Will you please stay the night?” he’s not giving you puppy eyes, but he looks so distressed that you know you can’t say no to him. Not tonight.  

“Of course.” he gives you a tired smile and kisses your temple lovingly.

He sets the now empty mug in the sink and starts making his way upstairs. He jumps straight into bed but you take your time to take off your sneakers and hoodie.

You both lay down in bed and he wraps the duvet around you. Tyler closes his eyes and sighs contentedly while he holds you close to him. You caress his forehead and the bridge of his nose with the tip of your finger, trying to lull him to sleep.

“What did I do to deserve you?” he whispers and slowly opens his eyes. “I really don’t know how I would handle this by myself.” His hand gives your hip a gentle squeeze. “I am so thankful to have you.”

You smile feeling the butterflies erupt in your stomach. You caress his nose with yours and rest your hand in his cheek. “You are everything to me Y/N, everything.”

Your heart swells with love and your mind fills with determination.

Shaking with nervousness, you carefully press your lips to his. You try to convey how much you want him, how much you care for him, how much you love him.

He kisses you back with so much passion yet so much care that it takes your breath away. This kiss is everything you’ve ever dreamed of ever since you admitted your feelings for him to yourself. This is what you’ve longed for for so long.

You break the kiss and rest your forehead against Tyler’s, trying to calm your racing heart.

“I love you Tyler, so much.” you can’t believe how happy you’re feeling right now. You feel safe and for the first time, you think that everything will be just fine.

“I love you too.” His face as tired as it looks, is almost split in two by the giant smile on his lips. You can tell this moment means as much to him, as it means to you. “Y/N?”


“Are you mine now?” he looks at you nervously through the hair that is covering his forehead. “Are you my girl?” you blush at his words but offer him a sincere smile.

“Yes, I’m your girl Ty.” he mirrors your blush and gives you the biggest and brightest of all smiles.  

“Now get some sleep baby, I’m not going anywhere.” you tell him making the silent oath to take care of him in his sleep.

He kisses your lips one more time before resting his head on your chest. His arm rests on your stomach and his legs tangle with yours before you bury your hands in his hair, playing with it, getting him to relax.

Eventually you can hear him snoring softly and you allow yourself to close your eyes and find some rest.


You walk hand in hand through the school hallway. It’s going to be a hard day and you know that Tyler is going to need all of your support.

You squeeze his hand in reassurance when the stares begin and he just gives you a sad smile.

He walks you to your locker and you notice he’s been avoiding to look people in the eye. You don’t blame him although you wish it didn’t affect him that much.

You hold his chin between your fingers and make him look at you. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here.” he starts breathing heavily before kissing you desperately. He holds you close while grabbing your hips and you pull at his hair with care. He’s shaking with emotion and you hold him even closer to you, hoping to ease him a bit.

Loud chatter comes from the end of the hallway and makes you pull apart to see what’s going on. You see the group of jocks approaching and you clench your teeth already sensing the tension in Tyler’s body.

He presses your body against the lockers trying to hide you from them, but you stand your ground and with your arms around him you give them one of the most nasty looks ever. Tyler is looking at the floor and his fists hold on to the fabric of your shirt as if he is scared you are going to disappear.

The laughter dies down but you don’t look away. You’re still giving them your dirtiest look trying to mostly direct it at Montgomery, Tyler’s biggest bully. They hold your look, but they don’t say or do anything as they continue their way to their class.

You sigh a breath of relief and take a look at Tyler’s face. He’s still looking at his shoes and you can tell he’s a bit shaken up. You don’t want to make it worse so you decide not to mention anything about what just happened.

“So how about we ditch last period and go take a nap to my place? My parents won’t be home until 6.” you tell him kissing his cheek. He chuckles a little bit and looks at you with adoration in his eyes.

“Sounds like a plan.” he smiles, all the tension leaving his body. 

He holds your hand and you both walk to class ready to face whatever life throws your way. Because Tyler now knows that as long as you’re with him, he will be okay.   

