introduce the stars friend

A quick sketch of an AU I’ve been thinking of.  This is what I have so far.

  1. Marco meets a girl he’s never seen before at his school and they become close friends. 
  2. The girl introduces herself as Star Butterfly after pointing to the star on her wand and a butterfly that passes by.
  3. They always hang out around sunset on campus. 
  4. He invites her to hang out with him at his place but she always say’s she has something to do.
  5. He thinks its cute that she holds a hand made wand and acts like she has magic.
  6. He thinks it’s just her personality till one day she “casts” a spell and an object nearby him moves.  
  7. She starts moving things around them more often and he starts to believe that this girl really knows magic.
  8. Reality hits and more clues reveal a different story.
  9. “Star Butterfly” isn’t a student at their school but “was” a student.  
  10. “Star Butterfly” isn’t a girl from another dimension but someone lost in time and space.  
  11. “Star Butterfly” is actually a lost spirit stuck in her own world, during the time in which she died. 
  12. Death is still unknown. 
  13. “Star Butterfly” doesn’t know that she’s dead and is always stuck in the loop that she “has something to do.”


anonymous asked:

hi! can you write about tom x reader , so the reader is like really awkward and shy or introvert with other people but she's very confident arround Harrison (as friends), and Tom gets jealous??Love your blog, btw <3 (also sorry for my english,it's not my language (: )

So I’ve decided to connect this request with another cuz I thought I might be able to make it fit. Both of them will be fulfilled probably a little mixed up in this imagine. Hope you still both like it.

The request from the other lovely anon is:                                                        “love your imagines!! could you please do one where you and tom have been dating for awhile and he introduces you to his hometown friends who are like ‘youre a movie star, you could be dating victorias secret models, but you chose her?’ and he tells them off then later you tell him that made you feel really insecure but he reassures you that he loves you”

Tom x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word count: 1109

A/N Hope you two like it, it was hard cuz I’m still having some kind of writers block.

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“What if they don’t like me?” “Of course they will! How could they not! You are gorgeous baby!” Assuringly he took your hands in his before pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead. Holding onto your hand he entered the bar you were meeting his hometown friends in. As you approached them you instantly noticed multiple pairs of eyes landing on you, looking you up and down.

Anxiously you gave Tom’s hand a light squeeze. Swiftly he pulled you close to him, putting and arm around your waist and standing next to you. “Hey guys.” Shortly he introduced you to the boys as well as introducing them to you. “This is my girlfriend as you might have already noticed.” They gave you weird looks. “Tom, I am panicking.” You whispered as it got harder for you to breathe and your heart was pounding out of your chest. Quickly Tom pulled aside, a little away from them.  

Softly he wraps his arms around you, pressing you against his body to signal your mind he’s there for you. It was your routine every time you’d get a panic attack. It rarely happens anymore. The routine also included you focusing on his heartbeat as he pressed your head softly against his chest. Tom started playing with your hair while whispering in your ear. It was always better for you to stop the panic attack at the beginning, before it really started out, which was what you two were doing right now.

“Focus on me. On my breathing and heartbeat. I am here, darling, don’t worry. I won’t go anywhere.” Slowly but surely you got lost in his heartbeat and your breathing slowed down. The feeling of panic was slowly fading away as he kept playing with your hair and caressing your back. “You good, baby?” You lifted your head up, looking at him.

“Yes. I think so.” “Relax okay? I am here and I won’t leave your side.” “I am sorry I couldn’t help it. “No need for an apology.” Gently he attached his lips to yours while caressing your cheek with his thumb. As you two got back to them you could hear them talk about you. “I don’t get him. I mean yeah she is beautiful but he is a movie star. Tom could literally get like real models. Like actual famous models.” Tom looked at you but you already started making your way outside.

“I am done with this.” You mumbled to yourself. As you walked out the door of the building you suddenly bumped into someone, almost falling to the ground. “I am so sorry.” He apologized. “Wait you are Y/N! Nice to finally meet you. Where is Tom?” “Inside.” You push yourself past him. “Hey wait! What happened?” The man who turned out to be Harrison Osterfield, Tom’s best friend, walked over to you again.

“Your friends are assholes, that is what happened. I shouldn’t be with Tom. He deserves better.” Sighing you bury your face in your hands. “What did they say?” “Nothing that isn’t true.” “I don’t know you yet but I mean, he chose you didn’t he? I guess that must mean something.” “I don’t know.” A tear rolled down your cheek as self-doubt flooded your mind. “No no, don’t cry. You want a hug?” Harrsion spread out his arms. Sobbing you take the offer and let him wrap his arms around you.

“Come on. It’s hard to face haters but if you do they will feel bad. Let’s go back inside.” Again you enter the bar. While approaching Tom and his friends you stop, listening to what Tom is saying.

“That is my girlfriend we are talking about. I am the one to choose my girlfriend. Not you. And I don’t care if you guys approve of it. I love her. And she is perfect the way she is. Love is not about the looks of someone nor about fame, it is about the feeling you have and the feeling she gives you when being together with her. And it is about character. I don’t want a stupid model. She is the only one I want by my side so leave her the fuck alone.” “Hey.” Quietly you cut in and flash him an adoring smile. This was the first time he actually said that he loved you.

“I love you too.” Shocked his eyes widened. You stepped forward and pressed your lips on his. His arms found their place on your waist and your found theirs on the back of his neck and in his hair.

“Thank you.” You went over to Harrison and hugged him shortly and kind of awkwardly. But your hug got interrupted by a hand pulling you away. “Um, I don’t think so.” Tom got a hold of you and his hand squeezed yours firmly. Harrison let out a short laugh.

Harrison and you talked a lot this evening. Some conversations were joined by Tom, but you avoided the others. “Can I talk to you for a second?” Tom suddenly interrupted you, pulling you off the barstool. “Never seen you that outgoing with someone. Oh wait I have. But that was with me.” Cocking an eyebrow at you Tom stood in front of you. “What are you trying to implify?” Scoffing you crossed your arms in front of your chest.

“Come on.” He grabbed your hand and dragged you into the hallway that leads to the restrooms, seeking some kind of privacy. “You are jealous.” You stated. “He actually comforted me when I thought you deserved someone better than me. I thought getting to know him would be a good idea. Especially since Harrison is your best friend.”

“Yeah but you’re never that outgoing and okay with talking to people-” “Don’t use that against me!” You slightly yelled. Fortunately no one was there to witness your small fight. “I am not!” “Yes you are!” “If you would just let me-” “Why would I?” “’Cause I let you finish too.”

“So then go ahead.” You quietly talk as you move closer to him. You were almost leaning against the wall while he stood in front of you. “Okay, well, yes. It was jealousy. But-” Crashing your lips onto his you pulled him into you. You weren’t really angry at him. Staying angry at him has always been hard. “There is no need to be jealous.” Sometimes when it gets sexual between you two Tom would get a little dominant. And you didn’t seem to mind. “You’re mine.” He whispered into your ear, making you shudder as he runs his hands up your sides and under your shirt. “I’m yours.”

808 SeXXX - Keola’s Story - part 1

Alright my friends without further ado let me introduce the next featured story in the 808SeXXX series starring a friend who will be going by the alias Keola.  A Friday after work drinking session turns into something totally unexpected and well… It’s a fucking hot story! Enjoy!

(Just a note: I was asked to do the dialog in our local Pidgin English so if you don’t understand some of it, please send me a message and I’ll see if i can add a note in there. Or you can Google it maybe lol…)

“Shoots braddahs have one good one ah!” our job foreman yelled with a wave out of his truck window as he pulled out from the parking lot of the rapidly emptying beach park.

There were four of us left having a few after a long work week and it looked like it would soon be only two of us as Micah and Nelson threw their cooler into the bed of Micah’s truck and they came over to shake our hands before leaving.  I still don’t know how the two of them are brothers… Micah is probably 6’1 and close to 300 pounds with a dark colored pony tail and Nelson is only 5’7 on a good day and thin as a rail and balding but they insist that they’re related somehow.

