My name is Peyton and I’m new to the studyblr community, so I decided to make an intro post!


  • 15 years old, freshman
  • Slytherin, Thunderbird, INTJ
  • I love KPop, especially BTS!
  • Favorite shows: The Flash, Riverdale, RWBY, and My Hero Academia
  • I absolutely love giraffes!

why did i join the studyblr community?

I joined the studyblr community to become more motivated. I would like to get excellent grades through highschool and i think being surrounded by others who have the same goals will help. I want to post my notes and share ideas with the people in this community. I also hope to make new friends!

my classes

  1. French I
  2. Art I
  3. Honors World Literature I
  4. Honors Biology
  5. Lunch//Advisory
  6. Honors Algebra I
  7. World Geography

my inspirations

@studywithinspo @studyquill @emmastudies @studyign @tbhstudying @myriadinklings @revisign

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‘probably’ doesn’t look like a word anymore

whatup i finally made one of these

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probably got some of you twice or something

that had better be all of you cause my hands are tired and i just want to watch the bee movie

edit: forgot some people


Hello and welcome to my langblr! I made this blog so I could stay motivated, revise and learn regularly. Apparently, an introduction is in order, so I thought we’d kick things off with a few basic information and goals.


  • Hi, I’m Ana
  • teenager
  • Hobbies include movies, books, playing piano, running and learning foreign languages


  • Slovenian (native) 
  • English (fluent)
  • German (B1 level)
  • Spanish  (A2/B1)
  • Learning Korean, French, Portuguese (Pt)
  • Serbo-Croatian but I never officially learned either the languages individually or as a mix so I don’t know anything regarding grammar  (will probably only post vocab or reblog stuff in it) 


  • Posting photos of notes or other stuff in all kind of different languages, vocabulary and grammar posts, masterposts, …
  • Helping people with studying or explaining things if they have any questions,…
  • Reblogging a bunch of jokes and memes (especially language related)
  • Movies and music suggestions in the languages I speak or am learning
  • Make new friends and find some people to practice the languages I’m learning with 
  • Teach people more about Slovenian because it’s an amazing language but not many people want to learn it


If you’re a langblr, like or reblog this and I’ll check out your blog (all follows go from main blog @gallagherish)!

I have come to the realisation that I have never done an introduction post! Excuse my rudeness, I really should’ve introduced myself sooner.


My name is Sarah. (she/her) I’m also known as Jane or Young. English is my native language but from the age 3 to 15, I lived in France. This meaning that I’ve gone through of my education there. I’ve recently moved to Belgium. 

I’ve been hanging around the studyblr community for a while without having my own studyblr or posting. 

I have an instagram by the same name as my tumblr (@teaunso)

here are the blogs that inspired me the most: @chrissiestudies, @rivkahstudies, @studylum, @studylustre, @studyquill, @tbhstudying @burgundycafe (i also tagged a bunch of studyblrs i love) 

blogs that i love♥︎ @cocathecat @girollle (<still waiting for those 2 to start their own studyblrs) @tealovingstudies and @logicallylearning 

Deeper stuff under the cut!

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hi y’all, so i made this blog nearly a year ago and had an intro post then, but i completely lost track of time and this blog, so im redesigning this blog and creating a new and updated introduction post!


-  my name’s nel and im just about to start year ten, or ninth grade in the us
-  so im officially starting my gcse work in less than a month’s time
-  i play trumpet and got my grade eight about a month ago, but im retaking it in december
-  i love languages, and am learning french, spanish, latin and ancient greek at school, which is… something.
-  some point in the next year im going to start preparing for the sats because ideally I want to go to uni in the us, to study to do something with psychology


-  maths
-  english literature
-  english language
-  biology
-  chemistry
-  physics
-  french
-  spanish
-  history
-  latin



(please excuse my awful header ;0;)


  • name: vik
  • age: 18, 19/4/1999
  • pronouns: she/her, he/him, they/them
  • mbti: intp
  • location: university of st. andrews, scotland
  • studying: psychology (MA), freshman
  • i speak danish, english, and french, and i can read norwegian and swedish. i’d like to learn russian!
  • i plan to become an investigative journalist or a psychiatrist 
  • i did the IB program
  • my main blog is @lifespan 
  • i struggle with various mental illnesses, so along with being a studyblr, this blog is also for recovery and positivity!


