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Hallo! Ich heiße Chay und ich bin eine britische Studentin in der Universität, um Tierarzt zu werden. Ich bin fast 20 Jahre alt und eine Veganerin.
Ich mag zu lesen, spielen mit meinem Hund, in Abenteuer fahren, Musik zu hören, und Filme/TV-Serien beobachten.
Ich habe seit 6 Jahre im Deutsch interessiert zu sein, aber ich habe nur seit ein paar Jahre Deutsch lernen, weil ich die Schule, die Hochschule, und jetzt die Universität hatte.
Meine Schulen bot einen Deutschkurs nicht an, also musste ich in meiner Freizeit Deutsch lernen, dann aber stoppte ich insgestamt (letztendlich hatte ich keine Freizeit). Ich startete es wieder in diesem Jahr, während meiner Sommerferien! Ich denke, dass ich Level B1 oder B2 bin? Ich habe vergessen. Aber mein Ziel ist bei der Strange bleiben (selbst wenn ein bisschen täglich ist), obwohl Veterinärmedizin sehr schwierig und zeitaufwändig ist.
Mein primäres Blog ist [x]
Ich hoffe, dass dieses Blog hilfreich ist!

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So. I’ve decided to do an intro to my studyblr. I’m Paigebreak. I’m 32 years old, I work in tech support and I’m also going to school for Cyber Security.

*I love to read, mostly scifi/fantasy.

*I love to watch anime and cheesy movies.

*I want to improve my handwriting and my note taking abilities.

*I hope that having this studyblr will help to keep me motivated with classes and homework.

*My favorite OS is Linux.

*I have my A+, Network+, and HDI certifications and hope to have my Security+ next week.

*My favorite movie is The Last Unicorn.

Thank you. It’s great to be here. I look forward to all the inspiration and tips from other studyblrs! It’s
been too long since I’ve really had to take notes or study.

I really loved the panning scene at the beginning of Off Colors. 

It took forever but I edited it together in this one really, really, really long image. There camera was zooming as well as panning so it’s not perfect and that really bothers me but it’s all breathtaking nonetheless!

Too Shy To Reach Out?

Send A Symbol To Explain Why We’re Not RPing Yet

♔- I can’t think of a plot for us and I want to figure that out first!
☃ - I’m not sure how our characters would meet.
☁- I’m worried you only RP with a certain group of people.
♛ - I wrote you a starter and you haven’t replied yet…
★ - I’m intimidated by how much you write
☂ - I’m intimdated by how often you post
☾ - I don’t know how to approach you
☄ - I’m super anxious about EVERYTHING
☀ - I keep hoping you’ll message me first…


one of my lecturers printed us a step-by-step guide to writing an essay for an assignment we had. i decided to type it up and share it with you guys. i think for the most part it is really useful and a super simple way to break down your essay. hope this helps :~)

yamchathedestroyer  asked:

Introduce me to kpop. What is a BTS.

where to start omg

ok well basically BTS (bangtan sonyeondan) is this group of 7 korean boys who make dope music and they’re basically a family (jin = mom, namjoon = dad, suga = uncle, jhope = aunt and the 3 youngest are the kids) and they debuted in june 2013. since then they’ve gotten HUGEE both in korea & internationally and this fandom is called ARMY and lemme warn u, once u join it’s pretty much a life sentence :’)

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if u wanna get to know the members here’s a very brief intro:

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon):

Originally posted by taestylips

  • leader
  • producer & writer of a lot of their songs
  • Bang PD (CEO of BigHit, their company) said he created BTS because of namjoon 
  • so without him there wouldn’t have been bts ugh my heart has so much room for namjoon
  • ANYWAY. HE’S SUPER TALENTED AND HE’S ONLY 22, released a mixtape titled “RM” that got on the Top 50 Hip Hop Albums of 2015 by US SPIN which is amazing (you should take a listen)
  • known to break things he touches
  • is actually very soft and nerdy on days when he’s not Rap Monster aka spitting pure fire into the mic on stage
  • part of the 2 man No Dance Line with Jin (but honestly both of them are way better dancers than u and i will ever be)
  • posts outfit of the day pics on twitter with hashtag #KimDaily

