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Companions (with the romanced section, please <3) reacting to finding Inky crying themselves to sleep. I love the sweet smell of angst

It’s 5am and I’m at work and I haven’t seen the fucking sun today. Angst is literally all I have in me right now.

Cullen: He didn’t mean to intrude. He came to the Inquisitor’s rooms at the top of Skyhold with a stack of reports for them and found the door ajar. Through that gap in the door he heard strange noises, so he bounded up the stairs expecting to find an intruder, the papers falling from his hands as he reached for his sword. But there was no one there except the Inquisitor, curled up in bed and sobbing. He relaxed, took his hand off his sword, and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I didn’t mean to intrude.” If the Inquisitor asks for company, he will stay. Maker knows he’s been exactly where they are, but he had no one to rub his back and tell him it would pass. It seems like the least he could do for the Inquisitor. If Romanced: The stack of reports was dropped the moment he pushed the door open, his sword out of its sheath and at the ready by the time he was halfway up the stairs. When he sees the Inquisitor curled up in bed and sobbing, no one else around, he drops the sword, too. He sits on the bed beside his lover and runs a hand up and down their back. “I didn’t mean to intrude,” he whispers. “Talk to me, love. Tell me what’s wrong. I’m here for you, anything you need.”

Leliana: Like Cullen, she comes bearing reports as well. Unlike Cullen, she recognizes the sound of the Inquisitor sobbing when she hears it through the door. She debates the matter with herself for a while, wondering if she should intrude. If the Inquisitor has a love interest, she’ll decide to leave and make their LI aware of the situation. If the Inquisitor is not in a romance, she’ll push the door open, set the reports on their desk, and sing softly to them for a while if they don’t tell her to leave. Once they fall asleep, she’ll quietly slip away.

Josephine: She also has a stack of reports for the Inquisitor. The burden of the advisors. Like Leliana, she recognizes what she hears through the door. Unlike Leliana, she won’t hesitate to push open the door. She drops the reports on the Inquisitor’s desk and sits beside them on their bed. “Cry as much as you need,” she tells them. “You’re not alone, though I’m sure it feels like it. I’m here for you.” If Romanced: The reports get left in a pile on the floor as she rushes to her lover’s side. She grabs their hand and kisses it, then lays down on their bed beside them and takes them in her arms. “You’re not alone, my love. I’m here. I’m right here.” She doesn’t leave even after the Inquisitor falls asleep.

Solas: High Approval: He came to talk, but he hears the Inquisitor sobbing. He frowns, guilt pinching at him, and opens the door. “Would you care for some company?” he asks when he gets to the top. If the Inquisitor accepts, he sits beside them on the bed. “I could help you sleep. Or we could talk. Whichever you would prefer.” Low Approval: He hears the sound of the Inquisitor sobbing before he opens the door and pauses. It’s not his place to intrude. Whatever business he has come to discuss will wait. He retreats silently. If Romanced: He can hear the Inquisitor sobbing as he pauses on the landing below their room and grimaces as the guilt pinches him hard. He takes a deep, steadying breath, then ascends the stairs. “Vhenan,” he says by way of greeting when he reaches the top. “Let me comfort you, my heart.” He slides into bed with them and lets them either cry against him or talk about whatever has them in this state.

Iron Bull: He isn’t entirely sure what to do when he finds the Inquisitor curled up in bed, but he won’t just leave without trying to help. “Hey, Boss,” he says, shifting awkwardly. “You want to talk? Or I could help you forget about it all for a while. Whatever works.” If Romanced: He holds his kadan close and lets them cry. Sometimes you just need a good cry, he knows. And when the tears are done he knows a great way to relieve the remaining stress. It involves rope and oil.

Cole: He knows. The Inquisitor’s distress called to him, but this isn’t something he can help them forget. It’s too big, too much, and erasing it would erase other things, things they need. So he brings them their favorite hot beverage and just sits with them, hoping some company will help. If it’s not enough, he goes to get either their LI or best friend. He wants to help.

