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you sat on the floor while sipping tea, Jimmy sat next to you drinking a strong cup of coffee just staring at the wall of darkness. “So did you like the song?”

“I didn’t like it Jimmy.”

“Really?” you could hear the sadness in his voice

“Yea, I loved it.” He listened to him giggle lightly at the response.“So you and Maggie…”

“Gosh [Y/N], what is it with you asking about Mag and I?”

“I just wanna know who my best friend is sexually involved with.”

“I’m your best friend?”

“So you and Maggie, are you two…”

“Yea, we are.” He whispered

“Oh ok. Well I’m tired so goodnight.” you placed your mug in his sink and walked towards the door.

“Where ya going?”

“Ethel’s, need a bed don’t I?

"I told you.” he started but you were already gone, tears welling up in your eyes.

I knocked on Eve’s door, she had a bed you could use. When you knocked though you didn’t expect Dell to fall on top of you as he fled from the trailer. He quickly jumped up and ran off, while Eve walked out the door to scream at him but noticed your aching body.

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“Oh [y/n]! Are you ok?”

“No.” she helped you up into her trailer and handed you some ice for your ribs.

“What are you doing here? I thought Jimmy…”

“He asked me to spend the night, then told me he was dating Maggie, so I left and came here to ask if I could sleep over.”

“Bet you didn’t expect Dell to fall on ya huh?”

“No” you painfully laughed

“Come on, I’ll get you to Ethel. She’ll help fix ya up.”

“He What?!” Ethel exclaimed when Eve told her what Dell did, “Oh sweetie no wonder you are hurting.”

All the girls, except Maggie and Elsa, had gathered into her trailer, Eve had ice on her hand, you with ice on your ribs, and some with rage in their eyes. They were scheming a plan, one you didn’t even listen to until you heard the familiar voice, “I’ll talk to him.”

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you looked up to see the concerned face of Jimmy inches away from your body, “I thought you were going to Ma’s?”

“I didn’t wanna disturb her, so I went to Eve’s, I knew she had a bed I could stay in.”

“Now look at ya, you’re hurt.” Sympathy fill his eyes as he touched your hand with the ice in it.

“Jimmy, if I didn’t wake up to her knocking, things might have went a lot different.” Eve said quickly, causing Jimmy to look from you to her.

“Eve, I’m glad you’re ok. Just let me talk to him first before ya’ll kill him.”

He then placed a hand on your back and under your legs and lifted you off the seat. you didn’t fight it even though you knew you should have, instead you leaned my head on his shoulder and let him take you to his trailer. He sat you on the couch and rearranged the pillow before lifting you again and placing on the bed. He just sat next to you and talked to you all night, until you passed out on his shoulder.

you woke up with your head on Jimmy’s shoulder, you could feel his arm around your shoulder and the other on your thigh, his head also resting on yours. you were sore, but what else did you expect after having a strong man land on you last night. you didn’t move much, scared you’d wake Jimmy up so you just sat and enjoyed the moment.

“You up?” you heard him whisper moments later

“Yea, you wanna go back to sleep?”

“Only if you lay next to me Maggie.”

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Tears formed in your eyes as you moved your head away from his shoulder. He then opened his eyes confused, but then looked more panicked when he saw who was in his bed. you just got up and walked out after that, and rushed as fast as your sore body would take you, and found yourself at Desiree’s door.

“Dess, you up?” you yelled as I knocked

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” She yelled on the other side, swinging the door open and seeing your watery eyes she pulled me in.

“Your ribs still hurting?” She sat you down at the booth and started towards the freezer.

“No Dess, I’m fine. Jimmy… called me Maggie this morning.”

“Why would he do that?" 

"Well see after he carried me back to the trailer we sat up talking and I fell asleep, woke up leaning my head on his shoulder, and he had one arm around my shoulder, and the other on my leg, his head resting on mine. I must have woken him up when I moved and when I asked him if he wanted to go back to sleep…” The tears started to fall at this point, “He said ‘Only if you lay next to me Maggie.’”