“Shit… You guys gonna stay here and finish all that?” Nelson asked as he opened the big cooler on the ground and grabbed another beer for the road.

“Fuck if I know,” I laughed. “But when the boss buys beer no can let em go to waste.”

“I ain’t got nowhere special to be so fuck em might as well,” my co-worker Maka said with a huge grin spread across his face that was practically glowing from the alcohol he had drank already.

“I guess I’ll be staying here to make sure this dumbass no get all buss and drown or something then,” I pushed him playfully as he laughed and made a face at me.

“Alright den boys get home safe ah?” Micah said with a wave as he pulled himself up into his lifted diesel.

“Shoots!” I shouted as I waved and then Maka and I laughed and cheered as he burned rubber out of the parking lot.

“Fuck brah I’m all buss already…” Maka told me as he jumped back up to sit on the tailgate of my truck.

“Fucking light weight…” I teased him and laughed as he stuck his middle finger at me. “Nah what time you gotta be home?”

“Shit no matter,” he said then let out a huge burp. “My old lady’s mainland with her family so fuck em I no gotta do shit.”

“Coo sounds good let’s have a few more den,” I told him as I avoided the subject of significant others.

Working construction is a tough place to be down low gay.  The testosterone flying around the jobsite makes it an intimidating prospect of being known as the gay guy so I’ve been careful to keep my sex life private. It’s really tough though since most of the guys I work with on our crew are built like Micah and hot as fuck…

Maka is no exception. He’s probably 5’11 and around 280 with short shaved hair and the dark tan you’d expect from someone who works days out in the sun.  He always seems to be the first one to lose his shirt as soon as work is done like today, he was already bare chested which gave me a great view of his smooth belly to enjoy with my beer.  I could tell he was freeballing it today too with how much of his ass kept hanging out of his pants while we were working and I couldn’t help but stare each time his shirt rode up while he was leaning over and his round ass cheeks peeked out above the top of his jeans.

“Yo you faka what you daydreaming about?” I suddenly realized he was talking to me when he slapped my thigh to get my attention.

“Huh?” I responded as I was brought back to the present from my wandering thoughts

“I said what you had for do tonight?” he asked again.

“Oh… Shit nothing man,” I replied sheepishly as I tried to subtly adjust my dick that had started swelling slightly at the thought of my friend’s ass peeking out today.

“What brah you catching one boner ah” Maka laughed as he noticed what I was doing.

“What?! No, fuck you brah,” I replied angrily as the shame at being busted lit my ears on fire.

“Shit you wish,” he laughed. “I’d be surprised you could fuck anyone with that little shit.”

“Brah I’d make you scream my name if I fucked you with this,” I replied without thinking as I grabbed my crotch though my pants.

“Oh so you like fuck me now?” he asked with a smirk. “Sick ah you fucking perv.”

“Shit I bet you’d like em no act,” I laughed at him.

“Maybe if you actually knew how for use this,” he fired back and completely caught me off guard by reaching between my thighs and giving my package a squeeze.

“Whoa! Whoa! What the fuck brah?” I jumped at the feeling although I gotta admit it turned me on even more.

“Nah nah just playing bro calm your tits,” he laughed it off.

We both sat there in an awkward silence for a minute as we tried to figure out what the hell to say next.  I drained the third of the beer I had left and burped and broke the tension by asking if he was ready for another beer which he agreed he was.  The conversation turned back to normal topics as we talked about the mma fight card coming up and how one of our local fighters was going to defend his belt soon and where we were going to watch it.

“Fuck man what time is it?” Maka asked as he looked around the now empty parking lot when that conversation finally died down.

“Shit I don’t know lemme check,” I replied as I went to the cab of my truck to grab my phone. “Was like 8:30 when the guys left so probably kinda late already.”

“They close this park or what?” he asked as he finished his beer and picked up the one I opened for him.

“Yeah like 10:30 I think,” I told him. “Ho shit it’s already 10:45.”

“Ah fuck em I no see nobody coming for lock up the gates or anything,” my friend replied. “Fuck I gotta piss…”

“Wow no shame ah?” I laughed as I came back around to the back of the truck in time to see him hop down and just whip it out and start peeing.

“Why you like what you see?” Maka grinned drunkenly as he shook it around causing his piss to fly everywhere.

“See? I don’t see shit must be fuckin tiny,” I teased him while I enjoyed the view of his dick sticking out of his fly.

“Fuck you brah,” he responded as he shook the last drops of piss from his dick and then waved it at me. “Look at this shit it’s man sized.”

“Man put that little thing away before you hurt yourself,” I shook my head and took another sip of my beer.

“And what if I no like?” he asked as he leaned on the tailgate, his cock still hanging out.

“No matter to me,” I shrugged and then added. “No blame me if you get mosquito bites on em tho.”

“Shit…” he laughed. “Well at least it’d be getting sucked by someone.”

“Sick faka…” I laughed too.

“Eh we should go swim,” Maka said suddenly as he looked over his shoulder at the ocean.

“What? You fuckin crazy I no more even surf shorts,” I replied shaking my head at him.

“Fuck em,” he said and then laughed. “Brah da Hawaiians that came before us never have no surf shorts either. Let’s go pussy.”

“What you goin do?” I asked him. “You goin swim bare fuckin balls?”

“Why not who goin see?” he laughed as he stumbled around trying to pull off his shoes.

“You fuckin crazy…” I told him and then laughed as he hopped around on one foot trying to get his second shoe off.

“Come on no be chicken shit brah let’s go,” he scolded me as he grabbed my arm and started trying to pull me off the tailgate.

“Nah I’m good brah you go,” I laughed uneasily at the thought of being either in my undies or naked in front of my friend.

“Come on you don’t ever do crazy shit bro,” Maka insisted. “Live a little.”

“Fuck…” I sighed.

“Yes… Come the fuck on asshole,” he grinned when he realized I was seriously considering it.

“Brah… No lie this is just your way of trying to see me naked ah,” I laughed half-heartedly.

“Shit I already seen your boto before when we was kids nothing special,” he laughed and slapped my thigh. “Come on fat boy up and at em.”

“Fat boy?” I pushed him. “No make you get one bigger belly than me.”

That wasn’t quite true actually.  I mentioned he was 5’11 280ish earlier right?  I’m an inch shorter at 5’10 and probably only a few pounds lighter if at all. After I stopped going to the gym a while back and started drinking with the boys in its place… Well let’s just say I’m a full figured man now.  I ran my hand over the stubble on the top of my shaved head as I thought about all the ways this could go wrong…  True we had grown up together and seen each other naked before but that was way before either of us even had pubes.  If I caught a boner there would be no way to hide it from him and it would lead to some fucked up questions I really didn’t want to have to answer.

“Eh come on Ola serious,” Maka said a little more seriously. “No one but us here. No one goin see let’s just go cool off.”

“Fuck… Whatevers then I’ll go,” I gave in against my better judgement. “Just for make sure your dumb drunk ass no drown.”

“Chee! That’s my boy,” he exclaimed happily as he walked to the passenger side of my truck. “You still get that towel in here from before?”

“Yeah behind the passenger seat,” I told him as I pulled off my shoes and socks and threw them into the bed of my truck.

“Got em,” he said as he pulled the towel out that he was looking for.
“Brah what the fuck?” I laughed as he dropped his pants and threw them into the truck and closed the door.

“What you like what you see ah?” he grinned as he rubbed his belly.

Oh yeah… I totally did like what I saw.  His arms and face were a bit darker than the rest of him but surprisingly he didn’t really have tan lines other than that.  His collection of tats had grown a little more from the last time I had noticed, he had added some new designs around his family name across his shoulders. I could see his soft dick peeking out from his hair under the overhanging belly and his nice sized balls hanging below it.  I tried my hardest to will myself not to immediately catch a hard on but it was in vain and didn’t help at all.