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Regarding your posts about tumblr fandom history. I somehow got to the point where I physically can't read anything sj related. Even when I see fic where someone is headcanoning character as nb or smth like that. Fun part is that I'm nb myself. I've read so so so much posts on this site about "you can't do this or you're that" "remember that you must to this" and all kinds of reminders of sj things to do. And I did agree with them! 1/2

But I don’t understand people’s need to scream via text on their ally all the time. And I’m just tired of people reminding me what I must do or say. Honestly never in my life did I read more texts telling me what to do. So in the end I’m kind of sick of it to the point where I can’t read any text on sj/fem theme bc I get physical pain or get sick. I mean, I DO understand why people want to headcanon character certain way but my brain just decided to put all that stuff together so when I see people doing that I’m just sick thinking “oh no not again please don’t through police me anymore no no” and I just skip it. Even tho it’s kinda supposed to be my representation I guess. Ironical.  

I’m sorry that this has happened to you. :(

I do believe that a lot of the social justice stuff we see on tumblr comes from a good place, but it comes paired with a gullibility and terror of doing wrong that makes tumblr culture as a whole easy to manipulate.  We don’t want to say the wrong thing and get torn to pieces; on the other hand, admitting that we’re only changing what we say and do out of fear getting it wrong and getting torn to pieces is a big social no-no.  We all parrot one another, not daring to question why, or we parrot louder than the rest to make sure everybody knows we’re toeing the party line!

The only people who benefit from this situation are abusers, manipulators, and sociopaths* who can shamelessly lie, stab people in the back, and use everyone’s terror of being singled out to direct mob attacks against perceived enemies.  When we base trust on who can parrot the party line the hardest and the best, anyone who doesn’t care about sincerity can fake their way into our confidence.

But here’s the joke: why are we policing each other? Why does every slip-up get treated as if it’s a malicious attack? We act like everyone else on this hellsite is completely ignorant of oppression. And it’s great to educate one another and learn more, but the concept of mercy or allowance for mistake is completely foreign to tumblr culture today. in the nitty-gritty we might disagree: I feel fiction with abuse in it isn’t that harmful. You think it is very harmful. But we both agree that abuse is wrong and should be stopped. Why are we fighting each other instead of ganging up on real life abusers?

And here’s the punchline: we don’t have any mercy on each other partially because we’ve been hurt in the past and we don’t deserve to hurt more. We’re afraid of giving leeway to someone who will take advantage of us if we let them have a second chance: people who are abusers, manipulators, and sociopaths.

It’s like guarding the window for intruders while leaving the front door wide open.

So shocking headline: abusers are insidious, fearful climates are abuser hotbeds, we’re all tired, and it would be great if the progressive movement would let fanworks be a fun space and focus our activist energy on stopping abuse of real people instead of fictional abuse.

EDIT: *sociopathy is a personality disorder that is recognized by the DSM-V.  It specifically involves a lack of emotion and empathy: it’s difficult to connect to others at an emotional level because the emotions sociopaths feel are very shallow.  Sociopathic people that don’t seek treatment and don’t want to treat people right can be very harmful without remorse and without feeling a need to justify their actions, but it’s unfair of me to include them here in a negative way.

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52 for chanyeol! :3

“Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!”

You had always been scared of living alone, and the dark. Especially the latter. The slightest of sounds during the night always frightened you and now that you were living alone, that fear had only heightened. 

That’s why right now, you felt like you were going to pass out at the sound of somebody by your bedroom window. 

Breaking out of your trance, you had immediately jumped off your bed to grab the hockey stick you had stashed under it for moments exactly like this and stuck your back against the wall next to the window.

You felt like crying and you were shaking, not knowing what was going to happen to you, whether you were about to live or die. Your phone was across on the other side of your bedroom, way too far for you to phone the police or anybody else that could help you.

Then it happened so fast, the intruder climbed through your window and as soon as their foot reached the ground, you let out a battle cry while swinging the hockey stick at them as hard as you could causing whoever it was to fall to the ground, clutching their head in pain.

