Hullo Kittens ~ 

I have risen from the ashes in light of 2017 lol. Hopefully I can stick around this time ( >.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Karma Blu, your friendly Smurfette. 

I’m from London originally, I move to NYC last year to pursue music, but the industry did not agree with my spirit. I have now moved to Washington D.C. So, in my absence I have gathered up the funds to open up Karma’s Kafé. It is still in the process of being furnished, but should hopefully be done in a few weeks time! 

Karma’s Kafé brings British hipster and Urban 90s together under one roof. I also have a special room for those of you who “partake” *coughcough*.

So if you are ever in D.C, come in for a drink, nice vibes and kick it with the high flyers ;). 

Also, hi! ♡

busystudyin-g's 200 follower/new years post/intro!!

well this is bc i forgot to make an intro post i just hit 200 followers about a week ago, right before 2k17!! 200 followers is a v smol amount but it’s a huge milestone for me!!!
my name is juliet but you can call me Jules, Julie, Jul, salty, w/e
im a smol bean but ill release my grade + age in a few months when im ready but you can ask me in private if ya want (’;
i play the clarinet and flute and im self taught on both. huge band nerd as well hahaha

part of the studyblr2017network created by @studyblr~

i love learning + reading and writing. although I love all my subjects, history is my fave!! not sure which university I want to go to yet. but if not an ivy league, hopefully nyu/julliard since they’re right here in nyc!!! 


when i get older, I’d either like to be a full time conductor/musician, a museum curator or a supreme court justice!! 

 but besides that i just wanted to thank a bunch of people on here for inspiring me to join the studyblrs community + thank the awesome ppl that ive met so far!!!

inspired me to join:

@studyign (probably the biggest inspiration),




























 AMAZING people that i met here:











loveable rats + memers:



(for the music memes (’: ) also



encouraged me to stay: my followers ❤ (you guys are honestly savages like you must be wild to even be on my blog tbh) ((mutuals in bold!!)) (((this isn’t all of u but this is just my most active ig)))















((i rly hope i didnt forget anyone guys!! if so pls let me know lmao))

Hey, y’all! I’ve had my studyblr for a couple weeks and finally decided to make an intro post! I wanted to make this blog to keep me motivated and on task, and to focus more on my schoolwork!

A couple things about me:

  • a lot of my friends call me Lin (my name is Lindsey)
  • I’m a high school sophomore
  • I’m on my school’s swim team
  • I play the piano
  • I love to read, especially sci-fi and fantasy novels!

What classes I’m taking:

  • AP World History
  • AP Capstone Seminar
  • AP Music Theory
  • Honors Chemistry
  • Honors Algebra 2
  • Honors English

A few of my favorite studyblrs are:

@studyrose @soymilkstudies @studyafternoon @universi-tea @the-prudent-student @bookmrk @academiix @etudiance and many more!

I just started a bullet journal, and once I get the hang of it and learn to take better pictures I’ll start posting pictures of it!

I’m so excited to be a part of the studyblr community!

Shallura Sundays is a biweekly prompt challenge with the purpose of inspiring the creation of Shiro/Allura centered fanworks.

We will announce a new theme every second and last Sunday of each month, starting on November 27th. You can create any fanwork of your choosing based on the theme given and tag your post as #shallurasundays in order to participate.

Right now, you can reblog this post to spread the word, ask us anything or share some prompt ideas, as long as they can accommodate all kinds of content for the challenge!


We are ScriptSpoonie - a ScriptX family writing blog dedicated to helping creative writers write realistic and accurate portrayals of characters with chronic illnesses or certain disabilities that fall under the ‘spoonie’ label. We are currently run by two mods and while the blog might be under construction for a bit, we are open for questions!

A Spoonie is “someone with a chronic illness or disability that regularly impacts their energy levels and/or ability to get things done”.

For more information about us, click on our blog for Mod info, disclaimers, and a link to the rest of the ScriptX family!

I realized I never made an “official” introduction post!

Hello! I made this studyblr as a way to motivate myself to keep up with tasks and school work and meet people with common interests, classes, etc., to help people out, and to inspire myself to work harder. I have a personal and an art blog (which I don’t always update).

Some facts about me:

  • I’m 18 and study art in college
  • I like: coffee, tea, makeup, music, the sky, art, reading, writing, fashion, bubble tea, aesthetic posts, and stationery
  • I’m an INFJ
  • I do listen to kpop
  • I love languages and I’m learning Korean (so those posts will be on my blog sometimes), I’m proficient in Spanish, and plan on learning more languages as well
  • My favorite color is green (blue is a close second)

Here’s a link to my about page as well!

Some studyblrs I like/that inspire me:  (*) - top

*@tbhstudying @etudiaire  @vestiblr   @studythngs  @studycacti  @elkstudies  *@studyplants  *@lycheestudy  @studypetals @holocrams 
@honeststudy *@hayley-studies   @sherlockianstudies *@sootudying-(i love ur url btw) 

Pls reblog if you can so I can check out more studyblrs/talk to you guys! 

Here’s my ask box so say hi if you want!

s(QUAD) intro post part 1: #shomajesty

onwards to: s(quad) intro part 2: dj boyang, s(quad) intro part 3: #slaythan

i…really don’t have time to be doing this lmao but i couldn’t resist. since i’ve gained some new followers lately and the grand prix is about to start, here’s another intro post about one of the bright young stars of figure skating and my favorite current men’s skater, shoma uno!

