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hello, and welcome to the homework help network!! this is a network run by @rhubarbstudies and @busystudyign. it is essentially for tumblrs (whether you’re a studyblr or not) to get together and work on schoolwork (this can mean studying together or just plain old homework), and for people to get help with whatever they need. 

how do i join?

joining is simple. all you have to do is:



all about the hhn

we really hope that as many of you will join as possible so that we can help each other do better in school and continue to be motivated in our studies.

xx the homework help network


My name is Kaitlynn and I just started a study blog! I have been very quiet in this community ever since I fell in love, and I’m very happy to start my own Study blog. I do admit that I had this studyblr for awhile and have been active a bit here, but this is my introduction!

Besides my name and what you can see from my bio, here is more about me:

THE BASICS| Academically

  • I am a sophomore in a self-directed high school
  • My first language is English
  • I am currently learning Korean and French
  • I am taking the mandatory grade 10 courses
  • My elective courses are Business, Piano, and French
  • I am currently taking another course outside of school; which is a first level Korean course

A BIT MORE ABOUT ME| Not Academically

  • My main blog @beautifuleclipse
  • My SVT&BTS blog is @luckyarmyandcarat
  • I am Filipino and born in Canada
  • I’m an introvert who likes to work and chill at home
  • I like to listen to music while I study and draw
  • I really like 방탄소년단 (BTS) and  세븐틴 (SEVENTEEN) and other groups, but these two are the ones I AM SO IN LOVE WITH

And if you want to know more about me, send me some questions or anything and I’ll reply.

And the following blogs are the ones that I love and inspired me to start my own Studyblr:

@studiix @study-bunni @cakestudies @studystetics @studytae @sugastudys @sushi-studies @yoonisstudying @kthstudies @mohtivations @studyhobi @koreanforthefitsttime @mathematicool @mochi-studies @sootudying @studenting 

Hehe, did you realize how basically half of those Studyblrs involve Kpop in their Studyblr somehow? The first 9 Studyblrs are the first Studyblrs that I followed while I was new to this community and in the past I did talk to them through anon when I needed help. Those lovely people behind all those Studyblrs are amazing so if you’re not following them, I strongly recommend☺️ They didn’t tell me to say that by the way, I just love them that much to share their Studyblrs!

And to those who were tagged in this introduction post and if you’re reading this…  


Thank you for reading my introduction! I hope I can make friends in this community! And reblog/like this so I can check out your blog too! I follow from @beautifuleclipse since it’s my main blog.

You can find my social medias, Snapchat and Instagram @WithinTheNotes

I hope you have a lovely day!✨

There is a new fic fest in town! Uniniverse focuses on bottom!Jongin fanworks (i.e. fanfiction and fanart/fanedits). This does not mean that all works must be NC-17; according to the mods, “you can incorporate D/S themes/elements/undertones… while staying perfectly within PG13.″ Moreover, all Jongin pairings are welcomed! We hope that many people can participate in this fest~ (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

A brief overview of the fest’s schedule:

  • Prompting Period: March 6th - 13th
  • Prompts Posted: March 17th
  • Claiming Period: March 22nd - 31st
  • First Check-In: April 21st
  • Submission Deadline: May 12th
  • Posting Begins: May 19th

For more information, please refer to the fest’s Introduction and FAQ posts. You can also follow the fest on Twitter. Thank you everyone!

thatlavenderartist  asked:

How should I apply..? You say hop in but I'm kinda nervous that I might do something wrong....

Usually folks like make a small introduction post, like an application. They usually include a picture, where they work, some basic info on the character like personality and such. 
After that you can just say ‘hey Im here for interaction’ or shoot a hello to the tag #monsterofficemayhem
Maybe send some asks to active blogs too? Just be police really. 


Day 1 - Family Introductions

Sorry I had these made for Tomco valentines week but due to complications I couldnt post them, but at lest now I can.

Introduction Post: Yuzuru Hanyu

I am a bit confused as to why I was asked to do this since I thought there are quite a lot of posts out there already, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So sit down, grab a blanket, and have some popcorn; this is going to be long.

