Kevin “Talk less smile more” Day

Kevin “My mother was a genius, my father commanded respect.” Day

Kevin “When she died she left no intructions, just a legacy to protect” Day

Kevin “And if there’s a reason Neil seems to thrive when so few survive then I’m willing to wait for it” Day

Kevin “I am the one thing in life I can control” Day

Kevin “Neil has some something to prove, he has nothing to lose” Day

Also: Thea/Theodosia????

Seduce me Shimejis! Starting with James. ヾ( ・ω・ )
I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while, but I couldn’t find the ways to until tonight thanks to some amaze friends. I was so excited when they sent me the intructions that I started drawing right away, and this is what I did tonight! (It’s such a long process, RIP me OTL)
I know most shimejis have smoother lines and all, but that sometimes leaves white lines around which actually bother me alot in shimejis, so I’m sticking with these kind of lines. Much clearer!

  • Slytherin: Does not look at directions, follows intuition completely, doesn't turn out as planned but better actually
  • Gryffindor: Throws box away after looking at intructions, picks box back up out of trash two minutes later
  • Ravenclaw: Tries to follow directions but messes something simple up like the temperature, still tastes good though
  • Hufflepuff: Very concise, cleans up as they go along, follows the directions upon which they improved

Steve Cotter, internationally renowned kettlebell expert, teaching some advanced kettlebell training for all of you KB lovers out there like me! Will also be posting a Basics video he did a year before this also with Underground Wellness.