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You know, I only came onto the Supergirl scene after 'Asking Too Much' was completed, and that fic was the most WONDERFUL introduction to the Supercat fandom (srsly, between this and 'Working From Home' I think I had maybe 50 re-reads). The upside to being late to the party is that the fic was already completed and the smut was readily available. I guess this is a roundabout way of asking: DO THEY FINALLY BANG IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF TMaTM?!

I will say this much… Smut. Is. Imminent. 

Artists, writers, meme-makers, and friends! 

Join us February 10th-14th for a fandom-wide Carry On Valentine’s Celebration!

Five days of prompts and fun leading up to Valentine’s day! 

You’re invited to make art, fanfiction, moodboards, playlists, headcanons, or anything else you can think of to celebrate this awesome event!


February 10th: Friendship Day

February 11th: Valentine’s Chocolate

February 12th: Secret Admirers

February 13th: Valentine’s Cards

February 14th: Valentine’s Day 

We will be tracking the tags “Carry On Valentine’s Celebration” and “Carry On Valentine’s”, so we will be sharing all of your amazing work! You can also tag us in your posts, @carryon-valentines.

This celebration is hosted by @carryonsimoncarryon and @eroticgropefest, so we are open for all questions involving this event (: Message us here or on our blogs.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with, so have an amazing Valentine’s week :D

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An Introduction to Viktuuri

The main fandom classics, and essential reading!

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya (197k) Explicit
‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’
A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.
Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.
Comment: Absolutely legendary fic in the fandom, but be warned, its like wading through a sea of angst and feelings. So many feelings.

Masquerade by Ashida (54k) Explicit
“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.
“Ok.” Yuuri smiled as this game of masquerade came to an end, what would happen now, he didn’t know, he would probably die, his family would come after him and try to put a knife in his back or a bullet between his eyes, none of it mattered, because together they would fight, and the rest of the world would finally burn.

Excelsior by powerandpathos (77k (WIP)) Explicit
Yuuri wanted the reporters to leave knowing one thing: That he had found Viktor in a way that they had not; that Viktor was his in the same way that he was not theirs: utterly, entirely, completely.
Yuuri has won the Grand Prix, which was everything he thought he wanted. But for Yuuri, an end to skating could mean an end with Viktor, and when two female skaters approach them with an offer that could make them or break them, they are put to the test more than ever. Can they rise higher than they already have?

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I love Discworld fans.

“Listen, there are forty-one books in this series that’s been going since the 80′s, so it’s going to be a little daunting! Luckily there are at least forty-one approaches to the reading order, so you’ve got options! Just…don’t start with The Color of Magic, for god’s sake. I mean, theoretically, yes, you could read them in order but hell, who would want to? Start with Guards! Guards!, he’s got the hang of the thing by then. Personally, I read them using this chart!” 

At which point they’ll pull out this lovingly made infographic that probably has sodding footnotes to boot, they’re so goshdarn helpful about it, when honestly, none of us really care which order you read them in, as long as you read them somehow. 

Just…don’t judge the series by The Light Fantastic, wait to read that one after you’ve finished Soul Music or something and feel brave enough to go back. Seriously, the first few books aren’t BAD or anything, but they’re like comparing a sketch in Leonardo’s notebook to The Last Supper.

  • Sister: You should meet my friend! She's a writer, too.
  • Me: Oh, cool! Yeah!
  • Sister: This is my friend--she's writing a novel! Friend, this is my sister--she writes fanfiction.
  • Me, who is also writing a novel, which my sister damn well knows: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...hi.
Welcome 🐝

To the positive bees Blog, Me ( @em-ori ) and @octaviablakesss decided to make this blog to spread positivity in The 100 fandom. If you would like to join send a ask or a message!

The 100 fandom needs some positive vibes, that is the main reason for this blog, we will be doing:

- shout outs

- sending nice messages

- and just other things to try and make people happy!

- We will also be taking submissions of edits or gifs, so submit some stuff. And we’ll give positive feedback.

A more realistic introduction to the Star Trek fandom for those interested in watching Discovery

So a couple of weeks ago, I made a joke post about watching 8ish hours of Star Trek every day before Star Trek: Discovery airs. It has (unsurprisingly) been brought to my attention that some people feel watching all 546 hours of Star Trek in the days just before Star Trek: Discovery comes out may be too ambitious for casual fans or newcomers. I still say with a little dedication, a can-do attitude, and probably quitting your job, you can still manage to trek through Trek from start to finish. (I’m kidding, don’t quit your job).