‘Cause we’ll be talking about this nerd:

Keep reading

Hi! I’m Isabel, aka studytenenbaums, and this is my introduction post! I’m really excited about de studyblr community and hope this helps me to be more productive!

I will say some things about me:

-i’m 19
-i’m chilean
-i’m currently studying law(i’m in second year)
-i’m an artsy person, i really love illustration and creating stuff
-i love learning new things, reading, languages, films and music
-i speak english, Spanish and french

My inspiration(aka, amazing studyblrs):

- ̗̀seventh, december, sixteen  ̖́- 


hiiiiiii everyone!! my name is emma, and this is my smol new studyblr blog! i’ve only just found the studyblr community, and i’ve been so amazed by the morals, motivation and pretty posts that i decided to make one myself! i’m hoping to have a lovely time with all of you, and perhaps make some cute and memorable memories as well (✿◠‿◠)

about moi:

  • the subjects i’m best at are english, and science (physics tho ;u;)
  • i’m an active player of sport, including touch football, soccer and athletics (i’ve been to national competitions for some of these)
  • low-key (very very high-key) a perfectionist in everything
  • g’day mate, i’m an aussie!! #australianpride
  • aaand i’m also a pretty good artist (if i do say so myself ahaa), and will doodle on my notes often

blogs that i adore:

that i also love more than humanely possible & inspired me to create this sad, sad account: @gracelearns @academiix @studypool @lycheestudy @scholarly @studyplants @milkteastudies @studysheet @studyign @steudious @bookmrk @brbimstudying @emmastudies (ayy name twins), apologies if you didn’t want to be tagged ahah i’m a bad human bean xx

If you’re a fellow studyblr blog, feel free to reblog this and i’ll drop you a follow (i need friends, pls)thanks for reading, i’m looking forwards to getting to know all of you ♥ 

Hello studyblr community!

I’m Sarah, 17, and where I live that means I’ve moved on from high school! I’m currently in ‘college’ (doesn’t really translate) in a social science program. I’ve written down which classes I am taking this semester right here.

I’m new to having a studyblr, but I do already run a Harry Potter sideblog, so I’m not new to tumblr per se!  My interests also include musicals, reading, netflix, and playing the ukulele :)

My goal through starting this blog is to motivate myself to stay on top of my schoolwork consistently, which has been harder for me lately. I also have a bullet journal in the works though it definitely needs more attention! I hope to contribute to the community by making printables, masterposts, posting my notes and all the other fun stuff studyblrs do!

Haven’t been here for so long, but so far I’ve loved being inspired by @studybeshy @studyplants @studykyt @studysection & @aryastudies xx

Oh, and one last thing! I am a native French speaker (though I am studying in English), so please don’t hesitate to come to me when your professor can’t seem to write you back!

@rhoderunnerandco, previously @askrhoderunnergem, now revamped and fully operational!!


   “Hey everybody! I know it’s been a while (sorry about that, yikes), but me an’ my pals are back! Went on a bit of a “vacation,” and I got a bit too comfy doin’ nothin’. Sorry to be gone so long, but we’re back, and better than ever! Everythin’s been polished up, and some of that gem sparkle is back in business.

   “Shoot some asks our way to any one of us, we’d love to hear from you guys! Thanks a ton ya’ll, can’t wait to hear what you have to say!” ❤


Den-O rewatch, episode one! in this episode: a very unlucky boy gets stuck in a tree, is given coffee by a woman in a magic train, accidentally makes a contract with a demon by riding his bike over it, and is unwillingly conscripted into becoming a time-traveling superhero. it’s a very action-packed 23 minutes!

ugggh there’s so much I wanted to draw for this episode, I couldn’t decide. it’s a solid opening that does a great job of immediately establishing the characters with all these wonderful moments of interaction, and it’s all so good! Ryoutarou is somehow even more pathetically adorable than I remember, which I didn’t think was possible. (that poor boy, just…just let him be happy for once.) I’m definitely gonna have to draw more for this episode, something with Hana at least! I have…a lot of feelings about Hana.

