Miyawaki Sakura’s introduction Ameblo post (2011-10-25)

Today、The member that’ll be introduced…。

Is Miyawaki Sakura。

At first I thought I should introduce them by alphabethical order、
Anticipated by everyone、 I think it would not interesting、
So I hurried and changed it to random order。

Well、 I will return to the introduction of Miyawaki Sakura.

Nickname is Sakura。
13 years old、Second year of Middle School。
The only Kagoshima born member of HKT48。

Her height is small、Body is also thin、But she dances good。
her personality is firm。
Always pulling up everyone。

Also、She loves pulms、She’ll always have a pulm candy。
On the top of her Bento rice there is a pulm、this definatly won’t leave soon。

This is a massage from this Miyawaki。
Always、Cherry’s full bloom of smile to everyone、I’ll be always happy。

And more。
This was Miyawaki Sakura。

Well、I wonder who I’ll write about tomorrow…。

anonymous asked:

Okay but when will you make doodles?

I mean like… Animations on your YT channel.

after i posted the introduction video i sort of didnt really have a second video planned (woops) and then uni happened and ahhhhh social life and ahh tumblr doodles but nOW i plan to post either an animation about what ive been doing since i uploaded the introduction video and/or an animation about this phan dream idk ahh im just not a very good youtuber when it comes to keeping up with a schedule so apologies for the lack of content but please be patient with me and hopefully any wait between videos will be worth it :DDD

ngl i kinda wanna do Doodle [as apposed to Vlog] Every Day in April but eh i dont know if i will be able to as lol animation takes ages.


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It needed to exist, and now it does! Fantasy of Color is a blog dedicated to sharing art, photos and stories of people of color in a fantasy, urban fantasy or steampunk setting. Feel free to browse, suggest artists, or submit! Keep in mind that if you are submitting all artists must be credited. This blog will occasionally have nudity, all risque posts will be tagged NSFW.

We’re just getting started!

Hello tumblr! Introducing yourfaveisaro, the new desintation blog for all your aromantic spectrum and queerplatonic headcanons!

Aromantic, demiromantic, grey-romantic, lithromantic, WTFromantic and queerplatonic headcanons are all welcome here! (and yes, this definitely includes aro spect allosexual headcanons)

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Smith and Jones - Behind the Scenes (Part One of Two)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s article in DWM #381:

      The best way to bond with your new leading lady?  Carry her around for a bit.  Everyone knows that.  So then, here’s the Doctor, deathly pale, ferrying an unconscious Martha Jones across Royal Hope’s MRI Room like some kind of be-suited Frankenstein’s Monster.  David and Freema are already having a laugh in between takes.
      “This is the Paisley pallor,” notes David, pointing at his face.  “The irony is, I look like this before make-up every morning.”
      “Do we want to carry Freema into the room for this next take?” wonders first assistant director Gareth Williams.
      “No, I’ll walk and save David’s arms,” she laughs, then winks at Gareth.  “It’s okay, love, no need to be polite.  David’s not acting now - this is real pain!”
      “I had to have my hand in a very particular place,” he tell us, out along the corridor once the scene is safely in the bag. “She’s light as a feather, but the grip was proving problematic.  I don’t think any damage was done, but it could have been a tragic start to our working relationship!”
      He’s offered coffee.  “I won’t, thanks,” he grins, “because I’m already talking far too much.  I’ll turn into a gameshow host.”
      David is back in the MRI room, still sporting the Paisley pallor and doing what he calls “I-can’t-stand-up acting.  You end up hyperventilating a bit.”
      He has to stagger across the room and deliberate between the red and blue wires, ultimately removing the red.  He cuts one take short. “Oh dear, the blue one’s come out,” he hoots.  “That’s the universe destroyed, then!”

[Part Two]
The rest of my behind-the-scenes photosets are available here

Roski: Introduction and Welcome Package

Hello and welcome to the Roski fandom! Or may I say family as our group might not be big but we are united. This welcome package is a way for new Roski shippers to get up to date with our little fandom and for curious people to understand our ship.

Ready? Here we go!

Note: We assume from here that you’ve seen at least the four first series of Doctor Who and both Thor and The Avengers. There may be spoilers if you haven’t so read at your own risks.

Introduction: The Roski fandom is born from the Whovengers crossover which is, as indicated by the name, is a crossover between the series Doctor Who and the film franchise The Avengers. It’s a crackship between Rose Tyler and Loki. This ships started with this drabble by burnupasun on a graphic by takethewords. From this point, people started shipping it and it didn’t take long for other graphics, gifsets and fanfictions to take over Tumblr.

