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Who takes who's last name when married??

michael and jeremy become mell-heere. michael likes to say ‘michael mell-heere’ in a way that sounds like ‘michael mell, here’ and he thinks its funny. he can also say it in a really stupid poor imitation of kermit the frog’s voice and it gets jeremy every time

jake & rich become mr and mr goranski bc if you think for One Second that jake isnt taking rich’s last name, ur dead wrong. rich is like “i mean are you sure??” and jake’s like “dude jake goranski sounds so badass ofc im sure”

chloe takes brooke’s last name!! for a long time brooke thinks her last name is lame bc ppl mispronounce it all the time and to her lohst is so plain compared to ~valentine~ so when chloe’s like “it just feels right” brooke just starts crying on the spot lmao

jenna & christine become the canigulas and jenna says it all the time she always introduces herself as jenna canigula even if it’s just a first name/casual scenario bc she just likes hearing it lmao


Art School | Jenna Blazevich (Chicago,IL)

Designer and founder of Vichcraft Design Studio, Jenna Blazevich took the road less travelled–by ditching an offer to work her dream job–to pursue her own passion and creative freedom. Jenna’s designs are bold, clean and smart as well as technically and aesthetically masterful. Vichcraft Design Studio has allowed her to bring feminist works to the forefront, creating a  platform for important issues and topics. We’re so excited to have her on board for another year of Babes Ride Out, where she has designed a custom skate deck to be raffled off at the Babes East Coast event. In our latest Q&A, Jenna talks about how Vichcraft came about, gives us insights into running a business, and shares with us what she’s most excited about for this year’s 2017 Babes Ride Out! 

Photographs courtesy of the artist.

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BMC 50′s AU

this is also a callout to the BMC discord chat

This just a first draft and introduction to the AU, there is a LOT more
The Clique (Jeremy, Chloe, Brooke, and Jenna):
-Jeremy works at a soda shop with Chloe, it’s how they met and how he got into the clique
-Brooke works at a Carhop and is boss at roller skates
-Jenna doesn’t really have a job, she’s always busy with the school paper, but she’ll cover Jeremy’s shifts sometimes
-Chloe has a car and usually drives them everywhere

The Gang (Michael, Christine, Rich, and Jake):
-Michael works at an arcade
-He’s the one that fixes the machines and the jukebox
-Christine works at a candy shop
-Jake works at a record store (he always alerts Michael of new releases)
-Rich is a gas station attendant and he’s damn good at his job
-Michael and Jake have cars (Michael’s has a tendency to break down)
-Rich and Christine have motorbikes (Rich’s looks like it’s gonna fall apart)
-aro/ace mom friend Christine
-she can dead lift Rich
-basically the leader of the gang
-the boys are pretty sure she’s killed a man (of kindness or just in general)

-when the au starts, Jeremy and Michael have met before or at least know of each other
-but they actually start to notice the other
-michael finds every excuse to go to the soda shop
-“jake broke his legs? well guess i gotta get a milkshake!”
-michael just really wants to get to know jeremy
-he’s only like half crushing
-mainly just interested in this tall (adorable) boy
-jeremy starts to recognize michael as a regular at the soda shop
-he starts to memorize his order
-give him stuff on the house
-talk to him while he’s making stuff or cleaning
-and they become friends
-michael gets to know the other members of the clique when chloe is working, brooke stops by, and when jenna covers for jeremy
-Jeremy meets the gang because 2 loud obnoxious guys wasting the ketchup tends to draw attention.
-when he meets Chris he gets flustered cause she’s hella adorable and she’s so sweet and asks him questions about himself and it’s Chris.
-he’s also terrified of her cause he saw that time she decked Rich
-the groups don’t really merge much
-they’ve at least all been introduced
-jenna just knows all their shit
-but the girls do steal away christine sometimes and send jer with the gang
-this is how jeremy starts seeing michael outside of work and school
-also how he learns about rich and jake
-he knows they have dated girls before so he was a lil confused when he found out they were dating
-they aren’t obnoxiously open about their relationship in public
-but once they are hanging out at michael’s they start doing cutesie shit

To be continued

“Nice to see you again“

Request: “Can you do an imagine where Josh’s high school girlfriend gets pregnant before he goes on his first tour and she doesn’t tell him anything cause se didn’t want to ruin his dream of being a drummer? And then they run into each other years later and stuff. That was kinda specific lol (I love your writing so much ❤)“

(A/N): I had some serious difficulties but I was determined to finish this thing, so I hope you like it. Thank you for requesting x

Words: 2,272 

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“Mommy!“ an agonisingly voice cries, as you walk through the door.