“AAAAH! What the hell??!!” you heard a very familiar voice cry out in pain.

“Wha- Chanyeol?” You gaped at the tall boy now huddled on the ground at your feet. You immediately ran to turn on your bedroom light to get a good look at him.

His forehead was blotched with a bright red mark which was definitely going to turn into a knob soon.

“What are you doing? Do you know how scared I was? I could have killed you, you know?” you say, still shaking. The initial fear of death was slowly ebbing away and being replaced with worry. You could have seriously hurt him, but you were mostly angry at him for scaring you half to death.

“Please, with the way you hit me…weak. You didn’t even knock me out,” he scoffed while rubbing his hand on his head and letting out a groan. I just wanted to go out for ice-cream, why are you treating me like this?” 

“Why are you playing the victim?! It’s..” you looked over at your clock which showed it was exactly 4am, “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!” you screeched.

“ME! I’m an innocent visitor and you try to kill me,” he pouts and crosses his arms in an attempt to look angry.

“Why are you trying to act like the victim here, you brought this on yourself the second you thought that climbing through my window at this time was a good idea,” you scoffed.

“So, I am! I am hurt! Look here!” he whines while pointing at the red mark on his head.

“What do you want, a cookie?” you ask hims sarcastically, still angry at him.

“Would you have rather had an actual burglar climb through your window, or poor innocent little Park Chanyeol?” 

“Besides the point,” you rolled your eyes when he reached his hand out for you to help him up, “but fair point.”

“Now that we have gotten past this, can we go for ice-cream now?” he extends his hand further to yours where he laces your fingers together.

“No,” you say and he pouts again, “the only ice you’re getting is some for your forehead.”

Mystic Messenger: Intruder in the window

Characters: MC/Saeran

Rating: General

Word count: 1 564

Tropes: bound, stuck

Comment: this was way longer than expected haaaah. I wanted to write more but ended up being too flustered, so I kept it a bit shorter.

MC leaned back in her chair. 

The apartment was silent and she had nothing to do but the same things over and over again. It got tedious really fast. She watched the ceiling and listened to the raindrops hitting the window.
But then her ears picked up another sound. Curious, she got off her spot and slowly approached the window. 

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I heard someone scratching the window.  Intruder? No, straying cat.  Neighbor’s cat “Tamarin“ could not get out of the gap between the window and snow shutter.



Anywhere - snowbaz

i cant upload from my phone rip so that’s why a lot of these are late. carry on countdown: roadtrip!! @carryon-countdown (whoops havent tagged in a while).


Mention of sexual content (not explicit at all)

Think about the feelings that we hide.


That’s where we’re going.

All we have to guide us is a rental car, Google Maps (with a shit load of data), and a playlist hooked up to the Bluetooth speakers.

The story here is not of interest. It doesn’t stem from curiosity and meticulous plans. There was no lead up, with tickets and worn excitement over months and weeks, packing for foreign seasons and learning the language. It was just an extension. A Grimm(-Pitch-Snow) family holiday that we didn’t want to end. We woke up, washed in sunlight through the sheer white curtains that we forgot to cover with the block-outs. Baz had gazed at me over crumpled white sheets and a scrunched up duvet. In the yellow morning light, he looked just as he does every morning, but there was adventure in his smile. A question that really didn’t have to be answered.

“Let’s just gun it.”

Our hands are joined over the joystick, light rain speckled over the borrowed car’s windows. Baz has never looked so relaxed, despite the fact he isn’t smiling. His concentration would waver if he showed any emotion, I think: it’s such a task for him. Still, he’s settled back in torn and tattered leather seat, misfitting in such a modern car. His hand barely stops fidgeting over mine as we cross kilometers of deserted roads, not another life in sight.

The music hums low below the sound of the car that intrudes through open windows. The rain joins chorus soon, picking up with no mercy, too fast for Baz to change screen-wipers speeds. For a jolting moment, just as I’m winding the window back up, all we see ahead of us is a shattered blur, that could be consider a road, if one looks at it from an odd angle.

