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I can’t believe I’ve watched this show every week that it has been on for the past year or so. I was googling shows that were “similar” (sure Google) to Teen Wolf and I happened to have stumbled across a show that was on the same network and had a pretty interesting plot line. 

Of course, I haven’t watched this show since the beginning but I did start watching it from the “beginning of a new Jenna!” era after she got into the mess of events that was 3B. Obviously I finished all of the first three seasons before diving into Season 4 and then watching new episodes every week as they aired once 4B started.

Now, enough about how I got into Awkward in the first place! Let’s talk about the 1 hour finale episode! (season finale/likely series finale)

The first part did it’s job of setting up the finale very well since it fully introduced the conflict that Jenna finally realized that she was facing (Luke or Matty?) The main event of tonight was, of course, the finale finale.

This was the best quote so far by the wonderful character that we have all come to love, Matty McKibben:

I honestly teared up a bit here:

Hands down best scene of the episode:

Ahhh don’t you just love happy endings?

At this moment, I am conflicted about whether or not a 6th season would be beneficial to this series. I thought that the finale already wrapped up the series in a nostalgic and familiar way since they made tons of parallels to the pilot episode (always a great way to end off a series). But who knows what might happen? The writers probably have amazing ideas planned for a possible 6th season and it is all up to MTV to decide whether or not Awkward will be renewed!

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman introduce ‘The Girl Who Died’ guest starring Maisie Williams!

“I am a viking and we will crush you on the field of battle”, Williams’ Ashildr roars at the pillaging alien race she comes face to face, with much to the worry of a clearly stressed Clara Oswald.

And as for The Doctor? Well, it’s up to him to train her. And the whole viking village. [x]


Ghosts haunt the Doctor, Clara and an abandoned crew in an underwater base…

Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman introduce ‘Under the Lake’.

Noel Has Secrets & Charlotte Lies: THEORY

I have more but I am posting what I’ve got for now because I have work! Thanks to @pllawesomeness because we come up with clues together and she’s my theory partner in crime!

This one is about Charlotte, Noel and Jenna

I think Charlotte is alive and working with Noel. I also believe Noel has habitually played both sides and worked with Ali in a self serving “insurance” way (something he has admitted to in the past).

Jenna is lying to Emily; at least PART OF her story is a lie (it always is). She probably knew Charlotte before she moved to rosewood, it’s how she knew about Ali already in “the first secret.” Ali introduced herself and Jenna said “I know.” Ali wrote about this in her diary. In the PLL books Ali had a secret sibling and Jenna knew about it.

In regards to A attacking Ali again, this is a parallel to when Charlotte was A and Noel attacked Ali as a plan. They also had a plan like this in the first secret … Someone helped Jenna get the “Rollins” identity and Noel helped Charlotte with type of thing too. He was the go-to guy for fake passports and fake identities and the show just displayed Jenna and Noel reuniting recently.

Each episode, I am getting vibes that Charlotte is not “really and truly dead.” In the flashback with Jenna and Charlotte, I could swear those were the same flowers as that flower Charlotte has when she “died.” Who was Sara warning Emily about before she was killed after all?

Jenna and Charlotte were friends despite Charlotte’s attempts to kill Jenna !? Maybe their friendship was about “mutually assured destruction,” which Jenna mentioned in The Kahn Game episode in which Cece acted like she didn’t know Jenna or Noel but it was clearly untrue. Jenna stared at Cece the whole time during her game of truth while explaining that she (and Noel) lied about “that night” to protect a friend. Back then I believed that this person was Cece and that Cece saw Jenna driving “that night” while she was supposed to be blind, and Jenna saw Ali alive when she was supposed to be dead. I still believe this.

Cece was A at the time and Jenna was protecting a friend.. Sara was black widow/ red coat and that could be why Jenna knew who she was at the bar. She recognized her awfully quickly and we don’t know that they ever met prior to this. But they probably did. Maybe Sara was wearing a mask then and Jenna “couldn’t see.”

What if Jenna is lying again the way she did about her visit with Ali when Jenna was in the hospital? She acted at first like she and Ali had some sort of friendly vibe and they talked badly about the girls, then that wasn’t true. This seems like another parallel.

I’ve theorized Noel knew Charlotte, not just through Ali, too.. After all his brother did and Charlotte supposedly never went to rosewood.

Cece used the Drake name YEARS before that scene with Jenna… There’s no way she didn’t find her mother !

Also if Charlotte and Jenna were friends, how can we believe for sure charlotte loved Ali? Maybe it’s like I’ve always said: Charlotte was always out for revenge and never was really a true friend to Ali. I think Charlotte and Mary were always working against Jessica and Ali because they believed they deserved the lives that were stolen from them for the benefit of the DiLaurentis family.

Jenna was definitely NOT team Ali, and she has turned one of Alis closest friends against her before, Shana. This could be another parallel!

I always thought the Kahn game episode had clues. If Jenna was protecting Charlotte “that night” then so was Noel!

Also, it’s interesting that Wilden and Jenna were friends and he is also the one who was involved in blackmail in order to “help” Charlotte, although Ali was protected more by Jessica.

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman introduce ‘The Zygon Invasion’!

The Zygon Invasion premieres

Saturday, October 31st
UK- 8:15 BST on BBC One
US- 9/8c on BBC America
Canada- 9 EDT on Space

Sunday, November 1st
Asia Pacific- 10am SGT on BBC Entertainment
Australia- 7:40pm AEDT on ABC