Sera: Like Cullen, she thought the Inquisitor was being attacked when she heard the sobbing through the door. She leaps up the stairs, snarling at the intruder… Except that there isn’t one, just Inky on the bed, sobbing. She puts away the little knives she pulled out of her belt with a sigh. “What’s all this? Come on, Inky, talk to me. You’re gonna be okay.” If Romanced: Once she realizes that honeytongue isn’t actually in danger, she kicks off her shoes and climbs into bed with her. “Hey, Inky. Not gonna let you get hurt. ‘S’okay. I’m here.” She stays until she has no choice but to leave.

Varric: “Ah, shit,” he says when he finds the Inquisitor sobbing. It’s not the first time he’s seen this, of course. Hawke cried quite a bit near the end, and when their mom died. He’s seen heroes in their weakest moments, the moments that never make it into the stories because they remind people that the hero is still a person and not infallible. He walks over to them and rubs their back soothingly. If they don’t send him away, he’ll tell them stories to help them calm down. Heroes are people, too.

Cassandra: This isn’t exactly her area of expertise. She doesn’t really know what to do for the Inquisitor when she finds them crying. She sort of pats them awkwardly and asks them if she can get them anything. Whatever they tell her they need, from something to eat/drink to a shoulder to cry on to time alone, she’ll give them. If Romanced: She’s really not used to being the shoulder to cry on and she feels a little awkward, but her lover needs her and she’ll be there. This is what she wanted, after all. She wanted the romance, the sappy stuff with flowers and poetry, and that includes the moments of weakness. Her lover is overwhelmed, and she’ll be damned before she leaves them to deal with it alone.

Blackwall: He’s been alone for so long that he can barely remember what it’s like to comfort someone, but he’ll do his best. He knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and helpless, though probably not to the extent that the Inquisitor is feeling. He’ll gladly offer his shoulder to them. If Romanced: He gathers the Inquisitor into his arms and lets them lay their head against his chest and cry. If they need to talk, he’ll listen, but he’s just glad to be there for them.

Vivienne: She hears the sound of the Inquisitor sobbing before she knocks. She stops and sighs. She knows that sometimes you just need to retreat into yourself for a while and have a good cry. She’s been there before, too, though she’d never admit it. With a soft sigh, she leaves the Inquisitor be. If she doesn’t see them for a few hours, she’ll drop a hint to whoever will comfort the Inquisitor best, either their LI or best friend. But she’d never admit to that, either.

Dorian: He definitely understands the need to cry in peace, but he also knows that sometimes you just need someone to show you that you’re not alone. With that in mind, he’ll climb the stairs to figure out which one the Inquisitor needs and respond accordingly. If they want company, he’ll sit with them and offer whatever comfort he can, which he knows is very little. If Romanced: He’ll only leave his amatus alone if he demands it. Otherwise, he’ll slip into bed with him and hold him tight. “There, there. I’m here. I’ll protect you,” he says.

Request Scenario: You have a crush on fellow classmate Jimin, but you’ve never talked to him before ^_^

Genre: fluff and a short heated scene 

Word Count: 1970

A/N: I spent a long time on this hoping to improve my style of writing… I don’t know if I did anything for the better though:( Hope you all enjoy it anyways…


The routine was daily and consistent. The bus would slowly screech to a halt in front of your feet, then the gush of wind from within would blast against your drooping head, waking you up all over again. University is a challenge, it’s everyday knowledge, but nowadays, four hours of sleep was music to your ears. What you didn’t need was distraction, but then he entered your life and became what you have personally justified it as welcomed distraction.

It would be four and half blocks before the bus would pull to a stop once more, tugging your head away from the cooled window and giving you the view that cause your chest to tighten, your lips to dry, and the inevitable heavy sigh that will cast a cloud of breath on the window. It’s not like you’ve ever even spoken a single word to him, why are you always such a nervous wreck around him? Then the ride to school truly begins.

