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I think there’s this stereotype that Pisces are very whimsical and dreamlike with their heads in the clouds but that’s only half the truth. Pisces are more like the wizards of the zodiac, in the Arthurian sense - think Merlin-like figures who lose track of the time and stay up all night because they found a dusty old esoteric tome in the back corner of the library and they have to KNOW, or wizened old souls who always feel a little separate from others because their minds are intrinsically connected to a different plane of existence. Pisces is a mutable water sign but many people have referred to it as having airy qualities in spite of this, and that’s because for Pisces, feeling and knowing are the same thing. All the information they need can be found in the great network of consciousness that overlays all of existence; the rest of us can’t see it, but Pisces paints in its colors.

I just wanna hug (with permission) each and every fellow aspec that I see saying sad shit like - “the ace community on this hellsite makes me want to stop IDing as ace tbh bc with this whole ‘aces can’t be straight bc straight is heterosexual AND heteroromantic’ y'all make me feel like i’m less gay and less valid in my LGBT identity than if i weren’t ace and that sucks bc it took a long fuckin time for me to deal with not being hetero” - and let them know that we aren’t any “less gay” or pan (like I am) or whatever, we’re just… ALSO aspec. 

The aspec part MATTERS, it counts, it doesn’t just disappear, and aspec erasure is something that we’re currently fighting hard against bc it happens to us SO. DAMN. OFTEN. This is what the exclusionists are trying to reinforce too by turning heteromantic/heterosexual aspecs into 100% hets with full straight privilege. This ERASES ppl’s aspec IDs in order to support exclusionary bullshit, which they base in ahistoric lies and bigotry that places aspec IDs outside of the LGBT+ whilst claiming we’re actually The Straights™ trying to infiltrate and destroy the LGBT+. 

The fact is though that aro/ace specs are NOT straight bc there is no intrinsic “het” attraction connected to these IDs, and to suggest otherwise is entirely heteronormative and toxic as hell. Furthermore, I personally am NOT pansexual; I am panromantic demisexual and anyone that suggests my demisexuality means I’m any less pan can kiss my entire ass. What I am is pan & ace: The End.

I hope that this message helps those of you feeling concerned about this. I totally understand your concerns in the context of this nasty “”””ace discourse””””, but it’s not necessary bc you are 100% valid w/ ALL of your IDs. You honestly do not have to choose and anyone that tries to make you choose is not your friend. *hugs if wanted*


A Pearl In The Rocks VI

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2481

Paring: LokixReader

Summary: On your return from your mission with Bruce, you discover that Loki is ready to take the next step in the relationship. However, when you push him away, Loki is forced to turn to his brother for advice.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

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Aquarius is a really cool charm, like a crystal that fell in a raindrop
reflecting the thoughts of heaven and the vision of angels. She laughs like lightning and mixes genius with style, individual flair with enviable charisma and class. Aquarius is holding the wine glass of wisdom, electric blue champagne
the elixir she shares as she speaks the thoughts that sizzle like
shockwaves in her brain. On airy wings she floats across a glass water world, a child of the earth wandering alone through the forest, barefoot and enchanted, rainbow looms around her wrists and flowers in her hair
And Aquarius is a double lined symbol, fused with the translucent air that exists in many forms.
She is introverted and extroverted, in great need of solitude but intrinsically connected to all, she is the diamond drop that slips into collective consciousness, intuitive and clever, magical and otherworldly. Life is tremendous and repulsive, she is in love with people and loathes them deeply, for they have destroyed her earth and the fairies that dwell on the flowers. There is a purity in the Aquarius expression, it is spiritual essence in human form, a mermaid with human legs
A free character who stays awake until 3am, and sleeps until she has finished her dream, because she will not work from the world’s time frame
Time must work for her, because she is from another time all together


Tattoo My Heart | soulmate!au

Originally posted by 4smols

Summary: Based off the soulmate!au in which any permanent marking you get on your body–like a tattoo–also appears on your soulmate. And Amber gets a lot of tattoos.

Word Count: 6,893

Amber believes in soulmates, but that doesn’t mean she believes in them.

