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i want to introduce to you one of the cutest online stores called hhotaru which our very own dina runs <3

she has a lot of my favorite items and i’ve always wanted a winged backpack and one of those suspender skirts >< 

the tights and skirts and backpacks are my favorites but feel free to look through the rest of her items especially her cheap and cute stationery ♥ 

the prices are reasonable and i would consider her store trustworthy to buy from (since she’s not a stranger to me at least). also, shipping is international from toronto or china! check out the FAQ if you have any questions.

i’ll be doing a review for hhotaru soon for these $8 gun tights so keep an eye out! :3
Fantasy of Color

It needed to exist, and now it does! Fantasy of Color is a blog dedicated to sharing art, photos and stories of people of color in a fantasy, urban fantasy or steampunk setting. Feel free to browse, suggest artists, or submit! Keep in mind that if you are submitting all artists must be credited. This blog will occasionally have nudity, all risque posts will be tagged NSFW.

We’re just getting started!


Okay, we did it! Welcome to shadowhunterspocdaily, a new source blog of the characters of color of the Shadowhunter universe. We’ll be reblogging edits that feature the people of color and contribute our original content to the blog as well.

We track #shadowhunterspocdaily and check the #tmiedit and #shadowhuntersedit tags regularly. If you could reblog this post to spread the word that’d be awesome!

Applications are also currently open, for members as well as affiliates. To apply click here and follow the guidelines and we will get back to you, thank you so much!


BEAUTIFUL HALO has a huge selection of clothing that ranges from pastel sweaters and cardigans to bold street fashion. also, there’s free shipping available so the price you see is the price you pay. i picked out some of my favorites below~

if you’re into more girlish, pastel fashion then check out these cute sweaters:

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5,000+ FOLLOWERS WHAT THE HECK?? DANG!! HELLO EVERYONE UH, THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME?!?! I guess this is a good time to introduce/reintroduce myself! I’m Amber/insideunder/Slamber, and this is a very unprofessional artblog, lol. We have fun here.

I post mostly my own art, but I also like to chat/answer questions. If you don’t wanna see the text posts, blacklist #not art!

This blog is vastly SFW, with the only exception being some blood/gore/violence sometimes! I tag everything. If you ever want me to tag something, please don’t hesitate to ask!

JSYK, I also have

A reblog/personal blog (my main blog)
A deviantArt
A Twitter
A webcomic, called BACKLASH
Lots of original characters

I track the tag #insideunder and #outsideover. If you @ me or tag me in a post, I’ll most likely reblog it or respond to it on my personal blog, not this one.

Thanks so much for the support you guys WOW, I’m overwhelmed! KISSES

Hello, new followers!

There certainly are a lot of you!

So this post that I wrote a long time ago suddenly gained a lot of traction, and between when I went to bed around 1 AM and when I woke up around 11 AM (ahhh, Sundays), I gained almost 100 followers; in the last 3 days, that post has gone from 1000 notes to (as of last count) about 23KA LOT.


I used to have an introduction post, but it’s kind of outdated, and there are an awful, awful lot of you who probably only know me from one of two or three posts. So… hi!

Radfems, TWERFs and SWERFs are explicitly not welcome here, and I do not want my family stories or life used for your politics. I block all three categories, full stop. Radfems & TWERFs/TERFs deny the essential humanity of myself and my daughter and if you self-ID as one of those, please save us all the trouble and just don’t. If you’ve reblogged one of my posts and added something about how this proves one of your points, please pretend you respect other people and take it down.

If you are here because you don’t understand the post about the dog that attacked me, or its point, either legitimately or because you don’t really want to get it & want to argue with me about it, tell me I need to get counseling for my fear of dogs, tell me I’ve compared men to dogs, please go read seananmcguire explaining the post to someone who already sent me an ask about it. That pretty much covers why the post exists. Also you should buy and read Seanan’s books.

Also, also, all of the stories about @seananmcguire​ you’ve heard are probably true if they’re bizarre or funny. Especially the one about the lizard and the one about the frog. 