“What‘s wrong, buttercup?“ you panic, wrapping your arms around the little 6 year old and pull her close, gently rubbing her back. She tries to speak, but the words coming out of her mouth are barely understandable by the sobbing sound. She sobs into your chest unceasingly, hands clutching at your jacket. You hold her, rocking slowly as the tears soak your chest. After a while she pulls away, blinking lashes heavy with tears, that make tracks down her face and drip from her trembling chin, while clear watery snot streak from her nostrils down to her slightly open quivering lips.

“Do you wanna tell mommy why you‘re crying, Lia?“ you ask softly, voice filled with concern, while wiping away her tears with both of your thumbs.

“L-lucas made f-fun of me b-because I don‘t have a d-dad. I told him I do, b-but he called me a l-liar!“ 

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Ok but Jenna Rolan standing in front of a mirror for h o u r s introducing herself as "Jenna Canigula" in different types of voices and scenarios just to test out the way it feels

NOOOO THATS SO CUTE??? she knows a lot of diff tones/voices to convey certain moods bc of christine’s constant practices for her roles that jenna picks up on a bit by extension and she can go from a dead-serious, no-nonsense “jenna canigula.” to a really flowery/bouncy “jenna canigula!!!” and she loves the way All of them sound



I honor of Jenna’s birthday, here’s a little treasure uploaded to YouTube back in 2014 by WhoWars2013. It’s Peter and Jenna introducing what I believe was the very first screening of the very first night of the World Tour. Lovely words from both. And even though the video is a bit blurry - don’t miss the hug they give each other at the 20-second mark.

In honour of our darling new companion, Bill.

I was trying to figure out why there is this one guy at work who I am attracted to but i feel like its a bit much bc he’s not drop dead gorgeous or anything but he is cute, very cute which I do love a good cutie. And then it hit me he reminds me of someone in a dream of mine. I don’t know but in the dream we were together. Also he has a Gaelic name so double points. 

Runaway showstopper  (JoshxReader)

This is  going to be short. :/

“Mommy, when can we see Daddy?” Your daughter said impatiently.

“In just a few more minutes dear.” You sighed. You were just as impatient or maybe even more. All you wanted to do right now was to kiss Josh.

Josh was currently on tour with Tyler doing their emotional roadshow tour. They had been on tour for 2 months now and you couldn’t wait to see him.

Oh, and you couldn’t wait to see Tyler. He was your Mom’s best friends son and you guys were forced to hang out but it didn’t matter because you guys got along anyways. Tyler introduced you to josh and you introduced him to jenna.

You pulled up to the venue and walked to the backdoors to get (your daughters name).

“We’re here mommy?” She said jumping up and down.

“Yes, we are love.” You giggled.
You opened the door and were greeted by mark. 

“Well hello, lovely ladies.” Mark smiled picking up Y/D/N.

“MARKY” She squealed. Mark chuckled and placed her back on the ground. “Right this way loves. The show has already started.”
You followed Mark and got on the side of the stage where you had a clear view of Josh and Tyler. Josh was rocking out with his eyes closed and biting his lip. While Tyler was singing his heart out to Lane Boy.

“Can I go see daddy now?” Y/d/n pleaded with puppy eyes she picked up on Josh. “Not yet baby.”

“But I want to see Daddy now. Look he’s right there. DADDY!” She yelled running on stage. Your eyes wide in running to grab her. 

“Baby, come back here.” You shouted. 

“They say stay in your La- Whoa!”  Tyler stopped, looking at you. 

“Hi” You say quickly running pass. Then you heard Josh drop his drum sticks. 

You looked up to see Josh holding Y/d/n tightly. 


“Oooh, My baby. I missed you so much.” 

The crowed awwed and roared. They were going crazy. You ran up to Josh and all hugged. 

“Sorry everyone, it seems we got a little run away showstopper.” Josh laughed letting go. “That was really adorable.” Tyler chucked. 

“Uncle Tyler!” She giggled running into Tyler’s arms. 

“Oh my god, she just called me Uncle Tyler.” Tyler smiled big. 

“Sorry babe, we’ll be back stage. Under control this time.” You smiled. “Love you.” 

“Okay, love you too and you” Josh smiled kissing Y/d/n. 

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(Sorry this wasnt  my best)

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?”- Theo raeken

Request: ‘Prompt #8 with theo?’