That is to say, she won’t dispute that some people are intrinsically connected–so connected that when a person gets a permanent mark on their body, it also appears on the one they’re bound to. Whether this weird quirk of nature actually means that the two people are destined to be romantically (or even platonically) involved is another matter entirely, as far as Amber is concerned.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a question : how do I know if I'm ace? For example if I have never kissed someone how do I know I don't like to kiss someone? Maybe is a stupid question but I'm new on this blog

hi anon,

“how do i know if i’m ____?” is a very common question that many people ask themself and / or others at one point or another and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. despite being a common question, the answer to that question isn’t a simple one and will differ from person to person because there is no one “true” answer, imho. the following is just my longwinded personal opinion.

before i attempt to answer your question

i’d like to point out that whether you like or don’t like kissing is not an indication of whether you’re ace or not. if you don’t like kissing then you simply don’t like kissing, which can be true for someone of any orientation. similarly, someone of any orientation can like kissing, including aces.

replace “kissing” with “sex” and the same is still true.

different people define asexuality differently because it means different things to different people, but imho asexuality is no different from other sexual orientations in that it’s descriptive of who someone is or isn’t (potentially) sexually attracted to and says nothing about the actions one finds enjoyable (or not). besides, a person doesn’t have to be sexually attracted to someone for kissing (or sex) to be enjoyable and a lack of sexual attraction is not required for kissing (or sex) to be something you don’t like.

while it’s certainly true that there are aces who do not like kissing and / or sex, for whom their experience with kissing and / or sex and disliking it (or worse) may be intrinsically connected to their asexuality / how they came to identify as ace, i hope that a lack of experience will not detour you from identifying as ace if you think that you might be ace. 

to answer your question (finally)

how do you know if you’re ace? the same way that i myself and countless others know that they’re ace: “ace”, “asexual”, “gray asexual”, “demisexual”, etc resonate with you and you feel comfortable enough describing yourself (or being referred to by others) as such enough to identify as such. in other words, you adopt that word / identity for yourself because you decide for yourself that that’s who you are.

there is nothing that qualifies you (or disqualifies you) as ace.
there is no surefire way to know whether or not you’re ace.
there is no way to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will never experience sexual attraction even if you have yet to experience it.

hell, sometimes it can be difficult to know whether or not you’ve ever experienced sexual attraction to some degree or in some way. sometimes it’s simply impossible to know for sure and yet other times you may not even be sure what the hell this “sexual attraction” even is.

and that’s okay.
all of that is okay.

every single one of us lives in the present, not the future nor the past. uncertainty is natural. you do not need to know anything for certain. furthermore, you do not need to know how you may feel in the future to identify as something now because it feels right to do so now. even if you were to identify as ace (or anything else) now, but in the future something were to change for you that makes ace (or anything else) less relevant or comfortable for you, that’s okay. use whatever word(s) / identity(/ies) feel right for you at the time and discard the ones that don’t. every experience you have (or don’t have) is valid regardless of whether that experience changes for you later in life. there’s absolutely no reason to hold one’s breath for future possibilities that may never come, simply roll with them if they do.

tl;dr because i’m longwinded as hell

if the thought that you might be ace resonates with you, why not try it on for size? in other words, try identifying as ace (even if only internally to yourself) and see how it makes you feel now. don’t worry about the future. if you happen to find that ace feels “right” or comfortable for you now, then hey! you might be ace. sometimes it’s not actually a matter of “knowing” whether you’re ace or not, but rather deciding if “ace” is meaningful as a word / identity for you. no one knows you better than you know yourself and sometimes it’s difficult to know anything for sure and that’s okay. just roll with your feelings, figure out things as you go and use whatever word(s) / identity(/ies) happen to feel right for you / be helpful. i’m pretty sure that that’s what all of us are doing. :)


GOD this year has been crazy! Although Pledis posted nothing about Nu’ests anniversary we will still celebrate! We were blessed with two mini albums, produced and written by the boys, and it was stylistically and musically of such high-quality everyone was in awe, both albums were crowned best of 2016!

Although we didn’t get their first win with “love paint” WE WERE NOMINATED FOR THE FIRST TIME YAS BITCH (twice as well fam)

Then this year we were expecting a full-length album, Baekho particularly hinted on it on v-live and on Instagram with pics of him producing, and we were SHOCKED when Pledis announced that Baekho, MInhyun, JR and Ren would do on Produce 101 and compete against trainees. I will admit i was heartbroken knowing that if they didn’t make the end group it would be embarrassing, but if they did they will be on hiatus on for god knows how many years. I was also upset about how Aron was feeling and him being separated from rest of Nu’est.

HOWEVER, my friends in love fandom who are wiser than me explained that they NEED something drastic to happen in order to gain popularity, and also P101 would not be the right environment for Aron. Despite releasing amazing music pledis still does not promote them, they didn’t enter the Korean top 100 and did not sell enough.

