Introspective Meditation

~This is one of my personal meditations~

This meditation is one that I do when I feel out of balance and out of touch with myself for whatever reason. Be it too much work, too much stress, or what have you. Get a notebook or a piece of paper for after the meditation is over, as you’ll be asking yourself some questions during this meditation.

*Start by getting comfortable (for me I light incense, turn on some soft music, close the blinds and maybe light a candle, depending on how I’m feeling) and sit. Breath slowly, in deep even breaths, fix your eyes on a single point on the wall and just listen, and feel.

*Focus on your heartbeat, as it is the natural rhythm of your body. What better way to get back in sync and in touch with yourself than by listening to that? Try to time your breathing with your heartbeat, and once you feel they are synced, close your eyes.

*As this is an introspective meditation, ask yourself these questions but do not focus too much on finding the answers. As you ask yourself each question, allow a minute or two for the answers to come to you.

1. How do you spend your time? Do you spend it wisely? Do you take time to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically?

2. Do you take anything for granted? Things, people, pets, a job or the like?

3. Are you getting enough sleep? Eating enough?

4. Are you true to yourself and your beliefs? Do you adhere to the guidelines and standards you set for yourself?

5. Am I achieving the goals I set for myself?

6. Do I let matters outside my control stress me out?

*After you’ve let the answer to each question come to you, write the answers down. Now get comfortable again, and settle back in to your meditative, relaxed state. Now is the time to answer the questions for yourself, and when you do, if you answered any of them with a ‘no’ answer them now with a way to adjust or fix the issues.

>I use this meditation at least once a month to re-center and check myself to make sure I’m still on the path toward the goals that I set for myself. If it would help, if you choose to do this meditation again, keep the answers in a journal, with goals attached to them for the next time you do this meditation<

Best of luck on your introspective journeys!

/|\ M.G.

🍃The Basil Druid🍃

I spend a lot of time searching for who I am. I peel back the skin, look for hints in the muscles and clues in the tendons to tell me what I am made of. Atomic particles of identity, specks of personality, and shadows of wants dance like fireflies in the night, beckoning me to catch them, to cage them, to put them in a tangible place, a body to call home. I don’t know enough of settling or stability to tell you who I am. I can’t recall the last sunset that made me feel like I was part of a bigger world or the first time I got excited over a job or what color I would be if I wasn’t a person. I’ve lived an undefinable life. No labels, no limits, no lines. But I think that’s okay. I am still finding out what it means to be human, and I think that’s just as good as knowing who, if anyone, is waiting for me at the end of the day.
—  An Odyssey to Someone

-Reflection: sweet concealer. (How our eyes often trick our heart but to be tricked by our own mind, that was impetuously reckless)

“Ah I see, that’s what you do best right?" 

Said she 

"Laughing behind the curtain while secretly watching someone else pouring their rain of affection out of their ribcage?" 

You, silent as 


                 -if you had been caught.

"I guess, my gray fur doesn’t disappoint me after all." 

She continued as she stared at herself in the puddle

Surprised, you raised your brows 

"Silly, to dumbfounded-ly think that you were this unique star amongst the night sky. I guess, I’d rather dig my own hole now and bury me whole than having to end tragically with such a sharp betrayal in the back." 

She murmured as she walked away with the shovel. 

You stood still, shocked & speechless as


                   -if your truth had been unraveled.

Perhaps, two can play that game. 

D C de Oliveira  ©2017

The human condition

Is fragile
Veiled in ego and

To self detriment,
Self destruction

Swung inwards,
Reflected outwards.

A volatile balance
Of vanity,
Of empathy and
conscience and
self interest and

And more emotion.

Weight shifts,
Self topples.
Another collapses
To the death.

—  deAngelo // A contemplation upon Self.