“Yo!” I heard him yell at me after a moment and I looked up to see him holding out his arms questioningly. “What the fuck you doin?”

“Shit my bad I fuckin zoned out,” I replied, embarrassed.

“Yeah no shit you was having too much fun staring at this sexy body,” he said as he flexed and struck a couple of poses.

“Brah you fuckin so dumb…” I shook my head as I pulled off my shirt and tossed it on top of my shoes.

“Hurry the fuck up slow ass,” he told me as he turned and walked down towards the water.

“Fucking Keola what the fuck are you thinking?” I muttered to myself as I threw my wallet and phone in my truck and locked it before shoving the keys into my now empty pockets. “This is a stupid fucking idea…”

I started walking down the path after Maka as I ran through all the reasons why this was the stupidest thing I had ever done in my head.  I got down to the sand just in time to see the amazing view of his ass and balls as he waded out into the water and dove in under the small wave that was breaking on him.  I sat down on the sand and stared out over the ocean.  It was a beautiful night. The water was really calm and the moon was probably three quarters full so there was more than enough light to see.  I smiled as Maka came back up and splashed around happily in the water.

“Hey shithead!” I heard and looked over to see Maka waving his arms at me. “Get your fuckin ass in here you pussy.”

“Fuck…” I sighed. “Calm the fuck down ho!”

“Brah the water feels so good get in here,” he yelled at me and then ducked back under again.

“What the fuck am I doing… What the fuck am I doing…” I mumbled to myself a few times and then rubbed my face with my hands before I steeled my nerves and commited myself to this.

I unbuttoned my work pants and slid down the zipper while taking a few deep breaths to try to calm myself.  I could feel my heart pounding in my chest but at least the nervousness had killed my erection so I ran my hands around my waist inside the band of my boxer briefs a couple of times before taking one more deep breath and sliding them off of me. It was pretty warm and muggy but I shivered at the feeling of the night air caressing my now naked body.  Other than the patch of light fur around my belly button and a little between my pecs, my body is pretty smooth and I could see the chicken skin popping up across my arms and chest as I crossed them in front of me.

I folded my jeans and undies up and leaned over to put them down when I heard Maka whistle at me. I shook my head but his silliness helped ease some of the tension from me so I took one more deep breath and made my way down to the water where my friend was giving me the biggest, dumbest grin ever.

“Bout time faka,” he told me and then splashed water at me as I waded into the ocean.

“Brah shut the fuck up,” I laughed as I dove in and made my way out towards where he was.  

I had to admit, he was definitely right.  The water felt absolutely amazing after the long day of working and drinking.  It was cool but not to the point that it was cold just refreshing and I savored the feeling of being naked in it, it had been years since I had swam without anything on.

“What brah? Boner?” he asked me with a laugh.

“Shit… You wish asshole,” I laughed too.

“Fuck this feels so fuckin good though right?” he asked as he ran his hands over his arms and chest.

“Yeah it does,” I agreed. “I guess this wasn’t as shitty an idea as you usually get.”

“Fuck you,” he laughed and splashed water at me.

I lifted my feet off the sand and let my body float a little as I took in a deep, relaxing breath. No this wasn’t a bad idea at all. I closed my eyes and let myself relax even more but then suddenly, I felt arms around my middle and I went flying up and over into the water.

“You motherfucker…” I sputtered as I came up blowing water out of my nose.

“Gotcha,” Maka laughed. “Oh shit!”

I caught him off guard and lifted him out of the water and dumped him back in.  He came up laughing and we rough housed for a bit more but it was short lived cause soon we were both out of breath.

“Shit man I’m glad you stuck around for this,” he said as his breathing slowed enough to speak.

“Yeah this was just what needed after this shitty week of work,” I agreed.

“You ready for hele?” he asked to see if I was ready to get out of the water and leave.

“Pretty much,” I agreed as I tipped my head back and slid under the water one more time.

“Shit!” Maka hissed as I came up and I looked at where he was pointing.

A car was pulling into the parking lot of the beach park, its headlights lit up the water and we both ducked lower so we wouldn’t be so obvious.  I was just about to say we better go in case this was the guy that was supposed to be locking up the park gates but the car pulled into a space a couple over from my truck and his headlights turned off.

“What the fuck?” I asked quietly and Maka just shrugged as we tried to figure out what to do.

We looked at each other and then back towards the car and through the windshield a light flared up and then disappeared before a cloud of smoke billowed out of the window and we heard the guy cough over the noise of the ocean.  The cherry of the guy’s joint flared again and a second cloud of smoke came out of his window.

“Ah fuck he just goin burn one fast one and dig out,” Maka said with relief.

“I hope so cause fuck brah I’m starting fo get cold now,” I told him.

We stood out in the water for five minutes, then ten, and then fifteen while we watched this guy puff away at what he was smoking.  I was trying my best to keep calm but the cool ocean water was rapidly making me feel chilled and I could feel myself start shivering.  I crossed my arms in front of my chest and tried my best to keep from shaking.  If we tried to get out of the water now, we’d be in plain view of this guy in his car and he’d see the two of us bare balls naked.

“You cold?” Maka asked me when he noticed me shivering and I just nodded my head.

“What you doing?” I asked through chattering teeth when I felt him move up behind me.

“No worry,” he told me as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to his body to try to give me some warmth.

“Nah no need,” I tried to get him to let me go because as cold as I was feeling, this was having a completely different effect on my body as I felt his belly and chest pressed up against my back and I could feel his dick touch me almost between my cheeks every so often.

“I’m getting cold too brah so just stay quiet and hope this faka digs soon,” he told me as he pulled me tighter against my struggles so I relaxed into him.

My mental struggle wasn’t so easy to give up.  My dick was rock hard now and just inches below where my friend’s arms were wrapped around me.  If he just so happened to let his hands move down, they’d guaranteed brush right across my boner sticking out wide open in front of me.  I was nearly panicking about being hard but at the same time the feeling of being wrapped in my friends arms felt amazing.  I was so caught up in my own dilemma that it took me a while to realize something felt different.  I cocked my head to the side and thought about what it was when I felt it again.  Maka was having the exact same problem as me apparently cause when the next wave rocked us gently, I felt his hard dick rub across my ass cheek.

“You hard right now bro?” I asked him softly.

“Fuck… Yeah man I’m sorry,” he apologized sheepishly and went to let me go.

“Nah nah no worries probably just natural reaction,” I said quickly as I grabbed his arms to keep him from letting me go.

“Yeah I guess,” he replied with an embarrassed grin. “No help I never get any in forever.”

“Problems with your old lady again?” I asked.

“Nah she been dealing with some shit,” he told me. “She had for go mainland cause her braddah is real sick.”

“Ah shitty deals…” I sighed with understanding.

“Yeah not really the kine time where she gonna wanna oof you know?” he laughed.

“Probably not ah?” I laughed too.

“How bout you?” he asked. “Bet you been getting some ass ah?”

“Shit…” I laughed. “Nah no luck here either.”

“You not seeing that guy in Pearl City anymore?” he asked.

It took me a moment to process what he just said and it hit me like an icy punch right to the stomach and I started to panic.

“What the fuck you mean?” I stammered as the fear that I had somehow slipped up and my secret was now out.

“Quit wiggling you faka,” Maka told me as he held on to me through my struggles to get loose. “Come on brah we known each other since like kindergarten time you think I didn’t know?”

“You knew?” I asked with fear in my voice.

“That you was gay? Yeah long time,” he laughed.

“What?!? How?” I exclaimed.

“Shit you never have one chick since like high school,” he laughed. “That and I seen the kine guys you check out when you think no one stay looking.”

“Bullshit!” I protested.