At first you wouldn’t even remove your focus on the black seal that was peeling away from the window, but then slowly, you noticed the reoccurring habits of his. He has never sat down before, even when the vehicle was positively empty due to public holidays; but after a few months of riding the same transportation, you knew it was because of the elderly ladies that always filled up the seats during their early commotion between their home and market. The day you realized his actions, you didn’t try to fight the smile from appearing. That was also the day you were caught by his emotionless stare that immediately shifted your composure from calmly admiring from afar to hiding your face from the gorgeous stranger with your jacket. When the destination was finally reached, you shuffled quickly off the bus and even more quickly towards the building that contained your classes for the day. Looking back at the boy, you only felt more embarrassment when you saw that he didn’t even seem all that affected. In fact, he seemed to just be quietly walking toward his classes without looking from his book.

Every time you saw him, his hands were always busily doing something in the notebook of his. It was brown and covered in a tethered leather material that definitely looked like it has been throughly used. It added character. It always gave you an image of him sketching something that may have caught his eyes and he couldn’t let it slip pass his mind without putting it in that sketchbook, but the problem was that you’ve never actually gotten remotely close enough to him to even see what that notebook contained. Imagining him drawing was just one of the many small mirages etched inside your mind that painted a picture of how you’ve always envisioned him. And that’s where the problem lies, the stranger has lured you into his trap and you cannot get out. When you were not thinking about work, he was there. Just teasing you and pushing your ability to use that vivid imagination of yours.

“You are going to flood the table with your drool if you keep oogling Park Jimin over there.” It’s best to rely on your friend to point out your embarrassing moments.

“Wait you know him?” Maybe if you had tried to find out about him instead of just being a creep and staring at him all semester.

“Yes Y/N. If only you had asked me, I could’ve told you that he is an art major, who is also known for being really nice, but it was entertaining to watch you mindlessly stare at him throughout class everyday though.” How can someone look so good just looking through a book. Your lack of a better choice of word to describe him made you frustrated, crushing the pen in your palm more roughly. His dark chocolate hair shone with highlights of a variety of lighter shades as the morning sun reflected off. Everyday he would come in, greet his friends with that smile, and silently pull out the textbook and give it a read through. Although the professor hardly calls on him, he looked like he was prepared. After a few pages into the nightly reading, his fingers would brush back his fallen bangs, revealing his full facial features.

“You are never going to talk to him are you.” A pathetic groan slipped through your throat as your forehead made contact with the desk beneath you. Even you knew you were too shy to do anything that bold.

“You, my friend, will forever be single. Better get some adoption papers for a pet soon!” Without replying to your grinning friend, you sluggishly looked up from your previous position to watch professor begin his lecture.


The atmosphere was warmed up by the sun already by the time you stepped foot out of the building. The spring breeze gently blew, but your pleasant moment was suddenly interrupted by the intruding thought of the paper you had to turn in by midnight. So another night of pushing the time curfew in the library it was. This situation has been occurring more and more during these few months. Accidentally falling asleep on top of outrageous stacks of ancient books that will never touch your fingertips again after an assignment and the closing librarian knowing exactly who you are when she kindly shake you awake. But there was nothing you could do to change the routine, school came first right now and who were you to do anything about it.

Let the fun begin. Your mind mocked your tired thoughts, while your hands ran through the bindings of the books, trying desperately to find anything relatable to the prompt at hand. “Ancient Greece politics. Who even give two craps about ancient Greece politics!” You sounded harsh and by now, you could care less about anybody hearing your exclamation about the paper due. But sometime or another, a welcomed distraction have to change right?

“Well then why are you taking the class.” Every fiber within your body froze, it was him, and you didn’t even need to turn around to know, but despite your mental alert about your voice loosing itself, you replied. “Only because it’s required.” Fortunately enough, your vocal cords decided to be nice and you actually sounded somewhat normal and stable.