If you’re here to tell me my views on asexuality & the queer community are wrong or that stuff I lived through & you weren’t born yet for is ‘ahistorical,’ go away. This blog is explicitly anti-gatekeeping for the Not-Straight Club.

If you’re here about the post about my great-grandmother, I kind of don’t have it in my heart to answer all the sad family stories. If you shared a family story on that post, thank you. If you want to use it to make some sort of gross radfem point about marital rape or some comment about how my great-granddad should have learned to pull out, I’m gonna block you without answering you. Don’t be gross.

If you’re here about the post about spoon theory, I ended up so grossed out by a small group’s insistence on gatekeeping (yeah, anti-gatekeeping is kind of a thing for me when it comes to marginalized groups, who knew?) that I no longer call myself a spoonie and use ‘energy currency’ instead of spoons.

If you’re here about the tiny house post, please read the notes, I’m not gonna explain it again.

Anon is never turned on, but if you ask me not to publish an ask, I won’t. Please remember to put that in the ask.

So here’s some stuff you should know about me:

I’m older than large portions of Tumblr, and in a fair number of cases I’m probably twice your age or more. If that’s a problem, I really am not offended if you aren’t cool with interacting with me. Age can be a powerful unbalancer in social relationships. I am going to get annoyed if you start 'explaining’ stuff I lived through to me and insisting you know my history better than I do.

Since it bears repeating one more time: I’m not interested in interacting with TWERFs, SWERFs, or ace-exclusionary queers. I’ve been Out for 26 years & I really have no desire to argue my lived experience with anyone. I explicitly reject the terms SGA & MGA.

My immediate family consists of my spouse adhocavenger, my teenage daughter @mistresskabooms and my stepdaughter, my adopted son scribbleowl (who lives across the continent from me), and adhoc and I’s 3 dogs, hereinafter referred to as BigDog (Lex), SmallDog (Kusto), and Captain America, aka Cap, aka Pudding Butt, who is actually the tiniest of them, but SmallDog has been called SmallDog by our family for like ten years now. 

My extended clan includes @programmerdad and @sperari and their lovely kidlets, who I adore. I love @programmerdad a lot and am lucky that DadHoc and I have such a lovely boyfriend. 

I have other adopted internet kids. They’re great. I’m not tagging them unless they give me the okay to do so, because I don’t know if they want me to say so!

My sister is judicialmistrangementorder & you should also follow her blog imamusiciannotafemalemusician. I will fucking fite you if you lay a finger on her.

I’ve been called Spider for 20+ years, & now a lot of people call me Mama Spider.  

I am a Jewish convert in progress. I will be glad to talk to you about my conversion process and progress but I am not an expert on Judaism. Please do not approach me as if I were one!

In this house we do intersectional feminism, we don’t do transmisogyny, we recognize asexuality as valid and part of LGBT and no I won’t argue about that no really, we recognize that biphobia, transphobia/transmisogyny and acephobia are all real and not just subsets of homophobia. In this house we don’t do antisemitism or Islamophobia, and we’re thoughtful & careful about our interaction with other cultures, because we recognize White people have to be actively careful to manage the harm we can do. This goes like quadruple for interaction with Native culture.

In this house Black Lives Matter, and if you don’t understand why I have to say that, please click here and listen at least 20 times on loop. If you don’t understand after that, I can’t help you. If you tell me All Lives Matter I shall send you to bed without supper and you can think about what you’ve done.

In this house we try to stay in our lanes & we understand call-outs while being aware of the toxic parts of call-out culture. Be cool to teenagers: you were one, and yes, the shit you said was just as stupid. You don’t win points for browbeating a teenager over an idea, you just look like a jerk.

If you screw up and you say something that hurts someone, say you’re sorry, and try not to do it again. It’s not that hard! Don’t tell them they shouldn’t be hurt. This goes double if it was an accident. “I didn’t know that was offensive, I’m sorry for hurting you. I’ll be more mindful in the future.” See how easy that is? That’s how we do in this house.