I’ll try not to always be tl;dr but I’m excited to get the ball rolling, and this episode gave me lots of happy nostalgic feelings. C: it’s nice to immediately start off remembering why I loved this ridiculous show in the first place.

also: Ryoutarou’s first fight was so appropriately dorky that it was kind of incredible??

his best

Everybody has those days in which you feel that you can´t put your life together and that you can´t finish anything, but today I got you covered! Here are some tipsto  seize your day and to complete all your tasks!

1- Clean your room: This is the very first thing I do in the morning. At least try to make your bed, it will take just a few minutes and your mind will be clearer.

2- Drink water: Just do it.

3- Eat a good breakfast: With a good breakfast I don´t mean a fullofwhitesugarandingredientsyoudon´tknowhowtopronounce breakfast. Just go for a healthy and delicious option, like a smoothie bowl or overnight oats . This will give you energy to start your day without making you feel heavy or bloated!

4- Get clean: I personally can´t do anything if I feel dirty, so please, get a shower, brush your teeth, file your nails, brush your hair, etc.

5- Dress for success (but not that much): Put a nice outfit that makes you feel put together and comfy at the same time. it will make completing your tasks way easier!

6- Get organized: Take a look at your calendar or your planner and organize your day! Make a to do list ordered by your priorities and if you have A LOT of things to complete a really detailed schedule would be a nice idea.

7- Maintain a workspace: Whether it´s in your room or in an office or anywhere, just maintain it and keep it clean, and as soon as you sit on that desk yor brain will enter to work-beast-mood. You can also put some nice music to focus and to make it a little more fun.

8- Keep your phone away: You know that instagram can be really tempting.

9- Don´t work the ENTIRE day: Just take some rests okay? We can keep our concentration for 25 minutes more or less, so don´t try to work nonstop, it can be contraproducent.

Hope you find this at least a little helpful😊

Hello Everyone! 

As the name implies, this blog is to help assist both Artists and Commissioners in helping raise awareness to people they’ve done business with that was difficult or ended in loss of time and or money.

We hope to make people aware of these problems and maybe they will even lead to solutions! 

If you have had any of these situations happen, please let us know. We exist to serve as many people in possible and hope for success! 

Before posting, Please read our FAQ and Submission FAQ. This will help us promote a safe and mature environment.


okay so i’ve seen more people joining the pledis girlz fandom either from seeing shannon on girl spirit, watching we or watching fancams from the weekly showcases so here’s a brief introduction to the fandom for the newcomers <3

Firstly there were 7 of the 10 PLEDIS GIRLZ on Produce 101. These members in order of age are Nayoung, Minkyung, Kyungwon, Eunwoo, Yebin, Pinky, and Siyeon. Nayoung is a dancer and a rapper, Minkyung is a vocal, Kyungwon is a vocal, Eunwoo is a vocal, Yebin is a rapper/dancer, Pinky is a vocal/dancer and Siyeon can do EVERYTHING. They are all very talented!!! 

For their group evaluation at the beginning of PD101 they danced to After School’s Bang! and it was said that Siyeon rearranged the song for the performance (here). Kyungwon rearranged Big Bang’s Monster for their position evaluation stage (it’s beautiful watch it here) and Nayoung choreographed the dance for her group’s position eval (watch that here)

After Produce 101 ended 2 of the 7 girls (Nayoung and Pinky) made it into I.O.I and are still promoting with the other I.O.I members in their subunit.