This could be you if you choose to take the hero’s journey through Star Trek

But I’m here to offer an alternative if you’re not willing to abandon your lives and families and responsibilities for the next two months ― 30 key episodes to watch before Discovery airs.

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hello all! 

my persona on here is called bleu and I just wanted to announce the creation of my blog! this blog will consist of various fandoms as i am obsessed with so much.

right now the emphasis is on:

  • 13 reasons why (any characters)
  • kpop (emphasis on bts bc they r my bbys i will cut off my toes for them)

i will gladly write smut/fluff, drabbles,scenarios, advice (on anything). I will try to write anything that is requested, I am not particular or have any boundaries on what is sent in.

I will nicely deny any requests if I feel uncomfortable (rape or incest) or I think others will be uncomfortable with. besides that, welcome to my blog!

 feel free to ask any questions about anything, ill be glad to answer them :-)

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Hope you're having a great day and you're smiling wherever you are because your writing makes me smile! I read everything off your master list in one sitting and probably squealed way too many times. I appreciate you so much! Do you have any recs for other angsty or fluffy works? -cuddly anon ❤

Oh my goodness, this is such a lovely thing to write, thank you so much! I’m gonna reread your kind words whenever I feel down, because they made me smile so much!  ❤️❤️

Now… as for fic recs… get ready!! I’m about to recommend some of my favorite writers on here, and unleash my love for them in the process, just a warning:

Originally posted by cutebts

@an-exotic-writer - Honestly, everything written by Missy is phenomenal, but I’ve picked my favourites for you to scroll through to your hearts content. Missy is one of my greatest inspirations on here, everything she writes is just so… real. I’m in love with the feeling her writing gives me!

50 kisses (ot7 drabbles // fluff)

100 ways to say I love you (ot7 drabbles // fluff)

A paragraph, a moment (Yoongi scenario // angst)

@bagelswrites - Okay, okay, okay! The writing style here is just FANTASTIC! It melts me down with the smooth use of words, so that I’m a happy pile of English Lit student pooling on the floor! It’s gooooooood.

Love at First Touch (Jimin series // fluff and angst)

Bangtan_Banana_Muffin - Such a sweetie! And such a good writer too! I’m in love with this writing, and I don’t even normally read member x member stuff!

♡ Inked (ot7 with shipping between members // fluff and angst)

@bangtan-spells - Their fluff scenarios are so cute, I just wanna cry (I mean that in a good way!) Plus the girls that run the blog are actually the sweetest people on the planet!

Your Warmth (Jungkook scenario // fluff)

Of First Times (Hoseok scenario // fluff)

@dreamscript - Yes! Just… yes, please, and thank you! All the writing is so good, it completely sweeps me up into it’s world. I almost missed my stop on the bus I was so caught up reading this stuff once, haha…

Stories (Namjoon scenario // fluff?)

Black Magic (Jungkook scenario // action and fluff)

@exoticarmy127 - I’m sure Kaye needs no introduction in this fandom. Everything she writes is so polished, so pretty, so incredibly incredible and you should go read her stuff if you haven’t already.

Spring Day (ot7 oneshots)

Cold (Hoseok scenario // angst)

Bear Hugs and Kisses (Yoongi scenario // fluff)

@happy-meo - I have so many happy memories reading through the ‘First Meetings’ Series over summer. I honestly wish I could re-experience finding this series for the first time! It was so sweet and so fluffy! I’ve linked the Hoseok story, but please check the rest of them out!

Sun and Moon (Hoseok // fluff)

@kimtrain - Amazing, just amazing. Every piece I read, I think: wow, this could be published! This SHOULD be published!

In Want of Stability (Taehyung drabble // royalty!au, angst)

Shifter!au (ot7)

@slaypjm - Okay, so I’ve already rambled on about how much I love, Tee, BUT I’M GOING TO DO IT AGAIN! She was one of the first writers I discovered on tumblr, and she was the one who made me think, ‘This is something I want to do!’ So, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be posting BTS fics!

Mr Popular (ot7 series // fluff & angst)

Cuffs (Jungkook scenario // fluff)

@taechubs - I haven’t got to finish Paper Hearts yet, because university is a thing… but what I have read was so good, I just gotta link it! I can’t wait to get the rest of it finished!

Paper Hearts (Jungkook series w/ Jimin as well // fluff and angst) 

@workofteaguk -  Perfection! Seriously, I am such a sucker for this style of writing. I cry tears of pure joy!