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get to know: 24k

top picture (l-r): jinhong, hui, sungoh, jeunguk, kisu, cory, daeil
bottom picture (l-r): standing: cory, hui, kisu, jinhong, hongseop sitting: changsun, jeunguk

24k is a nine member* group under choeun entertainment who debuted on 12.09.07 with the song hurry up. their fanbase is called 24u

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Hello! My name is Ana and I’m new to the studyblr community (I’ve joined a week ago) so I thought I should write a proper introduction! So, without any further ado, here are some facts about me:

  • My name is Ana
  • I’m 18 (will be 19 soon)
  • I live in Brazil (if you’re learning portuguese and need help, or just wanna practice, I’d love to help you!)
  • I like organizing things (thanks Marie Kondo) and I want to live a minimalist lifestyle
  • Second year uni student studying electrical engineering
  • I’m learning german and I want to learn as many languages as I can!
  • I love drawing
  • I take days to answer people on whatsapp/messenger (it makes my friend furious but I can’t help)
  • I’m working on myself to become a calm and independent person

Here are some of the studyblrs I follow and admire (they post/reblog nice stuff), so if you’re new here like me, check them out!:

@toomanysubjectstudyblr, @em-spacestudy, @vimtamin, @kokosnod, @studypsy, @entropystudy, @focusign, @studyjiminie, @studyblr, @emmastudies, @studywithmaggie, @inspostudying, @mildstudies, @natastudies, @studytillyoucry, @zostudy, @echostudies, @cam-studies, @productivityplant, @soymilkstudies, @cafetudiant, @heather-journal, @nerdtryingtostudy, @scribbledjournal, @joo-ah-lee, @elkstudies.

Thanks for reading my intro post~ (also sorry for the low quality picture)

hey, i’m isa! i’m thirteen and a freshman. i’ve been looking to studyblrs for inspiration to study ever since last year, & i’ve finally decided to make one since i’m in hs now. i struggled somewhat in middle school, & i really want to make sure i succeed in high school. 


  • i’m bilingual (spanish/english) and learning french 
  • my favorite subject is bio (i like science in general)
  • i like coding/graphic design but i’m a beginner in both
  • i’m a vegetarian
  • i love soccer
  • i’m a butch lesbian :~)
  • you can go to my info page for more!

favorite blogs:

if you’re a studyblr, reblog and/or like this so i can follow you!

hello!! i’ve been meaning to join the studyblr community for a while, so here’s an introduction post! / my name is lia, i’m 21 years old and attending university - i study english and book & media! / therefore, i love literature, but i also love all realms in the arts - visual arts, film, photography, graphic design, music - u name it!! / when im not bein a nerd..or academic intellectual.. i enjoy shopping, food, cats n memes.. / i made this blog back in july near my bday (hence the username) in hopes of bettering my study habits, but only finally becoming active now… ive decided i want to post much more than just notes and school stuff - perhaps little tidbits of my desk, stationery, journal pages, art, words and etc :~) i’m happy to have this space to share some of my work and meet some noice ppl!! / my main blog is @noeu (where i’m following from!)

this is a messy, unorganized list of some studyblrs i’m following and admiring 😇 💖 @studylustre / @milkteastudies / @brbgottarevise / @acciodemic / @college-cafe / @studyrose / @studyblr / @studink / @zeestudies / @cmpsbls / @studywithinspo / @bookmrk / @focusign / @intellectus / @katsdesk / @studeying / @academla / @studypetals / @studykouffee / @studyign / @milkystudies / @biochemis-tree / @the-literaryowl / @12font / @studentcandy / @studyhards

i’m happy to check out new blogs as well (u can like/reblog this post or drop me a msg!!) :~) thank u for reading n i hope everyone has a lovely day!! 💕✨

Jan. 16, 2017

Hello everyone! I know this is a little overdue, but I am finally making an intro post! So many things made me push this off (i.e preparing this overly simplistic banner, not having time, planning what I will say, laziness, etc.) but the time has come. You finally might actually learn something about me. Let’s go!

General likes:

Books/reading, stationary, dogs, cats, tumblr, organization, food of all kinds, netflix, AP Euro, winter, a lot of other things probably

General dislikes:

Summer, mornings, writing, ignorance, sharks, deep waters, insects, AP Euro, a lot of other things probably

Other facts:

-I’m a huge feminist/democrat

-I’m a ravenclaw/thunderbird/cancer/INFJ

-I live in New York and am currently a sophomore in high school

-I want to be something along the lines of web designer maybe??? IDK, just something to do with computers and math and art

-I love talking to you guys so pls message me if you ever want to chat!!


AP Euro, Algebra II, English, Honors Chem, Intro to Business, French, various art classes

Fave Studyblrs:

@em-spacestudy, @aescademic, @breezystudies, @smartstudies, @nutmegstudies, @studyign, @katsdesk, @milkystudies, @studyplants

There are so many more studyblrs which I am absolutely in love with, so sorry if I didn’t mention you!! <3 Thank you for welcoming me to the community and I can’t wait to do more!