Pledis then released their hidden gems! 3 other members, Shannon, Yewon and Kyla! Shannon is a power vocal and is the cutest child you will ever see. She’s also a producer and produced WE, PLEDIS GIRLZ’s pre-debut track along with Eunwoo. Yewon is power vocal #2 and is also an amazing dancer, her smile can save lives go watch WE you’ll see what i mean. Kyla is the youngest of the group, born in December 2001 but has heaps of talent and rap flow!!! Queen Kyla!!! they say that all three of them auditioned for PD101 but didn’t make it and i’ll never believe that because they could have easily passed they are amazing

nicknames/inside jokes:

  • nayoung: she’s “emotionless” so people call her stone buddha but she’s actually christian whoops, is the mom™, suffers because all the children have way too much energy, “stop! stop! don’t get too excited” all the girls love im nayoung
  • minkyung: looks prettiest when sleeping, is agreed to be nick from zootopia by the other members, is actually badass af, gets cute when awkward, loves yebin v much
  • kyungwon: “golden ratio” kyungwon, is really cool you wish you were her, saved me with her cover of who are you, gorgeous face gorgeous personality gorgeous voice stan talent
  • eunwoo: her face is amazing, meme, “i’m everyone’s beagle, ang!” can’t control her facial expressions but that’s her charm, love hate relationship with pinky
  • yebin: smoll rapper child, is stubborn but also really really nice, lots of affection lots of skinship, LOVES TONY STARK, i’m pretty sure she and siyeon run the entire place, high-key gay for minkyung (and shannon and siyeon and everyone else)
  • pinky: has 3 names i’m always confused, sweet meme, really really hyper, screamed “AJU NICE” on broadcast i’m in love, hates grey coloured socks for some reason, clingy, possessive af towards nayoung “she’s my unnie”, gushed about nayoung’s legs on PD101, bullies eunwoo w/ plenty of affection
  • shannon: WHISTLE NOTES GODDAMN, cutest human being, american child, just a sweet child with a beautiful voice, but then she starts dancing and you’re like what no hold on damn girl, one of the best dancers and best singer wow
  • yewon: POSITIVE GIRL YEWON, smile saves lives, gorgeous voice, has great english pronunciation i’m not sure if she lived in america or not, sang chandelier and blew everyone away with talent
  • siyeon: the boss™, trained for 7 years holy shit, does everything and does it well, once said “why are you crying when we’re in a lesson? we’re supposed to be learning”, takes no nonsense from anyone and is probably the ceo’s favourite daughter, called “princess” by the other members (kyungwon), is actually bullied with affection and can’t really do anything about it
  • kyla: smoll and soft, but not really, so much reverse charm i’m dead, her hair is goals, deep voice rapping ugh, wrote her own rap and performed it for her solo practice, i’m really emotional i love my daughter, QUEEN KYLA DOMINATE

the PLEDIS GIRLZ now hold weekly concerts on saturday, tickets used to be free but now cost $? i’m not sure how much they cost but they’re not expensive. every week is a member day and the selected member has a solo stage to showcase their stuff. 160625 they aired the concert live with pinky and nayoung and you can watch it on v app here

every week they have new performances and if you go through my v:fancam tag you can find most of their performances i strongly suggest you go do that some notable mentions include:

if you wanna find more just search 플레디스걸즈 on youtube you’ll find great stuff trust me talent can’t be hidden

pledis finally did something right and uploaded their solo practice clips (except pinky and nayoung) along with a dance practice for we

nayoung and pinky are on lots of variety shows with I.O.I if you wanna watch them just search up IOI on youtube there’s a lot of stuff their company should chill out a little the girls all look tired

shannon (aka Bae Sungyeon) is currently competing on a show called Girl Spirit on the TV network JTBC. it’s a show that aims to bring recognition to underrated vocalists in the kpop industry. she’s doing great and her performances are all beautiful, the judges say she’s got great talent. PLEDIS GIRLZ is also the youngest group on the show, having debuted 1 day before the show started filming. GO WATCH SHANNON’S PERFORMANCES HERE and HERE!

in conclusion you should watch PLEDIS GIRLZ and stan them because they have a whole lot of talent and it’s coming straight at you embrace it <3

NCT Dream!kids profiles

Mark - 9 yrs old

  • somewhat accident prone
  • tries his best
  • very organized bc he has a hecka crazy schedule

Haechan - 8 yrs old

  • the definition of p e t t y
  • thinks he’s better than Mark ((lowkey out to get Mark))
  • loves superheroes + dinosaurs + peanut butter