See You Soon (Yoongi scenario // angst and fluff)


So here I am, late, and late, again.

Hey guys from the Kingsman fandom! :D

My name is Rosette, but I prefer Mittooo as you all can recognize me. I live in the Philippines and a 16 years old idiot who likes to get to know everybody in the fandom! (And I got a bf => @manaimisjeff so yeah :D) 


And for the pics, I just want to say that I love Merlin, and coincidentally, my bro got a pair of glasses the same as Merl (which not really but almost? haha) You can see my pic in fb and twitter? But I’m kind of hiatus there so pls don’t pm :D

Anyway, I do fan arts, which just a hobby but I kinda want it to be for a living when I get a job lol. I’m an amateur writer and barely got anything done huhu but I’m really trying to finish that one fic because it’s Merwin :D Eventually you’ll find out what it is, maybe. We don’t know. :D

My main shipping boat/otp’s are Hartwin and Merwin, and for the ot3 is obviously MerHartWin hahahaha xD Sorry I really love it.

For those who wants to know what time I joined the fandom, it was kinda mid in 2016. or early. or late. Definitely during 2016… @rei-kazuhiko (my twin btw) made me read hartwin fics and that made me open a new door. To join a fandom. It’s my first time joining tbh and this acc was my poor and lonely main account when it comes to OC’s and stuff. And then became a Kingsman fandom trash blog really. And I’m happy about it.

I really hope I get to chat with you guys, I really do. But since I’m such an anxious person, I tend to just wait. And that’s silly of me. But I still try. And I love my dash because of you guys T^T (tho maybe it’s commonly Colin this and Colin that from my blog lol and rarely Kingsman haha ) 

And yeah! I hope I get to meet you in the cinema when I get to watch Kingsman 2. I really hope so! :D

You can also ask, dm, or anything really! I don’t mind! I’m just shy to take the initiative. But when I do, that’s when I drink coffee or just stupidly hyper. ;)


And quick shout out to @claire-drinks-lovely-lemonade @kingsmanmeetup and to my twin.

And for those who couldn’t do this cuz maybe they’re totally late, copy me! Let’s all be fashionably late like Harry! ;D

Fic: A little help (goes a long way) - Scene 6/6 (COMPLETE)

I’m so sorry this is so late, holy shit. I needed some time to recharge my writing batteries for this fic, and then I was distracted by something shiny (aka SKAM Fic Week), and then work got crazy, and…yeah. Bottom line: I suck. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one remembers this fic exists, lol.

I really, REALLY hope you enjoy this final installment! It was fun to revisit all of Isak’s awkward conversations in some way. ;) Thank you so much for all the lovely comments throughout, you amazing people! This series was my introduction to this fandom, and your support has meant the world to me. <3

A little help (goes a long way): Scene 6

Chapter Summary:


An excited voice shouts it from right behind him, and while Isak is not a particularly violent guy—mostly because he’s not skilled at fighting and he very much enjoys having four fully functioning limbs—he’s about eighty percent sure that he’s going to fucking murder whoever it came from.

He’s always wondered…like, hypothetically, is he capable of actually killing someone, if the situation demanded it? He’s run through dozens of scenarios and mental simulations, and he’s concluded time and time again that: no, he couldn’t.

Boy, was he wrong.

He stiffens in Even’s arms, but Even is still lost at sea in his own little world, happily sucking on Isak’s neck like a lamprey and blissfully unaware that they’ve just been rudely interrupted. Isak turns his head to get a better look at the egregious betrayer responsible for this, but Even’s mouth just follows him, refusing to detach.

The egregious betrayer is Magnus, apparently. Because of course it is.

[Read it here on AO3]

Created this account 3 days ago and forgot to make an introduction post, oops...

Anyways, I’ve been lurking this fandom for about 3 months. I was considering making an account to possibly make some friends, but I was kinda nervous because I’m terrible at socializing in real life and online :/ But I finally decided to do it. I’ll try my best not to be extremely awkward! :D

Is There Somewhere (prologue)

Summary: When you were 8 years old when a man with a metal arm killed your parents, and let scientists experiment on you. In 2005 you escaped their control and you’ve been running since, always looking over your shoulder for the man with the metal arm. Then one day he and the Avengers show up at your door, asking you to join the team.

Bucky X Reader

Words: 1204

Authors note: Bucky is not in this chapter. It just sets up the main character.

