Hello and welcome to my langblr! I made this blog so I could stay motivated, revise and learn regularly. Apparently, an introduction is in order, so I thought we’d kick things off with a few basic information and goals.


  • Hi, I’m Ana
  • 17 years old - high school junior
  • Hobbies include movies, books, playing piano, running and learning foreign languages


  • Slovenian (native) 
  • English (fluent)
  • German (have been learning in school for two years, B1/B2 level)
  • Had Spanish in school for a few years (A2/B1)
  • Learning Korean, Norwegian, Japanese, Russian, French
  • Serbo-Croatian but I never officially learned either the languages individually or as a mix so I don’t know anything regarding grammar  (will probably only post vocab or reblog stuff in it) 


  • Posting photos of notes or other stuff in all kind of different languages, vocabulary and grammar posts, masterposts, …
  • Helping people with studying or explaining things if they have any questions,…
  • Reblogging a bunch of jokes and memes (especially language related)
  • Movies and music suggestions in the languages I speak or am learning
  • Make new friends and find some people to practice the languages I’m learning with 
  • Teach people more about Slovenian because it’s an amazing language but not many people want to learn it


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Hi everyone -

as I am fairly new to the studyblr community, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself. 

My name is Sophie and I’m 19 years old. I’m from Montreal, Canada and currently studying Literature at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). I’m a proud Hufflepuff and my personality type is INFJ. 

I started this studyblr as a way to keep myself motivated and frankly to please my aesthetics needs. 

As I study Literature, you can probably deduced that I’m an avid reader. That’s why I’ve set up a books rec page. I will be putting out reviews of books I’ve read and I have a to be read books list up right now. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your next reads, you can check that out and if you want my opinion on books I haven’t reviewed yet, hit my askbox and I’ll give you a piece of what I thought of the book. As I am French Canadian, there is certain variety of books in French and a certain amount of Quebec Literature which I recommand to anyone who’s looking for diversity in their readings.

I’m also a feminist and I am orienting my major in Women’s studies. 

here are some of the blogs I draw inspiration from; 

@studylustre @areistotle @hogwartsstudiess @hufflepuffwannabe @athenastudying @cafedetude @procrastilate @alexistudying @obsidianstudy @literaturs @rafstudyblr @emmastudies @jemadmire @intellecta



Maybe you’ve seen me ghosting around in the studyblr community for a couple of weeks. I wanted to wait until the semester break to make an introduction post, so here it is!

A few things about me:

  • my name is Nesibe
  • I was born in September, my sign is virgo
  • I am a Muslim
  • I am kurdish
  • I live in Austria and go to a regular high school, I chose the part where the concentration is on science
  • some of my classes include: german, english, latin, maths, history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, science labor (bio one week, chem the other)
  • I am so clumsy omg🙈
  • it’s raining here right now

Some of my fave studyblr accounts: @alimastudies @annie–studies @bobstudies @bohostudying @bookish-studyblr @bookmrk @cakestudies @carefulstudies @cupoftea-studies @cmstudy @elainestudyblr @emmastudies @equaticns @floweringstudies @intellecta @jasminesdesk @katsdesk @lillastudies @miennstudies @milkstudy @minastudying @owly-studies @peachylearning @peachystudy @shaistudies @productiveflower @productivityplant @psychstvdies @rawanexplores @sherlockianstudies @soymilkstudies @stillstudies @studyfulltime @studylustre @studyingformemyselfandi @studynostalgic @studypetals @studyplants @studyshu @studywithinspo @stuhde @tbhstudying @thystudies @universi-tea @soo-studies @studywithheart @studyingprincesss @eatsleepstudypsych @studycrowns @hogwartsstudiess 

My ask and message box are open for everyone! I’d love to make friends!💞

@rhoderunnerandco, previously @askrhoderunnergem, now revamped and fully operational!!


   “Hey everybody! I know it’s been a while (sorry about that, yikes), but me an’ my pals are back! Went on a bit of a “vacation,” and I got a bit too comfy doin’ nothin’. Sorry to be gone so long, but we’re back, and better than ever! Everythin’s been polished up, and some of that gem sparkle is back in business.

   “Shoot some asks our way to any one of us, we’d love to hear from you guys! Thanks a ton y’all, can’t wait to hear what you have to say!” ❤



My name’s Rachel, 15, and part of the class of 2018!

I just made this new studyblr, in hopes of gaining motivation for my last two years of school! Surely it was a great decision, I am really looking forward meeting talented, driven and kind studyblrs! 

Reblog or like so I can follow you all! 

Here’s a list of blogs that really inspired me:

@mujistudies, @scholarly, @studiesandsleep, @ib-dead, @jessastudy, @elkstudies, @studyign, @aesalcove, @katsdesk, @studylou, @melbstudent, @educaticn, @lostlxmb, @studynaire, @productiveunicorns, @studypool, @doinqhomework @academiix, @phoenix-studies, @studyji, @arystudies, @yukinestudies, @studysheet, @cutesy-langblr 

About Me!

