introduction to political science

My Reintroduction

Hello my name is Nyomi and I’m a 17 year old who is starting her freshman of college this fall.I’m majoring in political Science.This is my reintroduction because I’ve just changed my url it was rlycoolstudent and I’ve not been present in the community because of senior year stuff.I’m back because this community is big help and I really want to document my time in college with you guys and show people the life of a polisci major.
Here is some stuff I like
- alternative music
- Star Wars
- thrifting
- the subject history
- coming of age films
- the 80’s
- photography
So yeah here is peek into me,so if you have any questions or just want to talk message me.

·  *  ⊹ · . ✧ A new studyblr approaches!!! ✧  .  ·   *  ·

Hello! I’ve been low-key lurking around the studyblr community for some time now, and since it’s the new year & I want to correct my study habits right now (but also have fun!) i’ve decided to get this blog going. 

Some things about me :

  • My name is Kei, and I’m 16 yrs old! (11th grade)
  • I want to major in law & political science
  • In school, I currently take English language & composition, United States history, macroeconomics, pre-calculus, Spanish, Italian, & French
  • I am self-studying microeconomics, and planning to start learning Japanese
  • I really like old movies, spicy food, music, anime, and video games
  • If you befriend me (please do I am very lonely) I will relentlessly spam you with memes or talk about the stars
  • I am The World’s Worst Procrastinator ™

Some blogs that have inspired me / I really like! :

@studykouffee , @intellectus , @areistotle , @colllegeruled , @chiazo , @yunstudies , @finelinrs , @busymarina , @dotgrids , @tbhstudying

I hope to get to know all of you! 


Hello! My name is Christina and after a few months of watching the studyblr community from afar, I’ve decided to join it myself!

Reasons for Creating a Studyblr:

-I want to motivate myself to stay productive and getter better grades as I begin my freshman year of college!

-I want to be more organized and track my progress

-I’m looking to improve my photography, writing, and social media skills. After all, I am a communications major.

-I also want to eventually start a full-fledged blog or a YouTube channel about studying and college life.

-Lastly, I’m obsessed with stationary, what can I say.

About Me:

-I’m 18 years old and starting my first year of college as a journalism major.


-Gay AF


-Writing (duh)

-Music ( I played flute and was a drum major in high school!)



-Politics (my minor is political science)

-Media and pop culture

-Interesectional feminism and LGBTQ rights

-Learning French and Greek!


@sophiestudyfreak @nerdstudies @emmastudies @halseystudy @aspoonfuloflanguage @writingdotcoffee @gomedorgohome @livingthatlibrarylifestyle @hstudies @collegerefs @doristudies @thestudyingdinosaur @hufflepuffsstudies @off-campus @studiees @astudyindetermination @stvdybuddies @lychiestudies @gaystudies @undergradtrials @strive-for-da-best @studyign @elkstudies @camellia-study @einstetic @maryplethora @alistudys @ivystudying @bristudiespsych @marias-studyblr @studyrose @linstudies @rhubarbstudies @bookmrk @productivityplant @minimaliststudy

Thanks for reading! I’m so excited to be a part of the community and I’ll be posting some original content soon!

Jan 31st // 5:25pm
After a long morning of running errands, it’s time to get down to business. Cleaned out my desk, set up everything I’m gonna need and I’m ready to begin.
On today’s to do list: finish making notes on the first 4 chapters of my syllabus, from the “Comparative politics and Governance” textbook, for my introduction to political science final.
Consider this a before shot- I will try to post a picture of how my desk looks like after I’ve spent hours on these notes.
Happy Saturday everyone xx