“For real brah I know your type,” he laughed. “I know I’m your type cause I see you checking out all da other big braddahs at the jobsite.”

“Not even…” I objected but I knew I was busted.

“That guy you was seeing?” he continued. “My cousin lives next door, I seen your truck there couple times. Kinda knew braddah was gay too so connect da dots.”

“Fuck!” I swore and then sagged in his arms in defeat.

“No worry man it don’t bother me we all good,” he reassured me.

“You sure?” I asked him.

“Faka…. We’re standing in the ocean, bare ass naked, and I’m holding you to keep warm,” he told me. “Does it look like it bothers me you like boto?”

“When you put it that way…” I laughed and he laughed too.

Right at that moment he readjusted his grip and his hand did exactly what I was afraid it was going to do and brushed against my hard dick.  I tensed up and was ready for him to push me away in disgust but instead he reached down and grabbed it.

“Oh look,” he said as he squeezed my dick. “I guess I was right and I’m your type ah?”

“Shit…” I said not knowing how else to respond.

“This faka’s not bad size after all ah?” he laughed as he felt me up and even stroked me a couple of times.

“Brah you better stop that…” I warned him.

“Or what? You already hard,” he laughed. “What you going buss one already?”

“Fuck it’s been so long I might,” I laughed too.

Instead of stopping, he kept right on going. One hand wrapped around my belly, the other stroking my aching cock while we floated here in the ocean.  I could feel my breathing getting unsteady as the feeling of my best friend holding me close while jerking me off overwhelmed me.

“Oh shit…” I moaned as he rested his chin on my shoulder and I felt his breath tickle my ear.

“Feels good ah?” he asked me.

“Fuck brah… It feels so fuckin good…” I replied as I tipped my head back against his.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, him holding me and stroking my cock underwater, but the next thing I knew I felt that familiar feeling building up in my nuts.  I moaned and gasped quietly as he jerked me off like that and soon it got to the point where I couldn’t hold it off any longer.

“Brah I’m going to cum if you don’t stop…” I moaned.

“Shoot em then,” he chuckled.

“Oh fuck… Fuck Maka I’m gonna cum,” I gasped. “FUCK! I’m cumming!”

My dick swelled and my balls pulled even tighter and then it started jumping and pulsing as my load flooded out to join the even saltier water we floated in.  My body twitched and I could hear myself making weird gasping, squeaking noises as I blew my load and I swear I seen stars at one point. Maka didn’t even flinch, he just kept stroking me slowly while I shook with my orgasm and when it slowed, he let go of my dick and gently massaged my balls.

“Holy fuck Maka that was crazy shit,” I mumbled as I struggled to regain my senses.

“Felt good ah?” he laughed.

“Shit yeah,” I laughed too. “I can’t believe you did that.”

“Help my bro out you know?” he chuckled as he brought his arm up and held me with both of them again.

I had no idea what to say so I just let him hold me against him.  Finally, the car parked next to us started up and his headlights came on.  It seemed like forever before he put it in reverse and slowly drove out of the parking lot. 

Maka released his grip on me, kind of reluctantly it seemed like, and I turned to look at him and we grinned at each other.  We swam and then waded out of the water back up onto the beach where I picked up my clothes and he grabbed the towel he had brought down here. I looked back at him and once again admired his naked body, glistening with sea water in the moonlight, his dick still partially hard.

“Think there’s still hot water?” he asked as he nodded towards the bathroom building.

“Dunno like go check em out?” I asked and he nodded again so we made our way to check.

“Fuck that feels good,” he sighed as he turned on the shower and warm water sprayed down on him.

I turned on mine and sighed in contentment as warm water flowed over me, washing the salt and sand off of my skin.  I glanced over again at my friend and was surprised that he was almost fully hard again as he rinsed himself off.  He closed his eyes and let the water pour down his face as he grabbed his dick and started stroking himself.

“Maka?” I said quietly.

“Yeah?” he replied, opening one eye to look over at me.

“Can I help you with that?” I asked as I eyed his now hard dick in his hand.

“Up to you brah,” he said and then laughed. “I no mind you like return the favor.”

“How bout I suck em instead would that be cool?” I asked as I licked my lips in anticipation, the alcohol fueling my courage and my horniness.

“Fuck…” he swore. “Yeah fuck em why not.”

I turned off my shower and turned to face him.  I squatted down in front of him and reached up to pull his upwards pointing dick towards my mouth.  He was definitely a grower.  The soft dick I seen was gone and in its place was at least 6.5 inches of thick, cut cock.  I admired his fat mushroom shaped head for a second before leaning in and running my tongue under it before sliding my lips over his head.

“Ho fuck…” my friend moaned as I savored the opportunity to suck the cock I never would have thought I would get the chance to in a million years.

I couldn’t tell if it was the salt water or his precum, but it was one of the hottest things I can ever remember tasting. I used my lips and tongue with all the skill I could to stimulate his head and from the moaning that filled my ears, it must have been doing the trick.

“Shit… Fuck brah you got skills…” Maka gasped as I buried my nose in his pubes and his head in the back of my throat. “Unnnf shit!”

“I can’t believe this is happening… I can’t believe this is happening…” was the only thing that kept running through my mind, over and over as I gave my best friend head.  I was torn between wanting to give him the best blowjob and orgasm he’d ever had or milking it for as long as I possibly could to savor this moment.  

I reached up and ran my hands up his muscular thighs and then reached back and grabbed his thick ass cheeks and pulled him in, shoving his dick as deep as I could into my mouth. He moaned in pleasure as he ran his hands over my head and shoulders.  I could tell he wanted to grab my head and try to fuck my face but he was resisting that urge, content to let me have my way and give him pleasure with my cock sucking skills.

“Fuuuuuck…” he grunted as I bobbed my head in and out, letting his head slide up to my lips before sucking him back down to the base. “Shit bro you goin make me cum pretty soon…”

Hearing him say that, I picked up the speed and intensity of my sucking and the volume of his moans increased even louder.  I reached under and massaged his big nuts gently through his tightening sack and from the bucking of his hips and shaking of his legs I knew he was about to blow.

“Fuck I goin cum,” he cried out. “Stop brah or I goin cum in your mouth…”

He tried to push me off but I refused to let him so he went along with it instead. He ran his hands up and down the sides of my face and head as he gasped and grunted his way towards climax.  When it did hit him, he let out a thundering primal yell as his ass cheeks clenched and his balls emptied a massive load of his seed into my starving mouth.  I had to swallow a few times to keep it from spilling, I almost choked on the never ending stream of sperm he was blasting down my eager throat.  Just when I thought I couldn’t handle any more it slowed and I started sucking slowly to milk every last drop out of him.  Maka stood there with his head thrown back, eyes tightly closed, as his body shuddered and shook with the force of his orgasm.

“Fuuuuucking shit…” he finally gasped out. “Ok stop… Stop you frickah.”

“How was that?” I laughed as I reluctantly let go of his now softening dick and he pulled me up.

“Fuck brah now I see why people say guys give the best head,” he laughed. “Man I fuckin needed that.”

“No shit you was trying for drown me you asshole,” I laughed as he pulled me in to a big bear hug.

“Thanks,” was all he said as he smiled at me and then did something I totally did not expect. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

“Wow…” I sighed as he broke the kiss.

“That was actually pretty fuckin hot man,” he laughed as he turned his shower back on to rinse off again.

“Yeah it was…” I agreed as I did the same.

“This shit stays between you and me ok?” he told me and then reached out his hand to shake on it.

“Of course bro no worries,” I told him as I shook his hand and then we both grinned at each other.

“At least I know where fo go when I need to buss a nut now ah?” he said and cracked up laughing.

“Oh so that’s all I am now ah?” I said trying to sound offended but then I started laughing too.

“Nah you’re my bro and bro’s help each other out,” he replied with a big grin.

“Yup for sure,” I agreed.