I’m bi/pansexual, genderfluid (or non-binary, still unsure which label I like better, so yeah, it’s cool to be questioning at any age), disabled, neurodiverse, and don’t want pity or to hear how sorry you are for either of those things. Being autistic is just fine, and it didn’t happen because I am vaccinated. I have PTSD and GAD, and I live with both of them. They’re terrible roommates but I’ve got used to them. I’d like it if people would just stop throwing shade at the invisibly ill when we park in handicapped spots – I’m missing part of my spine, for fuck’s sake – and playing Oppression Olympics will get you stern looks and no dessert.

In this house we do nerd culture, there are no fake geek girls, and we understand that women invented masked superheroes (The Scarlet Pimpernel), science fiction (Mary Shelley), the modern novel (Jane Austen), dystopia fiction (Mary Shelley again), computer programming (Ada Lovelace and the ENIACs, which is my new band name), and got Star Trek on the air (Lucille Ball). 

If I didn’t cover it, assume if it involves being a jerk or punching down, I’m not okay with it. 

If it involves dogs being adorable, otters, mermaids, spiders, most of the major fandoms Tumblr loves (I can’t get into Supernatural, sorry, I tried), or people doing awesome shit, I am definitely here for that. 

I am a Social Justice Rogue. My points tend to be sharp and driven home when you’re not expecting it.  Also I might steal your powers via touch. I will neither confirm nor deny that. 

Originally posted by emmortals

If I get enough XP I think I’ll dual-class to Bard.

@hypoallergeniccuddles​ thinks I’m secretly Mrs. Weasley.

That may be true also. If so, please remember what happens when you fuck with Molly’s children.

Originally posted by bellatrixobsessed1

Welcome. Supper is at seven, the Wizard Home will make a room for you if you need it.

Hello I am Nada and I decided to restart my Studyblr

Basic Information :
Name : Nada ( ندى )
Age : 17
Nationality : Lebanese
Religion : Muslim

Education :
Level of education : College Sophomore ( Class of 2017 )
Past : Lebanese Baccalaureate - General Sciences ( Class of 2016
Goal : Study Industrial Engineering 
Languages : Arabic - French - English 

Random :
I am interested in Politics and Gardening
I love collecting quotes and making edits
I blog about study, religion, life and more!

My inspiration :
And many more

I hope I will be more active in this community and take part of spreading knowledge and empowerment 

Reblog if you are a Studyblr so I can check your blog/follow you and THANK YOU!

Hi Guys!

My name is Jasmine, and i’m just getting started in the Studyblr world and I wanted to introduce myself.

I live in Orange County, Cal and am about to start my 3rd (ish?) year in college. I’m a Computer Science major with hopes of becoming a Software Engineer.

I have ZERO study habits, so I’m hoping learning from Studyblrs & interacting with other people on here will help me develop a strong study ethic.

I’m OBSESSED with music and have to listen to it every second of the day. In fact, I’m gonna post a bunch of studying playlists in the near future so if you’re into that stuff, stay tuned!

Some Blogs I Admire Greatly:

  • @studycxlture - for being my first follower (a million thank yous)
  • @studyguideverified - for being ridiculously kind to talk to (& also for the BEAUTIFUL watercolor picture above!)
  • @studyrose - for having some of the best ‘reference’ posts
  • @studyfulltime - for having the most beautiful original posts
  • @mediocrestudies - for having the best theme/feed I’ve seen to date

Thanks for reading, I hope we can all continue to support each other through our studies, and I wish you all an amazing rest of your day!!!



introducing MIUXIN! my friend sara opened up her very own shop full of aesthetic street fashion, all at cheap prices with FREE SHIPPING. since it just opened on new years, tons of new items will be added still so keep checking for more.

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Hello, pals! 

I realized that most of my followers don’t really know me, so I want to introduce myself now as I have reached more than 20,000 followers. 

My name is Thea, I am 18 years old and I live in Norway. I started this blog in June in 2013, which means my blog will turn 3 years old this year. 

I dedicate my blog to all the amazing, flawless and spectacular nature and landscape photographs from all over the world. A while after I started my blog, I found out how fun it is to walk outside in the nature, photographing the things you want to remember. So I started uploading some of my own photos, you can find them here or here.