I’ve had a studyblr for a while now but I haven’t even introduced myself haha. So here’s my late introduction!

I got lazy drawing but here is some more info


  • Playing piano and learning new songs (I only play songs I like)
  • Drawing (or scribbles as seen above)
  • Photography (I’m all my friend’s personal photographer haha)
  • Sleeping really late or sleeping at 4 am and complaining why I’m so tired
  • Purposely using many dishes when it’s my brother’s turn to wash them
  • Going to the library and accidentally forgetting to bring pens :))))

School Life

  • My school specializes in film (my blog doesn’t make it seem like it, right?)
  • Manager of the volleyball and basketball team
  • So ready to graduate high school
  • Would slack off but gotta maintain my ranking to give the speech at the end

Other Thingies

  • the out-going positive friend
  • Haruki Murakami is my favorite author! My favorite of his is Kafka on the Shore.
  • I love The Little Prince omg
  • This stupid mosquito kept bothering me at 3 am. That thing started to buzz all around me. It left me alone for a moment but when I was eating my ice cream while watching Kubo, it came back and started buzzing again and I threw my ice cream.

Blogs who inspire me are @studyplants@merakinotes@studythereal@obsidianstudy@mochi-studies​ and many more!

Super late on the introduction stuff but it’s whatever. That’s about it, ask me some questions if you want to lmao

So I guess introduction posts are what we are doing?  Sounds good!

I am mod Siarl (Like Charles, but without the es, and with an sh instead of a ch sound). I’m a former material scientist and engineer, who is now stuck in bed most of the day from my chronic illnesses. I am a deathfat (~430 lbs), asexual, trans, genderqueer, autistic, adhd, intersex, multiply chronically ill, mentally ill, disabled, white person.

I’m ever hopeful of finding a treatment or two that will let me function again, but my cynicism says it’s not going to happen, and I think I deserve a good life anyways. I try my best to be unapologetically fat, queer and sick. 

I try to fight bigotry wherever I find it, but my brain fog and illnesses and privilege can make it difficult to see it sometimes. Feel free to call me on mistakes I make, I welcome it. 

Re-introduction Post

I was tagged by @notbrogues, thank you!

I’m Rebecca and I’m older than you, and we’ll just leave it at that LOL. I first joined the fandom in March 2015. I had seen the trailer, and was very interested by Colin Firth, but frankly I was put off by Eggsy’s behavior in the armory scene and I thought he seemed kind of like a brat, so I dismissed the movie. In fact when it came out, I went to go see Jupiter Ascending instead. 

A couple weeks later though, a bootleg version of the church scene showed up on my dash. The person’s tags were sufficiently intriguing, so I watched it. And I fell instantly in love. Knew I had to go see this movie. Which I did that very weekend. Twice. 

And then again six more times. 

My main (only) ship is Hartwin. I’m here for Percilot and sometimes for Roxlin, but more often I headcanon Merlin as ace. I love Harry and Merlin’s friendship, but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t ship them. I love Eggsy and Roxy’s friendship as well, and I want more in the sequel. 

I’ve written thousands of words of fic here on AO3, and smaller ficlets on Tumblr as well. I’m extremely excited about the sequel, but a few weeks before it’s released, I won’t want to be spoiled anymore, and probably mute/unfollow people who don’t tag for spoilers. Please don’t be offended by this. It’s my choice not to be spoiled too much, and once the movie is out I’ll follow you again. 

I don’t know who hasn’t done this, so I don’t know who to tag, but if you want to do it, go for it!

okay since im new i’d like to introduce myself because i actually want to make friends who are as obsessed with cars as i am (or more) 

i live in southern california (hence the socal in my url) and you bet your ass i have a Disneyland pass, i go there about once or twice a month. I’m currently in college studying automotive technology and i hope to be an automotive technician really soon. i like memes so if i can ill probably shitpost or try to be funny, or reminisce about my childhood and growing up with cars and whatnot. 

its nice to meet you guys and im glad the cars fandom exists, though i regret finding it so late :/ feel free to send me asks if you guys have any questions or whatever? i’d like to get as involved with the community as possible !!

hi studyblrs!

i just joined the studyblr community a few days ago and i noticed that many people make an introduction post, so here is mine!.

some things about me :

  • my name is beck (he/him!)
  • i’m 15 years old
  • my zodiac sign is cancer
  • i like to draw and paint but i’m not very good at digital things;;;;
  • my favourite subject to study is linguistics and i am comfortable in three languages
  • i hope to become an asl interpreter or a computer programmer!

current schedule : 

  1. alg ii honours
  2. english ii honours
  3. asl i
  4. chem honours
  5. ap world history
  6. web i
  7. ap psychology

 studyblrs i like : 

@tbhstudying, @studyign, @sprouht-studies, and @fuckstudy

thank you for reading this, and please message me!! I’d love to get to know more people in the community :) !!

