Live2d Mini Fire emblem Amie Textures and Animations

Now you too can have your very own waifu/husbando on you’re PC to interact with. for starters you’ll need to download live2D and adobe Air. Here’s the link for live2D download

Here is the megafile with all the textures and animations!5l1FxS5Q!iTX-vrVsg-JbsZeW0P0krRMJoMGQpDl-2pedkfEwPq4

Inside is some intructions one can also use for assistance

There should be some help in the read me document if not heres a pastbin with help 

Also Here is a guide video that will help you

If you need help with adding sound to the character of you’re choosing, this may be of some assistance to you

As well as the sound files for character voices from Fire emblem If should be located here!ApU20RYQ!7Gl8hCgZi-ws0-2OIp9NZ_r2NYATueDkxL0yMc7Cq_E

The waifu/husbando age is here folks. Thanks to the kind anons and hacker’s for all this.

UPDATE: recently added a new working megafile link for all the textures and animations. Thanks to the kind person for telling me about the old link not working


Steve Cotter, internationally renowned kettlebell expert, teaching some advanced kettlebell training for all of you KB lovers out there like me! Will also be posting a Basics video he did a year before this also with Underground Wellness.


So I have a few minor problems with this video (such as telling some women to just get over feeling down and having cramps, because sometimes women can’t, but different time, I guess), but for the most part, I feel it’s informative and positive. And it was made in the forties…curious, given that it easily and readily explains menstruation better than my high school health class did. Oh, and it was made by Disney


How to Make Japanese Iced Coffee



How to change a Calf Timpani head


USMC Fundamentals long range shooting intruction by Caylen Wojcik

My big sister’s attitude is so fucking annoying. She kind of demands to be taken seriously to the point where I don’t know when I’m allowed to joke anymore. Like, sis, i get that it’s really important that I follow your exact intructions on how I should best pour the flavor syrup into the carbonated water, you have to tolerate it when I say no, smile, and do it my way…

Budget Fourth of July Sangria

Budget Fourth of July Sangria

To kick off the Fourth of July weekend, Nicole and I wanted to try out an American-themed Sangria! We plan on making a big jug of it for our travels & celebrations, but we thought we would try our recipe and share it if it was any good (and guess what it was!). So we rushed our workout after work, and spent a good amount of time putting this together for ya, so enjoy :). Our Ingredients for a…

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when u make the batter and then u dont even read the intructions u just do whatever u want and then u can only beg the muffins to stop fucking growing

Lego City Instructions

Lego city park cafe instructions 3061, friends, Instructions for lego 3061 city park cafe. these are the instructions for building the lego friends city park cafe that was released in 2012..
Lego city instructions .7744-1 – youtube, Loosing instructions ??? here is my new series, the lego city intructions where if you lost…

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So this is what im doing now. Or i mean holding it whenever i go to school. Bag of intructional materials. Teaching pupils. Need to prare every night of what will be your activities. Instead of browsing my social media at nyt what im doing is turning off the wifi and do the things or preparing the things that i need for teaching for the next day. Hayy. Life

Alcatel advanced reflexes инструкция

The Alcatel 4035 handset is from the previous Alcatel Reflex series, and was known as the Advanced phone model. The equivalent new phone is the 4039 handset.

About Alcatel Advanced Reflexes Here you can find all about Alcatel Advanced Reflexes like 4035 and other informations. For example: phone instructions, 4035 user.

Preminm_ Инструкция пользователя. Premium на английском языке для Alcatel OXЕ Manual_ Advanced _EN03.

View and Download Alcatel Advanced Reflexes user manual online. Advanced Reflexes OmniPCX Enterprise. Advanced Reflexes Telephone pdf manual download.

ALCATEL -LUCENT ADVANCED REFLEXES 4035: 5734 user reviews, tests and trials, features, ALCATEL -LUCENT ADVANCED REFLEXES 4035 price comparison.

The ALCATEL Advanced Reflexes Telephone User Guide and Intructions Alcatel -Lucent Easy Reflexes Handsets Instructions Manual.

View and Download Alcatel Advanced Reflexes manual online. Advanced Reflexes Telephone Accessories pdf manual download.