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I'm curious, do you think Viktor and Chris had had a special relationship in canon? :3

If by ‘special’ you mean ‘sexual’, Anon, no, I’m very firmly on Team Victor Never Slept With Chris. I just don’t get that vibe off their relationship at all. Yeah they’re jokey and a little flirty, but the way Victor introduces him in ep 10 is just so 'I still think of Chris as a cute little bb no matter how sexy his image’.

I feel like Chris maybe would have gone there when they were younger, but he strikes me as too sensible to get himself involved with someone as ridiculous as Victor, lol. My headcanon is also that Chris/Victor is the RPF juggernaut of the YOI world, but on the occasion someone brings it up to Chris he acts super offended that anyone thinks he’d sleep with someone as HIDEOUSLY UGLY as Victor (Victor thinks this is the funniest thing ever).

Past Chris/Victor also just feels to me like one of those lazy headcanons that’s become ubiquitous because people copy one another’s tropes rather than because they’ve actually thought about it that much. If someone genuinely likes the ship and either feels canon supports it or just wants to write it anyway I certainly have no problem with that, people can write what they want, but so often when I come across it I feel like it’s just there as one of fandom’s 'accepted truths’, just like ignorant virgin Yuuri or creepily over-involved Phichit.

hey arnold aired at a time where referencing homosexuality was definitely a big no-no in kid’s cartoons but despite this it managed to get a gay actor to voice mr. simmons and hinted heavily that his “friend” introduced in the thanksgiving ep was his boyfriend and his mother was a homophobe. he was a very sympathetic and well-written character. 

like it wasn’t the pinnacle of gay representation or anything but for the time, it was pretty good imo. i think it’d be super cool if, in the hey arnold movie out this year, they showed it explicitly since they can get away with more nowadays

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Why does Rose look like she’s trying to look like Yuri and Luke together ??

Another random thought

I really miss the “skill careers” from Sims 3 (I think they were introduced with the Ambitions EP). It was so nice to be able to have a Sim be self-employed as a Gardener, Collector, Angler, etc. I’ve wished for those since day one of Sims 4, but today it really hit me - I’m making sure all of the Sims in Newlyn Hills/Blythe Harbor have jobs, and there just aren’t any good options for Sims who are outdoorsy types. I know you can just keep them unemployed and have them fish/garden/collect for money, but then they get assigned as bartenders and things around town. :-p

Most artists starting out will test the waters by putting out a single track, but that’s the case with London newcomer Will Morgan, who has unleashed his debut EP Telopea in full from the get go. Over the course of the four tracks, Morgan lays down soundscapes that titillate between electronic and soul with groovy guitars, pulsating synths and his brilliant voice to accompany. A wonderful introduction, Will Morgan is definitely one to watch!

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Today’s episode, Ep. 26, introduces a new song around 34:00, when we go to the break. Hopefully, it’ll be the first musical theme that I can include in each episode. I’ve been experimenting with making some ambient background tunes in GarageBand for the show, and if I have the time, I’d like to try and get one in each episode.

I’m thinking of them less like theme songs, and more like radio stingers; though this one was pretty prominent, because it’s hard to make an ambient battlewagon pump-up jam. I should mention that I have no idea what I’m doing and that if everyone hates them I will immediately stop doing them, because I am an adult baby.

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rian SHOULD direct episode 9. hell, i'd even take JJ coming back to do it again. Anyone but Colin Trevorrow tbh. I don't hate Jurassic World and he's not directing the sequel, but the shit Trevorrow had Claire (the main female character) go through in that movie has got me worried about how he could potentially treat Rey and Rose (now that she's been introduced) in Ep. 9. :/

I’ve not seen Jurassic World, but I’d hope Lucasfilm wouldn’t let Trevorrow ruin the ~girl power~ thing they’ve got going on. 

seeing yall recommend the nightman cometh as a good ep to introduce someone to iasip with but also i literally tried that and while my friend did laugh she also RAN AWAY when i then tried to start another ep and is to this day sincerely questioning my sanity but i CAN also tell you that showing this ep definitely would’ve worked for my brother so well, i guess moral of the story is it takes the right person for the right ep

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can i hear ur sherlock rant

short version:

it’s literally an hour and thirty minute acid trip in which, by the end, gives us the most pivotal deduction of the century: guns do, in fact, kill people. 

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long version:

where the fuck do i begin? it’s all so jarring and nonsensical and LITERALLY NONE OF IT MATTERS BY THE END but i digress. in an effort to not spend too much time on this bullfuckery, here’s a bullet point featuring the most notable fuck ups:

