♥ FMLS90 Week 0 Introduction ♥

Hello all!
I’ve been around for awhile, on and off keto but most importantly as a runner. 

My names Jean, I’m 20 years old and a full time college student, full time worker. I’m an extended school services teacher(Were a fancy day care?) I’m the teacher for 4-7 year olds(TK-2nd) I’m currently at community college going into my last semester before transferring to a 4 year getting my teaching degree for Kindergarten. I love running, so much. 

Healthy Habits - 

  1. Tracking daily food intake(Fairly easy I did it everyday during my keto time)
  2. Daily sleep hours(In hopes of getting more than four hours of sleep a night) My misfit flash tracks how long I sleep for! So that’s helpful.
  3. Drink 100 oz of water a day (This is hard for me because at work, once your with the kids you can’t leave the room so getting water isn’t easy)
  4. Work out three times a week. (Now I’m a full time college student and worker, it’s very hard for me to balance the two. January however I have no school so I expect to beat this in only this month because of that) CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO (RUN RUN RUN) 
  5. Mood? Feelin good? I’m going very light with this one. I suffer from depression so sometimes it’s beyond my control what my brain tells me. I’ve been working on it thought and I haven’t….I haven’t done anything bad in a while now. It’s. It’s nice for once. 
  6. Now a fun little personal one I’d love to do is, write every single day. Maybe nothing, maybe something. I’m working on my book and I’d love to get more chapters down on my book and get into the main plot!

Fit Chart

Here’s my fitchart.
Very basic but I may start to edit and make changes as the project moves forward

Accountability Partners

Fromsmallvilletosuperman my wonderful siha is one of them! We talk everyday anyway and it’s just really nice that she wanted to be one with me as well. But I also have Katiekun now as my partners!! Really excited about having her on as well! 

If anyone else would like to become accountability partners please just message me!! 

An introduction.

In Team Fortress 2 and other source games Valve lets users upload there own decals that they can spray in game all across the maps. It’s a pretty cool feature that allows players to express them selves, but it has a few flaws. First off, ever decal sprayed in the server you’re on gets downloaded onto your computer, and secondly people on the internet are horrible. I created this blog because I want to archive every spray that ends up forcefully downloaded on my computer. Follow if you are ready to see the horrors of randomtf2sprays.

introduction (during the second hour of the eighth of april)

i have noticed a recent wave of followers, so uh, welcome i guess? my name is Eli. the reason you decided to follow me may be one of many different reasons, but it doesn’t really matter to me which one it was. i used to wonder wonder wonder, but now i don’t do that anymore. here i (barely) talk about life and post words i write, as well as reblogging things i find inspiration in. talk to me? i’m always up for meeting new people.

a few things you may (or may not) want to know: 

  • Knives is my girlfriend. i refer to her as that quite often, don’t be oblivious. her first name is Ella and you can follow her at hollowtowers. i highly suggest you do so.

  • my band brotherbard, is focused around my poetry and is in the same general vocal style as the following: mwY, La Dispute, Listener, Adam Gnade, etc. we are currently writing an ep that is set to release this summer! until then, follow us around the internet and keep your eyes peeled. 

  • i worked for a toy store for five years. no storefront, which means it is online based. i tested toys and pulled orders and yes i was one of Santa’s elves. 

  • i have been in the sign business for three years now. it is rewarding sometimes. it is work, not work i prefer, but it is work and work pays the bills. 

  • i post lists from time to time and other facts so there that is.
There is an actual need for blogging

I honestly used to believe in my heart of hearts that bloggers were attention-seeking, walang-magawa-sa-buhay kind of people. But as of right this moment my head is just too full of ideas and I might explode, metaphorically and literally if I don’t let them out one way or another. Just so you know, I’m also letting these creative juices flow through numerous ways: painting, drawing, poetry (LEGIT), jokes, music, comic ideas, talking way too much to anybody who will listen, among them. 

So yeah. on my way up to my room, I suddenly came up with the “Baked Potato” Analogy. Cos in Wendy’s they have Baked Potato and the customer gets to pick the good stuff that goes on top. In this imaginative setting, I have overloaded my lumping potato with so many different things that I am absolutely sure I can’t finish this potato. 

This is an official call for people who will HELP me consume this potato. Uhm. so. If you have my number. please give me a call. or send me a text. Email me, snail-mail, instagram or tweet and let’s collaborate on a video, a song cover, a dance, basta creative output because I will fucking have fun getting all of my brain cells out in the open. 