And you guys have been extremely supportive! I have to thank every single one of you, for following me, reblogging and liking my photos. I appreciate it so, so much. I’m deeply thankful. 

Remember that you can always submit your own photographs to me. There is a huge chance I will share them with my followers. [Submit here].

If you have any questions about me, my blog, or anything else, you can always send me a message or an ask

I hope you all are doing good and that you all have a nice day or night. Stay hydrated and enjoy the little things in life! :)

- Thea

anonymous asked:

I'm a new blog, I don't know how to start.. do you have any tips on how to make an introduction post and gain more followers perhaps #notamarvelfanficwriterblogtho #ijustneedhelpandsawyouguys #yourock #i'llbereadingeveryfictaggedwith #marvelfanfichq

Here we go, our first informational post. ***cracks knuckles*** 

Introduction Posts

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I want to think that it’s curiosity, not nosiness, that fuels the urge to put a face to name on Tumblr. Followers, as well as other bloggers, like the sense of intimacy it brings when they learn little details about you or see a snapchat selfie of you with the cat filter. I’m about to make my first “introduction” post on my personal blog ( @marvel-ash ) so I’ll use what I’m thinking of as an example: 

Catchy Title: Just like an essay or a fanfiction, the first few lines are what draws people in, make the initial interaction 

Meet Your Resident Trash Lady

Ok, so I’m not gonna win a Nobel Prize but it is something different that will stand out. I actually think that titling is something, regardless of post type, that can make or break and fic/post. 

The Basics: Name (or nickname, if you prefer), Age, Location. Never put any personal information on your blog like Social Security or phone number. I don’t even recommend putting your city name.

Ash. 27. ‘Murica.  

Additional Information: This is where you get to go crazy: Tell us about yourself. Maybe post a selfie? Are your requests open? Who do you prefer to write? What are your ships, otps, notps, brotps, etc. I like to include things like “judgment free blog” and/or “LGBQT Safe Blog” or trigger warnings here. There isn’t a template for these, I’m just basing these off of what my post will look like. 

Make sure you’re asks/submit are on if you are taking requests/want people to be able to talk to you about fics/posts. 

Gaining Followers

Originally posted by venucci

Tumblr is, at it’s core, another social media outlet. The basic nature of social media is interaction, i.e. asks, tagging, messaging, etc. Just talking to people whose stories/posts you like is the best way, that I know of, to get started from scratch. 

Another route is submit your stories to blogs like ours @marvelfanfichq​ who reblog all different types of writers and can broadcast to a larger audience for you. 

However, I want to state that if you’re goal is just gain followers then it may be an unpleasant experience on this platform. Creating friendships, collaborating, is one of the greatest aspects on this site and trust me, you will need someone to fall back on to when your first (and unfortunately, inevitable) anon hate message comes through. 

I think being generally kind, humble, and interactive will be your best bet in success on Tumblr. 

I hope this helps, even if just a little. We will be working on more in depth posts about starting up a new blog, getting followers, tagging, asks, etc. over the next few weeks! 

If you have a question about getting started or a Tumblr function, send us an ask here! We are happily here to help! 

Hello! My name is Katie and I’m new to the studyblr community so I’m making an introduction post~!

Some quick facts about me:

I’m in my 5th year of a combined Master’s/Ph.D program in Sociology. I’ve just passed my comprehensive exams and am getting started on my dissertation proposal! Woo! I specifically study agricultural systems (and how humans interact with them) and my dissertation is on farmer management of herbicide resistant weeds. Which means I have lots of folders just labeled ‘WEED’, which amuses me to no end.

I LOVE dogs, and am getting super into bullet journaling! I’m also starting to meditate, which is a HUGE help for controlling my anxiety. I play Ultimate Frisbee competitively and volunteer at the local animal shelter about once a week. I also knit, and am HUGE into social justice.

What I want this blog to be about:

Self-motivation and self-care! Being in graduate school, you start to feel like an impostor and it can be really really hard! 99% of finishing grad school is being persistent and working through all the obstacles they throw at you. I’m hoping this blog will help keep me motivated and remind me that I can’t work well if I don’t take care of myself first!