#8 “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

from these prompts

prompt: the whole pack (including Theo) is at a party. Theo meets an old friend of his and as you see them having fun, you get jealous and start getting drunk

pairing: theo x reader

A/N: Theo is a part of the pack in this imagine


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Sweat and alcohol were the only things you smelled. You and your friends have been invited to this huge party one of the seniors was giving due to senior prom only being a few weeks away. And because of everything going on in all of your lives, you thought you could go to this party as normal teenagers. 

“This isn’t too bad.”, Kira shouted over the loud music. Lydia, Malia and you looked at her, as if you said ‘Yes, Yes it is bad.’. Most of the people were already drunk although the party only stated an hour ago.

The guys had gone to the kitchen to get all of you drinks. A couple of minutes where all of you just awkwardly stood around passed when Stiles and Scott returned. You furrowed your eyebrows, wondering where your boyfriend was.

“Where’s Theo?”, you asked Scott as he handed you a drink. He swallowed some alcohol which probably didn’t affect him anyway before he answered. “He stayed in the kitchen, I guess he met someone he knows.”, he shrugged and turned towards Kira.

You frowned. How could Theo probably know someone from here? He came to Beason Hills this year and last lived here when he was like ten. You slowly found your way to the kitchen, wanting to know who he talked to. As you reached the kitchen, you spotted him leaning against the kitchen island, talking to a girl. Oh well. 

You stared at the both of them as they talked and laughed together before you returned to your friends. Soon, Lydia and Stiles, as well as Scott and Kira went to the dance floor, leaving only Malia and you.

“I don’t get parties, what’s so good about them?”, Malia asked, turning to you. You chuckled at her remark. “You know it can be funny, but you can’t get drunk so it stays lame for you.”, you explained and she furrowed her eyebrows in response.

You smiled and looked around the room as you spotted Theo and that girl you’ve never seen in your life came your way. They approached you still laughing and you wondered who could even laugh that much. You slightly rolled your eyes.

“Hey guys!”, Theo greeted you, grinning. Your face showed no emotion which made him frown immediately. “That’s Jenna, an old friend of mine.”, he introduced her. Jenna smiled brightly at you and waved shortly. “Jenna, that’s…”, Theo trailed off as he saw how pissed off you were.

“I’m Y/N, his girlfriend, if he didn’t tell you.”, you told Jenna, faking a smile. Jenna’s smile now faded too. Theo awkwardly coughed. “Yeah, uhm, we better go.”, he said as he put a hand on the lower back of Jenna and walked away with her. Your jaw almost hit the ground as you realized what just happened. 

“What just happened, Y/N?”, Malia asked you, trying to understand the feelings she smelled on you. Anger. Sadness. Disappointment. “I think my boyfriend just turned me down.”, you told her, not looking at her.

Now you and Malia sat on a couch, while Malia had to repeatedly refill your cup with alcohol. “You know, I’m usually not that jealous, you know me.”, you slightly slurred and Malia looked down at you and shook her head. She knew you had been jealous your whole life. 

Although Malia couldn’t get drunk herself, she actually was pretty amused with your drunken state. You held your empty cup her way and she slowly refilled it with tequila. You quickly drowned the whole cup and your sight was blurry for a split second. “It’s not that I was jealous the second I saw them together,”, you started, looking at your friend. “it’s just that he left.”, you explained. “With her.”

You looked down and closed your eyes as you tried to calm your drunken self. “I can kick his ass, if you want.”, Malia suddenly suggested. Your head instantly shot up and met her gaze and you exploded in laughter. Malia smiled as she saw that she made you laugh. “That would be great, thanks.”, you giggled. 

“May you refill my cup now, ma’am?”, you asked her, giggling. She smiled and shook her head once again as she refilled your cup. You quickly drowned it and then continued giggling. 

“Y/N?”, you head Theo’s voice asking for you. Your head quickly spun around and you got dizzy for a second. “What?”, you asked. “Y/N, I’m sorry for earlier-”, he started explaining but you cut him off. “Nope. I don’t even wanna hear it, yanno? I don’t careee.”, you slurred, which made Theo furrow his eyebrows in confusion. 

He suddenly spotted the bottle of tequila in Malia’s hand and snapped it away from her. “Did you drink all that?”, he asked shocked. You raised your eyebrows and squinted your eyes at the half empty bottle. “It’s still halfway full, so I guess I drank that.”, you giggled. “No, Y/N. It’s half empty.”, he told you, his voice stern. “Just because you’re a pessimist doesn’t mean I’m drunk.”, you chuckled and looked at Malia, rolling your eyes at the fact that Theo was so strict.