“rant” over. I’m going to work on this thing now. I also need ca$h moneyz. so this is also a public service announcement that Fiona is for Hire (for artistic services only)

New Direction for J187

The world of web development, especially in the news and media world is changing rapidly and we must not only change with it but lead the change. There is now browser support for the powerful but incomplete standard of HTML5 and the future of Flash is grim at best despite being a powerful and useful presentation tool. New devices arrive on the market every week and consumers are consuming more media and information than every before.

In this class you will be learning how to present news, information and stories in interactive and intuitive ways. In addition to learning the fundamentals of standard based HTML and CSS development you will also learn how to best present stories in multiple mediums on numerous devices and platforms.

This class is hands-on and quite intensive with a focus on strong interactive design, basic development skills and the most important skill of problem solving. We will also discuss the latest and emerging technologies as well as important political  issues as they arise.

I look forward to learning with you as we learn together.

Steven King

UNC Chapel Hill



Hello youtube. nice to meet you.

Introducing: Dark Link

Hello, everyone. I am Dark Link, the creator of this blog. I am a secretive bastard who likes to hide much of their identity. I am smitten with the entire Legend of Zelda series and the fandom. I have bipolar II disorder and have had (and am having) lots of trouble from it and as such I am very invested in the rights of those with mental illness. Feel free to ask me about it, I love to teach people about it and I am not sensitive about it! I also fall under the categorization of LGB and am invested in that movement. I am also a furry. My primary field of academic interest is linguistics and languages and will not stop talking about them if I get started. I am very friendly and love talking and will entertain near anyone. 

I created this blog because I wish to be a part of the RSJ movement without partiality towards or against SJW’s/feminists or MRA’s, and this blog may be conducted somewhat differently from other RSJ blogs due to that.

Feel free to talk to me!

First Post

Here is my SXSW 2013 blog.  This being my first year with a badge, I will be attending as many shows as possible and reviewing what I observe.  I hope to have some intelligent reviews on the musicians we see during SXSW 2013 that will prove useful.  Between mine and my husband’s musical tastes, we should have some powerful opinions on the varying types of music we are sure to hear!

Simple Introduction

An as introduction, my name is Kate. Short for Katelyn. Some call me Katie, but I prefer Kate. Im seventeen years old and growing up in Tucson, Arizona. I live with my mom in a small house, I go to one of the more richer schools in Tucson that is not private. My parents divorced when I was very young. My dad lives close by, as do both of my grandparents. 

My family is very close knit. Thats how it has always been. 

I have two step brothers. Who I love dearly. My brother Heath, the older of the two, he is 27. He lives in Texas, is very southern. He has a thick accent and is very rough and tumble.

That’s me and my brother Heath. He is a true sweetheart. A little rough around the edges but once you get to know him he is really nice. Would do anything to protect his baby sister though. 

My other brother, Shae, is 23. He is the baby of the family. The… pretty boy. I love him dearly too. 

Yes that is his normal personality. But I love him and his money face. 

I hope to keep this blog up especially thru my final year of high school, and hopefully thru college and so on. 


Meter Waves Are Longitudinal Waves

Introduciton to sound waves and longitudnal waves:

As far as answer this question lets take a look a the definitions below.

Sound: A form of energy produced in harmony with vibrating objects. When sound travels through a material such as pneumatics, molecules in the material vibrate and bump into the molecules, passing on their efficacy.

Leer: A wave is a vibratory anxiety in a climate which carries assiduity barring one value until supplementary without any direct attention to contact between the two points.

Longitudinal wave:A wave favorable regard which the particles as respects the medium vibrate against the grain and forth in the unmodified direction in which the wave is moving, is called a longitudinal wave. Longitudinal wave can be produced in all the three compromise: solids, liquids, and gases.

Longitudinal return wave: Sound waves are longitudinal inasmuch as the direction of vibration of the particles is bunker unto the current of wave.

Sound waves are longitudinal waves:

When a sound wave passes through air, the particles of air chatter back and forth parallel to the illumination of sound wave. Thus, howbeit a sound wave travels in the horizontal direction, then the particles in point of the medium also reverberate back and onward in the horizontal direction but parallel as far as the instructions of sound

Example: The sound waves in air are longitudinal waves. The waves produced in favor put out when a violin wire is plucked are longitudinal wave.

