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what would you like to see in a red hood comic series?? characterization? stories? or what would you do if you were writing it?

Hm let’s see

For starters, I would love to see some conflict between Jason and the rest of the family over his moral system. Lately there’s been panels where Bruce more or less says that he’s come to view the Red Hood as a necessary evil… and I don’t really agree with that. I think that since Jason’s willingness to kill is one of the biggest differences between him and the general hero population, it should show up a bit more often. Jason is objectively terrifying. I want to see it. 

And as much as I’m (highly) in favor of reintroducing Jason to the batfamily, one of the biggest issues I had with his n52 portrayal was the sudden jump from enemy to never-mind-it’s-all-good, specifically when it comes to Tim. It didn’t read as realistic, and I think it removed a good bit of what makes Jason interesting. Side note: I would like to take this opportunity to formally challenge Scott Lobdell to a duel. Meet me by the Pyramid at dawn.

Anyway. Most of the reconnection happened offscreen, and that’s a problem– both because it’s poor writing and because a reconciliation process has all kinds of potential. You could fix it with flashbacks, but I might prefer to start over. Hmm what else? I would like more Jason and Damian scenes, because that relationship hasn’t really been explored yet, and they’ve got a lot in common. I would enjoy an expansion on the crime lord thing. I guess what I want more than anything is a character-based series that focuses on development, not necessarily plot. In general, I’m more interested in a character’s emotional arc than anything else.

I do have a couple of story lines planned out, but I think I’m gonna sit on those for now. Just in case. 

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In honor of the premier of Once season 5 I wanted to list my top ten favorite moments in various relationships on the show.

Snow Queen

Snow knows…. (1.07)

Snow knows that Regina hates her.  How long?  Who knows.  She even seems to have some understanding of why Regina might feel justified in this.  Or even more surprisingly be justified in this.  What kind of complicated feelings are in her mind.  How long has she known?  Days?  Weeks?  Years?  Imagine the implication that she’s known for years but didn’t want to believe it.  Regina after all was very bad at hiding her pain.

Regina the hero (1.18)

A woman comes charging out of nowhere and saves you from a moment of terror that you surely think will kill you.  It’s hard to imagine a more heroic introduction, or why young Snow imprinted on this beautiful ray of sunshine.  This woman who taught her not only about true love but about bravery and selfless connection.  It’s unsurprising that she desperately wanted to hold onto that woman even when everyone else doubted she existed.

Would you let her back in? (2.20)

I think this is actually a result of Snow thinking about her life and her circumstances during her bandit time.  Putting together the pieces as to what happened.  I think she thought about Regina a lot.  And Regina is shocked to find love still there because I think she’s so desperate for love she’s willing to abandon her anger in that moment.  But they come upon the bodies and the chance is lost… much like a tavern years before… did Regina think about this conversation like she thought about the tavern?

A moment of beautiful self delusion (2.15)

This is the Snow Queen version of the Cricket Game porch.  This is raw and human and they’re both operation from a place of self deception.  Regina thinking her justifications make her good.  Snow thinking she was willing to forgive when she hasn’t been that in a very long time.  Snow calls Regina on her delusions, and Regina calls snow on hers.  And the beautiful thing is they were both wrong.

Suicide by Evil Queen (2.17)

This is pure selfishness.  Snow used this woman to kill her own mother yesterday and here she is demanding she put more blood on her hands because Snow can’t face what she’s done.  Regina turned away from killing her that day, but Snow couldn’t have that.  But what I find really fascinating is the sadness in Regina’s eyes when she fines the dark spot.  As if she needs to believe in Snow’s purity as much as Snow does.  Snow goes to Regina to fix things when she’s desperate and in this case knowing that it would destroy Regina’s life beyond repair.  It’s such a wonderful moment full of desperation and anger and sadness and hate and a weird kind of twisted love.

Seeing her… (3.10)

Regina, her Regina, has been lost to Snow for a very long time.  And one day there she is, standing on the dockside alone.  Everyone is celebrating and all Snow can do is look at her because she never thought she’d see her again.

A chance at grace… (4.08)

I loved this conversation when the episode aired and I loved it more after 4B.  Snow is the biggest cheerleader to Regina’s redemption in part because I think Snow knows she hasn’t faced her own yet and if Regina can come back from the depths she fell than maybe she can as well.  That there is a chance at grace for her too… and it’s been alluding her for a very long time because she thought if she ignored the darkness it would fade.

A secret and a confession (4.13)

This is the reverse of their entire relationship.  Snow has a secret and she needs Regina to keep it.  Have they ever discussed secrets before this moment?  Snow has trouble saying these words.  She knows what she is asking is beyond reason… it requires something beyond hope … it requires love.  For Regina to do this thing she would only do it out of love.  And she does.

Rapprochement (3.18)  

They had a complicated history before this night.  They will never not have a complicated history.  But this is an apology.  I’m sorry I spent years trying to kill you.  And Snow recognizes immediately what it is and she doesn’t force Regina to be more specific or contrite.  She makes a joke of it and allows the forgiveness to just be.  I think the moment I fell in love with Snow was the moment she said she’d been such a brat.  And I still maintain that Regina’s last line has nothing to do with Eva.

An act of true love (3.19)

Regina seems to specialize in the impossible.  You can see on her face that there is no reason this should work.  But she wants it to so desperately.  Snow has faith in her ability to fix even this, and she does not want to see Snow loose her true love.  This is true love’s kiss in spectacular fashion.

BONUS:  She missed touching her… (1.18)

This touch was unscripted, but Lana says Regina just missed touching her.  She wanted her to stop crying.  And she’s mad at herself when she catches that instinct and turns it into a threat.  I will forever maintain that all the beautiful adult Snow Queen scenes come back to Lana Parrilla and Ginny Goodwin in this moment.

Sidekick Stole My Damn Utility Belt
Sidekick Stole My Damn Utility Belt

Sidekick Stole My Damn Utility Belt (Prod. By Kream Team)

The final single release from Y2G’s probably kinda decent tape Introduction to Heroics. By hiding in a bin outside Khris P’s house he managed to get a beat from him on the agreement that I stay off the premises from that day forward.

Anyway here’s the song! Shouts out to Zach for the mixing