♥ FMLS90 Week 0 Introduction ♥

Hello all!
I’ve been around for awhile, on and off keto but most importantly as a runner. 

My names Jean, I’m 20 years old and a full time college student, full time worker. I’m an extended school services teacher(Were a fancy day care?) I’m the teacher for 4-7 year olds(TK-2nd) I’m currently at community college going into my last semester before transferring to a 4 year getting my teaching degree for Kindergarten. I love running, so much. 

Healthy Habits - 

  1. Tracking daily food intake(Fairly easy I did it everyday during my keto time)
  2. Daily sleep hours(In hopes of getting more than four hours of sleep a night) My misfit flash tracks how long I sleep for! So that’s helpful.
  3. Drink 100 oz of water a day (This is hard for me because at work, once your with the kids you can’t leave the room so getting water isn’t easy)
  4. Work out three times a week. (Now I’m a full time college student and worker, it’s very hard for me to balance the two. January however I have no school so I expect to beat this in only this month because of that) CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO (RUN RUN RUN) 
  5. Mood? Feelin good? I’m going very light with this one. I suffer from depression so sometimes it’s beyond my control what my brain tells me. I’ve been working on it thought and I haven’t….I haven’t done anything bad in a while now. It’s. It’s nice for once. 
  6. Now a fun little personal one I’d love to do is, write every single day. Maybe nothing, maybe something. I’m working on my book and I’d love to get more chapters down on my book and get into the main plot!

Fit Chart

Here’s my fitchart.
Very basic but I may start to edit and make changes as the project moves forward

Accountability Partners

Fromsmallvilletosuperman my wonderful siha is one of them! We talk everyday anyway and it’s just really nice that she wanted to be one with me as well. But I also have Katiekun now as my partners!! Really excited about having her on as well! 

If anyone else would like to become accountability partners please just message me!! 

introduction (during the second hour of the eighth of april)

i have noticed a recent wave of followers, so uh, welcome i guess? my name is Eli. the reason you decided to follow me may be one of many different reasons, but it doesn’t really matter to me which one it was. i used to wonder wonder wonder, but now i don’t do that anymore. here i (barely) talk about life and post words i write, as well as reblogging things i find inspiration in. talk to me? i’m always up for meeting new people.

a few things you may (or may not) want to know: 

  • Knives is my girlfriend. i refer to her as that quite often, don’t be oblivious. her first name is Ella and you can follow her at hollowtowers. i highly suggest you do so.

  • my band brotherbard, is focused around my poetry and is in the same general vocal style as the following: mwY, La Dispute, Listener, Adam Gnade, etc. we are currently writing an ep that is set to release this summer! until then, follow us around the internet and keep your eyes peeled. 

  • i worked for a toy store for five years. no storefront, which means it is online based. i tested toys and pulled orders and yes i was one of Santa’s elves. 

  • i have been in the sign business for three years now. it is rewarding sometimes. it is work, not work i prefer, but it is work and work pays the bills. 

  • i post lists from time to time and other facts so there that is.
An introduction.

In Team Fortress 2 and other source games Valve lets users upload there own decals that they can spray in game all across the maps. It’s a pretty cool feature that allows players to express them selves, but it has a few flaws. First off, ever decal sprayed in the server you’re on gets downloaded onto your computer, and secondly people on the internet are horrible. I created this blog because I want to archive every spray that ends up forcefully downloaded on my computer. Follow if you are ready to see the horrors of randomtf2sprays.