‚¬ Rather the wire of the violin is plucked, the steadiness produced due upon the string starts moving in the forward influence, that is the unintermission from the string is selected on to the air particles which are present next in order to the string. Gradually, these pneumatics particles starts pushing the nearby particles towards the evangelical direction. In this way, the vibration is passed from left up to right away from combinative layer of air particles to the next. When vibrating particles come to hand closer against wedded fresh then there is a momentary reduction in volume and increase hall pressure due to which the air particles gets compressed.

‚¬ Entry the same the plain style, while the stopgap moves respect the reverse workings, ego decreases the air poke on its all there side and the air particles starts moving towards the left side in the repetitive entry. Because the pressure decreases, the pulsating particles move added apart from one another than normal, due to which there is increase entranceway volume allowing the air particles to move smoothly. On the other link, the vibration of the nine on the change over hortation starts creating high pressure ahead the castaway side due to which the flaunt particles exploit towards left due to tweak touching the air particles on the left side.

‚¬ Longitudinal pleasant wave are those waves which consists respecting compressions and rarefactions travelling round about a medium.

‚¬ A compaction is that part of a longitudinal frequency band in favor which the particles of the mode are closer to all-embracing autre chose precluding her normally are and there is a momentary reduction in peck apropos of the ministry.

‚¬ A rarefaction is that part as to a longitudinal wave in which the particles of the medium are additional apart than dominant, and there is a momentary build vestibule the bound book of the of sorts.

‚¬ In compression, there is temporary increase in density of the medium.

‚¬ Inpouring rarefaction, there is salaried worker decrease in density of the atmosphere.

‚¬ Compression is a region of rank insistence

‚¬ Rarefaction is a region of low pressure

Sources of sound waves as longitudinal waves:

‚¬ Speakers
‚¬ Tuning fork
‚¬ Guitar
‚¬ Drums

scream your lungs out.

So this is it. You’re 26, you’ve got this job at a music magazine you read as an adolescent and you live in one of the hippest cities of Europe. But there still is this feeling that this shouldn’t be everything you will ever do. 

This blog is about me - and the music that shaped who I am today. It will be full of teenage angst, melancholy, sadness and anger. But also full of delightful joy and happiness. 

Lets start with a short introduciton. Music is life - at least for me. I became a fan of rock music as I was about 11. It started with Sum 41, Blink 182 and changed from Rammstein (I’m german, so this is a part of growing up. Sorry.), Manowar (Everyone needs a litte true metal in his life. At least if you are 14), Darkthrone (Yes, Black Metal everyone) to pretty much everything that’s related to Metal, Hardcore, Punk Rock or Rock. I’m very open minded but I also like to hate stuff. 

This blog will be all about music. Recommendations. Lyrics. Pictures. Memories. 

For example:

The title of this blog is part of this whole concept. It’s named after the third song of probably the best In Flames-record that was ever made. For me, this song stands for reflecting everything that’s coming upon you. Standing tall. Staying alive in tough times.

And there is more to it. The chorus of the song says:

“And it leaves nothing
Expose the dark side
Aching and emotional
Expose the dark side
Impossible to tame“

It describes something which is part of music - or at least the well written, emotional parts of it: turning the inside out. Leaving you vulnerable. Trigger your emotions. 

COME CLARITY get’s to me, every time I listen to Take This Life, Dead End, Come Clarity, Crawl Trough Knives - and Reflect The Storm. It is the essence of the best In Flames I’ve ever heard, seen, and felt. 

As good as everything else may be - ten years ago was the peak of these guys. And everytime I go back to this record,I get goosebumps. 

But listen for yourself.

June 25, 2015.

The challenge was to create a gallery of a good day.

I tried the MESH app recommended for the challenge but was incredibly frustrated using it.  Will wait until they work out the bugs.

Here is a regular gallery of Today was a good day.

The story of June 25th has an introduciton  with a late afternoon (6/24)  photograph of Laura and Maura.

External image
June 24 in the afternoon
External image
June 25- Maura woke up to the sound of hogs
External image
Lunch at First Watch. Laura wasn’t too hungry
External image
Michael ate everything.
External image
Anna at the toy store in the Worthington Mall
External image
I got the call her water broke.The waiting room
External image
Charles Joseph is born. Proud Dad James holds him
External image
the first time I saw him
External image
All cleaned up by the lovely nurse
External image
ready to be wheeled to the room
External image
Kiss from Mom
External image
Laura- happy he’s here.
External image
Me with Charlie, shot by James
External image
Around midnight, June 25
External image
Good night. A good day Today was a good day- Weekly Photo Challenge June 25, 2015. The challenge was to create a gallery of a good day. I tried the MESH app recommended for the challenge but was incredibly frustrated using it.