On contacting new people and introversion

I would like to have one or two new people in my life to talk about stuff. Well not just any stuff but stuff I like and care about. I am an introvert after all - small talk isn’t my thing.

But as an introvert the prospect of starting conversations with people and eventually realizing you’re not on the same wavelength nor like the same things is a bit exhausting.

Also until I get a some sort of an idea of your personality I’m a bit shy and even awkward. But at the same time I’ll answer any question you dare to ask me! :D I’ll return the favor once past that shy-awkward stage :P

In addition to that I also tend to get along better with women. But I also easily develop crushes.

fml :D

This bird looks like an introvert to me.

Best Digiscoped Photo: “At the Nest”
Photograph by Pete Morris, HBW/Rex

Digiscoping—the art of pairing a digital camera with a telescope to capture far-away subjects—allowed U.K. photographer Pete Morris a rare glimpse of the helmet vanga bird in Madagascar (above).

The picture, which won the “best digiscoped photograph” category, shows a view that’s “very much sought after when you go to Madagascar,” del Hoyo said.

“To find this bird in its nest and take [a photo] with such detail is amazing.”

The helmet vanga, which can grow to a foot (0.3 meter) in length, is best known for its distinctive blue, hooked bill.

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