We finished washing off and he handed me the towel so I could dry off enough to get dressed.  I tried to get my underwear on but it kept getting stuck on my legs so I just shoved them into my pocket and pulled my pants on commando.  I stuck my head out of the bathroom to look around and there was nothing but an empty parking lot so I waved him all clear.  Maka came strolling out with the towel wrapped around his waist like he didn’t have a care in the world as I unlocked my truck and we jumped in.

“Not goin put on your clothes?” I asked as I pulled on my shirt.

“Nah fuck em,” he laughed and I joined in. “What? Waikiki cruise?”

“Shoots!” I agreed as I started the truck and we rolled down the windows.

We drove back into town and through Waikiki like he asked, my stereo cranked up and the windows open. The entire time we drove around Maka sat there bare ass naked, singing along with whatever song was playing, grinning at me whenever I looked over at him.  I shook my head with amazement at what we just did and I couldn’t wipe the big smile off of my face either.

 Part 2

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Hi!! Can I request the RFA crew and none of them have released their identities to mc. Mc then goes on about being in love with them not realizing they are in the chat (ex: mc sees zen in a magazine and comments in the group of how much she likes him but the group doesn't tell her zen is the chat) if that makes sense. I'm sorry if it's confusing 😓

 aaaahhhhhhhh sorry this is so late! i’ve been so busy with ap tests :( but this was so much fun to write!!!

Not Recognizing the RFA


  • You told the RFA how there was this really cute boy in your biology class
  • He was kinda adorkable and overall really sweet and you really like that about him
  • When someone asked what school you went to you told them SKY University
  • Seven immediately asks what your crush’s name was and you told them it was Yoosung
  • Zen and Seven thought it would be funny to keep it a secret that the Yoosung you liked was also reading this entire conversation
  • After that chat, Yoosung gained a little more confidence in talking to you in person
  • He ended up being a little flirty with you omg this lil bean
  • Every time you spoke to each other, you gushed to everyone in the messenger about him
  • You go on a really cute study/coffee date!!!!!!!
  • zen and seven congratulate yoosung on becoming a man lol
  • When the day of the party arrives, Yoosung is super nervous but also really excited to see the look on your face
  • You get to the party and meet everyone but you notice they all have that mischievous smile
  • You realize there’s a member missing
  • *a wild Yoosung appears!* lol wHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE
  • “Surprise! I’ve been an RFA member all along and I’ve been reading everything you ever said about me hahahaha……………”
  • He’s red in the face and you’re red in the face and the members are placing bets on who’s gonna make the first move lol
  • After the initial shock, you both start laughing and you end up staying by each other’s side the whole time
  • The party ends and he gives you a goodbye kiss jasfhsjaikd
  • Zen and Jaehee just won 50 bucks lol


  • Your friend introduced you to some musical that starred Zen in it and you were immediately head over heels for him
  • When you told the RFA about this new up and coming actor, Jaehee started fangirling
  • She starts going on about Zen and recommends some of his musicals and sends photos of him to you
  • Meanwhile, Zen is watching this convo unfold all while smiling really smug to himself
  • He decides to have a little fun by pretending to not be the actor you currently have a gigantic crush on and may or may not actually be falling in love with
  • Also he can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about himself amirite
  • at this point, everyone but jaehee and zen have left the chat
  • He’ll send selfies of you claiming they’re secret photos he got off the internet and your heART GOES HAYWIRE
  • Zen is having fun with this
  • He ends up surprising you by telling you he scored front row tickets to his new show
  • You. Are. Dead.
  • You ask him how on earth he got tickets but he just says he has connections somehow or somethin idk
  • He thinks it’s really cute that you’re such a big fan of him
  • But he especially loves how it’s not just for his looks! You also admire his talent and how kind and devoted he is to his fans!
  • That’s how he falls for you but he doesn’t know if you’ll love him back or just remain a fan
  • Come the party day and he’s a little nervous to meet you
  • When you see him, you start freaking out because how did Zen end up at this party?!!?!?!!?1?1
  • He starts laughing as he explains that he was a member of the RFA
  • you nearly faint bc omg the amount of embarrassing things that you said
  • After letting the news sink in, he proclaims his love for you
  • You’re super happy because of course you love him too because you were able to get to know the real Zen in the chat and not just the actor
  • When you tell him that, he is sososososo happy!!!!


  • You met this really cute girl at a coffee shop one day 
  • She was in a rush but she made quick small talk with you but you never got her name
  • When you told the RFA about her, you were super blushy and everything awww
  • But Jaehee is a super smart girl so she was able to kinda put two and two together and figure out that she was the one you met
  • Now she’s getting all blushy bc “wat MC likes me??? she thinks i’m cute?!!?!?”
  • Since that day, she makes an effort to go to the same cafe at the same time in hopes of meeting you again
  • And you’re doing the same thing so you end up meeting each other every day
  • You two claim it’s just a “coincidence”
  • calling u on ur bullshit
  • The both of you end up developing HUGE crushes on each other it’s adorable
  • Everyone in the RFA is rooting for you two lol
  • Especially Zen and he’s also trying to be that lowkey wingman for baehee in the chat without revealing who she really is
  • You thought it would be a good idea to invite Jaehee to the party
  • She accepts while trying to hide her laugh bc little did you know
  • The day arrives and you’re nervous to finally meet the RFA but even more nervous bc oh god Jaehee is gonna be there too you gotta look nice
  • You spot Jaehee right away and you give her a big hug before leading her around and trying to find the RFA
  • You see a group of men walk up to you and they introduce themselves as the RFA
  • You introduce Jaehee as the girl you’ve been talking about
  • “MC, there’s no need to introduce me. I already know them.”
  • lol wut
  • She giggles and explains that she is the other member and you nearly faint you’re so embarrassed
  • She takes your hand in hers and says, “Don’t worry, MC. I happen to like you a lot too.”


  • You had recently gotten a job at the C&R Company and had coincidentally been placed to work in the same department as Jumin’s
  • Despite the rumors and the crazy amount of workload, you had slowly started to develop some feelings for him
  • You never really saw him that much since he was so busy
  • But when you did, your heart would beat like crazy even though you knew that being with him would probably never happen in a billion years
  • So you vented to the chatroom one day after having a run-in with Jumin
  • You told them how you had started to fall for him even though you knew her could never have feelings for you
  • Jaehee was stunned
  • Yoosung and Seven fucking lost it
  • Zen nearly s c r e a m e d
  • When Jumin read your messages, he was shocked to say the least
  • How funny that the MC he’s falling for is also in love with him without realizing it
  • He immediately looked up your employee info so he could have a little fun with this 
  • The next day at work, you were surprised to run into Jumin but even more so that he decided to actually have a conversation with you that didn’t involve work
  • He was a lot nicer and relaxed and smiled more than before
  • You told the members about the interaction while Jumin fucking smirked the entire time
  • This continued for a while, him randomly running into you at work and chatting while you silently died inside
  • same mc same
  • Party day arrives and you’re looking around for the members when BAM
  • juMiN iS HeRE?!?!1/!?!!?
  • You slowly make your way towards him and the small group he was talking to
  • He sees you and smiles
  • “Ah MC, it’s so good to see you again. Let me introduce you to the other RFA members.”
  • O-Other members?”
  • The gears start working in your head before you realize that Jumin was a member
  • Which meant he read all your messages
  • Which also meant that today was your death day
  • He laughs at your expression when you figure it out but reassures you that the feelings are mutual
  • You both smile at each other as he kisses you on the cheek
  • meanwhile zen is now officially screaming