She was silent as she got up to now sit next to me, she hugged you as you cried in her shoulder.There was no denying it now, I really did have a crush on Jimmy, and it really hurt to see him happy with Maggie. you couldn’t mess that up though for him, he was also your best friend, you whimpered to Dess, “What have I gotten myself into?”

“Well Honey, you have fallen for an amazing man, who doesn’t see who he should really be with.” she patted your hair, “Now do you need to be getting to work?”

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you picked up your landline in the kitchen and dialed Maria’s number, Dess had driven me home in the car and dropped you off here, you told her you’d call Maria for a ride to work so she could get going. She hugged you before driving back to the show, and told you I’d be ok.

“Hello?” you heard a chipper voice say on the other end

“Mars, you gonna drive me to work or what?” you jokingly said

“Be there in five.” She hung up, causing you to race for your uniform.

“You what?!?” Maria exclaimed after you told her of last night

“I told you Mars. I spent the night and left this morning, after he called me the name of the girl he’s fucking.”

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“Oh don’t look now, here comes one now.” you looked up as Eve opened the door and took a seat at the counter.

“Hows the hand?” you asked getting her a slice of pie and cup of tea

“Good, hows the ribs?”


“Listen, Elsa told me to come get you, she wants you to perform tonight and the show.”


“I guess Desiree told her about what happened and they have a plan for you to get back, now come on, we all know you can sing. She wants you mid show, this one time. Remember the girl’s song?”

“yea Eve.”

you couldn’t help the memory creeping into your head, of the first night they performed it. Jimmy took you to the show, as you both stood and watched the boys crowd around the stage, you couldn’t help but smile at how good Dot and Bette were. That’s when Jimmy took your hand and led you outside, after telling Dell he was making sure you got to the bathroom ok in the rain. you two danced… in the rain, until it was his turn to go on.That’s when Dess and Ethel saw it your eyes that you really liked him, but they never questioned you on it.

“She wants you to perform it.” Eve said, pulling you back to reality, “She had me and Paul put the flyers out this morning advertising you.”

“Well let’s go I guess.” you smiled as you raced from the diner and into the truck that Paul was driving.

“What are you doing here?” Jimmy asked, “I went to the diner and Maria told me you left with Eve.”

“You are looking at the mid show performer tonight.” Elsa snapped, her german accent made it sound harsher than she meant it. “Now go away until the show tonight.”

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“Yes Elsa.” he said looking at you with hurt in his eyes, time to hurt him back a bit.

“He out there?” Ethel asked, she didn’t mind us doing this, she was more upset about the name slip then anything

“Yes Ethel, he is leaning on his pole as usual.” Paul spoke up as she finished your hair.

Elsa had lent me her one of her old dresses for the show, very shiny and form fitting, while Ethel put your hair in an updo and you applied your own makeup. It was almost time, you could hear Dess stepping across the stage as you hurried to the mic, everyone else was in place, but you.

“Now I know you all came to see the freaks tonight, but we have a treat for you all, she is very near and dear to our hearts, from the town of Jupiter I am pleased to present our heart throb.”

you heard the curtain open and the light hit you as the band started to play. you looked at Jimmy, who shot you a quick smile before you started to sing, the boys already crowding around the stage.

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I’ve been a Bad, bad girl,

I fell in love with a delicate mannnn,

and it’s a sad, sad world,

When a boy will break a girl just because he can,

Oh help me but don’t tell me to deny it,

I’ve gotta cleanse myself of all these lies,

till he’s good enough for me

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your eyes shifted to the man on the pole, who now could see why you were performing, why you were singing, and boy did he look hurt. His eyes shifted towards Elsa, who just glanced at him and smiled, then turned her attention back to me, smiling even bigger when she saw me smile.