“We’re going home. Now.”, he ordered and you rolled your eyes once again. “Who do you mean ‘we’? You and Jenna?”, you smirked. A look of cunfusion washed over his face. “What does that have to do with Jenna?”, he asked you, but you didn’t even bother to answer. 

“Y/N, we’re leaving this party. Now.”, he demanded and you groaned in response. “See you, Malia.”, you spoke and you hugged her tightly. “I found this highly amusing. We should go to parties more often.”, she told you and you chuckled. 

You stood up from the couch and almost fell back onto it due to how dizzy you were. “Woah, you okay, Y/N?”, Theo asked as he held your small figure to steady you. “I’m fine.”, you said without any emotion in your voice as you freed yourself from his grip. The both of you had almost reached the door when someone called out your boyfriend’s name.

“Theo! Wait a second!”, Jenna shouted from behind as she approached the both of you. “Will I still see you around sometimes? At parties or on weekends?”, she asked him, looking up at him through her long lashes. She was so fake you almost puked.

“Uhm, no.”, you spoke, freeing Theo from Jenna’s grip and standing in front of him. “You won’t see him around. I might have told you this before but you obviously don’t understand how relationships work: I am his girlfriend. You won’t see him anytime soon.”, you told her, concentrating on your words. “Bye!”, you said as sweetly and fake as possible before you turned around and left the house with Theo by your side.

You were so angry you were about to punch someone as suddenly the effect of the alcohol kicked in, making you almost fall over. Theo hurried to your side. “Come on, baby. Let’s get you home.”, he whispered as he picked you up and carried you bridal style to his car. By the time he slowly lay you in the backseat, you were already passed out.

You woke up when Theo carried you into your house. You mumbled something as he carried you up the stairs to your room. “Where the fuck am I?”, you mumbled. Theo chuckled. “I’m trying to bring you home without waking up any of your family members, so it would be nice if you could stay quiet now.”, he said as he pushed open the door to your room. 

He lay you on your bed and pulled off your shoes. Then he pulled down your skirt to replace it with some shorts for the night. When he was done, he made you sit up again so he could pull off your shirt. “That fucking b*tch.”, you mumbled, eyes only half opened. “Who are you talking about?”, Theo questioned as he searched for another shirt. 

You fell back into your pillow because Theo wasn’t quick enough. “Jenna.”, you mumbled and Theo chuckled in response. He soon returned from your closet with another shirt. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”, he asked as he pulled your shirt over your head, leaving you in your bra. You scoffed. “No? I’m not jealous. I just don’t get how she was all over you when she knew I’m your girlfriend.”, you explained as he put the new shirt over your head.

“You’re jealous.”, he grinned and you rolled your eyes, letting yourself sink into your bed. “Okay maybe a little bit. But that doesn’t matter right now,”, you spoke as you watched how he pulled his shirt off. You’ve seen every little detail of him but it always surprised you how good he looked. 

“You’re drooling, babe.”, he mocked you because he caught you staring at him. “Anyway. Where do you even know her from?”, you curiously asked. “She went to the same school I used to go to.”, he simply explained. You rolled your eyes. Everything about this girl bothered you. 

He chuckled again as he returned to your bed, only wearing his boxers. He let himself fall next to you and immediately pulled your body into his. “I’m only jealous because you seemed to have fun with her and she was literally drooling over how hot you looked and I just,”, you spoke, pausing for a second. “I just can’t lose you, okay? Because I love you so fucking much, you don’t understand.”, you explained while your hand was caressing the skin on his chest.

He slightly smiled at your statement. “It’s okay, baby, I know you’re always going to be jealous and that’s okay because I would have reacted the exact same way.”, he told you as he caressed your cheek. “So you’re not mad at me for getting drunk and yelling at Jenna?”, you asked him.

“Of course not. You are my life, Y/N. There’s so much happening in our world but this will never change.”, he smiled and pulled you into a loving kiss right afterwards.

His hand was now lying on your hip as your lips melted into one. You slowly pulled away after a few minutes. “One more thing, Y/N,”, Theo told you as he turned off the light. 

“What is it?”, you asked. “You’re going to have a huge headache tomorrow.”, he chuckled and you giggled along with him. “Are you still going to be here when I wake up?”, you asked him. “Always.”, he whispered into the silent of the darkness.