Jin (Kim Seokjin):

Originally posted by bts0726

  • oldest member, born in 1992
  • became trending as #cardoorguy after he walked out of their car to walk the red carpet in 2015 melon music awards because ppl wanted to know who this handsome bastard was
  • cooks for the other members :’) thus the nickname of being the mom in the group
  • likes the nickname of Pink Princess fans gave him
  • does mukbang shows called Eat Jin where he literally just eats food and gets super excited about it
  • voice of an angel
  • studies acting in university
  • the only one who can put suga in his place

Suga (Min Yoongi)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

  • one of the 3 talented rappers of the group
  • released his mixtape this year “Agust D” (give it a listen) that literally slayed us all
  • struggled in his trainee days and talks about it in his mixtape
  • second oldest, born in 1993
  • not the most talkative but will be savage af when needs to be 
  • aka doesn’t take anyone’s shit
  • also produces and writes their songs
  • his hair color changes like every single era but he somehow pulls off all of them???
  • has a tough exterior but is a soft ball of love past it :’)

J-hope (Jung Hoseok)

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

  • other half of 94 line
  • DANCING MACHINEEEE HOLY SHIT if you watch his “Hope on the street” videos on their v app channel or any bts performance video you’ll see what i mean
  • helps the other members with choreo
  • used to be a street performer before BTS. learned rapping after he joined and he’s hella good at it (listen to his track 1 verse)
  • when will bighit release his forehead again
  • loudest of all of them lmao

JImin (Park Jimin)

Originally posted by jimineh

  • the other half of 95z 
  • (the reason why i got into bts)
  • amazing dancer
  • his vocal skills are also 10/10, hits them high notes as precisely as he hits the choreo
  • I WILL NEVER BE OVER HIS THIC THIGHS #thicthighssavelives
  • a selfless cinnabon, too pure for this world. puts the members before himself, always. it kills me how much he loves them. like he will tweet the most supportive things, is the photographer of #kimdaily and always praises them before himself ughhhhhhhhhh my heart
  • perfectionist
  • his solo song Lies did really well, ranked #2 after their title track on melon charts
  • smol bean

V (Kim Taehyung)

Originally posted by hellosarang

  • other half of 95z (btw if you want to know more about 95z or the other ships, that will have to be another post because i have A LOT to say about them)
  • listen to his deep voice to understand how wonderful of a singer he is
  • actor!!! going to debut in his upcoming drama Hwarang soon :’) 
  • cutie with a soft spot for dogs, his late grandma, babies, and jimin
  • very kind hearted and pure soul
  • rude af on stage tho (if you saw the taejin moment during MAMA u know what i mean)

Jungkook (Jeon Jeongguk)

Originally posted by baebsaes

  • maknae (youngest member), born in 1997 but does not act like it at all
  • nicknamed ‘golden maknae’ cause he can do literally everything and do them well (even bowling)
  • talented af. triple threat (sings, dances and raps)
  • his hyungs all dote on him so much :’)
  • its moving how much he quietly cares for them (his solo song Begin was written based on how he felt like the other members raised him since he joined kpop industry at such a young age and that meant being away from home since he was like 14)
  • has a thing for plain tees
  • has one celeb friend, yugeom from got7 :’)
  • a walking human meme 


Oops! First Interactions

Send me a symbol for our Muses to meet when the following accident occurs…

♔ - one Muse hits the other while opening a door too fast/forcefully
♕ - one Muse gestures wildly and smacks another passing by
♖ - one Muse shoots the other (non-lethal…probably)
♗ - one Muse trips the other
♘- one Muse drops a bucket of ice water on the other, mistaking them for someone else
♟- one Muse spills something on the other
♙ - one Muse gets thrown into the other during a fight and injures them
♚ - one Muse saves the other from a dangerous situation, only to end up in danger themselves
♛ - one Muse runs into the other with their bike / skateboard / golf cart / etc.
♜ - one Muse attempts to assassinate the other after mistaking them for their target
♝- one Muse accidentally casts a spell on the other