  • psychology, criminology, unsolved mysteries, some anime, classical lit, detective mysteries, bullet journaling, true crime, skincare, and coffee 💕

some of my favourite studyblrs are:

@izzystudies @gloomstudy @studyign @intellectys @einstetic @equaticns @baby-gloom

Hello, new followers!

There certainly are a lot of you!

So this post that I wrote a long time ago suddenly gained a lot of traction, and between when I went to bed around 1 AM and when I woke up around 11 AM (ahhh, Sundays), I gained almost 100 followers; in the last 3 days, that post has gone from 1000 notes to (as of last count) about 23KA LOT.


I used to have an introduction post, but it’s kind of outdated, and there are an awful, awful lot of you who probably only know me from one of two or three posts. So… hi!

Radfems, TWERFs and SWERFs are explicitly not welcome here, and I do not want my family stories or life used for your politics. I block all three categories, full stop. Radfems & TWERFs/TERFs deny the essential humanity of myself and my daughter and if you self-ID as one of those, please save us all the trouble and just don’t. If you’ve reblogged one of my posts and added something about how this proves one of your points, please pretend you respect other people and take it down.

If you are here because you don’t understand the post about the dog that attacked me, or its point, either legitimately or because you don’t really want to get it & want to argue with me about it, tell me I need to get counseling for my fear of dogs, tell me I’ve compared men to dogs, please go read seananmcguire explaining the post to someone who already sent me an ask about it. That pretty much covers why the post exists. Also you should buy and read Seanan’s books.

Also, also, all of the stories about @seananmcguire​ you’ve heard are probably true if they’re bizarre or funny. Especially the one about the lizard and the one about the frog. 

If you’re here to tell me my views on asexuality & the queer community are wrong or that stuff I lived through & you weren’t born yet for is ‘ahistorical,’ go away. This blog is explicitly anti-gatekeeping for the Not-Straight Club.

If you’re here about the post about my great-grandmother, I kind of don’t have it in my heart to answer all the sad family stories. If you shared a family story on that post, thank you. If you want to use it to make some sort of gross radfem point about marital rape or some comment about how my great-granddad should have learned to pull out, I’m gonna block you without answering you. Don’t be gross.

If you’re here about the post about spoon theory, I ended up so grossed out by a small group’s insistence on gatekeeping (yeah, anti-gatekeeping is kind of a thing for me when it comes to marginalized groups, who knew?) that I no longer call myself a spoonie and use ‘energy currency’ instead of spoons.

If you’re here about the tiny house post, please read the notes, I’m not gonna explain it again.

Anon is never turned on, but if you ask me not to publish an ask, I won’t. Please remember to put that in the ask.

So here’s some stuff you should know about me:

I’m older than large portions of Tumblr, and in a fair number of cases I’m probably twice your age or more. If that’s a problem, I really am not offended if you aren’t cool with interacting with me. Age can be a powerful unbalancer in social relationships. I am going to get annoyed if you start 'explaining’ stuff I lived through to me and insisting you know my history better than I do.

Since it bears repeating one more time: I’m not interested in interacting with TWERFs, SWERFs, or ace-exclusionary queers. I’ve been Out for 26 years & I really have no desire to argue my lived experience with anyone. I explicitly reject the terms SGA & MGA.

My immediate family consists of my spouse adhocavenger, my teenage daughter @mistresskabooms and my stepdaughter, my adopted son scribbleowl (who lives across the continent from me), and adhoc and I’s 3 dogs, hereinafter referred to as BigDog (Lex), SmallDog (Kusto), and Captain America, aka Cap, aka Pudding Butt, who is actually the tiniest of them, but SmallDog has been called SmallDog by our family for like ten years now. 

My extended clan includes @programmerdad and @sperari and their lovely kidlets, who I adore. I love @programmerdad a lot and am lucky that DadHoc and I have such a lovely boyfriend. 

I have other adopted internet kids. They’re great. I’m not tagging them unless they give me the okay to do so, because I don’t know if they want me to say so!

My sister is judicialmistrangementorder & you should also follow her blog imamusiciannotafemalemusician. I will fucking fite you if you lay a finger on her.

I’ve been called Spider for 20+ years, & now a lot of people call me Mama Spider.  

