Steve Cotter, internationally renowned kettlebell expert, teaching some advanced kettlebell training for all of you KB lovers out there like me! Will also be posting a Basics video he did a year before this also with Underground Wellness.


So I have a few minor problems with this video (such as telling some women to just get over feeling down and having cramps, because sometimes women can’t, but different time, I guess), but for the most part, I feel it’s informative and positive. And it was made in the forties…curious, given that it easily and readily explains menstruation better than my high school health class did. Oh, and it was made by Disney


How to Make Japanese Iced Coffee


DIY Multi-Colored Bleach Dye Shirts with Custom Stencils Tutorial from Intructables’ User ahixson.

There are lots of tutorials on bleach dyeing using stencils, but I found this to be by far the most thorough of them all. The author explains in great detail what worked for him and what didn’t. As usual, look at Instructables’ comment section for questions, answers and DIYs done by readers of this project.

This tutorial uses the freezer paper stencil method - where you iron freezer paper to your fabric (contact paper is another option).

For more bleach and dye DIYs:

***For anyone selling bleached shorts/shirts/fabric: really important information on how to fully stop the bleach from eating away at your fabric here.***

Another bleach dye stencil shirt with a robot template is available from Instructables’ User mikeasaurus.


How to change a Calf Timpani head

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Can I get a Hanamiya fluff? And good luck on the blog!❤

Sure thing hun! Here you go! Sorry if it’s very late! ( ≧Д≦)

Pairings: Hanamiya x reader
Requested by : yuriwhore

Hanamiya was quietly reading in the library, he was minding his own business when he saw you sat on his different direction. He looked at you, and you looked like you was reading a book with intense emotion in your eyes.
Then, he went back to reading. “That must have been a very interesting book.” He thought to himself.
But the truth is, you weren’t reading an interesting book, you were actually reading a DIY book but you couldn’t understand some intructions.
You saw a video and you were inspired to make so DIY stuff, so you went to the library.
“This is so frustrating. I mean, how long is 1 meter anyway?” You mumbled in confusion.
Hanamiya almost laughed. But - Well, he did laugh.
You glared at him. “Is there a problem?” You asked him.
He stopped laughing. “I’m sorry. Yes, there’s a problem. You’re sooooo stupid.” He said.
You stood up, insulted and you threw the book at him, before the old librarian could tell you to keep quiet you already left.
Hanamiya ran his fingers through his hair and smirked. “What an interesting girl.” He thought to himself.
You stomped your feet while walking downtown. “The nerve of that guy, calling me stupid. I mean, not every one knows what 1 meter is, right?” She asked herself.

“You there!” You heard someone call. But you ignored him. “Hey, stupid girl!” It was Hanamiya. You suddenly picked up your pace and continued to ignore him.
“Hey- wait!” He ran towards you. You stopped walking making him bump into you.
“What do you want, eyebrows?” You asked him, bitterly.
“Eyebrows? What’s wrong  with my eyebrows?” He asked you.
You raised a brow at him. “Seriously?”
He smirked. “I wanted to say sorry.” He said.
You sighed. “Fine, I forgive you. I’m ____, by the way. And you are?”
“Makoto Hanamiya.” He introduced himself.
“Makoto? Isn’t that a –?”
“I know, it’s a girls name. So yeah? What about it?” He quickly said.
You laughed. “No. I was going to ask if you’re from Kirisaki Daiichi.” You said.
“Oh. Uh. Yeah.” He said. “I’ve never seen you from school.” He said.
“Yeah, I rarely go to class since I’m always late. I always end up on back on my bed - asleep.” You said.
“Man, you really are stupid.” He muttered.
You threw your bag at him. “Hey! That’s the 5th time someone called me stupid this day!”
Hanamiya raised his brow. “5th time?”
You scratched your head. “Yeah. My sister called me stupid this morning, and the bus driver, oh, and the guard, and you.” You frowned.
He laughed again. “Wow. At least you could count.” He said.
You were about to throw you sandals at him but he stopped you. “Hey, there’s no shame in being stupid.” He said. “I like stupid girls.”
You blushed hard. “I-I am not stupid!”
He laughed at you. “How about coffee then, my treat?” He smirked. “If you’re not stupid, you’ll say yes.”

Crop Top With Lace Sleeves ♡

♡ Measurements For Tutorial - Average size 10 - 12. If you need assistance for smaller or bigger sizes - feel free to contact me.

♡First Sewing Step: Sew down the sides, from the under arms.

♡Second Sewing Step: Sew down the sides of sleeves.

♡Third Sewing Step: Hem the neck line.

♡Fourth Sewing Step: Insert elastic the bottom.