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Hiya, Ashlee! Could I bother for just a second? I'm having quite a bit of trouble writing lately; I have an idea set for what I want to write, but I just can't get the juices flowing enough to press my fingers to the keyboard and make progress. There are somethings I REALLY want to get to, including a huge project I want to get moving, but I can't shake away this block holding me back. Do you have any tips on how to break away and get to writing again??? Thanks! -That sweet Anon from earlier. :D

Hey sweet anon!! You’re not a bother at all, I’m actually flattered you’d even think to ask me. :)

I understand perfectly well what a bitch writer’s block can be. I have a few different methods I use to break through it, so I’m just going to throw them all at you in no particular order and hope that one of them helps. 

Disclaimer: some of them will be contradictory because every case of writer’s block is different and what works one time might not work another. Also take everything with a grain of salt because a) I am sadly not a professional author, b) I am probably terrible at giving advice and c) it is very late and I may or may not be high on cold and flu medicine. 

Let’s go!

  • That scene that you can’t get out of your head? That one exchange of dialogue that keeps echoing through your thoughts, even though you have absolutely no idea who’s saying it or why? That little spark for your big project that makes you get butterflies in your tummy, the idea that started it all? Write it down. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t need any context at all. Don’t bother about stitching it into a larger plot or universe right now - just get it on the page. Yeah, it’s not going to sound as good on paper (or screen) as it does in your head, but it’s no good to anyone if you just keep it up there. The important thing is to just start writing. Worry about everything else later, and just start with what you have. You never know what could flow on from there.
  • But Ashlee, I hear you say, What if I don’t have any scenes or dialogue yet?! Never fear! If all you have is an idea - not even a plot, just a raw, basic, idea - you’re still good to go. 
  • Grab yourself a nice big piece of paper and write your idea down in the middle of the page. That’s right, we’re going to mind map this bitch. I find it helpful to use different colours for different things - one colour for character ideas, one colour for plot ideas, another for sub-plots, another for backstory, etc. etc. Apart from that, there’s no order to this part. Literally scribble all over the page, wherever you like, whatever comes to your mind. If one idea links immediately to another, sweet, draw a pretty coloured line between them and give yourself a pat on the back. If not, it doesn’t even matter. You’ve got plenty more paper to fill, so just leave that lonely little idea floating there in your cloud and move on to the next one: they’re all going to link up eventually, so don’t feel bad for it. 
  • Once you’ve got your awesome multicoloured mind map, step back from it and admire your handiwork. Look at all those words on the page! You did that! You deserve a cookie. Go get a cookie and then come back to your pretty mind map. It’s time to turn it into some not-so-pretty documents.
  • Group ideas based on colour and type them up into separate documents: At this point I normally do one for characters, one for plot and one for whatever the hell else I wrote down in my initial creative frenzy. 
  • Let’s start with the character document. I love characters. I especially love my own characters. They’re like my babies. (My teenaged, fictional babies.) But at this point in the process I don’t give them very much attention. I write down what I’ve got - usually a physical description, age, what their main goal/motivation is and some defining features that have bearing on the plot (eg. selfish, over achiever, etc.). 
  • And then I leave them alone. I’m a big believer in letting characters grow and develop over the course of the plot, so I don’t like to cram too much information on them immediately. Some people fill out massive character forms, but I’m not about that. If I know I want them to start out one way and end up a changed person by the end of the story, of course I write that down. But it is literally in the form of: “Starts out selfish. Develops heart/conscience. Sacrifices own happiness/original goal for others and ends up getting happiness through that act anyway.” Bam. Done. No more detail needed right now. Say bye to your babies and move on.
  • The plot document is next! You’re going to use a lot of headings and bullet points here. Probably. I do, anyway. Now is the time for me to introduce my good friend - outlining! (Outlining and I are actually not friends. We’re more like begrudging students who got paired up for a group assignment and really don’t want to work together but know that we have to in order to get a good grade, so we’re all passive aggressive and complain about each other to our friends for the whole project but end up pulling it together at the end and getting a pretty good mark. But whatevs.)
