thesmartstudies  asked:

I've finally made a studyblr account, but now I don't know how to get my name out there. What are some tips as to how to get started? Thanks!

hii so here’s my tips on how to get started

1) post your introduction

: the first thing i did here after creating my blog is to introduce myself! talk about yourself, what you like, things you interested in, or studyblr inspiration! i really love reading other people’s introduction and their interests, and it’s great to see people who have same interests as yours♡

2) post your original contents

: people love seeing new original contents! and don’t forget to tag some tags like #studyblr, #studyspo, and #studyinspo or you can tag studyblrs’ tags, like mine #xiutingzainali so it’ll be easier for us to track and see your original contents!

3) message other people

: you can also message other people here and make friends! there are many amazing people here in studyblr community and they are all welcoming♡

4) be yourself

: finally, just be yourself and let your imagination run wild!

and welcome to the community! i hope you’ll have a great time here


Day 1 - Family Introductions

Sorry I had these made for Tomco valentines week but due to complications I couldnt post them, but at lest now I can.

homework help network 2017

hello, and welcome to the homework help network!! this is a network run by @rhubarbstudies and @busystudyign. it is essentially for tumblrs (whether you’re a studyblr or not) to get together and work on schoolwork (this can mean studying together or just plain old homework), and for people to get help with whatever they need. 

how do i join?

joining is simple. all you have to do is:



all about the hhn

we really hope that as many of you will join as possible so that we can help each other do better in school and continue to be motivated in our studies.

xx the homework help network

Hi! I’m Isabel, aka studytenenbaums, and this is my introduction post! I’m really excited about de studyblr community and hope this helps me to be more productive!

I will say some things about me:

-i’m 19
-i’m chilean
-i’m currently studying law(i’m in second year)
-i’m an artsy person, i really love illustration and creating stuff
-i love learning new things, reading, languages, films and music
-i speak english, Spanish and french

My inspiration(aka, amazing studyblrs):

Hi everyone -

as I am fairly new to the studyblr community, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself. 

My name is Sophie and I’m 19 years old. I’m from Montreal, Canada and currently studying Literature at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). I’m a proud Hufflepuff and my personality type is INFJ. 

I started this studyblr as a way to keep myself motivated and frankly to please my aesthetics needs. 

As I study Literature, you can probably deduced that I’m an avid reader. That’s why I’ve set up a books rec page. I will be putting out reviews of books I’ve read and I have a to be read books list up right now. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your next reads, you can check that out and if you want my opinion on books I haven’t reviewed yet, hit my askbox and I’ll give you a piece of what I thought of the book. As I am French Canadian, there is certain variety of books in French and a certain amount of Quebec Literature which I recommand to anyone who’s looking for diversity in their readings.

I’m also a feminist and I am orienting my major in Women’s studies. 

here are some of the blogs I draw inspiration from; 

@studylustre @areistotle @hogwartsstudiess @hufflepuffwannabe @athenastudying @cafedetude @procrastilate @alexistudying @obsidianstudy @literaturs @rafstudyblr @emmastudies @jemadmire @intellecta

hi again, so I’ve decided to make a second introductory post since my previous one was really brief and not at all informative so I thought I’d give it another try.

who am I?

my full name is Laquisha but most of my friends call me Laq since it’s easier. I’m 17 and my prefered pronouns are she/her or they/them, either are okay! 

why did I make a stubyblr?

for the past two years I couldn’t be bothered to put any effort in most subjects and seeing other people trying to be productive and putting effort into their school work has really motivated me and it shows in my test results. (I didnt fail any test so far this year which hasn’t happened in ages) 

some facts about me:

  • I love poetry and reading a lot
  • I often attempt to create digital art, It relaxes me (for example the failed piece of digital art above which is way out of my comfort zone and usual drawing style, also yes that is supposed to be me)
  • I am a ravenpuff, every single test I’ve taken has given me equal points to both houses so it must be truth
  • I cannot make decisions, just like procrastination it is one of my bad habits
  • I love love love art, I find it really calming to look at and inspires my creativity etc.
  • I’m also very passionate about fighting against injustices and fighting for equal rights !!
  • I love making people happy or try to make them feel better and try my hardest to spread positivity!
  • my personality type is infp/enfp

my favourite studyblrs (or studyblrs that inspired me to make a studyblr):

