it's not as bad when i don't drink OR: it's been a year since I got the phone-call that i knew would be coming, I just didn't know when i would get it.

It’s cold out now, and it was cold out then. cold inside too.

the winter makes things hard enough
i think i’ll wait another year

a year ago i spent all Saturday in good company with good friends and good drink. that’s a thing Wisconsin does well. no matter that I only moved to Madison knowing a small handful of people, I quickly met quite a few more. i have friends that would say that’s in part due to my own gregariousness, but i aim to be humble. on the obverse, having a contract job that had me commute away from Madison and the harsh cold winter also did its best to negate any natural affectations. that and the depression. seasonal or no, i moved out of Chicago for a reason. to get myself figured out. 

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