Introduction Post: Mod Pixie

Hey, everybody! I am one of the two new mods. I’m going by Mod Pixie on here cuz I don’t exactly feel comfortable with so many people knowing my real name… Anyways, I am bisexual, and I currently identify most with “genderflux fem” or “girlflux.” My pronouns are she/they! My main blog is @you-cant-take-my-pride-away and it is a bi pride/positivity blog, so if you want to follow me over there, I would love to see you there. Anyway, I’m gonna get on and start doing some stuff cuz I’m not sure what else to say… If you want to know anything specific, don’t be afraid to ask me :)


Hello everyone! I’ve always felt too shy to write an introduction post like this but I just remade my studyblr and decided that I might as well give it a go and come out of the shadow!


My name is Kasia, I’m from Poland and I study applied linguistics - in fact, I’m graduating in two months, what a time to remake a studyblr haha. Although I’m learning to become a translator, my true aspiration is to become a freelance illustrator/graphic designer (you can see a sample of my art on the post header, I painted my kanken!) I hop that being an active studyblr will help me first, graduate with pretty good grades and keep me motivated to actually do something (because I really hate my facculty), and second, keep studying after graduation! 

By the way, this is a sideblog and I follow and like from @joshduun :-) I will really try to make my own posts but first I need to set up a new bullet journal (currently looking for the Perfect Notebook) :’D I’m also really open to new friendships!! Please feel free to text me anytime! ♡

F A V O U R I T E S ♡

This is the part that makes me the most anxious because I kinda feel like I’m asking you guys for your attention, and at the same time it’s a nice way to tell your favourite blogs you appreciate their work so… These are the blogs that inspired me to create my first studyblr and the ones I really look up to! (I didn’t even realise there is so many of you! :O) ♡

@studyign / @studywithinspo / @studyrose / @apricot-studies / @studykiwi / @ahrtstudy / @caffestudy / @studyincafe / @thearialligraphyproject / @astrostudy / @study-ings / @studypenguin / @studyplants / @studink

H E L L O !

I created my studyblr March 2016, with the hope of getting a little more organized with both my busy life and schoolwork. At the time I had just heard of bullet journaling, but already had my own personal journal which I used for personal venting and art flow.  I haven’t been active in a while and coming back I realized I never made a new studyblr introduction post so here it is! 

A B O U T   M E

  • Birthdate | April 23, 1998
  • Zodiac | Taurus
  • Personality | ISFJ
  • Location | Austin, TX
  • Pets | Duncan - Shih Tzu Mix


  • Level | College
  • Year | 1st
  • Major | Design


  • Music | 5SOS, Ed Sheeran, All Time Low, Coldplay, TWICE, I.O.I
  • Books | Fangirl, Eleanor & Park, Everything Everything


@intellectus @studyign @cmpsbls @bluelahe @studywithinspo

Introducing The Sims!

From left to right we have: Shu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito and Subaru!

The current life stages are having them start off as children with Subaru as the only toddler. They live with only Karlheinz but their mothers are right next door! They are all vampires in game so they will no longer age after the young adult stage, I might manually age them up over time but we will see.

Now to show off the rooms! Colour coded of course. [Under Keep Reading due to lots of images.]

Keep reading


hey there,
my name is jewells✨
im 14 and from London :)
yupp so umm this is my tumblr…..
im either crying over boybands, sleeping or stalking k beauty youtubers tbh
and that’s pretty much my life but please ask me anything

kay lol bye ^ㅅ^

ps @sailor-k kinda inspired me to start this soooo yeah hey thx

Hello Everyone! 

As the name implies, this blog is to help assist both Artists and Commissioners in helping raise awareness to people they’ve done business with that was difficult or ended in loss of time and or money.

We hope to make people aware of these problems and maybe they will even lead to solutions! 

If you have had any of these situations happen, please let us know. We exist to serve as many people in possible and hope for success! 

Before posting, Please read our FAQ and Submission FAQ. This will help us promote a safe and mature environment.

(Re)Introduction Post

Everyone seems to be doing these, since the fandom’s woken up a bit lately, so:

Hello!  I write fics as potentiality_26 on AO3, and as you can see I’m very much into Kingsman. 

I saw the movie after it was released digitally through iTunes (I think in early June?), so I missed the original heyday- but when I did see the film I immediately fell hard for Harry Hart.  I mainly ship (and write) Hartwin, but I do enjoy other pairings as well.  I’m not really into Eggsy/anyone who isn’t Harry (though I am here for various poly ships involving both of them), but otherwise I like a little of everything.  I also have a habit of drafting fics, making a note of everything I think I ought to fix, and then sitting on them for months at a time.  So probably expect an influx of fics jossed by the trailer coming from me any time now. 

I love how positive (and prolific) the people in this fandom are.  There are too many awesome people here to name, and I can’t wait to see some new faces!