Baz lowers our speed almost completely, crawling along the road for a moment or so.

“We should take a break,” he tells me, words clipped, voice tense. “I don’t feel confident driving in this.”

Despite this, the boy who had been so daring as to chase adventure this morning has fled nowhere. He still sits beside me, hand on mine (even if it’s now a grip), wheeling the car over to a convenient resting spot. I still see the daring in his eyes, though I can’t think what it could be applied to. I can still imagine the risks he’d take over his life, but mine - no, he could never risk that.

“D'you want to move to the backseat while we wait?”

It was one of those moments where it could last forever. Us, the backseat, untouchable to the torrential rain that urged us for entry. Ambiance, we joked. Ambiance and danger had never felt so similar.

It’s hours. No progression, no travel, just hours of sitting (cuddling) in a cheap, overused rental car, in between countries - in between lives. Back in France, we were Simon Snow and Basilton Grimm-Pitch, bound to the rules and curfews of parents, no matter how lenient. Wherever we go after the storm, we can be completely new people, strangers to all. Friends to few. Here in No-Man’s-Land, we’re a happy medium - ourselves. As Simon and Baz, we kiss, and talk, and laugh, eventually coming to the conclusion that car sex needs to be added to and ticked off our bucket lists, as immediate as possible. We’re stuck on the side of a baron road, no signal and no help in sight, but no help is needed at all - time, after all, is ours.

And we’re happy. Finally, after everything. I look at him, dowsed in grey light, smiling up at me, and it’s just the same as this morning.

I look at him, and -

“I’m in love with you.”

One half always loses the other

At the start of Broadchurch S02E07, we hear Claire say the following words:

“You go about your life thinking you’re complete and then you meet someone and you realise you’re only really half of something… when you meet that person… you know it’s true. You’re only really whole when you’re with each other. Never ends well, does it?

Hardy says, “What doesn’t?”

“Love,” she replies. “It makes you strong, then it pulls you down. However it happens, one half always loses the other.”

Now let’s look at how this idea relates to Hardy and Miller in Season 2. Hardy and Miller were, of course, originally constructed as complementary opposites. They balance each other out. They form the heart of the show and we as an audience view them as two halves of a whole. In season 2, the idea of Hardy and Miller being two halves of a romantic partnership begins to surface and is reflected consistently in the camerawork of every episode. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Hardy and Miller are positioned on opposite sides of the frame. They mirror each other’s pose and Hardy has dropped his height to appear on equal footing with her. You can basically split this frame right down the middle and it will be perfectly weighted on both sides.

Here are some more examples:

You can split any of these shots right down the middle and Hardy and Miller will take half the frame each. Even in instances when they are not in the same shot, Miller will occupy one half and Hardy on the other.

Throughout the season the camera treats them as two halves of a whole:

This doesn’t necessarily suggest a romantic entanglement in itself, but then we come to the infamous hotel scene:

Miller comes into the room and they get into the bed. As they do, the camera moves steadily and subtly to the right in a single shot, until…

Bam. A centre-framed shot, almost perfectly symmetrical. Hardy and Miller as two halves sharing the same bed. Notice that Miller sleeps on the right, just like she did with Joe, and Hardy takes the half that her husband used to occupy.

In the final episode, many of the interrogation scenes exploit this technique:

And after they’ve secured a confession, this technique takes on a different meaning. The case and the trial have held them together all season - and now they start to drift apart.

Hardy and Miller in the classic ‘two halves’ position - but Miller’s body is positioned away from him. She gets a call from Beth and leaves. Then we see this:

Doesn’t this shot just feel incomplete? Doesn’t it feel like there’s something missing?

Now we come to the goodbye scene.

In the establishing shot we see Hardy and Miller on opposite sides, but it lacks the satisfying symmetry of the other examples. It is set up to make us feel like we are looking through curtains, as though we are intruders peering into a window and witnessing something private. Interestingly, throughout the scene, Hardy and Miller do not appear clearly in the same frame except for here, and in two other instances:

The handshake is our final instance of Hardy and Miller taking one half of the frame each - but this is our first example of a shot where they are presented as halves that cannot be clearly separated. The two of them are merged, making a single whole at the centre of the frame.