Originally posted by agentsdaily

June 1995

Your mother was beautiful; you remember the black hair that hung low on her back and the way she spoke her language. You remember how your father would put you on his shoulders as he navigated his way through the busy streets of Manila. You remember him telling you about his country, the tall buildings of New York City and how the people there were always in such a hurry. You had it good, your parents loved each other and you got everything you ever wanted. Until one day you has nothing. 

It was a beautiful warm evening in the Philippines, you had just gone to bed and you could hear your parents laughing in their balcony. You were suddenly woken up by a loud crashing coming from your bedroom window. Your dad barged into your room and the man wearing black clothes and a mask that covered most of his face shot your father between the eyes. He put you over his right shoulder as he pulled your father’s lifeless body into the kitchen. Your mother stepped in front of him with a gun in her hand, pleading the man to leave you alone. You saw as the man grabbed your mother by the throat and throw her across the room, she slid down, blood coming out from her head and leaving a streak on the wall.

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It’s Kingsman Tumblr meet-up day!

And since I never really made an introduction post, here it is now. :)

Hi, I’m Arlessiar, I’m from Germany, and I joined the Kingsman fandom in November 2016 when I finally watched the film which I had seen so many gifsets and photos from on my dash when friends of mine posted about it in 2015. I had ignored it back then, wanted to watch it later… it became much later and what a mistake that had been! I was hooked immediately and I lurked in the fandom for a while and read fanfic in silence, until I finally dared to join in and meet the fandom. I found that it consist of the loveliest people! Special thanks to @glorioussandwichwhispers, @elletromil, @a-gent-galahad, @notbrogues, @doctorsfriend and so, so many others for making me feel so welcome!

Being in my thirties and a proud nerd I’m hardly new to fandoms. It all started for me with Star Trek when I was eleven (the love for it never dies!) and I went through so many other fandoms, minor ones and big ones like LOTR (books first, later movies), Stargate Atlantis (finished uni at that time, distracted myself with writing in forums and learnt much about fandoms in that time), Doctor Who/Torchwood (went to the Ianto shrine twice), Dragon Age (playing computer games since 1992) and last Sherlock (which I left almost two years ago).

I started writing fanfiction long before I had internet, so I was quite surprised when I found out as a teen that there are so many like-minded people out there and that the phenomenon has a name. Lets say that the first slashfic I stumbled upon by accident made me cringe. Little did I know back then how much I’d learn through it and how much I’d like and write it myself later!

I stil wrote most of the stories for myself, I only published four LOTR fanfics in German and an SGA one in English. Real life kept me busy and I didn’t write anything until… Kingsman. This fandom made me want to write again and I just started doing so with short oneshots. I ship Harry, Eggsy and Merlin in every combination. Mostly it’s Hartwin though. I can be found on AO3 and nearly everywhere else under my tumblr nickname. I adore Colin Firth btw. :)

I don’t really post pictures of me or my real name online, so at the top just two pictures from my last trip to London in April. London is my passion, I go there several times a year if possible. Maybe another reason why I like Kingsman so much and why I shed a tiny tear after the trailer… I’m still looking forward to KM2, even if the press tour time will be insane on tumblr. ^^

So I hope you come and talk to me if you want to, everyone is welcome. :)

Hi there furby tumblr! Decided to go ahead and make a separate blog just for my love of furbies. 

My name is Doug. I’m 22, and I’m mostly a furry artist. I’m married to a wonderful partner who is also somewhat interested in furbies.

I’m new to the furby scene and I don’t have any physical furbies currently, but I do have a character!

Her name is Birby and she was designed by Sudsy. She’s very sweet and a bit eccentric! My dream is to be able to mod a furbie to look like her. My partner and I are trying to work out solid furbsonas and have plans to hopefully make fursuits of them in the future.


okay so i’ve seen more people joining the pledis girlz fandom either from seeing shannon on girl spirit, watching we or watching fancams from the weekly showcases so here’s a brief introduction to the fandom for the newcomers <3

Firstly there were 7 of the 10 PLEDIS GIRLZ on Produce 101. These members in order of age are Nayoung, Minkyung, Kyungwon, Eunwoo, Yebin, Pinky, and Siyeon. Nayoung is a dancer and a rapper, Minkyung is a vocal, Kyungwon is a vocal, Eunwoo is a vocal, Yebin is a rapper/dancer, Pinky is a vocal/dancer and Siyeon can do EVERYTHING. They are all very talented!!! 