  • The agency you worked for partnered you up with Seven for a mission
  • Agents 606 and 707: The best hacker and best field operative the agency has
  • also fucking badass holy shit i might write a fic
  • Ever since your successful mission, you two have been partners on every single one following that
  • While kicking ass, you had slowly started to develop feelings for him
  • When you joined the RFA, everyone introduced themselves except for one who was a hacker
  • To you, it made sense that he had to hide his identity
  • Also for some strange reason, this hacker reminded you of Seven hmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder why
  • You introduced yourself to the group, though, and Seven nearly choked on the chips he was eating
  • As the days passed by, you grew more comfortable with the group and eventually told them about the troubles in your love life
  • You told them how you had fallen for your partner but you didn’t think he loved you back because he tends to push you away sometimes
  • Seven: Dead.
  • Little did you know that he was in love with you too
  • The reason why he pushes you away was because he didn’t think that you loved him
  • Since then, Seven has started to open up a bit more around you and you were really happy with that
  • In classic Seven-fashion, he thinks it would be hilarious if he kept it a secret that he was an RFA member
  • The day of the party arrives and you’re about to leave when you run into Seven
  • “Where you going?” He asks you
  • “Heading off to the party with the RFA. I told you about them, remember? See you later!”
  • yes you will lololol
  • When you meet everyone at the party, you’re all happy to finally meet each other 
  • But you notice that your new hacker friend was missing
  • In the corner of your eye, you see a flash of red and immediately recognize it as Seven
  • You confront him and ask him how and why he’s at the party
  • “For the agency’s best spy, you’re really bad at recognizing people.”
  • Putting two and two together, you realize that he was the last member of the RFA
  • *cue you slapping him repeatedly on the shoulder as he laughs his fucking ass off*

On this day in music history: October 21, 1967 - “To Sir With Love” by Lulu hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks, also peaking at #9 on the R&B singles chart November 18, 1967. Written by Don Black and Mark London, it is the biggest hit for the Scottish born singer and actress (born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie in Lennoxtown, Stirlingshire, Scotland). It is the theme song to the Sidney Poiter film about a teacher dealing with social and racial issues in a tough Secondary school in East London. Also co-starring in the film, Lulu introduces her friend Mark London (the husband of her manager Marion Massey) to the films’ producers after they cannot find a suitable song for the main theme. London writes the music in just five minutes, with lyricist Don Black (“Born Free”, “Ben”, “The World Is Not Enough”) penning the lyrics the next day. Produced by Mickie Most (The Animals, Donovan, Herman’s Hermits), there are three versions of the song recorded. One version used during a montage sequence in the film features three verses. A second version that is heard at the end of the film, features only the first verse of the song. The hit single version is yet another performance featuring strings features two verses, excising the middle verse heard during the museum montage scene. When the single is released in the US on June 2, 1967, Epic Records places “To Sir With Love” on B-side of “The Boat That I Row” (written by Neil Diamond). “Boat” had initially been issued with another Mark London penned song titled “Dreary Days And Nights”, as its original B-side just days earlier. That version is quickly withdrawn, and replaced with “To Sir With Love”. American radio DJ’s prefer the flip side and “Sir” takes off quickly. Entering the Hot 100 at #74 on September 9, 1967 it races to the top of the chart six weeks later. On Sunday, October 22, 1967, the day after “To Sir With Love” tops the US pop chart, Lulu performs the song on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. The song is ranked the top single of 1967 as determined by Billboard Magazine. Surprisingly, “Sir” is passed over for an Academy Award nomination for Best Song in 1968, and even more surprising, it does not chart in the UK in spite of its huge success in the US. The song is covered numerous times over the years by artists including Herbie Mann, Vickie Sue Robinson, and Tina Arena. In 2017, Saturday Night Live cast members Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata perform “To Sir With Love” in tribute to outgoing US President Barack Obama. “To Sir With Love” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Please Don’t Say You Love Me | Joe Sugg

Request - No

Today was the day. Today was the day Joe Sugg was going to tell you he was in love with you, his best friend. He had it all down to a T, he knew exactly when to do it, the right day, the right place and the right time. After all, he is a romantic.

Joe had planed a short walk to Hyde park whilst the sun was setting, followed by an evening picnic. He would tell you before you got to the blanket and picnic basket which he had prepared before hand, that if things went to plan, you could spend the rest of the night eating, cuddling and stealing kisses from each other.  

6:30pm. That was the time you would be meeting. Joe told you to wear something comfortable and most importantly, warm. London could be quite chilly in the middle of March. Settling on your leather jacket, a skater skirt, paired with leggings, and Doc Martins, you adjusted the beanie on your curled hair and headed out the door. Luckily for you it only took you 15 minutes to reach Hyde park. Taking in your surroundings of the beautiful city you were in; that’s when you saw him.

Joe smiled brightly at you and said the famous ‘hello, love’ you had grown fond of hearing. With a nudge from Joe, you gathered it was time to start your walk.

After a while, the comfortable silence Joe speaks up. 'I remember the first time I met you, Y/N’ Joe said, his hand taking yours. 'I remember how you freaked out because you met me outside Barons Court, I remember how you thought I was a big deal because of my career. Thank god, I saw something in you and I asked you for your number.’  Smiling to yourself at how much of ThatcherJoe fan you were at that point in your life. 'You quickly found out I was a normal 24 year old, with a dream. I love how when I introduced you to my friends, you weren’t star struck. You respected them, you spoke to them as if you had known them your whole life’ nearly at your destination Joe stops you. 'I have something to tell you’ looking up with a horrible feeling in your gut. 'Go on Sugg’ he lets out a shaky breath, walking right in front of you to look you dead in the eyes, clearly nervous. After figuring out how to beat around the bush he finally places a cold hand anxiously on your cheek, studying your eyes to detect some sort of emotion from your body language. 'There is no better way to say this, but I’m totally and utterly in love with you’

oh no. There it was. You weren’t ready for that.

Grabbing his hand, putting it back down. You gulp and shake your head. Tears welling up, you look at his disappointed and embarrassed facial expression. 'Please don’t say that, please don’t say that you love me, because I can’t say it back’ This wasn’t what Joe had expected. He wanted to have his feeling reciprocated. He wanted you to love him just as much as he loved you. 'I can’t do this’ you sob as you start to run. As you passed the picnic that you would have been sat at right now, you notice the cliche but sweet bunch of red roses laying on the paid blanket.  


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anonymous asked:

au where even in a porn star and a friend introduces him to isak and the first thing isak says to him is "have we met before? you look familiar"


Late Night Diner Part 2

You can find part one here.

You figured he would not show up. You tried hard not to show your disappointment to Stephanie as she was already aiming to put Jai’s balls in a jar. On the way out the diner to head home, you saw Jai get out of his car. You could not help but feel a sense of relief and happiness that he indeed showed up. “What are you doing here?” you asked walking up to him.

“I told you I was coming back.” He said stepping closer to you.

“How long have you been out here?”

“I don’t know…a couple of hours maybe. I didn’t want to disturb you again at work. Can we please talk?”

Stephanie stood off to the side and silently took several pictures of you and Jai on her phone. Neither one of you noticed, as you both were so engrossed with one another.

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Just 2 Boys…sinning >:-))  


Let me tell you a story about 2 boys. 

Tyler and Josh are just 2 boys, raised in conservative families with strict upbringings. Josh was not allowed to watch tv or play videogames. Tyler was home schooled and made to shoot 500 hoops before he was allowed dinner. They did not cross paths until later years, though.

Once they did meet, they had instant chemistry. They were introduced through mutual friends, and it was like all the stars in the universe aligned to put them together and create this wonderful thing, twenty one pilots. Their strict upbringings and similar background instilled a like-mindedness that both shared. They both had big dreams about taking over the planet and playing shows every night. Tyler had a lot of creative energy and things he wanted to put out into the world. 

Tyler was a natural leader, which was perfect for Josh because he would do anything for Tyler. Josh even quit his job and drove several miles to play their first show, which ended up only playing 1 song to a bunch of drunk college students. Josh had to push one drunk kid to the ground with his pants around his ankles because he was about to piss on his drums. He didn’t like getting violent, but wasn’t no pushover. Except for Tyler.