Miller leaves him with tears in her eyes. We do not see her go; the camera stays trained on Hardy as he watches her, his expression tortured.

The last shot of the entire season is of Hardy alone; but before that we see him looking at his own reflection in the car window, a technique that emphasises his solitude and the fact he is missing something.

The whole season Hardy and Miller have had each other. Hardy helped her through Joe’s trial and kept her strong throughout the hellish ordeal; Miller saved him from nightmares and the demons of his past. She solved the Sandbrook case with him and gave him hope for the future. They helped each other, loved each other and made each other strong before painfully separating. Doesn’t that remind us of something we’ve heard before?

“Love. It makes you strong, then it pulls you down. However it happens, one half always loses the other.

The Way You Love Me - Marco Reus

“What is with your newfound affection for my shoulder?” I asked groggily, referring to Marco’s endless butterfly kisses.

“I really, really want to kiss you, but this is the only part of you I can reach,” he mumbled back, colliding his mouth with my bare skin once more.

“If you want a kiss, all you have to do is ask,” I said.

“Ok. Can I have a kiss?”

I laughed against him before flipping around to face him. “Hi,” I whispered into the small space between us before he latched his lips onto mine. It was a long, lazy kiss. Eyes closed, our lips just danced against each other in the familiar way they had done so many times before. His hand slowly inched toward the small of my back, before he finally reached it, pulling me to him tightly.

“I like when I can feel you everywhere against me,” he mumbled into my neck, where his lips were working.

“It feels safe,” I added, to which he hummed in agreement. It was a calm morning of intimacy, after last night’s frenzied lust. “Come back up here,” I chuckled, pulling his lips back up to mine.

“I’m right here,” he assured me, leaving a kiss on my forehead before resting his head back on the pillow. We lie quietly together, nose to nose, falling in and out of sleep. But when the sunlight began to intrude through the windows, we were forced to truly awaken.

“Good morning,” I sang, sitting up cross legged.

“Not yet,” Marco whined, laying his head on my thigh. I laughed as I ran my fingers through his soft hair.

“You know what, I think we should just spend the whole day in bed,” I suggested, not wanting to leave the warmth and comfort of his arms.

“Brilliant idea,” he mumbled, “but we’re going to need food.”

“Of course,” I agreed, leaving a kiss on his head before making a run to the kitchen. I gathered strawberries, whipped cream, and a bottle of champagne leftover from our housewarming party before going back to bed.

Marco peeped his head up when he heard me walk in and laughed at the things I was carrying. “Very nutritious breakfast you got there,” he joked, propping himself up on his side as I crawled into bed.

“Good enough,” I shrugged, handing him the bottle to pop open. I watched his bicep flex as he easily removed the cork and threw it behind him. I put a dab of whipped cream on a strawberry and fed it to him.

“I love you so much,” he laughed, whipped cream covering his lips. Smiling at him, I took a sip of champagne and took a strawberry of my own.

“What’s your favorite color?” I asked somewhat abruptly, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Mmmm, blue I guess. And yours is…purple?” he said unsure of himself. I nodded proudly and rewarded him with another strawberry.

“What’s your favorite book?” I also asked.

The Sun Also Rises. And yours is The Bell Jar,” he answered with ease.

“Your favorite film?”

“I like Rush Hour,” he said with a smile. “What’s with all the questions, sweetheart?”

I shrugged lightly and sighed. “Sometimes I feel like you know everything in the world about me and I know nothing about you.”

“Well that’s just cause you talk more,” he teased, earning a light slap on the arm from me. “Come here,” he beckoned, setting aside the food lying in between us. I curled up against his body, hiding my face beneath his chin.

“You know lots of things about me, things more important than my favorite color,” Marco began, softly stroking my messy hair. “You know what I feel like eating before I even say it. You know when I want to be left alone versus when I need to talk about something. You know how to drive me crazy walking around the house in one of my t-shirts. You always know how to fix things before I even realize they’re broken. You know how to love me.” He pulled my face to meet his and pressed his forehead to mine.

