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What I know about Tokyo Ghoul from what I've seen in my dash

- Kaneki Saaaaaaan
-Lil bean Hide didn’t deserve to die
-Some white haired chick with red crossed bobbypins
-French dude with no chill
-yum yum people
-Emo kids get free contact lenses to look evil
-Suffer suffer suffer

rustedrobonerd  asked:

hiya~ just passing by and thinking about reaper76 (no reader insert) and their pretended marriage au 😏 whatcha' thinking 'bout that love? p.s. just wanted to tell you that your writing always bring smile on my face, the way you have with words captivated me from your first posts and i don't think i will ever forget your style (just really love your humour the jokes in it work every time) (although i find your blog only when you started writing overwatch fics i wish i found you sooner)

(my jokes work, thank god. You have no idea how long I’ve been chewing on that one, waiting for someone to tell me if my attempts at humour land. This really made my day <3

Also Fake Marriage, yes pleas.
Because just, hnnngh. Gabe more or less reluctantly teaming up with Overwatch after it turns out he’s been set up/lots of misunderstandings/shenanigans. But he and Jack have been drifting apart for so long and even though both technically know they’ve been played out against each other, knowing it and acting accordingly are two very different things. 
They fight, they argue, they can’t stand being in the same room and it’s worse because both remember they used to be inseparable.

So, shit happens and they have to pretend to love each other. They have to dig deep under all the baggage to find that affection they used to hold for each other, and what’s scary is that it’s easy.
The first morning Gabriel shovels six spoon fulls of sugar into his coffee cup, hesitates, then just upends the whole damn sugar bowl into his coffee, Jack doesn’t have a problem hugging him from behind and kissing him good morning.
And when Jack loses horribly at some video game because he’s too busy admiring the scenery (”look at those trees, Gabe, they’re all handcrafted. Every one of them. Look at the trees.” “Will you please look at the giant venomous spider instead?”) Gabriel laughs like he hasn’t in ages.

I will go down with that trope tbh, and because I have no restraint, I wrote just under 2k words which may or may not be the beginning of a multichapter fic I’ll be putting on AO3.

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New Home


“Where are we?”

The alter felt his arms trembling, blood burning his veins as he eased to a crawl, eye twitching as he fought to see, only seeing darkness.

“Dark… can you hear me?” the green haired ego licked his cracked lips, voice a hoarse croak of desperation. He felt blood dripping from his lips, but he didn’t care. He needed to see Dark.

The other ego was sprawled a few feet away in the inky universe like blackness they were in. Anti hesitated, his stomach clenching in the sudden rush of fear and panic that rushed over him, the floor just black, no walls, just endless black. He felt like he was going to fall.

What was happening?

“Dark-” he breathed, his eyes slowing to a close, squeezing tight. He could make it. For Dark.

Crawling at a snail’s pace, the alter felt his throat tight and dry, desperate to see and go back to reality.

When his hand bumped leather, his breath returned, a heavy sigh of relief leaving him. He shot his eyes open and focused on sitting up the stirring brunette. “Dark, please, I don’t know where we are.”

After coughing and gripping the irishman’s jeans with a hand to steady himself, the other male cracked his eyes open, both burning to the brim with tears.

“Wh…er.e… A..nt..i…?” he wheezed, trying to choke out some words. His eyes searched around. There was nothing…

“Where are we?”

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Dark and Anti series anyone??

Lord of Night and Darkness. {Intro}

Introducing my newest fanfiction, Lord of Night and Darkness. These are excerpts from Rhysand’s diary, beginning when he is Under the Mountain, and will continue through scenes of all three books, giving us a glance at the story from Rhys’ point of view. Enjoy!

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Day 18,112. I’ve lost count.

It’s too early for me to be awake. I shot up in bed almost an hour ago, drenched in sweat and chills. At least I’m alone, in my own room.

Not hers.

I can still feel her hands on me - an eerie, physical creeping on my skin, eating away my dignity.

Amarantha’s whore.

That’s who I am. That’s what they call me. That’s what I will be known for until the day I die.

I take a deep breath and think of my family. I wonder what they’re doing. I wonder how much they’ve changed. I wonder if they think about me, talk about me around the dinner table. I wonder if they lose sleep over me, as I lose sleep over them.

Morrigan. Cassian. Azriel. Amren.

I hope they are safe. I hope they are happy. I hope they are taking care of each other, and of Velaris.

I look up at the clock hanging on my wall, the only way I can keep track of time in this deep, dark hell.

5 a.m.

Everyone will be up in the next few hours to waste another day in this atrocity.

I suppose as an important piece of this game, I should join them.

I may as well get an early start.

Morrigan. Cassian. Azriel. Amren.

I love you. I miss you.

Let’s hope Tamlin gets his shit together.


We’re running out of time.

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i’m gremgrel. i used to post on here as daemonvoid. i’m some daemon/fae thing, with some vampiric tendencies, not too closely related to Judeo-Christian paradigms but rather as looser markers to Gaelic and Greek mythology instead.

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