  • Take the points from your mind map and put them into a rough chronological order. After that, try to fill in any gaps you have, but don’t feel too bad about empty spaces. If you need to write “Something awesome happens here and they escape” just go ahead and do that. No one will judge you. Once you’ve got a big, very rough plot outline down, the fun really begins. 
  • Take that outline and break it down into three acts. Beginning, Middle, End. Simple, right? Now take each of those sections and break them down into chapters, where one big plot point/event/development occurs each chapter. Underneath the chapter number and the summary of the plot development you just assigned to it, break it down into three scenes (by scenes I don’t necessarily mean scenes, like how they use the term in screenwriting, I more mean it in the sense of pacing/emotional beats). In these scenes it’s good to make notes of any new characters or plot developments being introduced.
  • Here’s an example from the first draft of the outline I did for my novel.
    ACT I:
    Chapter 1: Introduce Jenna, Harper, Elle and Gabby as they move into their new dorm for their final year of school, and Jenna finds the weird old book.
    Scene I: Jenna saying goodbye to her dad, moving in with the girls and giving a basic rundown of how things work at this school/are different from what she’s used to.
    Introduce basic physical descriptions and history of the girls.
    Introduce Jenna’s dad being a professor on a research trip, hence the boarding school.
    Scene II: As Jenna’s unpacking and putting her stuff away she discovers a secret compartment in one of her drawers, inside of which is the book with notes about a storm and a shipwreck.
    Scene III: Jenna’s first day of classes.
    Establish Jenna as a good student.
    Introduce Bill the prefect.
    Introduce Chekhov’s Gun!!!!
  • You see some scenes are more detailed than others. I haven’t gone into what each scene really entails, and I haven’t even got a Chekhov’s Gun yet, I just know that I want one. Because Chekhov’s Guns are one of my favourite tropes and I love them. But anyway. The point of this outline isn’t to be super detailed and to have your entire story worked out - it’s simply to give you little breadcrumbs that you can follow when you get lost. They’re just jumping off points that remind you of all the bases you need to cover. 
  • If you have any snippets of dialogue or specific ideas you know you want to include, they’re just added bonuses you can put in their corresponding scenes. 
  • Don’t panic if you don’t have enough information to do an outline like that for your entire story! At first I actually only did an outline like the one above for Act I. Act III got a single paragraph summing up how I wanted the story to end, and Act II only got a few disjointed sentences with lots of question marks at the ends. But it didn’t matter, because I had a starting point, and as I wrote other stuff came to me and it got easier to fill in the gaps for the rest.
  • If you’ve made it this far go get yourself another cookie, because you’re being a real trooper. 
  • As you write, if you come to a scene that’s not working, skip it. Move on. Come back to it later. Maybe you don’t even need it, or maybe you just aren’t looking at it the right way at the moment. Whatever the case, let future you deal with it and just jump ahead for now.
  • If you want to go ahead and write random scenes in no particular order at all, do it. I do it sometimes, and store them in a separate document until I get up to that point in the manuscript. Then I copy and paste them in, do a bit of tweaking and reward myself for how much my word count just jumped with very little effort from my present self.
  • If neither randomly writing nor outlining is helping you, go ahead and step back from the project a bit. Go get another cookie. Go sit in the sun. Go for a drive with the windows down and try to find the exact words to describe how the wind feels against your face. Do not feel guilty for this. Everything is research.
  • When you come back, you don’t have to dive straight back into the proper writing. Make a playlist for your story. Choose a fancast. Make edits. Go searching for random prompts that don’t match your plot at all but will be a good exercise in character. Not everything you write has to have the goal of being in your final draft.
  • That’s a really important thing I’m going to emphasise: Don’t look at this with any sort of finality. First drafts are always crap. They’re meant to be crap, it’s why they’re called first drafts. A lot of the words you write today are not the words that are going to get published, so who cares if they don’t quite flow? They’re there, you wrote them, and that’s all that matters.