“I do love to love you,” I spoke centimeters away from his lips.

“Good,” he laughed, “Because I love the way you love me.”

Sam Wilkinson - Intruder


“Close the windows, get the candles in case the lights go off, and I’ll be home soon, okay?” Sam said through the phone and I could hear the guys talking in the background. It seemed like they were debating something about a song’s bass, I don’t know.

“Okay,” I sighed looking around in the quiet room. It was raining heavily outside and the forecast said it would be the biggest storm in months tonight and Sam was running late in the studio, he had to finish a few stuff before coming home. He knew how I hated storms, I couldn’t sleep and I became a paranoid wreck.

“I love you baby, see you soon,” he said.

“Love you too,” I smiled to myself and then the call ended.

I did as he told me. I carefully locked every window, then the backdoor and searched through the cabinets finding a few candles and then I went up to our bedroom making myself comfy on our king sized bed.

When I was a little kid there was a huge storm, my parents weren’t home and I was scared to death. The electricity went out and I spent hours in the dark house alone. I hid in my closet because I was scared someone would break in. Since then storms were like nightmares to me.

As if Sam could feel what was coming, an hour later all the lights went out making me almost jump out of the bed in fear. I set up the candles around the room and lit them. I watched as the shadows danced around the walls in the room and it was almost calming, but then I heard a strange, shutting noise from downstairs. My heart jumped up to my throat and I swear I was about to faint.

“Sam?” I called out sitting up on the bed. No answer. “Shit,” I growled, but decided to just ignore it. Most likely it was just my mind’s sick, twisted joke on me. I almost calmed down when I heard another noise. It was like someone was trying to break in.

I tried to fight my tears back and grabbing the baseball bat from the closet (don’t ask why I had it there) I slowly, quietly made my way downstairs. I kept hearing voices from the kitchen, to be exact from the backdoor that I locked not so long ago. It was too dark to see anything and I was afraid the intruder would hear my heart beating, because it was so loud.

Suddenly A lighting struck near the house lightening up the kitchen for a moment and I saw a figure standing at the counter.

I started to scream from the top of my lungs and was about to hit the intruder with the bat when he started shouting and I recognized the voice. Sam.

“Babe, what the hell?!” he shouted grabbing the bat and twisting it out from my hands. He took out his phone and lit up the flashlight. “What were you doing?!”

“I was about to save myself!” I screamed back, all my blood was flooding into my head and I was breathing heavily. “What the fuck were you doing?!”

“I left my keys at the studio, so I thought I would come in through the backdoor because we never lock it, but apparently you did this time,” he explained placing the bat to the counter and I was still about to faint. He scared me to death. A tear rolled down on my face and as he saw it he immediately put his arms around me pulling me on his chest.

“Baby, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he murmured into my hair as I buried my face in his neck holding him close. “I just thought you were already asleep and didn’t want to wake you up.”

“So instead you scared the shit out of me,” I laughed whipping my tears away. “Nice.”

“No, ah, babe, come on, let’s go up.” He grabbed my hands and led me upstairs. “Where did you get that bat anyway?” he asked as we walked into the bedroom that was lightened by the candles.

“I like to have it around for cases like this,” I informed him.

“Good to know,” he chuckled kissing the top of my head. I crawled back to bed and watched him walk around in the room, changing into sweatpants and a t-shirt, then he put his phone down to the table and turned to me with a sweet smile. As he lay next to me his arms immediately found their way to my waist and he pulled me to his body. “Sorry for scaring you baby,” he mumbled placing gentle kisses on my shoulder and neck as I just enjoyed his presence next to me with my eyes closed.

“It’s okay. I’m happy it was you and not a murderer.”

“I would never let anyone hurt my girl,” he murmured tightening his hug. “Get some sleep, Beautiful.”

I pressed a soft kiss to his arm as I let myself drift to sleep in the arms of my man.