I’m super inspired by @hayley-studies, who is so sweet and posts great resources! I also LOVE @burymewithmyplanner, who is so gentle and self-care-promoting and makes AMAZING printables. @post–grad makes me feel like I’m not alone in my grad studies, @365text is so generous and organized, and @fuckstudy has an amazing attitude about studying that I would love to emulate. If you’re a studyblr that is all about self-care and motivation, reblog so I can follow (especially if you’re in grad school)! (this is a side blog so follows will come from @clandestinegardenias)


I’ve been through just about every hurdle you can go through in academia and am super happy to answer questions!! I hope I can motivate myself and contribute the studyblr community.

Contrary to how serious or intimidating he may seem, Spain is a passionate, cheerful country with a mysterious aura of light and darkness. He tries to lean on the serious side when he is among those he works for, which interferes with his usually bubbly personality. Alas, he won’t bite too hard, so feel free to ask him questions! [ Ask Box Is Closed Until Further Notice! ]

Studyblr introduction post

Hi everyone,

I’m Laura and I’m new to the studyblr community, though I’ve been admiring all of your blogs for the past year.

I’m from Germany and study English and history in order to become a teacher. I am an absolute stationary addict and spend way more money than I would like to admit on pens and markers. (Also I am super picky about pens because I am left-handed and most pens smear when I wipe over the writing with my hand…)

I love random history facts and will sometimes post facts I come across at uni.

I have some original posts planned already and I’m going to start making them as soon as I have time to.

I am going to tag some of my favourite studyblrs and it would be awesome if you could reblog this :)

@study-well @elkstudies @theorganisedstudent @hayley-studies @saturday-studying @studyandcry @studysthetics @tbhstudying 

Introducing myself!!

I’m just a few days in the studyblr community and I notice that is really common to do an introducing post, so here is mine :) (english is my second language so sorry if you see any mistakes)

~ My name is Helena and I’m from Brazil. I’m 17 years old (born in 1998).

~ I’m a freshman in college and I study Chemical Engineering (actually the classes start in 29-feb).

~ I’m also kind of an athlete hahaha I play beach volleyball and I really love it.

~ I made this studyblr searching for inspiration, tips and ideas and also to post my own ideas, tips and my routine of studies.

~ A few blogs that really inspire me: @elkstudies @theorganisedstudent @intelectum @getstudyblr @medicine-caffeine @mindpalacestudy but all the studyblrs I’m current following are really amazing

~ I would really enjoy your ‘follow’; feel free to ask me anything you want to know. ~ Also: this is a portuguese/english studyblr so if you want me to translate any posts just ask me. Thank you in advance!! My tag is #itshelenabeat
Roski: Introduction and Welcome Package

Hello and welcome to the Roski fandom! Or may I say family as our group might not be big but we are united. This welcome package is a way for new Roski shippers to get up to date with our little fandom and for curious people to understand our ship.

Ready? Here we go!

Note: We assume from here that you’ve seen at least the four first series of Doctor Who and both Thor and The Avengers. There may be spoilers if you haven’t so read at your own risks.

Introduction: The Roski fandom is born from the Whovengers crossover which is, as indicated by the name, is a crossover between the series Doctor Who and the film franchise The Avengers. It’s a crackship between Rose Tyler and Loki. This ships started with this drabble by burnupasun on a graphic by takethewords. From this point, people started shipping it and it didn’t take long for other graphics, gifsets and fanfictions to take over Tumblr.

But how is this ship even possible? For this ship to happen, we’ve settled it in a precise moment of time in the majority of cases. It takes place in Pete’s universe during the time Rose is building the dimension cannon to go back to the Doctor, between Doomsday (2x13) and The Stolen Earth (4x12) for the Doctor Who part of the crossover and during the laps of time during Thor and The Avengers for Loki, after his fall from Asgard.

This choice is handy for two main reasons. First of all is the fact we have no canon informations about the events happening for both characters during this period of time. Everything can happen. Second is simply the fact that it’s the only time Rose is Doctor-less: she can allow herself to be attached to someone else without fearing the jealousy of the Oncoming Storm. It gives us the liberty to imagine what could happen in their life if Loki falls on Midgard and is rescued by a certain Rose Tyler from Torchwood.