To conclude, I will vote for Nu’est as this was their decision ( and we as a fandom better get bloody good at voting if we wanna win!) and I can see these boys are really desperate for our support. Their talent has been overlooked for too many years, it AMAZES me how they can still be humble and thankful after being treated by shit by Pledis for 5 years. This past year has been the hardest in my life, particularly stress and depression wise, but Nu’est got me through it.

I have come to realize my own happiness is intrinsically connection to the success and happiness of this group. The fact that they have reduced themselves to trainees and have given their all YET AGAIN is dumb-founding.

Thank you for 5 Years of teaching me the meaning of hard work. Thank you for making me smile, laugh and even making me cry. I hope one day JR can be proud as leader and all off Pledis family can work TOGETHER to make it happen! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND WILL SUPPORT TIL THE VERY END

Remember, I’m on your side!!

You know what??? FUCK anorexia. I deserve to live. I deserve food. My value is not intrinsically connected to a number on a scale. I shouldn’t give a single shit what other people think of my body.

I have so much respect for fic authors but like I cannot even imagine AUs for some media. Like the piece has such an intrinsic connection with their universe that I don’t see how the characters can be brought out of it??? And yet at the same time I’m also in awe of creators who are capable of that, because they’re capable of getting to the soul of a character and bringing them into a whole new world, and still keep the characters themselves. like woa, you go fic writers. 


I was a god once, I was so daring in my living and careless in my dying.


I saw the creation of Earth. Eve braiding flowers in her hair, as Cain killed Abel in the field, mouth full of blood and repentance, he cried in the trees until dusk had set, murderer carved into his gums, soil under his nails. I still see him sometimes, wandering this earth like a shadow, a bruise still bleeding beneath unhealed skin.


The Greeks and their gods of water and stone, so mortal in their loving, so cruel in their hate. They played at gods, mortals, power. They played at living. Sitting on their golden thrones, humans in portraiture, ambrosia dripping from their mouths, God playing at quintessential humanity, just as narcissistic as the rest, corruption only magnifies as they grow. Zeus sends down a lightening bolt for fun, Poseidon churns in his sea, Hades bites into a pomegranate. They are forgotten easily, buried under ash, Greece’s shoreline recedes. God learns of human desire.


Abraham spills blood of his son, plagued by memories of Jesus and Abel, so alike in their innocence, God replaces him with a lamb. The Jews wander the desert for decades mouths parched, searching for a messiah, searching for God, searching for an answer that does not come from a schizophrenic boy king. I take pity and lead them to an oasis, I inadvertently create a religion, God laughs from his celestial throne.


The Buddha is born, and he is pure, a rarity in the human race. He is intrinsically connected to all in this Earth, living and not living. God sobered over his years watches, all the angels hold their breath, as the Buddha ascends, his heart is a needle sliver of the sun. God cannot repeat this feat in any others, so he feeds them with holy flesh instead.


Mary on the saltwater shores of Nazareth, wavering in the sun like a sepia tinted photo, one hand supporting her rounded belly. Jesus sunburnt and naked, eyes open with the wonder of a thousand stars. His fall as a man, still a boy, bleeding hands tied, mouth tasting metal, he thinks of Cain, and wonders where did humanity go wrong. Judas watches with his tongue cut out, and eyes burned blind. God learns how to make prophets.


Muhammed comes from the desert, the history of the land carved into his skin like cracks, his throat is parched, and his ribcage is empty. He sits in a cave, starved, empty, dehydrated and hallucinating. Gabriel chances upon him and cuts off his own flesh to feed him, Muhammed drinks only a drop of the holy blood and turns his head away. Gabriel returns from his trip on Earth to Heaven, not thinking of the arab in the cave. Muhammed is now able to hear what Gabriel hears, and see what he sees. He is a blind prophet, who learns of God and builds him a city. Here lays Mecca, a place of the rebirth, the place of prophets the Ka’aba the center where earth aligns with heaven. God muses at the human worship, there is opportunity in this, he just does not know what.


Empires rise, and crumble into dust, ash, memories. The Earth expands populations self- cannaibzlizing it’s population. World War I comes and the sky falls, it rains bombs for weeks and years after. World War II like a monsoon, god of death rising above.


I still sit, a god once, but human no longer. I watch the cycle go on. I watch humanity exist and it is fucking biblical, in the way we rise from the ashes again and again and again. I watch the world become reborn.