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I’ve gotta a lot to lose and I’m betting high even though I’m gonna lose,

So before I do just tell me why you did ohh ohh ohh,

All you need is a good defense,

Cause you’re just a criminal,

and you need to be redeemed by the one you sinned against,

Because you’re all I ever knew love,

yeahhh what you need is a good defense,

Cause you’re just a criminal,

and you need to be redeemed by the one you sinned against,

Because you’re all I ever knew of Love-ove-ove-ove -love

As the music ended you looked up at Jimmy again, flashing a smile as the crowd hollered, the curtain closed as you squealed with glee, Eve picked you up in an embrace as the rest came out of the back to congratulate you. you were rushed to the backstage area, where Ma Petite stood with a huge bouquet of lilies and other flowers.

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“For you [Y/N].” She said behind the flowers.

“Oh guys you didn’t.” you took them from her as Dess throw an arm over your shoulder, “Like I said darling, near and dear to our hearts.”

She kissed your cheek before the rest of the troop rushed you to Elsa’s tent to change, however Elsa stopped us at the door.

“Wait, [y/n], how well do you know my introduction song?” She asked

“By heart Miss Elsa.”

“Good, you’re our closer too.”


“Go get 'em darling.”

you watched her walk away, and looked at your friends in shock, “Did she just…”

“Come on let’s get you on that rocket.” Eve said, pulling you towards the rocket.

“Just sit there the whole time.” Paul instructed as he helped you on, “The dress will make it hell to get off so when we pull you off I’m sure Eve can lift you off.”

“Knock them dead.” Ethel said as the band filled on stage, the crowd already going crazy.

As you was dragged center stage on the rocket, I looked for one face, but never saw it.

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Quick(ish) Comments about the HTTYD 2 Score from a Music Composition Major

I actually hate most music scores.  I have on several occasions insulted the movie composer at the end of a film in the theatre, only to find a big name like Hans Zimmer appear on the screen (um, whoops?).  But John Powell’s How to Train Your Dragon score captivated me when I first sat in the theatres, and as I bought the CD and listened to it dozens and dozens and times, my love for it has only grown.  Powell integrates the orchestra’s power with folk instruments and melodies, memorable tunes, creative motivic variations, and the intelligent use of the leitmotif.

The leitmotif, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, was first widely recognized as used by Richard Wagner.  It is a melody that is used within theatre (and now film) to signify a single specific person, concept, or idea within the story.  The music represents an ideological theme from the story, in essence.  And while I could talk extraordinarily about many other aspects of the HTTYD 2 score (such as its incredible use of complex midground, the energetic bass parts, and the great tambre combinations used), I want to focus especially on Powell’s use of the leitmotif – the different themes in the HTTYD 2 soundtrack – and why they make this score just as musically strong as the first.

I didn’t know what Powell was going to do for the score of the sequel, but what I wanted was that he not just rehash the same music or cut and paste the first movie music into the second.  I wanted something new and fresh, and we got that.  I’m going to admit when I first heard the HTTYD 2 score, I didn’t feel that impressed because the music seemed much more generic and less melodically memorable.  However, having now listened to the CD over nine times in the course of twenty-four hours, I can say that it has grown on me and I absolutely am amazed with what Powell has given us.

The music fits with the mood perfectly, and the different themes are all brought up at the perfect points.  He uses the different new melodies written for HTTYD 2 very well.  I’ll just briefly talk about each and what each melody (I feel) represents.

And for those who haven’t yet seen the movie, I’m going to try to euphemize my way around major spoilers.  But I am going to be talking about the plot of the movie and how the music relates to it, so read with your own discretion, I suppose.  You could probably extrapolate some things I am talking around if you think about it.

New World Theme (Hiccup as a Boy)

This theme we first hear in track 2, “Together We Map the World,” appears often when Hiccup and Toothless are adventuring – and consequently, when the two of them are avoiding responsibility.  We hear it again, interestingly, many times when Hiccup is with his mother, such as 0:46 of track 10 “Flying With Mother.”  I think that represents the fact that Valka is telling Hiccup the things he wants to hear – that he is destined to be a dragon savior like her, to go around the world traveling and seeing the dragons – as versus taking on the responsibility his dad is trying to force upon him.  And the last time we ever hear that theme is when Hiccup can no longer avoid responsibility, demonstrating his coming of age, in track 14 at 0:50 (no song title given because it’s “The Scene”).  The fact the theme dies after that truly represents to me the idea there is no turning back and living the life of a boy.

