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*Linebarrels of Iron* is the story of 14-year-old Kouichi Hayase who wakes up with special powers after having been in a coma and discovers he has become a “Factor” mecha pilot whereupon he encounters the Linebarrel robot plus a strange, amnesiac girl. This excellent 1/144 scale action figure is the Linebarrel Mode-B, the special black combat mode as introduced by Emi Kizaki during the series…. #mecha –


Ok so I tried doing a more… Normal hair style for Longus and Quazky. I couldn’t really decide what looked better on Longus (a Mohawk kind of deal or more of a hair bump thing). I like how Quazky turned out. Maybe I should do Tone as well but I think his hair is perfect I mean come on it just fits his “I’m done with everybody’s shit” kind of personality. I feel like maybe I draw too much TH fanart but then I get over it. I love drawing these guys.

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1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. :D

(Wow I didn’t actually think I’d get any of these!)

1. Movie - that would have to be Rise of the Guardians

5. Color - kind of a mossy green. It’s a mixture of different greens

10. Quote - “when your heart breaks it can grow back crooked. It grows back twisted and gnarled and hard.” - from the Tale of Despereaux book. One of the few quotes I can relate back to so many things (home stuck, once upon a time, supernatural, rise of the guardians, etc.)

15. Clothing Store - that’s a little hard because I mostly shop at thrift stores but I adore Charlotte Rouse for their boots. Omg I just love their boots.

20. Food - do I have to choose I mean come on its food we’re talking about.

25. Band - oh my gosh ok ok let me think reals quick cuz I’m a band hopper I can’t really stay with one favorite band. For awhile it was Mumford and sons because I love folk and what they brought to the table and the singers voice is to die for especially with his sad songs (and his angry songs are amazing wow). Then for awhile it was Florence + The Machine because damn she has such a beautiful voice and a wide range and my favorite song ever by any band ever is definitely “Cosmic Love” by her I can listen to that song forever. Then for awhile it was The Lumineers. I just love their style and their songs reminded me a lot of my webcomic I’m working on and I love his love songs and his sad songs sound real good cuz he puts so much emotion into them. Need I go on? Right now I think it’s the Mystery Skulls but I’m floating in space right now.

30. Artist - oh no shit I gotta make another list. I love Fanartdrawer here on tumblr (or Besteck) for their Rotg art, their Outlast art, and their OCs because hot damn go check her out that’s why. Also she’s starting (or may be starting I’m keeping my fingers crossed) an autobiographical comic I’m really looking forward to it. Next I love Turtle-Arts on deviantart for their characters, their comics, and her stories and her use of color (seriously go check her out I’m in love with her stuff I go to her page all the time for inspiration when I’m in the art dumps). Also she draws a lot of great fanart for Pokemon (which I know nothing about but her interpretations of the Pokemon are ugh yes please). Next I looooove Makanidotdot like do I even need to start with how much I love the expressions, the poses, the random head canons for korra that she comes up with, the sketches and short comics, the hilarious otps I now share with her, and everything else. I found her thanks to Korra and now I don’t think I’ll ever stop looking through her stuff even if it’s nothing I’m in (like team fortress). Next I love IntroducingEmy here on tumblr and also on deviantart. Where do I begin? Not only is she a huge sweetheart having talked to her a couple times, but her use of color is uuugh I need more of that in my life. Her characters are my favorite of all of time, her comic is amazing and I eagerly await each chapter. I Cannot handle those characters. The hair is too fabulous I just. Can’t.

There’s too many to list and I need to regain control over my feels excuse me.

Somewhere deep in the bowls of my sketchbook is a page filled with Longus just so I could get his hair down.

Making due without the access to my tablet, so sorta detailed sketches of aliens will have to do for now.

Longus is from the web comic ‘Trying Human’ by Introducing Emy 

Here is the page full of Longus if you’re interested


if you want to make good drawings in a tablet, just listen to emy :3 she will teach you