I am a Jewish convert in progress. I will be glad to talk to you about my conversion process and progress but I am not an expert on Judaism. Please do not approach me as if I were one!

In this house we do intersectional feminism, we don’t do transmisogyny, we recognize asexuality as valid and part of LGBT and no I won’t argue about that no really, we recognize that biphobia, transphobia/transmisogyny and acephobia are all real and not just subsets of homophobia. In this house we don’t do antisemitism or Islamophobia, and we’re thoughtful & careful about our interaction with other cultures, because we recognize White people have to be actively careful to manage the harm we can do. This goes like quadruple for interaction with Native culture.

In this house Black Lives Matter, and if you don’t understand why I have to say that, please click here and listen at least 20 times on loop. If you don’t understand after that, I can’t help you. If you tell me All Lives Matter I shall send you to bed without supper and you can think about what you’ve done.

In this house we try to stay in our lanes & we understand call-outs while being aware of the toxic parts of call-out culture. Be cool to teenagers: you were one, and yes, the shit you said was just as stupid. You don’t win points for browbeating a teenager over an idea, you just look like a jerk.

If you screw up and you say something that hurts someone, say you’re sorry, and try not to do it again. It’s not that hard! Don’t tell them they shouldn’t be hurt. This goes double if it was an accident. “I didn’t know that was offensive, I’m sorry for hurting you. I’ll be more mindful in the future.” See how easy that is? That’s how we do in this house.

I’m bi/pansexual, genderfluid (or non-binary, still unsure which label I like better, so yeah, it’s cool to be questioning at any age), disabled, neurodiverse, and don’t want pity or to hear how sorry you are for either of those things. Being autistic is just fine, and it didn’t happen because I am vaccinated. I have PTSD and GAD, and I live with both of them. They’re terrible roommates but I’ve got used to them. I’d like it if people would just stop throwing shade at the invisibly ill when we park in handicapped spots – I’m missing part of my spine, for fuck’s sake – and playing Oppression Olympics will get you stern looks and no dessert.

In this house we do nerd culture, there are no fake geek girls, and we understand that women invented masked superheroes (The Scarlet Pimpernel), science fiction (Mary Shelley), the modern novel (Jane Austen), dystopia fiction (Mary Shelley again), computer programming (Ada Lovelace and the ENIACs, which is my new band name), and got Star Trek on the air (Lucille Ball). 

If I didn’t cover it, assume if it involves being a jerk or punching down, I’m not okay with it. 

If it involves dogs being adorable, otters, mermaids, spiders, most of the major fandoms Tumblr loves (I can’t get into Supernatural, sorry, I tried), or people doing awesome shit, I am definitely here for that. 

I am a Social Justice Rogue. My points tend to be sharp and driven home when you’re not expecting it.  Also I might steal your powers via touch. I will neither confirm nor deny that. 

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If I get enough XP I think I’ll dual-class to Bard.

@hypoallergeniccuddles​ thinks I’m secretly Mrs. Weasley.

That may be true also. If so, please remember what happens when you fuck with Molly’s children.

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Welcome. Supper is at seven, the Wizard Home will make a room for you if you need it.

Basic information

  • name: Nastya // Anastasia
  • age: 19 y.o. (11/18/1997)
  • sign: Scorpio
  • location: Russia, Moscow
  • university: HSE
  • major: Oriental studies // Korean studies
  • minor: Psychology
  • grade: junior
  • hobby: psychology, languages (English, русский, 한국어), photography, graphic design

I’ve been trying to become a member of the studyblr community for about 2-3 years, but failed because mixing up different fandoms and studyblr wasn’t a good idea. However, a few days ago I created a side blog which is fully dedicated to studies. It might sound stupid, but it was an important step for me because I separated my personal interests and studying at university in the real life too. My main blog is @pureheartemotion and side blog - @orchidsstudies. My original posts you can see here.