Jeno - 8 yrs old

  • a smiley boy who loves to prank his bros
  • just one of those content kids, ya kno?
  • just don’t mention kiwis or else he-AK’;KLKDSHFIOAHF;*******

Jaemin - 8 yrs old

  • lowkey flirts with u all the time
  • learned an extraordinary amount of pickup lines from tv
  • is probably actually the cheshire cat

Renjun - 8 yrs old

  • blends into the shadows??
  • that one mysterious slightly creepy kid
  • ((is actually just shy and not good at expressing himself))

Chenle - 7 yrs old

  • has never done anything wrong in his entire life ever
  • has some separation anxiety from both you and his teddy bear
  • voice of an angel

Jisung - 6 yrs old

  • doesn’t talk much but is a dancing machine
  • enjoys screaming???
  • like just opens his mouth and :O

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Hello, new followers!

There certainly are a lot of you!

So this post that I wrote a long time ago suddenly gained a lot of traction, and between when I went to bed around 1 AM and when I woke up around 11 AM (ahhh, Sundays), I gained almost 100 followers; in the last 3 days, that post has gone from 1000 notes to (as of last count) about 23KA LOT.


I used to have an introduction post, but it’s kind of outdated, and there are an awful, awful lot of you who probably only know me from one of two or three posts. So… hi!

Radfems, TWERFs and SWERFs are explicitly not welcome here, and I do not want my family stories or life used for your politics. I block all three categories, full stop. Radfems & TWERFs/TERFs deny the essential humanity of myself and my daughter and if you self-ID as one of those, please save us all the trouble and just don’t. If you’ve reblogged one of my posts and added something about how this proves one of your points, please pretend you respect other people and take it down.

If you are here because you don’t understand the post about the dog that attacked me, or its point, either legitimately or because you don’t really want to get it & want to argue with me about it, tell me I need to get counseling for my fear of dogs, tell me I’ve compared men to dogs, please go read seananmcguire explaining the post to someone who already sent me an ask about it. That pretty much covers why the post exists. Also you should buy and read Seanan’s books.

Also, also, all of the stories about @seananmcguire​ you’ve heard are probably true if they’re bizarre or funny. Especially the one about the lizard and the one about the frog. 

If you’re here to tell me my views on asexuality & the queer community are wrong or that stuff I lived through & you weren’t born yet for is ‘ahistorical,’ go away. This blog is explicitly anti-gatekeeping for the Not-Straight Club.

If you’re here about the post about my great-grandmother, I kind of don’t have it in my heart to answer all the sad family stories. If you shared a family story on that post, thank you. If you want to use it to make some sort of gross radfem point about marital rape or some comment about how my great-granddad should have learned to pull out, I’m gonna block you without answering you. Don’t be gross.

If you’re here about the post about spoon theory, I ended up so grossed out by a small group’s insistence on gatekeeping (yeah, anti-gatekeeping is kind of a thing for me when it comes to marginalized groups, who knew?) that I no longer call myself a spoonie and use ‘energy currency’ instead of spoons.

If you’re here about the tiny house post, please read the notes, I’m not gonna explain it again.

Anon is never turned on, but if you ask me not to publish an ask, I won’t. Please remember to put that in the ask.

So here’s some stuff you should know about me:

I’m older than large portions of Tumblr, and in a fair number of cases I’m probably twice your age or more. If that’s a problem, I really am not offended if you aren’t cool with interacting with me. Age can be a powerful unbalancer in social relationships. I am going to get annoyed if you start 'explaining’ stuff I lived through to me and insisting you know my history better than I do.

Since it bears repeating one more time: I’m not interested in interacting with TWERFs, SWERFs, or ace-exclusionary queers. I’ve been Out for 26 years & I really have no desire to argue my lived experience with anyone. I explicitly reject the terms SGA & MGA.