@acadehmic @academiix @artstdy @arystudies @bookssweatandtears @curiosi-tea @einstetic @eintsein @elkstudies @emmastudies @equaticns@estudier@etudiance@hardworkign@milkystudies@notesworthtea@obsidianstudy@scholarly@smhstudying@studyign@studyinding@studylustre@studyplants@studyquill

Den-O rewatch, episode one! in this episode: a very unlucky boy gets stuck in a tree, is given coffee by a woman in a magic train, accidentally makes a contract with a demon by riding his bike over it, and is unwillingly conscripted into becoming a time-traveling superhero. it’s a very action-packed 23 minutes!

ugggh there’s so much I wanted to draw for this episode, I couldn’t decide. it’s a solid opening that does a great job of immediately establishing the characters with all these wonderful moments of interaction, and it’s all so good! Ryoutarou is somehow even more pathetically adorable than I remember, which I didn’t think was possible. (that poor boy, just…just let him be happy for once.) I’m definitely gonna have to draw more for this episode, something with Hana at least! I have…a lot of feelings about Hana.

I’ll try not to always be tl;dr but I’m excited to get the ball rolling, and this episode gave me lots of happy nostalgic feelings. C: it’s nice to immediately start off remembering why I loved this ridiculous show in the first place.

also: Ryoutarou’s first fight was so appropriately dorky that it was kind of incredible??

his best

Introduction to Aphrodite

This is my own experience with introducing myself to a deity. It might be different for others. But, I hope you enjoy and maybe learn a little bit.

• First, I cleansed self and the area, physically and spiritually.
• Altar:
- sun water.
- blue, yellow, pink candles
- seashells
- incense for offerings.
- Pink devotional candle/Rose Quartz to remind me of Aphrodite.
• Cast Circle for protection with white candle.
- Light candles and offerings.
- Meditate and begin ritual.
• I used a quick little prayer from Hellenic Polytheism Household Worship by Labrys. And then called upon the deity. “Oh Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, I call upon you to receive this offering and communicate with me, Styx, if it pleases you.”
- I sat and listened to the stillness and used my tarot cards– some candles flickered ((no source of wind, no windows open)) and others had strong flames. I felt goosebumps and cold. When I felt she was near, I explained who I was, why I was here, and told her that I was very drawn to her for a bunch of reasons.
She seemed to add on (through tarot).
- 9 of Wands, 2 of Wands (reversed), 7 of cups.
Darling, find resilience and strength. You have the opportunity to turn current circumstances into long term successes. I celebrate the fact that I have a dreamer here who wishes to worship, just know that you’ll have choices that may be presented to you, and not all will lead to happiness.
She mentioned (through visions) that she loved the candles and that the altar was beautiful. I saw a glimpse of a family and I saw a quick vision of her– blonde haired woman. She likes to talk. I suppose it was to show me it really was her.
I asked her in the most respectful way possible if I could worship her.
Tarot card revealed a 4 of Cups which tends to be negative but the card looked as though the girl on it was meditating near an altar. The card says to look inward or within. I saw an image of a forehead kiss and then took that as a reassuring yes. There was positive and happy energy, I couldn’t help but smile. She showed me a necklace and rainbow ((not sure exactly what it means)) but it could represent happiness, positivity, and beauty.
When I could feel that she was finished, I asked her if there was anything to add (like advice or anything) my hand went nuts writing sentences seemingly coming from nowhere.
– “Create your own path, your own light. Climb the mountains of life. You’re already beautiful.”
Soon there was a cloudy sunset with a red sun, this signifies endings. This little introduction was coming to a close.
I thanked her for everything and then felt a hand on my shoulder, saw it– such a good energy. I felt more goosebumps rise and then it was over.

I closed the circle and blew out the candles.
****again, this is my own experience and I know others have different experiences. I just wanted to share.****

About Me!

I’ve had a studyblr for a while now but I haven’t even introduced myself haha. So here’s my late introduction!

I got lazy drawing but here is some more info


  • Playing piano and learning new songs (I only play songs I like)
  • Drawing (or scribbles as seen above)
  • Photography (I’m all my friend’s personal photographer haha)
  • Sleeping really late or sleeping at 4 am and complaining why I’m so tired
  • Purposely using many dishes when it’s my brother’s turn to wash them
  • Going to the library and accidentally forgetting to bring pens :))))

School Life

  • My school specializes in film (my blog doesn’t make it seem like it, right?)
  • Manager of the volleyball and basketball team
  • So ready to graduate high school
  • Would slack off but gotta maintain my ranking to give the speech at the end

Other Thingies

  • the out-going positive friend
  • Haruki Murakami is my favorite author! My favorite of his is Kafka on the Shore.
  • I love The Little Prince omg
  • This stupid mosquito kept bothering me at 3 am. That thing started to buzz all around me. It left me alone for a moment but when I was eating my ice cream while watching Kubo, it came back and started buzzing again and I threw my ice cream.