—  from the ashes angels are born from the ashes they return

anonymous asked:

How does money (2nd house) come before communication (3rd)? It kinda makes no sense to me.

that is a good question, i’ll have to think about it… some ideas:

Your values (2nd house) are connected to your way of thinking (3rd house). your opinions (3rd) are dependent on what you perceive to matter or be valuable (2nd). your understanding of what matters (2nd) is dependent on how you were educated (3rd).

Fun fact, the 2nd house does not necessarily represent money for everyone. the 2nd house is what your sense of self is tied to, that’s why it comes right after the 1st house of the self image. for some people their sense of self is tied to money, as in, if you earn very little, that effects what kind of lifestyle you’re able to have, whereas if you earn a lot of money, that pumps up your identity. in todays society you are defined but what kind of job you have and how much money you earn, but if someone is defined by other things, then the 2nd house doesn’t have to be about money for them.

Also, money is something we have assigned value to, and that is why the 2nd house is associated with money, but if a person doesn’t care about money then their 2nd house won’t be about that. I know a person with a 2nd house stellium in Sagittarius who doesn’t care about money, but rather focuses on their passion in life; in their case, the 2nd house has to do with their ability to focus and get things done.

The 2nd house has to do with experiencing “richness” which doesn’t have to be tied into money, but could be indulging in things that may or may not be healthy but feel good in the moment.

In Placidus and Koch houses, I have an empty 2nd house, so no wonder I never really indulge in comfort food or things like that… In whole sign I have Saturn in the 2nd which means I discern what I indulge in…

If someone has more of a Capricorn/Saturn/10th house influence than a Taurus/Venus/2nd house influence, then they experience more depravity than opulence, more restraint than sensuality, more value on enjoying oneself in the long run than in the present. (this is my case)

Whereas if someone has more Taurus influence than Capricorn influence, they could be so seeking of pleasure in the moment that they don’t consider that what they’re indulging in could be unhealthy mentally/physically/etc.

In transits, a planet goes thru your 2nd house before entering your 3rd. So lets say someone has Capricorn rising, then the current Uranus in Aries would either be transiting their 3rd or 4th house, depending on whether they have an interception. Even though Uranus would already be done with their 2nd house, it’s like, as it transits their third, they gain new ideas that could influence their values or what they deem to be important. So this is one way that the 2nd and 3rd houses are so intrinsically connected. Also, if something is transiting your 4th house, then what’s happening in your family could affect what you deem to be important (2nd house).

If you’re a Scorpio rising, it is likely that Pluto (your ruling planet) is currently transiting your 3rd house. Your way of thinking is being transformed, you’re having the chance to confront the demons of your mind, which could cause you to rewrite your values, looking back into your 2nd house.

^^ That ^^ description would also be the case if you’re a Libra rising and you have Pluto in Sagittarius in the 3rd house, because your progressed chart likely has a Scorpio rising with Pluto in your 2nd house.

In your progressed chart, it is likely that whatever you have in your 3rd house in your natal chart has now progressed to your 2nd house.

So if you have Saturn in the 3rd in your natal chart, then you might have Saturn in the 2nd in your progressed chart, which symbolizes how you’ve been learning lessons in life that have caused you to become more serious about your values.

If you have Jupiter in the 3rd in your natal chart, your progressed chart might have Jupiter in the 2nd house, which means that your nature of expanding your knowledge (3rd house) has led you to broaden your values (2nd house).

If you have Neptune in the 3rd in your natal chart, then your hazy way of viewing facts (3rd house) may have caused you to be uncertain about what you actually value (2nd house) as you have progressed. A more positive way to view this would be, your spiritual approach to knowledge (3rd) causes you to want to transcend the material world (2nd) and not be so attached to possessions (2nd), as you have progressed.

If you have Mercury in the 3rd in your natal chart, then your ability to see objectively, learn various subjects with your admirable curiosity, and assimilate facts has aided you to progress into thinking about your values (2nd) to make decisions that serve you very well in your life.

If you have Venus in the 3rd in your natal chart, then your love of learning aids you to manifesting wealth or material pleasures when it progresses to your 2nd house!

Thank you so much for asking, I’m glad I got to write this out! Please reblog this if you see it, I want to spread on this info. If you want me to see what’s in your progressed chart, message me.

Parmenides says that no being can be deprived of its own presence, because this simply is what it means ‘to be’, namely ‘to assert the presence of one’s being’. Parmenides’ ontological observation reveals his insight into the nature of being made explicit later: “For nothing else either is or will be (something else) besides being itself. Being is as the source of beings also the force of their appearance to and disappearance from the mindful eye of the ontological traveler. Absolute nothingness has nothing to do with such thinking and has no place in such disclosure.
—  Joachim L. Oberst, Heidegger on Language and Death: The Intrinsic Connection in Human Existence

anonymous asked:

Can you do an in depth character arc and story analysis for Phichit the way you did for Chris??