Another possible choice for shippers is to go to an alternative universe choice by making Rose a member of S.H.I.E.L.D under the name of Bad Wolf, fighting with the Avengers. Some other headcanons are also possible, of course, and always make sense according to the original fandoms because we’re awesome this way. But you’ll most likely see Rose taking Loki home to protect him from Torchwood after his fall and taking care of him from there.

But… why this ship? We love this ship because, in a way, Rose and Loki fits together. In Doctor Who we’ve seen Rose’s ability to help the Doctor (“You’ve made me better”), her compassion, the way she cares about people and aliens. After Thor, Loki is damaged, broken, physically and mentally. He needs help, even if he’s probably too proud to ask for it. When they meet, a bond is automatically created between them, as she understand he needs to be taken care of. She’s his cure, the first person in a long time to actually accept him for who he is.

In a certain way, their relationship has many parallels with the relationship between Rose and the Doctor, which is both interesting and angsty. Loki isn’t an ersatz of the Doctor for Rose. He’s his own person, only with resemblances between him and the Doctor. She makes him better, loves him in her own way and he falls for her.

If you’re interested, you can read Kris’ rant, Mari’s answer to anon and Ruby’s answer to anon about Roski, it’ll give you different points of view about this ship.


  • … The Doctor: Shipping Roski doesn’t stop us from shipping Doctor/Rose. We all agree to say that Rose wouldn’t be able to love someone like she loves the Doctor. She may love Loki but she’s probably not in love with him. Part of her feels guilty about been that attached to someone else. This ship is full of angst and, in some masochistic way, we enjoy that. In the end (except in some AU cases), she’ll always choose the Doctor over Loki and will always find her way to the other universe to save the world.
  • … she/he doesn’t deserve the other one: I’ll stop you right now with a basic rule of Tumblr: don’t show your hate. We won’t be angry at you if you don’t ship Roski. We just don’t want you to tag your hate or you can be sure we’ll respond. You can easily TumblrSavior ‘Roski’ if you want, we won’t be mad at you for that.
  • … it doesn’t make sense: Most non-canon ships don’t, deal with it. We’re trying to stay as close from canon as possible and it makes sense in its own way. Maybe you have a different headcanon about Loki’s fall or what happens to Rose in Pete’s universe: it’s okay. Maybe you have a different headcanon about Roski: SHARE WITH US! We’ll be more than happy to see what other people think about it!
  • … what happens to Loki after that? Of course, Rose can’t save Loki at 100% or there would be no Avengers (and it’d be a shame). Most of the time, the simple fact that Roski choose The Doctor over Loki is enough for him to get mad and to decide to break New York. Sometimes, it’s the fact that Rose actually comes back and Loki sees her with TenToo. In the end, she always breaks his heart without meaning to and he goes back to his 'true’ self by wanting his revenge on Thor.


FrostWolf You’ll sometimes come across this word and it’s simply another ship name for Roski based, of course, on Frost Giant and Bad Wolf. For some of us, it’s also the nickname Loki gives Rose because it’s just that adorable.

Fanfictions Thanks to Jistin, we have a very complete masterpost of most Roski fanfictions. Everything is well arranged and will be handy if you want to read fics about those two. (Giving you a reblogged link to the post, it’s easiest to click on the links this way)

Blogs that contribute the most to the fandom (graphics, fics, videos)

Note: There are of course other people shipping/posting Roski. This list isn’t complete but is a good start if you’re searching for people to follow to have your daily dose of Roski on your dashboard.

Extra links

We invite you to visit the Roski tag (and to track it) to know everything that’s going on in the Roski fandom. If you’re interested in Whovengers in general, we also recommend you its tag, you’ll find everything about this crossover, including some Rose/Bruce Banner fics.

And, finally, here’s the gif that’ll be handy in many situations

If you still have questions about the ship: don’t be shy, come and ask us. We’re all very nice and will be happy to talk about our ship with you.

If you’ve decided to come to the dark side by shipping Roski: WELCOME! You’ve been roski’d! Enjoy your stay.