yesterday at target the cashier said ‘your receipt is in the bag’ and i responded with ‘you too’ so i’ve been dealing with that for the past 18 hours but i’m slowly coming to terms with it which is cool

BTS Intro Post

Title; BTS Intro Post

Genre; Info(??)

Type; Intro Post

Group/Member; BTS – OT7

Authors Notes; Enjoy! I’m soo terribly sorry it’s so late! Hope it’s what you wanted!! 😊 Also this is a rlly rlly long post with lots of facts and photos so um ye…have fun. Tbh all this post does is just prove what a big ‘ol piece of trash i am because 95% of these facts were from memory, I typed all dis shit out guys…im fuckin dead now. These are all facts from websites that I remember, certain nicknames are not necessarily what I call them but some dso. kbye 😊 x


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SPT’s main focus is promoting Harry Styles’ solo endeavors via twitter/radio requests and streaming as well as movie promo! We hope this tumblr will be helpful as we embark on this new journey of Harry’s career!

Here you will find:
● info about sales and charts
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● links and info about radio requests via twitter, phone/text, and mediabase
● links and info about awards and polls
● info about movie promo (box office, awards, etc.)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Happy promoting! 
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This blog originally hosted BlackPaladinWeek2016, from November 20th – 26th, 2016. Sometime between then and today (June 28th, 2017), the blog mysteriously deleted every post here and the original owner vanished, abandoning the url. We, your current mods, grabbed the url this morning and are on a mission to restore Black Paladin Week once and for all.


1) Find Shiro: restoring the Black Paladin Week

Our first objective is to reblog every piece of fic, art, or fan content that was created for the first Black Paladin Week. If you created or know of material that was created specifically for Black Paladin Week – that you have not seen here already – can you please send it our way? The submissions box is open, as is the askbox. 

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We’re delighted to announce we will be hosting the second Black Paladin Week here on this blog as well! In spirit of the original, Black Paladin Week will take place on the following days:
Sunday, November 19th – Saturday, November 25th

We will post a full prompt list after the premiere of Season Three!

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Welcome to X-Men Universe! From the people that brought you DC/Vertigo Daily, we’re proud to announce our whole new blog all about the X-Men Universe.

Our main goal is to keep you updated with the latest related content, as well as showcase all original art (gif sets/graphics/fanart/etc.) of the X-Men. We will update on a daily basis with the work of tumblr artists as well as our own.

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We are happy to announce that we will be hosting Amaya Jiwe Week from May 8 - 14, 2017! This week is a celebration of Amaya’s strength, beauty, brains- All of her, and all of what makes her so amazing! Themes are listed below. For a more detailed description of the themes, read here.

  • Day One (May 8): Favorite Quote
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last night i was getting food and the guy was like ‘that’s $11.80′ and for some unknowable reason that i will probably still be analysing on my deathbed i thought he asked me if i wanted a lemonade so i was like ‘no i’m fine thank you!!” which obviously made it seem like i had just like politely declined to pay for my meal and anyway it was so embarrassing i think i have to change my identity and move countries so if anyone has a spare couch i can sleep on for a while please let me know

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Hi, I’m a new blog run by a butch woman to basically be that annoying housewife blogger from Pinterest but instead of talking about my hubby and the kids I’ll talk about my wife and the cats! This blog will have recipes (mostly vegetarian), general home tips, self care and health stuff, lgbt positivity & media recommendations, and resources for everyone but particularly butches.

Help me to fulfill my dream of being a butch housewife and make lifestyle blogs way less annoying and way gayer

Introducing Javier Fernandez

Since everyone is doing intro post to their favorite skaters, what the hell. Might as well do one of my own. Many of my favorites already have introductions (and much better than this) but there is one which I haven’t found and I really wanted to do: Javier Fernandez. Many people just know him because he’s Yuzuru Hanyu’s training partner, but this guy here has an awesome story of his own.

Warning: Very, VERY, long post. Read at your own risk. 

Originally posted by yuzu-javi

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some ace discourse

i wanted to make a summary of my discourse opinions because i’m feeling discoursey so ok

  • asexuality isn’t inherently lgbt
  • being lgbt is about being same gender attracted (sga) or trans
  • the lgbt community is not a cute welcoming place for anyone society considers “different” it is a political alliance of sga people and trans people 
  • if you are cis and heteroromantic ace or aromantic heterosexual then you are straight and therefore not lgbt
  • (of course sga ace/aro people and trans ace/aro people are still lgbt, but not /because/ they’re ace/aro)
  • the degree to which you experience sexual attraction does not make you less straight
  • just like if you are “homoromantic asexual” you are gay and not made any less gay by your lack of sexual attraction 
  • to say that not feeling sexual attraction makes you automatically lgbt or “q*eer” is pretty homophobic as it makes the assumption that anyone that is considered different sexually by society is lgbt - which is offensive! 
  • asexuals do not experience oppression 
  • having jokes made at your expense is not oppression! 
  • being at a higher risk of rape is not a reason for being lgbt - female college students are at a higher risk but they’re not automatically lgbt
  • ace conversion therapy is not a thing and is just being used to scare children (x)
  • there was never an “a” in lgbt, when it is included it is because David Jay threatened and blackmailed lgbt charities into including it (x)
  • the split attraction model is homophobic and the number of people it has alienated and hurt far outweighs the few who benefit from it
  • the word allosexual is homophobic as it creates a false dichotomy of power that doesn’t exist. it also makes it seem like lgbt people are privileged for our sexual attraction and implies ace people experience oppression when they do not
  • MOGAI tumblr is awful and hyper labeling is harmful 
  • encouraging children (anyone under the age of 18) to identify as ace is incredibly harmful as it implies children /should/ experience sexual attraction when like… they’re children
  • ace tumblr in general is homophobic 
  • being sga or trans doesn’t mean you can’t be homophobic/transphobic or promote homophobic/transphobic ideologies 

thank u for ur time

not to jump the gun astronomically but the ts6 tour is gonna be so weird bc shake it off can’t be the encore again but she literally HAS to sing it at some point so like. what’s gonna happen with that. is she really gonna sing shake it off and just….. keep going……… like she will sing shake it off and then she will sing another song. after shake it off. i can’t deal with that. that’s just not something that i’m capable of witnessing. how are we supposed to keep dancing after we’ve already SHAKEN IT ALL OFF????? i’ll have no more FIGHT IN ME TAYLOR!!!! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE LIKE THIS???? THINK ABOUT SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!