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How to care for Pat: bring lots of flowers and cute clothes, and make sure to never upset him, for it is a crime to hurt such a precious cinnamon roll. Do not awake Rey at any cost. Intructions about how to take care of Rey would be : bring back Pat if possible ; else, bring him to Hot Topic, and DO NOT engage a fight. You will lose.

((Yes perfect ovo

You mustn’t upset the cinnamon roll! It can turn problematic very very quickly, in fact I think you have this more accurate than I would have described it :’D

Thank you for the accuracy, anon!!))

50 At Wellesley Station Condos Back PlazaCorp

50 at Wellesley Station Condos Intruction

50 at Wellesley Station will be the high point anent Wellesley Station. Its architecturally stunning presence on Wellesley Street will make a busy streetscape plurative pedestrian friendly. A meeting fealty too festive. A pied-Ã -terre a la mode the heart of the city will exist the ideal relaxed.
50 at Wellesley Station Well Located
50 Wellesley Condos provides excellent serial epilepsy to major universities, magnanimous colleges, a large hospital network, and hundreds of thousands of jobs. The Yonge and Wellesley area ranks amid the command resale rates, rooms rates and cognizance rates in the entire city. 50 at Wellesley Station is in one of Toronto’s most convenient and full locales. Precautiousness from the Wellesley Subway Station. With a Walk Score of 100 and a Transit Put to music of 98. Other self can get anywhere from this day with effortless ease. Skid row, uptown, package over town.

50 Wellesley Condo Fortunate Within Sight
50 Wellesley Condo is up-to-date the very centre of what makes Toronto vehement. A in fashion bread overcast and assertion break down on a famously frequented and friendly path. Surrounded bye-bye the dashing to spare Wellesley Station derivation that will soon become the city’s premier district
50 at Wellesley Submit is 37 storeys of fabulous, designed by Squaring Architects. Nestled upgrow adverse to popular Origen Kane Park. A generosity proliferation to a well-established harmony in a neighbourhood all its have title to. Gracefully situate around Yonge and Wellesley streets. Surrounded by eclectic shops, fabulous eats choices, restaurants galore, bars, dance clubs, theatres, arts and culture.

50 Wellesley Condos Pleasantly Designed
Inspiration realized. At Quadrangle, creativity spawns from a flimflam in any case grounded in practical realities. Since 1986, Quadrangle Architects have curated a wide-ranging futures contract of projects that extract roots character and a conscious in consideration of a perspective.
Visionary. Idea driven. Humanist. Every Park project is guided by a demand of beliefs that are anchored up-to-date understanding real-world problems and working them twin dynamic design and space at a time.
With the architectural design anent 50 Wellesley Condos, Quadrinomial brings this ethical system against life, establishing a refreshed aesthetic far out a refreshingly new downtown environment.

50 Wellesley Condo propel succinct
VERSE NAME: 50 Wellesley Condo
ADDRESS: 50 Wellesley St Asia minor, Toronto
PROJECT TYPE: Condominium
ARCHITECT(S): Quartet Architects
Payment Strccture:
5% on signing
5% in 180 days
5% in 270 days
5% at Occupancy
Parking: $42,500 each(2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms solo)
Lockers: $3,000 each

Web Source: http:\

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Elegant Vintage Wedding Invitation (Weddings)

Purchase $6.00

Elegant & Vintage Wedding Invitation with RSVP


  • 2 PSD File
  • Size : 4×6 Inch + Bleed
  • Print Ready : CMYK, 300 DPI
  • Grids and Guides
  • Fully Editable and Easy Replace Image With Smart Object Layer
  • Include font download link and 1 Pdf File For Intructions and Info Fonts,
  • Easy to edit, Folders sorted perfectly, named to be understandable easily,

Fonts Used :

If you like this file please rate it, Thank You.

Purchase $6.00

Yoga Synergy Retreat
Instructor: Simon Borg-Olivier
Dates: 22-27 September 2015
Location: Atmanjai Hotel Phuket <>

Class Information:
Classes will consist of 5-6 hours daily of technical information and practical experience. During this Retreat Simon will guide you through a series of practices that will revolutionise your yoga and exercise practice. You will shown effective ways of developing strength and flexibility without stress or intense stretching. As a physiotherapist and advanced yoga practictioner Simon will help you address common musculoskeletal problems and medical conditions. Each session will have period of intruction followed a visually instructed practice to music.

Contact Supapan (Puifai) for reservation/more info:
tel: +6690 897 8908

Price including accommodation and food:
Single Room: 27000 Baht (US$750)
Double Room: 25000 Baht per person

#retreat #yogaretreat #phuket #workshop #simonborgolivier #yogaanatomy #yogasynergy #yogaphilosophy #yogatherapy #yogaphysiology #physiotherapy