realm-shifter asked:

Oh okay I'm sorry- I usually just use tumblr on mobile so I didn't see the links. I would still love a general reading though :) mostly about my future career and current relationship with my boyfriend. I feel very lost as to what I wanna do as a career. I'm 19 and feel like I should have it figured out.

Ok, before I get into the reading, I just want to assure you that it’s completely fine to not know what you want to do as a career at 19. It’s ok to feel lost, even though it’s a feeling that sucks balls. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I say this as someone who felt (still feels! at 26!) the exact same way. And frankly, you’ll likely change careers at least a few times in your life. So many people have, and so many people will. Finally, don’t let the idea that your career needs to be the thing that fulfills you in life. That’s complete and utter bullshit, and not everyone has the privilege and luxury to do that. Work is work. Passion is passion. Sometimes, they mesh; often, they don’t mesh. AND THAT’S OK. Figure out the balance that works for you.

Ok, slightly tangential lecture over. I’m just a person on the internet. Let’s get to your reading.

I did a general 3-card reading for you. Shuffled and split the deck in three, then flipped the top card of each pile. There were 2 majors and one minor.

  1. What’s up? 18, The Moon on Water (akin to The Moon)
  2. Something you should be aware of. 7 of Arrows, Insecurity
  3. Any advice? 20, The Great Bear (akin to Judgement) 

So, I get the sense that maybe you feel like you’re in the middle of the long, dark teatime of the soul. Something(s) happen that’s shaken you up and now you’re trying to figure stuff out. You want to explore things, perhaps something a little more shadowy? The Moon on Water is described as that “mystic still point where ideas and desires change from pure thought to objective reality.” Something in your unconscious is sticking up and you want to follow it, bring it to the forefront. You asked about your relationship with your boyfriend; well, this card has something to say! It can reference a desire to explore some uptapped sexual energy, to develop and create a stronger intimate relationship. Since it’s the moon, not the sun, this desire may be something one of you consider unusual or a deeper fantasy.  

I don’t think I needed the cards to tell me that you’re feeling some insecurity right now, lol. But that’s exactly what the 7 of Arrows is about. And you know what, it may not be all unfounded - the Green Woman has been hit by some arrows, though not all of them. I wrote in my notes that she has a “woe is me” stance, which seems to reference the ungrounded fears, confusion, and panic this card represents. There’s something behind that fear, that anxiety, that insecurity. Once you figure out what that *something* is, you’ll be able to start moving past it. 

The Great Bear is a beautiful advice card, IMO. It’s the Judgement card of the Wildwood, so it’s about renewal, rebirth, recognition, and forgiveness. Here’s the thing about judgement: on a universal level, it’s meant to be an objective, cleansing process, not something that tears you down. It’s important to recognize and be honest about all the parts of ourselves; good, bad, beautiful, ugly. Only then can we forgive ourselves and others, and move towards healing and renewal. Forgive, be patient, and remember that everything always changes.

Whew, yeah, that was intense. The Wildwood always seems to drop deep truth kind of advice no matter what you ask. It’s not exactly a light deck, lol.

Let me know if this was helpful or spoke to you at all! I’d love to hear any feedback you have. Good luck, boo.