Awww anon of course I can! Although I have to say, what I wrote about Chris was not really as in depth as it could have been, it was more me ranting about the aspects of his character that I wish we saw more of. I can go deeper. So I’m going to go deep with Phichit. Because hey if Chris is more than his ass, then Phichit is more than just a Victuuri shipper (and borderline stalker for some reason why fandom why) and more than just a social media maniac. Much more. In fact, narrative wise, Phichit would be the best choice for bronze at the GPF because he, like the Yu(u)ris, made history.

Now, Phichit is intrinsically connected to Yuuri as a character, considering his role as his best friend. Possibly because of that, he is one of the secondary characters that gets the most screen time and attention, if not the one we learn the most about. That said one of the best things about Phichit is that, while he is very closely connected to Yuuri in the narrative, he has his own goals and story. Truly, I think the basis of Phichit’s entire character is how passionate he is about both his friends and his country.

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The Stars

@guarddogclaudia was rewatching s1 of the anime when she noticed this newspaper during the Jack the Ripper case, and she asked around to see if this was “something”. Damn right, it is! Good catch!

Nevermind the headline; we know who Jack the Ripper was.

Look at the newspaper itself. “The Stars”. It shows two stars, both are eight-pointed, they are overlapped, and one is much bigger than the other….

Good grief, it’s the binary star system of Sirius. Sirius A is a huge, blue, main sequence star. Sirius B used to also be blue… and even bigger… until it collapsed into a white dwarf. The two stars tug at each other, getting ever closer, until (it’s expected) they collide. This overlapping of the stars in the newspaper logo shows that these aren’t just any two stars; they are intrinsically connected.

I dragged out my DVDs to figure out which episode – episode 3. So, even as far back as episode 3 of s1, we were given little clues about Lord Sirius and the Blue Sect…. Sure, s1 and s2 are AU spoilers, at best, but “Everything is for the Blue Star,” as Blavat says.

Now this makes me wonder. I’ve already supposed that Blue Star Line is owned by or under the control of real Ciel/Lord Sirius. Has he also been controlling the media, or at least some aspect of it? Is it being controlled by someone else (like the queen)?

Does this tie in with why Sebastian uses a freelance reporter to expose Sphere Music Hall? Would a larger newspaper have refused the scoop?


anonymous asked:

I've been following you since January and I'm saddened to see you take a somewhat negative approach to a potential Reylo relationship-from my perspective. I understand it is your right to perceive the relationship how you will, but I have to disagree when it comes to a one-sided interest. JJ Abrams stated that Star Wars will continue to be the Skywalker saga. How can that continue if Ben/Kylo is the last Skywalker? Unless another love interest for him shows up, it's leaning towards Rey. *part 1*

This ask predates December, since that’s around the time I shut off anon. My apologies for taking so long to respond to this - unfortunately there’s been so many posts since that time that I’m not quite sure which event you’re referring to (maybe it’s all of them?) but I’ll try to address your general concerns.

I don’t see how viewing Reylo as one-sided is inherently negative, especially when people’s opinions on various types of romances are subjective to begin with. I mean I love angst-filled tragedies and don’t consider them “negative” (they’re cathartic), but other people despise them and that’s okay. Their reality is not my reality, both are opinions, and whether something’s canonical or not is not really the issue here, because we’re talking about feelings (i.e. do you love or hate this particular plot/trope/character).

On a larger scale - beyond how I feel about one-sided/mutual Reylo - I’m not going to use the platform I have to pontificate about something that I know there is currently no canonical evidence for (just to keep up people’s hopes). Yet that’s basically what you’re asking me to do.

Theorizing/headcanons are two separate things, and when I theorize I keep it strictly based on already-existing narrative clues (see: TFA) and within the canonical context of the franchise itself (see: Force Bonds are literally A Thing). My opinion on Reylo being one-sided might change come The Last Jedi, but at the moment there’s no hard evidence either in the larger canon or the film itself pointing to it being mutual, beyond circumstantial speculation spawned predominantly from fanfiction.

There is plenty of evidence pointing to one-sided Reylo - I covered it extensively in Death and the Maiden - but the film ended with Rey trying to kill Kylo. He had just held her hostage, severely injured Finn (who is very important to her) and killed Han, her mentor whom she was becoming very attached to. Not even a day has passed since these events transpired (barring the jump to Luke’s Island) so trust me, Rey definitely still hates him. 