Here is one of the things they never mentioned in interviews. That night was the night they had their first fuck. Tyler, being 21 at the time, had a few drinks to calm his nerves and so did Josh. After the cops had left, and most of the people were gone, they hung around collecting their gear and talking about how crazy the night had been. Somehow, the conversation of sex came up. They thought it was funny how most of the college kids weren’t there for the show anyway, they were just there to drink and get laid.

Josh was always a bit shy talking about things like that with anyone else, but Tyler made it feel alright. The alcohol loosened him up a little as well. He smiled, and told Tyler “You’re so good looking, I bet you wouldn’t have a problem getting laid.”

Tyler gleaming, “You think so?”

Josh, “I know so. You’re sexy enough, you could probably get anyone here. Hell, I’d go gay for you.”

The praise and prospect of being able to get laid any time he wished went straight to his dick. But the one he really wanted was standing right in front of him smiling sweetly. He was perfect. 

Tyler made full on eye contact with Josh, “What if I took you up on that?”

He waited, half expecting Josh to burst out laughing. Tyler thought of that a little too late.

Instead, the curly haired boy standing in front of him took on an expression of intense desire, biting his lip and bringing his hand up to mess with his hair. 

“You want to?” Josh mumbled shyly, far too deep to back out. The thoughts were on both of their minds, and their bodies were far too gone to resist the idea. 

“Fuck yeah, dude!” said Tyler, even though he was a virgin. He was beyond pleased that they were on the same page about something, yet again. He knew Josh was the one.

Adrenaline was pulsing through their veins, hearts beating out of their chests as they embarked on another adventure. In reality, they were stumbling around at night in a stranger’s backyard looking for a hidden place to unleash their passions and new found freedom. They settled on a spot behind the shed in the grass. Josh made the first move and leaned in, pressing his lips to Tyler’s and tasting him for the first time. His lips were very plump, he noticed, and his mouth tasted kind of sweet. He parted his lips with his tongue and Tyler was very pliant, generously accepting it. 

They kissed like this heatedly, the kind of kissing where they forgot where and who they were and that time existed. Before long, Tyler was searching with his hand on the front of Josh’s jeans. Josh moaned into his mouth and broke the kiss for a second to undo his jeans so that Tyler could slide his hand inside. They resumed their kissing, this time with Tyler’s fingers wrapped around Josh’s somewhat sticky cock. Tyler mewled into his mouth at how hard he was growing. His own cock was tenting in his jeans, which Josh so graciously palmed over. He pushed his hips into Josh’s hand, begging for more friction. His cock was leaving a wet spot in his jeans. 

“Ok, bend over.” Josh ordered pointing down. Tyler was finding out for the first time that Josh was the dominant type and he loved it. He assumed the position before feeling his pants and briefs being yanked down below his ass, the warm summer air hitting his skin. He then felt Josh spreading him open and rutting his naked cock against his entrance. When a slicked up finger forced it’s way inside, he bit back a choked whimper. It burned, but he wanted Josh to make him hurt more. 

“You’re an ass virgin, aren’t you, Tyler?”  after a few minutes of this. Tyler swallowed before trying to catch his breath so he could answer.

“Yeah, yeah I am, please just fuck me” Tyler muttered breathing heavily, frustrated. 

“Patience babe, gotta prepare you.” Josh suggested. Next thing Tyler felt was warm breath on his entrance, then a tongue pressed firmly against it and wiggling.

“Ohhhh my god, Josh.” Tyler whined with pleasure.

“I know.” Josh softly laughed. He gently played with Tyler’s balls as he tongued his hole and rubbed everywhere he could reach with his free hand. He sat back up on his knees, examining Tyler’s slicked up hole and pressed two fingers there, massaging and twisting until eventually he was able to slide both in. He gently separated his fingers inside him, scissoring, twisting, and curling. Tyler was absolutely beside himself. He had never felt more vulnerable, yet more close to someone, and it felt amazing. 

“Yep, I think you’re good.” Josh said matter of factly, landing a small slap on Tyler’s ass. Tyler bit his lip and whimpered, questioning himself for wanting more of that, and harder. Josh realigned his cock head up to Tyler’s prepared hole, and Tyler felt every inch slide in. He let out a long moan when Josh bottomed out, and breathy moans every time he thrusted back in. 

“You’re so tight, so fucking good, god yes.” Josh was spilling out dirty, sexy things as he fucked into him hard and fast. 

Tyler lost it, shooting cum all over the grass beneath him without even having his cock touched. Josh ran his fingers through his cum and sucked them into his mouth, tasting Tyler as he slammed one last time into him and came. 

Josh groaned Tyler’s name, grinding his hips to a halt. Tyler seemed to lie still beneath him, but he was still shaking from the intensity. They were definitely ready for a nap. 

They peaked around the shed to make sure no one was around. Then they began taking the rest of their gear to the van, trying like hell to look like nothing had happened in case anyone was watching. It was going to be a long drive, so they took a nap together in the back of the van. The first of many. 

That night, they became 2 VERY happy boys. 

2015 Thoughts

The following is written purely for myself, and posted with the idea that maybe someone somewhere will get something out of it. Sorry if it’s inane, self-indulgent, or difficult to follow. I’m not a professional.

If 2015 taught me anything, it’s that tragedy and terror are great catalysts for change. While this is a lesson I mostly learned this calendar year, the teaching began in October of 2014.

On Sunday, October 25th, 2014 I had a heart attack. Years of neglecting any sort of physical activity and eating fast food for nine out of ten meals had finally taken its toll on my 25-year old body. In all honesty, I knew my lifestyle would lead to something like this, I just really didn’t think it’d be so soon. I had made up my mind at some point between dropping out of college and seeing friends I had grown up with find careers or marriage that I had peaked and fizzled out early, so why bother staying healthy or anything like that? I know that sounds grim or suicidal, but I never thought of it that way. I was just a realist - I missed my shot at being someone important or successful, so I might as well relax and eat whatever disgusting thing I felt like until my inevitable death. My family and friends would miss me, but in the grand scheme they’d get over it and the sun would still rise. No big deal.

But then my plan started coming true, just way ahead of schedule. As I tried to sleep that night my chest kept feeling really tight, and it ached to breathe while laying down. It was more comfortable sitting up than laying down, so I tried to just stay sitting up against the wall my bed was next to. I figured this was indigestion or some sort of heartburn – something I had suffered with as a kid, so it didn’t concern me too much. A few hours later I woke up on my floor in a puddle of drool and sweat, feeling incredibly light headed, and my head ringing like crazy. I had passed out at some point and fallen off of my bed, and now could barely move. Trying to stay calm I convinced myself this was just my body reacting weirdly to being forced awake and a cold shower would solve everything. Another part of me knew something was wrong, and considered just staying there on the ground. After all, this was where I knew my life was going. Why make a fuss getting up, trying to solve a health issue I had been hurtling myself towards for the last couple years? What was the point? Eventually thoughts of different friends I hadn’t spent time with or had faded from contact in awkward ways made me feel driven to not die quite yet. Also the ringing in my ears was SUPER loud and I knew there was no way I was going back to sleep with that going on. I eventually called 911, was admitted into a hospital and informed I had suffered a heart attack.

While recovering in the hospital I kept thinking about the different friends I felt like I had lost contact with, and the trajectory of my life up to this point. I was spinning my metaphorical wheels in my hometown in Ohio, working part-time with my dad at our family business. I had no plans to really pursue any big goals, though I was taking a few writing courses to explore a potential hobby I had always ignored. I had friends, but I had zero ambition to either grow significantly closer to them or really grow as a person in any way. My romantic prospects were at an all-time low as I lacked any confidence after plenty of failed attempts with my big high school crush post graduation, and working with your dad and brothers at a family business isn’t exactly a great way to meet singles in your area. The more I thought about my situation, the more depressed I became. I had been given plenty of opportunities, but had been either too lazy or indecisive to ever make anything of myself. I hadn’t peaked or fizzled, I had simply given up. It wasn’t anyone’s fault but mine. I had done this to myself. This depressing line of thought would eventually lead me to a brighter point of clarity down the road. If I had gotten myself into this mess, it would only make sense that I could get myself out, right? If giving up had brought me to this point, maybe trying would get me out. After I got out of the hospital I decided to change my diet and exercise habits and make up for lost time with friends and loved ones. If this heart attack wasn’t going to kill me, it was going to make me stronger.