Dragon Vigilante Theme

The dragon vigilante theme is very closely associated with Valka and is first heard at 1:04 in track 4 “Toothless Lost” when Hiccup encounters her flying Cloudjumper.  We hear this song a lot and could arguably be the main theme of the entire movie, but I notice that it’s especially used when Valka is protecting dragons and living her role as the dragon vigilante.  This theme obviously takes the forefront in “Flying With Mother” in a creative combination of choir, percussion, and bass guitar, but you hear it more subtly in other places such as in track 12 when she enters the battle.  You also hear it at the start of track 14, which make sense, since while the story is obviously focused on Hiccup’s reaction, the scene has much to do with Valka and what it means to save dragons, as well.

Hiccup only has the theme directly associated with him at the very end of the story when, during the climax, he is coaxing Toothless (track 16 “Toothless Found”).  And I see that as him embodying the role of a dragon vigilante, as he is indeed saving a dragon (really, many dragons) right now with his actions.  This again shows a bit of coming of age, though I would love to discuss with people more about the future of his life in this sort of role.

For the Dancing and the Dreaming

The first time this theme is heard is the instrumental introduction before our characters begin singing on track 11.  This song represents the relationship between Stoick and Valka.  You hear it multiple times, such as during the fighting scenes and, appropriately and beautifully, as the main melody of track 15 (not giving title).  The choice to reprise that melody at this point in the movie is an incredibly powerful move, and makes me wish other composers could be so intentional about what music they use in scenes like this.

Alpha Dragon Theme

The alpha dragon theme is of course heard when we meet the Bewilderbeast in Valka’s sanctuary.  It’s also prominently used during the dragonfight in track 12 “Battle of the Bewilderbeast.”  But it also appears – incredibly significantly – in track 18 at 2:56 “Two New Alphas,” rather appropriately applied to the alpha dragon as he stands at the end of the film.  For those of you who have seen the film, you should appreciate the use of this theme at the end hugely.

Drago and His Dragon’s Theme

Pretty straightforwardly used, I think.  Drago comes in, that music is used, such as, for instance, at 4:23 of track 12 “Battle of the Bewilderbeast.”

Toothless in Trouble Theme

I actually wanted to talk about this just in the old movie before I got to watch HTTYD 2, and then I realized to my pleasure that it was included once more in the new movie, and in just as appropriate of a place.  This is probably the most incredible use of music I’ve seen in Powell’s HTTYD music.  We hear this theme only very rarely, and always in moments when one of the main characters is “down,” usually Toothless.  And here are the five times I have heard it significantly (note it’s hard to talk about instance #5 without hinting very heavily at spoilers):

1. Track 3 HTTYD score “The Downed Dragon” at 3:13.  Toothless is down and his life is at the mercy of Hiccup.  This is the scene where we are foreshadowed visually and through the music that Toothless and Hiccup will trade places as the “man down” by the end of the film.

2. Track 18 HTTYD score “The Kill Ring” at 3:59.  This is when Toothless is captured by the Vikings and chained – again, the dragon is taken down tragically, and is at the mercy of his captors.

3. Track 20 HTTYD score “Battling the Green Death” at 3:57.  Toothless falls underwater and is about to drown when Stoick saves him – he is at the mercy of Hiccup’s father, rather than Hiccup (as was with instance #1), and we again see a member of the Haddock family save the dragon.

4. Track 3 HTTYD 2 score “Drago’s Coming” at 2:06.  This is when Stormfly gets caught in a trap and falls down toward Eret and his dragon hunters.  Again, a dragon felled and at the mercy of Vikings.

