yesterday at target the cashier said ‘your receipt is in the bag’ and i responded with ‘you too’ so i’ve been dealing with that for the past 18 hours but i’m slowly coming to terms with it which is cool


SPT’s main focus is promoting Harry Styles’ solo endeavors via twitter/radio requests and streaming as well as movie promo! We hope this tumblr will be helpful as we embark on this new journey of Harry’s career!

Here you will find:
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We are happy to announce that we will be hosting Amaya Jiwe Week from May 8 - 14, 2017! This week is a celebration of Amaya’s strength, beauty, brains- All of her, and all of what makes her so amazing! Themes are listed below. For a more detailed description of the themes, read here.

  • Day One (May 8): Favorite Quote
  • Day Two (May 9): Favorite Relationship
  • Day Three (May 10): Favorite Period Costume
  • Day Four (May 11): Favorite Moment of Strength
  • Day Five (May 12): Favorite Moment of Softness
  • Day Six (May 13): Face Porn
  • Day Seven (May 14): Free Day

Please read the rules for Amaya Jiwe Week (just some basic stuff about being nice, don’t worry!)

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Hey guys! This is Christy and Katherine (we’re both first year students in uni). We’ve been following the studyblog community for a while but recently we decided to start our own blog (:

Here’s a little bit about us:

Christy: I am studying in New York, majoring in business (marketing and finance) with a minor in business of entertainment media and technology. I like to play tennis and I’m also into graphic design!

Katherine: I am a first year studying in Boston, and have yet to decide on a major/minor (though I am interested in pursuing law in the future!) I like reading, and watching TV :)  

We also really wanted to thank these studyblrs (and many more) for motivating us to start our own blog:

@bookmrk@busystudyign, @elkstudies, @elsastudies, @emmastudies, @equaticns, @focusign, @intellectus@lentilstudies, @mochi-studies@natastudies, @procrastudiin , @rhubarbstudies@smoketexture, @sprouht-studies, @stillstudies, @studyblr@studykouffee@studylustre@studie-s, @universi-tea

last night i was getting food and the guy was like ‘that’s $11.80′ and for some unknowable reason that i will probably still be analysing on my deathbed i thought he asked me if i wanted a lemonade so i was like ‘no i’m fine thank you!!” which obviously made it seem like i had just like politely declined to pay for my meal and anyway it was so embarrassing i think i have to change my identity and move countries so if anyone has a spare couch i can sleep on for a while please let me know

hi ! i’m kel and i’m pretty new to the studyblr community, so i thought i’d make a lil intro post just to put myself out there and everything!!

a lil about me:

  • i’m seventeen
  • a junior in high school (grade 11)
  • i’m learning french !!
  • interested in social sciences
  • i’m canadian (so you might hear a lot abt tim hortons lmao)
  • a terrible horrible procrastinator :/
  • i’m lactose intolerant but that won’t stop me from drinking all the chocolate milk i can get my hands on 
  • made this blog in hopes of finally getting my life together
  • a messy kpop stan (i love bts)
  • all i do is read and sleep

some of my fave studyblrs:

@jiyeonstudies | @focusign | @ttstudys | @eggystudy | @procrastudiin | @athenus | @lycheenotes | @byulstudies | @studypool | @stillstudies | @katsdesk | @peachsstudy | @studylustre | @studywithinspo | @studyquill | @sootudying | @sprouht-studies | @studyign

As we know, promo season is just around the corner for Harry Styles, with his upcoming debut album and film (!!!) so we decided to come together and form TheHarryDaily, a blog dedicated to all things Harry styles!

  • We’ll be trying our best to timely update you with all news, information, pictures, videos and more regarding the singer, songwriter and actor.
  • You can tag us in your edits! We’ll be tracking the tag #theharrydaily , and make sure to reblog all content!
  • We will also be taking edit requests, starting shortly.
  • We also have an icons page, with 50+ amazing harry styles icons. Just remember to read the rules here before using.
  • You can also contact us regarding questions about Harry’s projects, we’ll provide the possible answers. This doesn’t include questions regarding his private life.
  • This is a fansite created by fans, and we have no intentions to profit from it.

Follow for regular updates and please reblog to spread the word :)

Thank you!

Introducing Javier Fernandez

Since everyone is doing intro post to their favorite skaters, what the hell. Might as well do one of my own. Many of my favorites already have introductions (and much better than this) but there is one which I haven’t found and I really wanted to do: Javier Fernandez. Many people just know him because he’s Yuzuru Hanyu’s training partner, but this guy here has an awesome story of his own.

Warning: Very, VERY, long post. Read at your own risk. 

Originally posted by yuzu-javi

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It’s the post about a russian baby girl who stands out in a world where team Tutberidze tanos every jumps in the second half of the programs. This girl actually skates, performs, has lovely expression. Has been doing it since she was at least 8 years old. She’s almost 11 now and her name is Kamila Valieva.

When I first saw her, she landed doubles and single axels and was the loveliest swan EVER. On her final poses she counted till five before breaking the character - so cute <3 She’s always been a good spinner and her upright positions are pretty impressive. Kamila started learning triples last year, it wasn’t an easy process but now by some miracle she has pretty solid 2a & 3s, 3lo and goddamn rippon lutz. Just a couple of days ago she won Russian National competition for the smallest age group (this fact actually promted me to make this post). There’re three parts there: elements, SP & FS. Kamila slayed elements where she showed +goe 3lz & 2a-3t, placed 3rd in the short and 1st in the free.

Kamila’s coaches are not big names at all in Russian singles - Natalia Dubinskaya and Stanislav Kovalev. And here’re Kamila’s programs avaliable online.  

  • 14-15 season: Russian Folk SP, The Swan FS (ICONIC)
  • 15-16 season: Cirque SP, Indian theme FS
  • 16-17 season: Hallelujah SP, The Witch FS 

not to jump the gun astronomically but the ts6 tour is gonna be so weird bc shake it off can’t be the encore again but she literally HAS to sing it at some point so like. what’s gonna happen with that. is she really gonna sing shake it off and just….. keep going……… like she will sing shake it off and then she will sing another song. after shake it off. i can’t deal with that. that’s just not something that i’m capable of witnessing. how are we supposed to keep dancing after we’ve already SHAKEN IT ALL OFF????? i’ll have no more FIGHT IN ME TAYLOR!!!! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE LIKE THIS???? THINK ABOUT SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!

Askbox open! Yay!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! My name is Viktor Nikiforov! ♡ You may know me as the figure skating living legend with dozens of gold medals under my belt, but I’m retired now!

You know, I thought I’d really miss skating, but now that I’m retired, I’m having a great time enjoying life and love! I love spending time with my fiancé, Katsuki Yuuri, and getting to eat as many bowls of katsudon as I want!!!!! Seriously!!!! I love katsudon!!!!!! It’s so good!!!!!!!! So I may have put on a few pounds because of that, but who cares? It’s super duper yummy!

Feel free to ask me anything about my life! I love talking about myself, and I’d love to get to know you!

((OOC: This is an ask/art blog for chubby Viktor Nikiforov! Feel free to send in questions for him~ we will try to answer with doodles!))