Classes for the 1st semester

  • Logic
  • English Language
  • Korean Language
  • Economic Psychology
  • Economic Theory


  • Shameless, esp. Gallavich
  • Sherlock, esp. Johnlock
  • Lee Min Ho
  • South Korea // Korean language
  • LGBT dedicated films like “Blue is the Warmest Color”, “Carol” etc.
  • medicine
  • detective stories

Blog inspirations: @potterstudy, @studyingmeow, @equaticns, @warmhealer, @studyplants, @phctcsynthesis, @emmastudies, @stillstudies, @gloomstudy, @hwangmyeons, @focusign, @cielstudies, @biochemis-tree, @studyrose, @soymilkstudies, @lycheestudy, @studypunked, @tbhstudying, @athenus, @shellstudies, @eintsein, @bookmrk, @norastudys, @freakygeekclique, @studylustre, @sushi-studies, @studydiaryofamedstudent

helloo everyone! after about a million changes of url and theme, i’ve finally found the perfect one! i’ve had this studyblr for quite a while but just didn’t post much. now that junior year is starting, i’ve decided to start it as it would really motivate me and i hope to motivate other people in the community!

about me:

  • i’m ava, a 16 year old girl
  • my birthday is on february 2nd therefore being an aquarius
  • i was born in australia but i’m currently living in america
  • i can speak english and spanish and somewhat french, but i’m hoping to learn german as well
  • i’m interested in choosing biomedicine as my major in college

what to expect:

  • lots of motivation, inspiration and aesthetics
  • my own notes eventually when school starts which is soon
  • everything good :)

inspired highly by:

Hi! I’ve decided that I wanted to re-vamp my studyblr a bit so that I actually use it to motivate myself and others to study! (so far, I’ve only been using it to reblog pretty stuff…haha…so I’ve been very unproductive) I decided to do another intro-post so that I could introduce this re-done version of this blog. Here goes!

About me:

  • I’m Hannah
  • I’m 16 
  • I’m a junior in high school (11th grade)
  • I live in the United States
  • I absolutely love pastels - they’re so pretty!
  • I play the clarinet in both my school’s wind ensemble and marching band
  • I also sing in choir and play (some) piano
  • I love reading, sleeping, and wasting time on Instagram/Tumblr

2017-2018 Classes:

  • BC Pre-Calculus
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Spanish 5
  • AP U.S. Government and Politics
  • Honors Language and Composition
  • AP Chemistry 2

Studyblr Goals:

  • To be motivated and inspired by my fellow community members!
  • To form good habits and have discipline
  • Create usable content (printables, downloads) for myself and my followers
  • Give tips/advice for school, music, social life, etc.

Inspirations (just a few of them):

@emmastudies - she first brought me into the studyblr community. Love her printables and wallpapers! 

@studyign @acadmia @intellectys @bookmrk @studyblr @studyoblivion @theteadesk @nerdybun 

A reminder that my ask is always open! Ask me anything :)

Also!! I’m looking for some more studyblr’s to follow! For a follow-back, please like, reblog, and follow! If you want, feel free to shoot me a message telling me what you study/anything else about yourself!

That’s all for my introduction. Thanks for reading!

Hello everyone! My blog is brand new and I’ve decided to introduce myself to the studyblr community. So here you go :)

About me:

  •  My name is Benedetta, but you can call me Benny for short.
  • I’m italian, so obv italian is my mother tongue
  • I’m 19 (November 8th, 1997) and I’m an INFJ
  • Pronouns are she/her
  • I’m studying for a bachelor’s degree in Applied Interlinguistic Communication (that basically means Interpreting and Translation studies) in northern Italy.
  • I’m learning German and Dutch, but I can already speak English, French and Spanish. 
  • I’m about to start my second year of university.


  • Foreign languages of course! Germanic languages are my favorite. Also I’m obviously very interested in anything regarding translation + interpreting, since that will be my future field of work.
  • Books. I used to read a lot but unfortunately I don’t have that much time anymore. Maybe that’s an excuse?
  • Music (I mean, who tf isn’t interested in music of some sort?). I listen to a lot of different genres but metal and indie rock are probably my favorite.
  • TV Series (i.e. GOT, Stranger Things, Mr Robot, Penny Dreadful, Vikings, Black Mirror). 
  • Typography, fonts and good graphics. SOOOO SATISFYING
  • Writing. I keep a sort of journal where I write my thoughts
  • Keeping up with politics and current events. That’s also a must for any (future) translator/interpreter soooo
  • Travelling! I haven’t visited that many countries yet and I’ve never been outside of Europe, but I’m young and still have plenty of time. 

Which classes will I take this upcoming year?