Flash forward seven months. It’s June and I’m visiting one of my best friends (and one of the people in mind during my heart attack in regards to things being left in a weird place). Kirran had suffered a nervous breakdown shortly after my heart attack from a stressful work environment, which culminated in a near suicide attempt a few months later. Compounding that with my thoughts of wishing I had spent more time with him, I decided a visit to his place in Dallas would provide some good healing for both of us. It would serve as a reminder of the many people who loved him despite his perceived shortcomings, and a way for me to rekindle a friendship I regretted letting fade into the background of my life. Upon my arrival he introduced me to his new coworkers and friends, Team Four Star, which was an interesting scenario. For years I had rather belligerently held a grudge against them for their work. While they might have been nice guys, all I could ever see was a group of people I considered unfunny using their undeserved popularity to change the standards of one of my favorite hobbies, causing me to lose interest in it as a whole. Kirran’s friendship with them was actually a big part of me losing contact with him as I’d become irrationally angry any time he spoke positively about them. It was incredibly shallow and something I’m still really disappointed in myself about. Fortunately, spending time with them in person gave me a different perspective. They weren’t these arrogant jerks out to ruin my fun like I had imagined. They were people who just liked to entertain, like me. Regardless of our differences in taste and comedy, they were all good guys and super fun to be around. It was an eye-opening experience that fast-tracked a lot of impending change in my life.

While hanging out, Kirran offhandedly mentioned that he would need to move and change apartments in order to be closer to the TFS guys. At this point I was still struggling to figure out what I wanted to do. I had been given this new lease on life and had so far stayed in the exact same place as I had been before, save for a better diet and exercise routine. The idea of moving in with Kirran had always been something I had thought would work, but in that moment it seemed like something that could easily become a reality. A few weeks went by and the thought of moving to Dallas to try and get a fresh start would not stop nagging me. Ohio was great and full of friends and family I would miss, but I just felt no motivation or drive while living there. Kirran was someone I always loved working on video projects with, and the Team Four Star connection would provide plenty of opportunities to explore my own creativity and introduce myself to a wider audience. Even if I couldn’t get a job with them like he had, it would at least be something to keep me feeling like I was putting on some sort of performance and would give me the thrill of entertaining an audience again. So, while we watched the livestream for EVO 2015, I asked if me moving with him wherever he was going would be possible at all. I expected him to feel uncomfortable about me inviting myself to move in with him, or provide a litany of reasons why it would only make things more difficult from some perspective I had missed. I was ready to drop this pipe dream I had formed over the last couple weeks at the first hint of opposition. But the only responses I received were “Do you mean it?” and “That would help so much.”

After that, everything just sort of fell into place. The work I had been doing with my dad was slowly drying up and I’d be getting fewer hours. This gave me time to return to Dallas and go apartment hunting with Kirran. I discovered that near where he needed to move was a sizable competitive scene for Project M, a game I loved to play. I looked up what kind of drive I would be in for going from Ohio to Texas, and the route seemed incredibly simple. We found an apartment with low enough rent that I had enough money saved to last for months without work should I have trouble finding employment. My heart doctor gave me the okay, saying that I could schedule appointments around holidays where I was visiting home, and that I shouldn’t be concerned about my heart as my recovery was going very well. I made the drive, brought my stuff, and started a huge new chapter of my life.

It’s been a few months since I moved to Dallas now. Since moving I’ve found myself more positive, motivated, and just eager to challenge myself. I’ve focused on getting myself out of my comfort zone, from things as small as trying new food to facing anxieties about driving in unfamiliar places with people riding with me or meeting new people. I’ve enjoyed not only getting to know the Team Four Star guys, but their families as well. I’ve also, as far as I can tell, been fairly well received by their audience on their gaming channel. I spent a long time disliking myself, and now I’ve come around and want to keep getting better. A year ago this all would have sounded insane, and like nothing I’d consider myself capable of.

I say all of this to basically say I’m not a special case. I wasn’t given any special power or magic recipe. All it took was realizing that I was capable of changing my life because I had brought it there in the first place. For a second, amid a huge torrent of discouragement and regret, I believed in myself just long enough to make a change. That small ember of motivation ignited something and became an inferno I couldn’t ignore. The specifics might be different, but if you feel like you’re just stuck in a rut of some sort – change something, even if it’s small. Switch up your routine. Explore new hobbies. Chase something that matters to you, but always seemed out of reach. Not every attempt will end in success, and the road isn’t always nice, but you’d be surprised at what you can do when you put yourself out there. Believing in myself has given me the clarity that if I can do it, so can anyone else. So can you.

Addendum: This isn’t to say I did all of this by myself. The help and support of friends and family definitely got me to this point - believing in myself was just the catalyst to accept that help and push myself to go forward with it.

Sorry if I got ramble-y there. I kinda just sat down and stream-of-consciousness typed. I feel like this is all stuff I wouldn’t have believed I could do, and while they might not be that amazing or mind blowing to you, I figure it might be at least a little encouraging to someone. No one believed in me less than I did, and the moment I started to my whole life changed. Figured I’d lay out the whole story so I could just link people here instead of telling it and likely missing some details somewhere. Feel free to make of this what you will. I don’t know how to end stuff like this. Um… Thanks, I guess? I’ll probably use this place to write other dumb things, since having people judge my writing is another thing that terrifies me. Idunno. Let me know what you think.

So they introduce Aria, make her friends with Yume, give her a new brand AND wings, and then put her on the Venus Arc????

Why bother with a character if she’s only around for 4.5 seconds? Did they just want new fairytale clothes to replace Aura Fantasy? If Ako is sharing Fuwa Fuwa Dream (which I don’t think fits her style and personality) then why couldn't she take over my little heart? Or another minor character? Like that random girl who came over from Venus Arc to 4Star

It makes no sense, more idols does not mean better. She’s basically any of the transfer students from Aikatsu season 4, and that makes me sad bc I love Miyabi and she was developed so poorly

Hunters on the Hellmouth


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Chapter 4: The Favor

The Winchesters had been at Kinkos for an hour making a new supply of IDs. When they’d stopped at a liquor store the previous night to get a fifth of fuck-today, the clerk was amused that Sam’s fake ID said he was nineteen. Sold them the whiskey anyway.

“How old are you makin’ yourself?” Dean leaned over his brother like he was peeking at answers on a test.

“I’m twenty-six, Dean.”

“Yeah, but what if people ask you stuff about when you were a kid and you don’t know anything because you were born in ‘83 not ‘76? Quick! ‘70s cartoons pop quiz!”

“No.” Sam continued to patiently cut out passport pictures they’d taken at the drugstore that morning. “I’ll tell them I had an unconventional childhood. It’s not like we blend in now.”

“I put me down as twenty-seven.” Dean smiled proudly and slapped down a freshly laminated California driver’s license.

Without looking at his brother or the license, Sam said, “I don’t think Buffy cares how old you are.”

Snatching the fraudulent paperwork from the table, Dean shoved it in his wallet. “Who said anything about Buffy? Twenty-seven is halfway between the truth and the other truth. I didn’t say anything about Buffy,” he grumbled.

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Finchel AU: When Ms. Jones introduces old friend and famous Broadway star, Rachel Berry, to the Glee club, Finn finds himself inexplicably captivated by the girl, much to the dismay of his current girlfriend.