For their group evaluation at the beginning of PD101 they danced to After School’s Bang! and it was said that Siyeon rearranged the song for the performance (here). Kyungwon rearranged Big Bang’s Monster for their position evaluation stage (it’s beautiful watch it here) and Nayoung choreographed the dance for her group’s position eval (watch that here)

After Produce 101 ended 2 of the 7 girls (Nayoung and Pinky) made it into I.O.I and are still promoting with the other I.O.I members in their subunit.

Pledis then released their hidden gems! 3 other members, Shannon, Yewon and Kyla! Shannon is a power vocal and is the cutest child you will ever see. She’s also a producer and produced WE, PLEDIS GIRLZ’s pre-debut track along with Eunwoo. Yewon is power vocal #2 and is also an amazing dancer, her smile can save lives go watch WE you’ll see what i mean. Kyla is the youngest of the group, born in December 2001 but has heaps of talent and rap flow!!! Queen Kyla!!! they say that all three of them auditioned for PD101 but didn’t make it and i’ll never believe that because they could have easily passed they are amazing

nicknames/inside jokes:

  • nayoung: she’s “emotionless” so people call her stone buddha but she’s actually christian whoops, is the mom™, suffers because all the children have way too much energy, “stop! stop! don’t get too excited” all the girls love im nayoung
  • minkyung: looks prettiest when sleeping, is agreed to be nick from zootopia by the other members, is actually badass af, gets cute when awkward, loves yebin v much
  • kyungwon: “golden ratio” kyungwon, is really cool you wish you were her, saved me with her cover of who are you, gorgeous face gorgeous personality gorgeous voice stan talent
  • eunwoo: her face is amazing, meme, “i’m everyone’s beagle, ang!” can’t control her facial expressions but that’s her charm, love hate relationship with pinky
  • yebin: smoll rapper child, is stubborn but also really really nice, lots of affection lots of skinship, LOVES TONY STARK, i’m pretty sure she and siyeon run the entire place, high-key gay for minkyung (and shannon and siyeon and everyone else)
  • pinky: has 3 names i’m always confused, sweet meme, really really hyper, screamed “AJU NICE” on broadcast i’m in love, hates grey coloured socks for some reason, clingy, possessive af towards nayoung “she’s my unnie”, gushed about nayoung’s legs on PD101, bullies eunwoo w/ plenty of affection
  • shannon: WHISTLE NOTES GODDAMN, cutest human being, american child, just a sweet child with a beautiful voice, but then she starts dancing and you’re like what no hold on damn girl, one of the best dancers and best singer wow
  • yewon: POSITIVE GIRL YEWON, smile saves lives, gorgeous voice, has great english pronunciation i’m not sure if she lived in america or not, sang chandelier and blew everyone away with talent
  • siyeon: the boss™, trained for 7 years holy shit, does everything and does it well, once said “why are you crying when we’re in a lesson? we’re supposed to be learning”, takes no nonsense from anyone and is probably the ceo’s favourite daughter, called “princess” by the other members (kyungwon), is actually bullied with affection and can’t really do anything about it
  • kyla: smoll and soft, but not really, so much reverse charm i’m dead, her hair is goals, deep voice rapping ugh, wrote her own rap and performed it for her solo practice, i’m really emotional i love my daughter, QUEEN KYLA DOMINATE

the PLEDIS GIRLZ now hold weekly concerts on saturday, tickets used to be free but now cost $? i’m not sure how much they cost but they’re not expensive. every week is a member day and the selected member has a solo stage to showcase their stuff. 160625 they aired the concert live with pinky and nayoung and you can watch it on v app here

every week they have new performances and if you go through my v:fancam tag you can find most of their performances i strongly suggest you go do that some notable mentions include:

if you wanna find more just search 플레디스걸즈 on youtube you’ll find great stuff trust me talent can’t be hidden

pledis finally did something right and uploaded their solo practice clips (except pinky and nayoung) along with a dance practice for we

nayoung and pinky are on lots of variety shows with I.O.I if you wanna watch them just search up IOI on youtube there’s a lot of stuff their company should chill out a little the girls all look tired

shannon (aka Bae Sungyeon) is currently competing on a show called Girl Spirit on the TV network JTBC. it’s a show that aims to bring recognition to underrated vocalists in the kpop industry. she’s doing great and her performances are all beautiful, the judges say she’s got great talent. PLEDIS GIRLZ is also the youngest group on the show, having debuted 1 day before the show started filming. GO WATCH SHANNON’S PERFORMANCES HERE and HERE!

in conclusion you should watch PLEDIS GIRLZ and stan them because they have a whole lot of talent and it’s coming straight at you embrace it <3