  • English + italian-english translation
  • German + german-italian translation
  • Dutch + dutch-italian translation
  • English literature
  • Italian linguistics
  • LIS (Italian Sign Language) >> so excited for this one!

Why a studyblr?
Because I need motivation + inspiration and also good study tips are always useful. I’ve always been a brilliant student in school but during my first year of university things didn’t go quite as planned. I probably underestimated the amount of work sooo I didn’t start to study and organize properly until it was too late. I started to suffer from severe anxiety during the first semester and I wasn’t even able to attend lessons for a while. I fell into a pit of procrastination+ anxiety + depression + very low self-esteem, but I was finally able to get out of that and I started to study and attend lessons again. I’m almost finished with my first year exams now and I can say that in spite of everything I am pretty proud of myself, I’ve done pretty well in all my exams.

I feel very motivated for the upcoming year and I want to be the best student I can be. My anxiety is a looot better now and I hope that it will never get in my way again.

Also, this is actually my second Tumblr. I’ve been following this tag from my main blog for months and now here I am. If you want to see my main and personal Tumblr, here it is.

What will I be posting?

  • I want to start the 100 Days of Productivity challenge, and I will do that as soon as my second academic year starts (mid-October).
  • German and Dutch vocab, that will be useful for my fellow germanic languages learners and it will be a way for myself to refresh my memory. Of course then I want to post some Italian vocab, since italian is my first language. I want to help all the Italian learners out there, so message me if you want some help of any kind :) Let me know if you would be interested in some italian lexicon.
  • Study + mental health/stress relief tips.
  • Language learning tips
  • Motivational posts

Who are some studyblrs that are inspiring me?
@emmastudies @studywithmariana @studyquill @studylustre @floralstudent @sonjastudies @educatier @lavishstudies @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyblr @myastudies @suplanguages @lovelybluepanda @studyelles @growstudies 

I’m happy to follow new studyblrs too :) just leave a like/reblog or message me 

About Me!

I’ve had a studyblr for a while now but I haven’t even introduced myself haha. So here’s my late introduction!

I got lazy drawing but here is some more info


  • Playing piano and learning new songs (I only play songs I like)
  • Drawing (or scribbles as seen above)
  • Photography (I’m all my friend’s personal photographer haha)
  • Sleeping really late or sleeping at 4 am and complaining why I’m so tired
  • Purposely using many dishes when it’s my brother’s turn to wash them
  • Going to the library and accidentally forgetting to bring pens :))))

School Life

  • My school specializes in film (my blog doesn’t make it seem like it, right?)
  • Manager of the volleyball and basketball team
  • So ready to graduate high school
  • Would slack off but gotta maintain my ranking to give the speech at the end

Other Thingies

  • the out-going positive friend
  • Haruki Murakami is my favorite author! My favorite of his is Kafka on the Shore.
  • I love The Little Prince omg
  • This stupid mosquito kept bothering me at 3 am. That thing started to buzz all around me. It left me alone for a moment but when I was eating my ice cream while watching Kubo, it came back and started buzzing again and I threw my ice cream.

Blogs who inspire me are @studyplants@merakinotes@studythereal@obsidianstudy@mochi-studies​ and many more!

Super late on the introduction stuff but it’s whatever. That’s about it, ask me some questions if you want to lmao

Hello Everyone!

Just recently, E found out she’s starting some intense college courses earlier than she thought and with that news we started the process of adding another admin to help manage the blog. We approached a blogger in our community and she agreed to help admin the blog with us at least until the end of August when she starts up courses, and perhaps longer if her schedule allows. So, with great pleasure we’re happy to introduce to you:

Admin: Ther!!!

So, now there’s three of us over here providing you with the incorrect quotes you know and love! 

Alslo, just so y’all are aware, E is not leaving permanently and will most likely be back later on this year, but she is taking a bit of a sabattical due to how much work her courses are going to take. If you see posts that were made by her, it’s because she’s given us permission to post the quotes she’s drafted as well to continue to rotate posts out of the drafts. We’re going to miss her for the time she’s gone, but we’ll all be happy to see her come back too! Thank you so much for following along and supporting us as we transition into a new period of time! Take some time to welcome Admin Ther to the blog if you like and wish E well as she studies like a boss!

