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I am an amateur photographer from France. I have no real favourite style: I like good photographs, nice light, beautiful framing, composition, colours, contrast… whatever the subject is. I try to apply those things in my photography. My 1st blog is about… everything! Landscapes, travel, experiments, architecture, portrait, macro, fine art nudes. My 2nd is only dedicated to my small town of Tournefeuille in France , &


Suzy in dramas/movies for anonymous

“Even though ‘Dream High’s Hyemi, ‘Introduction to Architecture’s Seoyeon, and 'Gu Family Book’s Yeowool were all different, my friends said they were all very me. But Noeul from 'Uncontrollably Fond’ is really similar to me. Compared to my previous works, my more recent characters are really close to me. Noeul from 'Uncontrollably Fond’ is both sensitive and indifferent. She’s very much like me.“ - Suzy

Mara / MazzyMara

I think of my pictures as dramas, the shapes in the pictures are the performers” Mark Rothko

I just shoot what I see and experience, I much rather let the images tell my story.

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Development of Ancient Igbo Shelter/Housing

From the possible earliest form of ancient shelter to a traditional 19th/20th century Igbo house. The supposed primacy of the conical shape of housing is reconstructed from the housing of the peoples who now populate the areas around the Benue River which is possibly the point of migration of the ancestors of the Igbo. The quadrangular style housing started taking shape with the development of architectural elements such as posts and beams. [Godwin Chikwendu Nsude (1987). The Traditional Architecture of the Igbo of Nigeria.Thames Polytechnic School of Architecture and Landscape, Dartford.; Zbigniew Dmochowski (1990). An Introduction to Nigerian Traditional Architecture: South-Eastern Nigeria, the Igbo-speaking Areas. Ethnographica Limited.]


Obuna enu

Isometric of the Obuna enu (tower) of the compound of Nwankwo Iriezuo. Northern Igboland. Zbigniew R. Dmochowski (1990) An Introduction to Nigerian Traditional Architecture: South-Eastern Nigeria, the Igbo-speaking Areas.