My immediate family consists of my spouse adhocavenger, my teenage daughter @mistresskabooms and my stepdaughter, my adopted son scribbleowl (who lives across the continent from me), and adhoc and I’s 3 dogs, hereinafter referred to as BigDog (Lex), SmallDog (Kusto), and Captain America, aka Cap, aka Pudding Butt, who is actually the tiniest of them, but SmallDog has been called SmallDog by our family for like ten years now. 

My extended clan includes @programmerdad and @sperari and their lovely kidlets, who I adore. I love @programmerdad a lot and am lucky that DadHoc and I have such a lovely boyfriend. 

I have other adopted internet kids. They’re great. I’m not tagging them unless they give me the okay to do so, because I don’t know if they want me to say so!

My sister is judicialmistrangementorder & you should also follow her blog imamusiciannotafemalemusician. I will fucking fite you if you lay a finger on her.

I’ve been called Spider for 20+ years, & now a lot of people call me Mama Spider.  

I am a Jewish convert in progress. I will be glad to talk to you about my conversion process and progress but I am not an expert on Judaism. Please do not approach me as if I were one!

In this house we do intersectional feminism, we don’t do transmisogyny, we recognize asexuality as valid and part of LGBT and no I won’t argue about that no really, we recognize that biphobia, transphobia/transmisogyny and acephobia are all real and not just subsets of homophobia. In this house we don’t do antisemitism or Islamophobia, and we’re thoughtful & careful about our interaction with other cultures, because we recognize White people have to be actively careful to manage the harm we can do. This goes like quadruple for interaction with Native culture.

In this house Black Lives Matter, and if you don’t understand why I have to say that, please click here and listen at least 20 times on loop. If you don’t understand after that, I can’t help you. If you tell me All Lives Matter I shall send you to bed without supper and you can think about what you’ve done.

In this house we try to stay in our lanes & we understand call-outs while being aware of the toxic parts of call-out culture. Be cool to teenagers: you were one, and yes, the shit you said was just as stupid. You don’t win points for browbeating a teenager over an idea, you just look like a jerk.

If you screw up and you say something that hurts someone, say you’re sorry, and try not to do it again. It’s not that hard! Don’t tell them they shouldn’t be hurt. This goes double if it was an accident. “I didn’t know that was offensive, I’m sorry for hurting you. I’ll be more mindful in the future.” See how easy that is? That’s how we do in this house.

I’m bi/pansexual, genderfluid (or non-binary, still unsure which label I like better, so yeah, it’s cool to be questioning at any age), disabled, neurodiverse, and don’t want pity or to hear how sorry you are for either of those things. Being autistic is just fine, and it didn’t happen because I am vaccinated. I have PTSD and GAD, and I live with both of them. They’re terrible roommates but I’ve got used to them. I’d like it if people would just stop throwing shade at the invisibly ill when we park in handicapped spots – I’m missing part of my spine, for fuck’s sake – and playing Oppression Olympics will get you stern looks and no dessert.

In this house we do nerd culture, there are no fake geek girls, and we understand that women invented masked superheroes (The Scarlet Pimpernel), science fiction (Mary Shelley), the modern novel (Jane Austen), dystopia fiction (Mary Shelley again), computer programming (Ada Lovelace and the ENIACs, which is my new band name), and got Star Trek on the air (Lucille Ball). 

If I didn’t cover it, assume if it involves being a jerk or punching down, I’m not okay with it. 

If it involves dogs being adorable, otters, mermaids, spiders, most of the major fandoms Tumblr loves (I can’t get into Supernatural, sorry, I tried), or people doing awesome shit, I am definitely here for that. 

I am a Social Justice Rogue. My points tend to be sharp and driven home when you’re not expecting it.  Also I might steal your powers via touch. I will neither confirm nor deny that. 

Originally posted by emmortals

If I get enough XP I think I’ll dual-class to Bard.

@hypoallergeniccuddles​ thinks I’m secretly Mrs. Weasley.

That may be true also. If so, please remember what happens when you fuck with Molly’s children.

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Welcome. Supper is at seven, the Wizard Home will make a room for you if you need it.