I have no idea if this makes any sense at all - I definitely went off on a few tangents - but I hope that you find something in there that can help you get past writer’s block. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments, and good luck with your projects!!

Zayn Imagine// Muse Beyond The Glass


He was at it again.

He always sat in front his window of his apartment just drawing. Around six o’clock every evening, you would see him set up his easel and just draw until about eight o’clock. He never bothered to close his blinds or turn off extra lights. He would just sit there for two hours and draw.

You had been watching him for almost six months. You never met the guy or knew his name. You could only identify his tan skin, black hair, and tattoos. He rarely ever had company over. He lived alone.

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Prompt pre disappearance where alison gets jealous of emily talking to a girl and being all flirty

Walking over to her usual lunch table, Alison immediately noticed a certain swimmer friends absence (not that she was looking for her or anything). Usually she was the last one to arrive, so she found it odd that Emily wasn’t already there, smiling at her. “Hey, guys. Where’s Em?” she asked in what she hoped was a nonchalant voice.

Glancing up from her book, Spencer gestured to an area off to the side of the cafeteria. “She’s talking to the new girl. I think her name was Jenna.”

“Yeah, apparently they’re partners for this English project. Em said that they had to set up a time to go work on it.” Hanna helpfully informed the other blonde.

Clenching her jaw, Alison glanced over to the side of the cafeteria that Spencer had gestured to, her eyes landing on Emily. From where she was Alison could see that bashful smile that she thought was reserved just for her, on Emily’s face as she spoke to Jenna and it made her blood boil for some unknown reason (‘unknown’). Then Jenna reached a hand out and took one of Emily’s while laughing at whatever she said, and it took all of Alison’s willpower not to go over there and destroy Jenna for flirting with her girlfr-… uh, she meant friend.

The reason she was so angry that Jenna was flirting with Emily was because she was protective of all of her friends (At lease that’s what she kept telling herself). But then again, she never cared when any of the other girls would talk to anyone else. “Are you alright, Ali?”she heard Aria ask kindly, worry in her eyes.

Dazedly she glanced over at Aria, “I’m fine. I should be asking you that question though… You know, after what we saw.” she replied snidely, with a pointed look directed at the goth girl. Being mean was her defense mechanism whenever someone noticed her being weak.

Aria’s gaze quickly dropped to the table as Hanna and Spencer turned their attention to the girl. “What did you and Ali see?” Hanna asked curiously.

“N-nothing.” Aria whispered, her voice shaky. Alison did feel bad, but she couldn’t help it… It was who she was.

Putting down her book, Spencer patted Aria’s back soothingly even though she had no inkling of what could possibly be troubling her shorter friend. As Alison watched them she noticed that even though she may have brought them all together, they cared about one another more than they cared about her, well, all of them except Emily. “I’ll be right back.” she said before confidently striding over to her swimmer friend and new enemy.

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I can’t believe I’ve watched this show every week that it has been on for the past year or so. I was googling shows that were “similar” (sure Google) to Teen Wolf and I happened to have stumbled across a show that was on the same network and had a pretty interesting plot line. 

Of course, I haven’t watched this show since the beginning but I did start watching it from the “beginning of a new Jenna!” era after she got into the mess of events that was 3B. Obviously I finished all of the first three seasons before diving into Season 4 and then watching new episodes every week as they aired once 4B started.

Now, enough about how I got into Awkward in the first place! Let’s talk about the 1 hour finale episode! (season finale/likely series finale)

The first part did it’s job of setting up the finale very well since it fully introduced the conflict that Jenna finally realized that she was facing (Luke or Matty?) The main event of tonight was, of course, the finale finale.

This was the best quote so far by the wonderful character that we have all come to love, Matty McKibben:

I honestly teared up a bit here:

Hands down best scene of the episode:

Ahhh don’t you just love happy endings?

At this moment, I am conflicted about whether or not a 6th season would be beneficial to this series. I thought that the finale already wrapped up the series in a nostalgic and familiar way since they made tons of parallels to the pilot episode (always a great way to end off a series). But who knows what might happen? The writers probably have amazing ideas planned for a possible 6th season and it is all up to MTV to decide whether or not Awkward will be renewed!

CHARLOTTE’S KILLER plus Wren is Uber A.D

Okay I know i have no followers at all bc i just created this blog. This is just a brainstorming of my ideas/theories/logic/questions etc… Please if something doesn’t add up just be nice and tell me. Like I said is my first time doing it. OKAY SO this last month pll re activated my obsession. Part of my “theories” are inspired by many amazing theoriests (sorry if i can’t remember but credit to you all!) but is mostly things we all figured out and i connected it to my logic. Things that actually do make sense. I apologize for any spelling/grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language:)

QUESTIONS  Possibilities 

  • So in 7x06 in Jenna’s flashback Cece/Charlotte (OKAY I’m gonna call her Cece sorry) Cece, Rollins/Archer and her were talking like the best friends they were. Cece said that Alison will go later that day to meet the new doctor, Elliot Rollins, and the only way she can get out of Welby is by making Elliot convice Alison that she’s better now/seduce her and he did. ALSO Jenna told Emily that she introduced Archer and Cece. Basically she made him come to Rosewood for an unknown reason and she had contacts that gave him a fake passport etc. The real question here is why would Jenna introduce this 2 people? what’s the point? Why were Jenna and Cece suddenly friends if back in s4/5 she was scared of Cece? Bitch almost drown her, set fire to her house… I ain’t buying that shit that they became friends out of curiosity. Plus they did met before in Khan’s party (that truth game back in s3) #plothole1.  

