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sorry if you've gotten an ask like this before but i've been wondering. how do the fair folk at elsewhere uni affect the teachers there? if it's a college, there have to be teachers, right? are any of them human? does their longer stay at elsewhere affect them differently? or since they aren't students, does the magic just go unnoticed and they simply think their students are strangely superstitious?

The majority of the professors are human. Some don’t want to leave (it’s amazing what you adapt to, and once Elsewhere U begins to feel like home there’s nowhere in the world that would fill the same place in your chest), some can’t leave (bargains made out of desperation or carelessness) and some are, like a good amount of students, either ignorant of the weirdness or just uneasy enough to be willfully blind.

There are no Fae professors; the job is more work and commitment than any of them would care for (and Elsewhere U has high standards for the quality of their staff and courses, in any case. It’s got a reputation to uphold, by god). This is of course not counting the few times a professor has been snatched away by some lovesick or furious creature, and the doppelganger left in their place did their level best to carry on. Most of them have fun with it, even if they’re not strictly imparting knowledge so much as shouting excitably at a class in their best impersonation of the absentee. But once the Not-Bio Prof began to actually weep at the fourteenth question, before setting fire to the trash bin and leaving through the fourth floor window (Professor Jennings returned that evening, and nothing more was said about it).

Finally there are, however, some people who aren’t human, at least not all the way. They’re human enough to touch iron, carry salt, but there is something wrong with them anyway. Not all deals end well, and the angle of the Intro Stats professor’s neck is as good a reminder of that as any.

Look, can we quit it with the conflation of arithmetic and higher mathematics?

I have dyscalculia. My teachers gave up on teaching me to perform basic arithmetic in tenth grade. I struggle with anything below trigonometry, and even trig is hard for me.

I have a bachelor’s in pure math and a master’s in statistics. Calculus? I can do that. Abstract algebra? I’m there. Topology and probability theory? Awesome. (Don’t ask me to do combinatorics, though. Don’t know why, but my brain nopes out on that one.)

I am SICK AND TIRED of reassuring kids I teach who come into our intro stats or calc courses going “I’m bad at math” and expecting to fail. A good three quarters of the time I probe further and discover they failed or nearly failed algebra because they struggle with arithmetic, and now they’re convinced they’re going to fail anything that even looks like it might possibly be adjacent to math.

WE HAVE CALCULATORS NOW, PEOPLE. Inability to do arithmetic is not even close to the end of your mathematics career. So can we please quit discouraging kids now?

hey starlights!

I took intro stats last semester and I really want to make the most of my nonexistent skills by collecting some data on vixx fans and seeing if I can find any interesting correlations! you can help me by taking my questionnaire here and by spreading this so I can get more entries

I hope to publish whatever cool data I get out of this after reaching 100 or so entries so we can all laugh about it together because it definitely won’t be a perfect study but it should be pretty entertaining!

thanks so much for your help ✧ !