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(E is totally Mycroft here btw)


-R. R. Hudson

Hi everyone -

as I am fairly new to the studyblr community, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself. 

My name is Sophie and I’m 19 years old. I’m from Montreal, Canada and currently studying Literature at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). I’m a proud Hufflepuff and my personality type is INFJ. 

I started this studyblr as a way to keep myself motivated and frankly to please my aesthetics needs. 

As I study Literature, you can probably deduced that I’m an avid reader. That’s why I’ve set up a books rec page. I will be putting out reviews of books I’ve read and I have a to be read books list up right now. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your next reads, you can check that out and if you want my opinion on books I haven’t reviewed yet, hit my askbox and I’ll give you a piece of what I thought of the book. As I am French Canadian, there is certain variety of books in French and a certain amount of Quebec Literature which I recommand to anyone who’s looking for diversity in their readings.

I’m also a feminist and I am orienting my major in Women’s studies. 

here are some of the blogs I draw inspiration from; 

@studylustre @areistotle @hogwartsstudiess @hufflepuffwannabe @athenastudying @cafedetude @procrastilate @alexistudying @obsidianstudy @literaturs @rafstudyblr @emmastudies @jemadmire @intellecta

hello everyone! college just started and i decided to make a studyblr so that i could find others to exchange study tips with, keep myself motivated and accountable, make friends, etc.^^


  • my name is amanda/혜진 (hyejin)
  • 19 years old american
  • i’m an english linguistics major @ 한국외국어대학교
  • i live in seoul, south korea
  • you may know me from my langblr, @koreanbreeze
  • i speak english and korean, am leaning russian and japanese
  • i plan on having a second major of russian or english education
  • i am intj-t and a proud slytherin
  • i am a huge fan of 방탄소년단 (since 2013 woo)
  • i have two cats, sonny and cher (i don’t get to see them again until december ahh…)
  • tracking #hyejinstudies

classes this semester:

  • english conversation (2)
  • flex russian
  • korea and the world
  • korean history
  • korean literature
  • readings in russian (2)
  • russian conversation (2)
  • russian grammar (2)
  • teaching english pronunciation


  • to get all As
  • to reach b1 in russian
  • to work as a translator and English tutor
  • to be less stressed (lol)
  • to be more organized
  • to be happier

studyblrs i follow:


feel free to come and say hi to me or ask any questions you might have about korean! also, i clearly need more people to follow; if you are also a linguistics major, are studying korean and/or russian, etc., please let me know! happy studying everyone^^

Hi! My name is Brianna and I run Bumblebri-Studies . Although I’m not new to tumblr, I am relatively new to the studyblr community and I use it as a method of motivation. My first experience was actually through youtube a couple months ago while I watched Studyquill’s study with me videos. While I enjoy school and learning, I am not usually motivated enough to go the extra mile and I find myself doing just enough to keep low A’s. Through this blog I’m hoping to push forward my sophomore year and perform to the best of my ability so that I can eventually get high enough scores to get into Stanford and study Political Science and Law

Before I really got into posting I just wanted to introduce myself properly 😊

-I usually go by Bri or just B

-I live in Florida and I’m 15 and will be starting sophomore year when summer ends

-My favorite subjects are Science, English, and world history

-I love to write and draw

-I’m president of my school’s GirlUp club and I do debate

-I love reading

-I want to be a senator when I finish school  

Some things that I will be posting here are:

Playlists, Notes, Tips on Annotation and Essays, reading lists, book recommendations, journal entries, and eventually bullet journal entries as well 😊

I look forward to the next year and I hope this experience is a positive one for all involved! I also follow the tag #BusyBri




So, after multiple random hiatuses I am back and have suddenly remembered that I haven’t done an introduction post! Where are my manners?!