  • as we, the audience, first step off the stupid train, we get like a solid 5 minutes of “previously on” which basically consists of random cuts from the show all smashed together in a lazy fashion (setting up the overall tone of the ep) in order to tell us all the bullshit that’s happened before. except wait, what? why is this necessary at all. isn’t this episode supposed to be, like, an au? and completely irrelevant to the overall plot of the show?? well guess again motherfucker moffat’s packing a fist full of plot holes twists that will literally leave you dazed and confused. 
  • then comes the actual beginning of the episode, where we see the atrociously rehashed vicky version of john being introduced to sherlock. except it’s rushed. the camera work is boring. the dialogue is virtually the same, only there’s a few old-timey words thrown in to make it seem victorian. and perhaps worst of all, it doesn’t make sense. we don’t see sherlock’s deductive skills in action; moffat just kinda glosses over it, because we’ve seen it before. which, y’know, begs the question: why the everliving fuck did you include this scene to begin with???????? we fucking know how they met holy shit
  • fast forward to the pre– okay, well no, not the actual present. i mean the vick au present, because as we previously established, there’s absolutely no way this episode holds any relevance to the rest of the show! anyway, we get more of the same as the main case of the ep is introduced. boring camera work. shitty dialogue that tries too hard to be modern sherlock dialogue but at the same time not modern sherlock dialogue. the actors are noticeably off the mark, as they probably have no idea how to convey their versions of the characters in this period, since they’ve been written virtually the same way. the only real difference is everyone’s casual sexism. sorry, wait, did i say casual? i meant really fucking blatant, in-your-face sexism. gosh golly. i’d completely forgotten the victorian era was sexist. thanks for reminding me, moff, there’s no way i could’ve discerned that without john asking mary to make him and sherly dinner while they’re on a case.
  • wow i completely forgot to mention the plot shit that happened in the actual case introduction. so much for short, we haven’t even hit the 20 min mark. anyway: lady in a wedding dress goes cray and starts shooting at people (but i don’t think she killed anyone? she was just shooting at people for no conceivable reason) while yelling “YOU!” a billion times in a really comical manner. anywho after she’s done that she shoots herself. but then sometime later her ghost shows up and shoots her husband. overall it’s just kind of corny but perhaps the worst offence is that while the murder is being recreated in sherlock’s head, i.e. the sitting room at baker st is plopped in the middle of the crime scene, all of the people in the sitting room are watching the crime go down. as in, they’re looking directly at it. some of them have turned around in their seats to view what’s going on. what the fuck. they’re not supposed to be there???? anyway sherlock and co (except mary bc women belong in the kitchen lollll) go to the morgue to check to see if the lady’s body is still there. 
  • hop skip and a jump past more sexism, bad writing, bad acting, and sherlock being blissfully unaware that the mortician (molly) is dressed up as a dude, sherlock and co find that the body is the lady’s and she is dead, so it must be a copycat killer and sherlock loses interest. but then another lady comes to sherly claiming that the ghost lady threatened her sexist hubby so now he’s doomed to die. sherly and jonny stake out their house that night and what follows is a cringeworthy convo featuring john inquiring about his amigo’s love life. because that’s relevant somehow. anyway the ghost appears and kills the guy, unsurprisingly, since sherlock did fuck all to prevent it. i mean literally. this guy had his life threatened and sherlock basically just told them to lock the windows while he watched from outside? how about we move the dude to a more secure location or something, holy shit. 
  • next day they’re examining the body and, evident from the knife protruding from his body, the dead dude’s been stabbed to death. pretty weird way for a ghost without physical form to kill someone, but pshhh those victorians. so dumb. must be a ghost. regardless, while theyre arguing over some bullshit i barely listened to because my brain was melting from my ears, a random “miss me?” note is placed on the body, presumably from moriarty. i sit, wondering, what the fuck? but not a surprised or interested what the fuck. more like a monotoned, vaguely confused what the fuck. but ok. moriarty did it, i guess? sure. why not.
  • sherlock drugs himself up to……… him? solve? the case? anyway while he’s tripping balls moriarty shows up and did his thing. i mean, nothing to complain here. scott did good with what utter shit he had to to work with, and at least provided us with some classic mori shenanigans like licking dust after commenting it’s mostly made of human skin. but then slowly everything starts to disintegrate, by which i mean, there’s random earth quakes and moriarty has a hole in the back of his h–
  • wait. hang the fuck on. moriarty shooting himself was a change the show made. in the original version moriarty fell to his death. and in this episode it was previously established that this was how moriarty died in this au! so the only explanation for the wound is that moffat forgot this lil tid bit or it’s just a dr–
  • wait
  • no
  • no you can’t be serious
  • moffat you can’t have fallen this far
  • moffat please i’m begging you don’t do this to me
  • but then, of course,
  • anyway, that happened
  • apparently sherlock decided to try and solve this old case that happened in the victorian era by imagining himself in it after taking a shitload of drugs. and the only reason he wanted to solve this case was cuz the lady faked her death despite shooting herself in the head, like mori.
  • the remaining 30-40 minutes consist of random jumps between past and present except most of the present jumps were still part of a hallucination and so none of it mattered. but to solve your undoubtedly dying curiosity, here’s how the crime is “solved” in the victorian era: sherlock makes up that THE SUFFRAGETTES help ghost lady fake her death by having her shoot one of her guns at the ground to get the sound effect while someone else splattered blood behind her, meaning she didnt shoot herself at all. then she goes and kills her husband, and then she actually kills herself to produce a body, then those damn dirty feminists assume the role of the ghost lady to kill more men who’ve done women wrong. and now, for those of you who watched it, i understand that moffat was trying to make this explanation “feminist” by saying ohhh they felt they had no other choice but to murder those men because no one listens to them but it was just so sloppily done. and doesn’t reflect well on the suffragettes at all. and even ignoring all that, it doesn’t even matter????? sherlock made it all up????????? because he feels bad that he treats women shitly i guess???????? fuck if i know?????????????? it’s a mess. it’s a damn mess. basically the show meanders on for another 15 minutes with sherlock, despite knowing moriarty couldn’t have possibly faked his death in the same manner as ghost lady might have, wanting to dig up her corpse, but that turns out to be a hallucination, then he’s at the waterfall with moriarty in the past, then fake john shows up and saves the day even though it’s all in his head and NONE OF THIS MATTERS and then sherlock wakes up, confirms that moriarty did indeed die when he shot himself in the fucking head right in front of him, and then they drive off to deal with presumably not moriarty. confused? so am i.

i wasn’t kidding when i said the entire episode was to say that guns do, indeed, kill people, explained via an acid trip.

i have a headache now.

- Joe

yoi fans!!!! you all remember this person.. who reacted cutely to yuuri’s viral video

this one

guys i think that was phichit chulanont

i’m pretty sure that was him

he was officially introduced in ep 4 but he appeared for like 2 seconds in ep1