 Okay the interesting part starts here, I read somewhere that why would Cece be mad at Ali if she was with Elliot when that was exactly what she wanted? I had to re-watched those 2 scenes: jenna’s flashback & ali’s flashback at welby. She [CeCe] pretended to be mad at Ali bc she was “hooking up with her/my doctor” when that was her plan since the beggining, according to Jenna. She acted all mad and dissapointed at Ali and went to the bell tower on purpose bc she knew that Alison will follow her. I believe that someone was waiting there to kill Alison in Cece’s orders but somehow got confuse and killed her instead. Or maybe Cece herself wanted to kill Alison bc let’s be honest, she never loved her. Why on the hell would she torture her & friends for years with the excuse that she didn’t “listen”? or maybe was really crazy prob. Anyway this is a possibillity. OR this person/killer wanted to kill both, Ali and  Cece. Either way Mary and Archer thought Ali did it but I’ll talk about this in other post. Cece died accidentally or on purpose idk but she’s dead.

Something that caught my attention this week was the line Mary said to Elliot at the end of 6x20 “That’s what Charlotte would’ve wanted” Okay, how would Mary know what the fuck Charlotte/Cece would’ve wanted if she said to Ali that they never met?#plothole2 (7x06). Jenna said that she was looking for her biological mother [Mary] and that she will find her. But WHY? What does Jenna gets from helping her? For me Charlotte and Mary did met and were close. That’s how she got the Drake last name for her alias Cece. There’s no way in life Drake is the maiden/dad’s last name of Jessica and Mary. If so, Jessica would’ve had forced Charlotte to call herself CeCe other lastname but Drake bc it would be too suspicious that Jason’s girlfriend has the same last name that her mother’s maiden one even if they never thought they could be related. Yes, Jessica didn’t knew it was Charlotte until that day the went on summer but still. Idk its just me. Like, did Jason, Kenneth and Alison never asked her what was her dad’s [jessica] last name? the one she was born with. Anyway i just find it really odd. So yes, basically Charlotte knew who was her mother all along and lied big time on 6x10. (its necessary to say that she is a transgender. I personally don’t believe it that much but this is a sensitive topic and the writters wouldn’t change it bc they will really get attack for faking all the trans story which will be even more bad representation for the lgbt community. They deserve respect too<3) 

NOW WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. CHARLOTTE’S/CECE KILLER. Back to Jenna and all the bennefits she would get by helping Cece is keeping her close. I’ll put it this way. She knew Archer idk how? and was looking for Mary so she made her come and join Archer to stole the Carassimi Group money and blah. Idk why but i found it funny “The blind leading the blond”. She was gaining both, Archer’s and Cece’s trust over the years so she could attack them and blame Alison like always. Jenna has always hated Alison. She+liars blind her, blackmailed her with the Toby sex tape etc etc etc… Also Jenna was afraid of Cece like i already said (S3/5 i think so)she almost killed her, and set her house on fire. Maybe she was the one who wanted to kill Alison and got confuse, or wanted to kill both blond’s that night. She’s one of the only characters that never reedem with Ali and like Aria once said “I don’t think Jenna is the kind of person that forgive easily” or something along those lines. But she did with Cece? why? to get close to both! you know what they say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Maybe you’re saying “she’s blind” well BITCH CAN SEE. She did lied about having her sight back who knows if she wouldn’t do it again? There’s this theory that says that her stick match the murder weapon. here is the link creds to @tremolux yep that makes sense. And NO ONE will ever suspect of a blind girl bc you know, she’s blind even if she has a million reasons. Rosewood pd are idiots, remember. Plus nobody knew she was in town. She just came to Radley hotel out of nowhere and surprise the girls with her noisy stick. She was in town all this time and nobody noticed it. In my opinion Jenna had the perfect motive to kill Cece & Ali but only killed Cece bc Ali went home earlier and she had to stick to her plan bc then she could never do it. Was a now or never situation. Maybe Cece asked her to kill Alison and that’s why she went to the church on purpose but she betraded her and that was the end of Charlotte Drake. She has the perfect aliby. Not being in town. Being blind. She’s a geneous! She killed her, pushed her from the bell tower and make it look like a suicide, and put the flowers in her hand. Ran away only to come back and frame Melissa making her look like she did it go away again and come back when Elliot died. 

SORRY if its toooo long but just wanted to point that out. Just put half of my notes here. Like, real life logic not pll logic but hey, you never know! 

I think that AD >> IS THE SIBILING >>AD IS AVENGING CECE >> AD is the older/youngest/fraternal twin. AD IS #WREN (will post my master theory soon)





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to be continue… shh