Stuff you should know:

I’m gonna be going by Persephone bc I love it as a name and I prefer not posting my real name (bc I don’t like it, essentially)

• I’m from NSW, Australia, (so school year goes late Jan/early Feb to early Dec) and I’m in Grade 10 currently

• My dream University is either Cambridge or Oxford

• I started this because academics have always been my strong point and I figured this would add an extra element of fun (which school tends to lack) and hopefully motivate me through my last three years of high school

• Due to being in Grade 10, I’ve only chosen two electives, so my current subjects are maths, english, science, religion, health and pe, history, french, latin. My intended subjects for next year are french, latin, english extension, modern history, ancient history and advanced mathematics

About me:

• I’m half-English so I have dual citizenship (and am rlly pissed off that Brexit happened)

• I’m 15 and my birthday is February 8

• My hobbies include reading, writing, playing guitar, drawing/painting, singing terribly and listening to music

• I love animals (I live on a farm so I’m always surrounded by sheep + 5 dogs and a cat; literal heaven)

• As you probably guessed from my URL, I love Harry Potter and am in Slytherin House. I’m also an Aquarius and INTJ (although apparently it’s common to mistype as INTJ when you’re actually ISFP or something??)

• My interests and passions include politics/law, history, literature, languages, human rights (feminism, queer rights, anti-racism), witchcraft/magick and mental health (that makes me sound really boring…I hope I’m not:/)

• I’m a non-binary girl and use either she/her or xie/xem pronouns; I’m questioning orientation but I’m pretty sure I’m ace panromantic

• I have depression and anxiety so if I randomly drop offline it’s probably because I just couldn’t deal with life that day/week/month (sorry about that)

Favourite/Inspirational Studyblrs:

@emmastudies @intellectys @lilypadstudies @procaffeinates @studylustre @sleepystvdying @alimastudies @inteqrals @hufflepuffwannabe @studytherin @equaticns 



Maybe you’ve seen me ghosting around in the studyblr community for a couple of weeks. I wanted to wait until the semester break to make an introduction post, so here it is!

A few things about me:

  • my name is Nesibe
  • I was born in September, my sign is virgo
  • I am a Muslim
  • I am kurdish
  • I live in Austria and go to a regular high school, I chose the part where the concentration is on science
  • some of my classes include: german, english, latin, maths, history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, science labor (bio one week, chem the other)
  • I am so clumsy omg🙈
  • it’s raining here right now

Some of my fave studyblr accounts: @alimastudies @annie–studies @bobstudies @bohostudying @bookish-studyblr @bookmrk @cakestudies @carefulstudies @cupoftea-studies @cmstudy @elainestudyblr @emmastudies @equaticns @floweringstudies @intellecta @jasminesdesk @katsdesk @lillastudies @miennstudies @milkstudy @minastudying @owly-studies @peachylearning @peachystudy @shaistudies @productiveflower @productivityplant @psychstvdies @rawanexplores @sherlockianstudies @soymilkstudies @stillstudies @studyfulltime @studylustre @studyingformemyselfandi @studynostalgic @studypetals @studyplants @studyshu @studywithinspo @stuhde @tbhstudying @thystudies @universi-tea @soo-studies @studywithheart @studyingprincesss @eatsleepstudypsych @studycrowns @hogwartsstudiess 

My ask and message box are open for everyone! I’d love to make friends!💞

@rhoderunnerandco, previously @askrhoderunnergem, now revamped and fully operational!!


   “Hey everybody! I know it’s been a while (sorry about that, yikes), but me an’ my pals are back! Went on a bit of a “vacation,” and I got a bit too comfy doin’ nothin’. Sorry to be gone so long, but we’re back, and better than ever! Everythin’s been polished up, and some of that gem sparkle is back in business.

   “Shoot some asks our way to any one of us, we’d love to hear from you guys! Thanks a ton y’all, can’t wait to hear what you have to say!” ❤



Hello, guys! 

I realized that most of my followers don’t really know me, so I want to introduce myself now as I have reached more than 37,000 followers. 

My name is Thea, I am 19 years old and I live in Norway. I started this blog June 2013, which means I’ve had my blog for four years now. 

I dedicate my blog to all the amazing, flawless and spectacular nature and landscape photographs from all over the world. A while after I started my blog, I found out how fun it is to photograp the things you want to remember. So I started uploading some of my own photos, you can find them here or here.

And you guys have been extremely supportive! I have to thank every single one of you, for following me, reblogging and liking my photos. I appreciate it so, so much. I’m deeply thankful. 

Remember that you can always submit your own photographs to me - I will post them as long as they fit my blog. [Submit here].

If you have any questions about me, my blog, or anything else, you can always send me a message or an ask

I hope you all are doing good and that you all have a nice day or night. Stay hydrated and enjoy the little things in life! :)

- Thea