“Fair enough.” His body appeared in front of yours and you were finally seeing him for the first time up close. The first thing you noticed were his cheeks and how they were prominent without him even smiling. Cute. “Let me ask…what’s your name—girl who I always find staring at me from across the room.”

“Oh my god.” If only you could melt right into the floor. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to creepy in any way.”

Your eyes frantically searched his for any signs of anything at all. What if this ruins it all and to think you’ve never even spoken to him.

“Now that is any interesting name. Oh my god. So is there always something on my face and that’s why you are always staring? I would really like to believe that is not the case…” His demeanor was much carefree now, his eyes disappearing into small slits as that smile spread across his face, breaking his once blank expression. He was even more gorgeous up close.

What were you suppose to say now? Just admit that you are interested in him? You’ve never even spoken to him before today. You mind raced with all the possible answers, but it all came up blank. Legs locked, you stood there again just staring at him.

“Okay… let me start then.” Wait, what? “I’ve noticed you ever since the first ride to the university on the first day of school. You would always just stare outside the window and I would wonder what you were looking at that captured your attention so closely. Then I slowly saw that you would look at me every time I wasn’t looking up, so I decided to begin sketching in my notebook. You know what notebook I’m talking about right? I see you eyeing it during class when it’s sitting on top of my bag.” You were just dumbfounded, there were no words that you could even physically form right now.

“Still nothing? Okay, I have more. I admit, at first I was a bit weirded out, but then I was interested. You definitely know your stuff in all the classes that we share and it’s never a dull moment when you start talking during discussions.” Usually nothing good comes from staring at some stranger, but at least the stranger have been noticing you too.

“Okay.” It came out as a weak squeak, the book that was once on the shelf next to your right hand was now being gripped tightly against the front of your chest functioning as some sort of shield between you and him. The way he made you feel was foreign and you were still deciding whether or not you are enjoying it, but you knew this was not at all what you had expected from him.

“It could be the fact that I’m very much sleep deprived, but could I kiss you?” And the book fell from your shaking hands. You were under his control and he knew it too. Your breathing pattern was quickening, your head felt like it was pulsing against your skull, and you were positive that something was blocking your throat, making it increasingly difficult to swallow.

“If you don’t say anything, I technically can’t kiss you, especially when we are still strangers.” You’ve never had someone ask you such a simple question, yet, all you could do was nod and just when you didn’t believe he saw, his hands wrapped around the back of your neck, crushing his lips intensely on yours.

You lost it. Every ounce of pent up emotion exploded within your body, hungrily grasping his hair, your rapid breaths were getting louder and you could care less. His tongue ran across your bottom lips and you allowed him to taste you as his hands wandered down your back to the small dimples at your back.

Jimin’s shoulders slammed against the heavy shelves, but when you pulled back to check if everything was okay, his lips followed you movement, preventing you from leaving his sweet ministration. As air was running out in your lungs, you began to feel lightheaded, but he had a way of making you not want to leave and thirst for his touches.

“Mrs. Y/N and Mr. Park, I do understand that university work may get intense sometimes, but the public library is most definitely not the correct place to release some of that… frustration.” Her stern voice pushed us apart, powerful enough to draw me back against the opposite wall of books, the wince was evident enough to show the slight sting.

Your cheeks flushed even brighter, “I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not really, but we can move our little rendezvous to somewhere more appropriate.” A wink was sent to your way as you scrambled to leave the building, stuffing your belongings into your bag, but not before his hands reached for your wrist pulling you back.

“Ow!” Heated make out sessions are suppose to end in pleasure not pain!

“Sorry I got carried away back there. You just always look so sweet and innocent, I couldn’t help myself.” Oh… he had a way with words that made your stomach jump with a intense rush of something you couldn’t place your finger on. “Wanna grab dinner?”

“Sure.” oh god.


Hope you all enjoyed it xx

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