intro to stats


hey so like im gonna start fresh w plots bc a lot of the people i plotted w originally are gone !!! so please like/im if you want to plot, or if you want to keep a plot we originally had just tell me !!

for more abt eddie check out this [ intro post ] or his [ stats page ] !!! im also gonna try and type up a plots page as the plots come in w like wanted and taken plots bc i can never keep track of them tbh and im also in the middle of a headcannons page :-)

Look, can we quit it with the conflation of arithmetic and higher mathematics?

I have dyscalculia. My teachers gave up on teaching me to perform basic arithmetic in tenth grade. I struggle with anything below trigonometry, and even trig is hard for me.

I have a bachelor’s in pure math and a master’s in statistics. Calculus? I can do that. Abstract algebra? I’m there. Topology and probability theory? Awesome. (Don’t ask me to do combinatorics, though. Don’t know why, but my brain nopes out on that one.)

I am SICK AND TIRED of reassuring kids I teach who come into our intro stats or calc courses going “I’m bad at math” and expecting to fail. A good three quarters of the time I probe further and discover they failed or nearly failed algebra because they struggle with arithmetic, and now they’re convinced they’re going to fail anything that even looks like it might possibly be adjacent to math.

WE HAVE CALCULATORS NOW, PEOPLE. Inability to do arithmetic is not even close to the end of your mathematics career. So can we please quit discouraging kids now?

hey starlights!

I took intro stats last semester and I really want to make the most of my nonexistent skills by collecting some data on vixx fans and seeing if I can find any interesting correlations! you can help me by taking my questionnaire here and by spreading this so I can get more entries

I hope to publish whatever cool data I get out of this after reaching 100 or so entries so we can all laugh about it together because it definitely won’t be a perfect study but it should be pretty entertaining!

thanks so much for your help ✧ !