Blogs who inspire me are @studyplants@merakinotes@studythereal@obsidianstudy@mochi-studies​ and many more!

Super late on the introduction stuff but it’s whatever. That’s about it, ask me some questions if you want to lmao


My name’s Rachel, 15, and part of the class of 2018!

I just made this new studyblr, in hopes of gaining motivation for my last two years of school! Surely it was a great decision, I am really looking forward meeting talented, driven and kind studyblrs! 

Reblog or like so I can follow you all! 

Here’s a list of blogs that really inspired me:

@mujistudies, @scholarly, @studiesandsleep, @ib-dead, @jessastudy, @elkstudies, @studyign, @aesalcove, @katsdesk, @studylou, @melbstudent, @educaticn, @lostlxmb, @studynaire, @productiveunicorns, @studypool, @doinqhomework @academiix, @phoenix-studies, @studyji, @arystudies, @yukinestudies, @studysheet, @cutesy-langblr 


random but opal’s introduction still has to be one of the best scenes from su

Greetings everyone! We’re opening up an ask blog for the ship “Amamatsu” (Kaede x Rantarou) and will be roleplaying/reposing art on this blog as kin-towards these characters. Both of us, the Mods are practically obsessed on this ship, so we wanted to expand that and thus making this blog! We hope you stick around!

We’ll be open to asks, and we’ll be open to headcanon/requests, we also both voice our chosen characters in, if you’d like to support us there as well, we’d highly appreciate it! We hope to get along with you all! ~

[ Art source here! ]

- Mods Atsuyo + Roo

(We don’t promise that this blog will be 100% spoiler free!)

Kaede: @official-akamatsu || Rantarou: @coding-fortunes

 🌌  The studyblr community helped me to stay motivated, to learn a new language and introduced me to the process of bullet journal and I thought it would be good to join the adventure °^° ! 

🌌  I’m Louise, she/her, 17, French, moon lover, lost in books. I’m in my second year of High School

🌌  L A N G U A G E S

  • French
  • English
  • German (even if I tend to forget everything)
  • I’m started learning Spanish by myself and I hope to start Arabic soon because I had an arabic class when I was in the equivalent of primary/elementary school ^^ 

🌌  S U B J E C T S

  • French
  • German
  • English
  • English Literature
  • Another English Class but for British Culture
  • History-Geography
  • Philosophy
  • Biologie
  • Physics

🌌  B L O G S

Here a list of the blogs who inspired me: @studyrose @athenastudying @eintsein @studie-s @stillstudies @studyafternoon @studytherin @studymelody @studydiaryofamedstudent @natastudies @ayestudies @sherlockian-studies @galiteo @kyoko-studies @librarystudies

🌌   Feel free to message me if you want to know something ! And I need to follow more studyblr and langblr blogs, so reblog or like  ^-^ This is a side blog, so I will follow you with @sous-le-signe-de-la-lune

It’s been some time since I haven’t post an original post! How’s everyone doing?

We’re starting theatre in french, its been a busy couple of days… i’m trying to get material in my head because we barely started theatre and we already have an exam on Wednesday…

🎧 Understand - Shawn Mendes

Hello studyblr community! I’m Val. I have been in tumblr for a some time but since I’m currently studying a lot lately I started to follow this community and some blogs inspired me to create my own and also keep myself motivated.

Some facts about me:

  • I’m eighteen years old
  • I’m Mexican
  • I am an aspiring sci-fi author
  • I’m a languages student
  • I love books, so this blog will have a little booklr content (don’t know yet)
  • I have a sideblog so if @spartan-vale follows you or accidentally reblogs your posts, that’s me!

some of the blogs I like (ᵔᴥᵔ)

@acadehmic @academiix @academyeon @academyc @caffestudy @bookmrk @intellectus @studybuzz @scholarly @studyblr @smartstudies@choco-studies@emmastudies@hayley-studies@sprouht-studies@inspostudying@universi-tea