But how is this ship even possible? For this ship to happen, we’ve settled it in a precise moment of time in the majority of cases. It takes place in Pete’s universe during the time Rose is building the dimension cannon to go back to the Doctor, between Doomsday (2x13) and The Stolen Earth (4x12) for the Doctor Who part of the crossover and during the laps of time during Thor and The Avengers for Loki, after his fall from Asgard.

This choice is handy for two main reasons. First of all is the fact we have no canon informations about the events happening for both characters during this period of time. Everything can happen. Second is simply the fact that it’s the only time Rose is Doctor-less: she can allow herself to be attached to someone else without fearing the jealousy of the Oncoming Storm. It gives us the liberty to imagine what could happen in their life if Loki falls on Midgard and is rescued by a certain Rose Tyler from Torchwood.

Another possible choice for shippers is to go to an alternative universe choice by making Rose a member of S.H.I.E.L.D under the name of Bad Wolf, fighting with the Avengers. Some other headcanons are also possible, of course, and always make sense according to the original fandoms because we’re awesome this way. But you’ll most likely see Rose taking Loki home to protect him from Torchwood after his fall and taking care of him from there.

But… why this ship? We love this ship because, in a way, Rose and Loki fits together. In Doctor Who we’ve seen Rose’s ability to help the Doctor ("You’ve made me better"), her compassion, the way she cares about people and aliens. After Thor, Loki is damaged, broken, physically and mentally. He needs help, even if he’s probably too proud to ask for it. When they meet, a bond is automatically created between them, as she understand he needs to be taken care of. She’s his cure, the first person in a long time to actually accept him for who he is.

In a certain way, their relationship has many parallels with the relationship between Rose and the Doctor, which is both interesting and angsty. Loki isn’t an ersatz of the Doctor for Rose. He’s his own person, only with resemblances between him and the Doctor. She makes him better, loves him in her own way and he falls for her.

If you’re interested, you can read Kris’ rant, Mari’s answer to anon and Ruby’s answer to anon about Roski, it’ll give you different points of view about this ship.


  • … The Doctor: Shipping Roski doesn’t stop us from shipping Doctor/Rose. We all agree to say that Rose wouldn’t be able to love someone like she loves the Doctor. She may love Loki but she’s probably not in love with him. Part of her feels guilty about been that attached to someone else. This ship is full of angst and, in some masochistic way, we enjoy that. In the end (except in some AU cases), she’ll always choose the Doctor over Loki and will always find her way to the other universe to save the world.
  • … she/he doesn’t deserve the other one: I’ll stop you right now with a basic rule of Tumblr: don’t show your hate. We won’t be angry at you if you don’t ship Roski. We just don’t want you to tag your hate or you can be sure we’ll respond. You can easily TumblrSavior ‘Roski’ if you want, we won’t be mad at you for that.
  • … it doesn’t make sense: Most non-canon ships don’t, deal with it. We’re trying to stay as close from canon as possible and it makes sense in its own way. Maybe you have a different headcanon about Loki’s fall or what happens to Rose in Pete’s universe: it’s okay. Maybe you have a different headcanon about Roski: SHARE WITH US! We’ll be more than happy to see what other people think about it!
  • … what happens to Loki after that? Of course, Rose can’t save Loki at 100% or there would be no Avengers (and it’d be a shame). Most of the time, the simple fact that Roski choose The Doctor over Loki is enough for him to get mad and to decide to break New York. Sometimes, it’s the fact that Rose actually comes back and Loki sees her with TenToo. In the end, she always breaks his heart without meaning to and he goes back to his ‘true’ self by wanting his revenge on Thor.


FrostWolf You’ll sometimes come across this word and it’s simply another ship name for Roski based, of course, on Frost Giant and Bad Wolf. For some of us, it’s also the nickname Loki gives Rose because it’s just that adorable.

Fanfictions Thanks to Jistin, we have a very complete masterpost of most Roski fanfictions. Everything is well arranged and will be handy if you want to read fics about those two. (Giving you a reblogged link to the post, it’s easiest to click on the links this way)

Blogs that contribute the most to the fandom (graphics, fics, videos)

Note: There are of course other people shipping/posting Roski. This list isn’t complete but is a good start if you’re searching for people to follow to have your daily dose of Roski on your dashboard.

Extra links

We invite you to visit the Roski tag (and to track it) to know everything that’s going on in the Roski fandom. If you’re interested in Whovengers in general, we also recommend you its tag, you’ll find everything about this crossover, including some Rose/Bruce Banner fics.

And, finally, here’s the gif that’ll be handy in many situations

If you still have questions about the ship: don’t be shy, come and ask us. We’re all very nice and will be happy to talk about our ship with you.

If you’ve decided to come to the dark side by shipping Roski: WELCOME! You’ve been roski’d! Enjoy your stay.