5. Track 13 HTTYD 2 score “Hiccup Confronts Drago.”  This is used in the final point of rising action before the unspeakable event occurs.  This is an incredibly poignant place for the theme to be used as the final action culminates to Hiccup’s worst nightmare.  I would like to talk about how this is so appropriate on so many ways, but you’ll have to extrapolate those ideas for yourself for now.  I don’t want to get too spoilerific even if this very heavily implies events.

The Trumpet (Hiccup as a Man)

The solo trumpet is used to symbolize Hiccup’s coming of age and is heard significantly twice in the movie.  The first time is in track 15 at 3:15 during an important quote I shall for now not mention, and the second in track 18 when Gothi marks Hiccup on the forehead.

The Bagpipes in HTTYD 2 Track 15

I cannot talk about the use of the instrument without giving spoilers.  But if you are curious as to what I am thinking about and you’ve seen the movie, message me.

Use of Other Old Themes

The older themes do appear semi-frequently within the new movie score, though not as often as I would have expected.  Personally, I think this was a wise choice on John Powell’s part.  We hear enough of the themes to know it is a How to Train Your Dragon adventure, but since this is such a different chapter in Hiccup’s life and there are other important themes and ideas going about his life, it only makes sense that the music is going to reflect those different themes, too.

The most obvious reuse of the old themes is in a beautiful suite of all the main old themes in the first track.  I found this a very refreshing revision of the music – it sounded very new, exciting, and energetic, while at the same time giving the listeners that sense of adventure and draconic drama that made them fall in love with the first film.  It is incredibly similar to “This is Berk” and I encourage you to listen to them back-to-back.  I appreciate so much that we have the same themes, but presented in a wholly new way, rather than cutting and pasting the exact same sounds from the first movie.  I especially adore the Uilleann pipes in track 1 “Dragon Racing” at 1:42. 

One of the most famous themes from the first score, “Astrid Goes for a Spin,” doesn’t occur quite as often as you might expect.  But that music is used oftentimes as an exclamation to audiences, “Look!  We’re flying dragons!”  And we make that same exclamation at the start of the new movie in “Dragon Racing.”  Buuuuut… we know that the Vikings of Berk are riding dragons now, and it doesn’t warrant the same sort of excitement because it’s an everyday event by now.  However, that sense of adventure returns in other places, such as track 5 “Should I Know You?” when Valka is confronted suddenly with a son who * gasp * rides dragons, when they’re trying to ride baby dragons and that’s a novelty, or during the short adventure Hiccup and Astrid have when meeting Eret son of Eret in track 3 “Drago’s Coming” at 3:13.  This is my absolute favorite instance of reusing the old music because it’s incredibly original (never heard the variation before in the first film) but still very recognizable and exciting.  Lastly, during the final battles when there are epic dragon flying stunts, we rehear those themes from the first movie.

Similar events often warrant similar music.  For instance, when the youths swoop in on their dragons for the boss battle at 1:13 of HTTYD track 20 “Battling the Green Death”, the same music is played as with them swooping in on their dragons for the big battle on track 12 “Battle of the Bewilderbeast” at 1:29.  I could talk forever about the similarities between these two scores in the use of all the themes, such as the main danger-fight theme that follows, and how “Battle of the Bewilderbeast” flawlessly, effortlessly switches between new and old themes as the situation warrants and the action bounces back and forth between characters and many complex ideas.

Conclusively, while in the theatre I didn’t feel too impressed with Powell’s second score because the music didn’t stick out as much for a first impression, with several listens I have fallen completely in love with this score.  I marginally love the first score better because it has that upbeat happy, dramatic adventure feel, but the HTTYD 2 score is enormously powerful, musically complex, and very intelligently composed.  If you don’t have a copy of the soundtrack yet available to your ears, I recommend full-heartedly that you fix that.  John Powell’s music is genius - not just for HTTYD 1 - but also HTTYD 2.

'Romantic and Pop-Punk'

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summary: my pop-punk band never thought we’d get picked up by a band like 5 Seconds of Summer, but Luke took it even further

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