Wander: Hatter here is a childhood friend o’mine!

Wander: I helped ‘em out of a bad situation when we were younger, and they made me this here hat out of gratitude!

Wander: They also like to give me gifts with subtle meanings that will one day come of use, though I may not understand it quite yet.

Wander: They’re a hoot!

tbh, i feel like people wouldn’t have been as disappointed in Civil War if it had just been titled that. the film itself isn’t a bad film, it’s a really good film to be honest, the problem is that the product that we got didn’t match up with the title on the packaging. If this film hadn’t been Captain America: Civil War, and had instead just been Civil War, it would have been fine. But it was supposed to be the conclusion of Steve’s trilogy, it was supposed to be Steve’s story, and there just wasn’t enough of Steve in it and that’s why so many Cap fans felt let down.

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Are Liechtenstein and Switzerland in this? (I don't know what you prefer to call them so I'm just gonna stick with country names) <3

Arthur:Ah,yes.Elise and Basch…Good friends of ours.We dont see them that much but rarely any one does.Elise and her brother were witnesses to our wedding.They’re both “hybrids” of a Pegasus.

Arthur:Terribly tragic lives these two had but they’re quite happy now.