We don’t know 100% if Rey will still hate Kylo in The Last Jedi, or whether this will mellow into something more neutral, and it is because of this uncertainty that I refuse to make a wild leap and say something for which I have no evidence.

Re the Skywalker lineage: I’m not going to get into the regressive subtext of turning Rey into a babymaker just so Kylo can knock her up (then die), save that there is a time and place for babies that is A-Okay, and “Reylo” - as it currently stands - is not one of those times. Kylo definitely has the potential to be more than just a villain, and I stand by this assessment. But being “more than just a villain” and having children are two totally different things. Not once have I said they are intrinsically connected, or implied it - not in Death in the Maiden, nor anywhere else.

You rightly point out that Reylos get shit from antis all the time, and this is true. You also imply that I have a platform and an obligation with this visibility, and I can’t deny that - that’s true as well. But to ask me to willingly lie to the people who follow me - to lie to people who are already in a vulnerable position, and say “yes, all your dreams will come true” - when I know these dreams wont? Only to have those dreams crushed in the theaters and the antis come down on them 10x harder?

That’s downright cruel and irresponsible, and how you get fandom FUBARs like The Johnlock Conspiracy. I’m sorry but I won’t do it.

I’d like to make a correction to these posts

 Your 3rd house planets in your natal chart don’t necessarily always progress into your 2nd house.

The outer planets would do that because you probably won’t change the signs of your Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in your life throughout your progressions, so they would indeed progress clockwise thru the houses, but remain in the same sign.

However fast moving planets like Mercury might actually progress counter-clockwise, as someone might have Mercury in the 3rd house in their natal chart and then their progressed chart might have it in the 4th house. This happens like this because the rate that Mercury moves into the next sign could be faster than the rate that the ascendant moves into the next sign.

I know it’s confusing, just look at your progressed chart and you’ll see what I mean. By continually viewing the charts, you grow to understand how it works.

Nonetheless, adjacent houses are each intrinsically connected to each other. There is a blending of energy and I do not believe that each house cusp is a hard border between each area of life. The houses in the birth chart are more like an apartment complex than a spread out neighborhood. With whatever transit or progression you have in your 3rd house, it’s automatically going to affect your self worth (2nd) and your family (4th) because you can hear what’s going on in the adjacent apartment as the walls are thin. The noise of the 3rd house transit could even carry over to the apartment of the 1st house or 12th house if your apartment complex members are acting very rowdy lol…

What’s that one Blink-182 song… “I‘ve got a whiny neighbor…” HAHA!

So whoever resides in your 5th house is going to be affected by the drama happening in the 7th and 8th house. Oh and that loud garage band playing in the 5th house could disturb the quiet sanctuary of the 4th house and distract the inhabitants of the 3rd house from their studies, and disrupt the workers of the 2nd house from taking inventory of their items.

That’s why I flit between different house systems, because a transit or progression will happen in the neighboring house. No point in segregating the houses with hard borders when your 1st house transits are having an affect on your 12th and 2nd houses…

Like if you have an Pisces rising then Uranus is currently transiting your 1st or 2nd house depending on what degree your ascendant is. If you’re using whole sign house system, it would make Uranus be transiting your 2nd house the entire time Uranus is in Aries regardless of what degree your ascendant is. With Pisces rising, the current Neptune in Pisces is automatically transiting your 1st house in Whole Signs but might be transiting your 12th house in other systems. It doesn’t make any system more or less accurate because what happens in your inner world (12th) affects your identity and the way you present yourself (1st) as adjacent houses blend together. 

Point is, all the house systems can potentially work because one house is not compartmentalized from the next.

The maniacal screams of the 12th are heard in the dressing room in the 1st and by the community in the 11th.

The chatter in the 11th is eavesdropped by the meeting happening in the 10th and it awakes the slumber of the 12th.

The claps of accomplishment in the 10th leads to building something to help humanity in the 11th while also being applauded by the high reaching prayers of the 9th.

The chanting ceremony of the 9th is celebrated by the publicity of the 10th and purifies the karmic debt cleared in the 8th.

The transcendent lovemaking in the 8th is just as much of an excursion thru the universe as is a pilgrimage of meditation or a hiking exploration in the 9th.

As the exchange of beliefs and practices in the 9th is dependent on how you relate to others based on your 7th. The connections made in the 7th are taken to a deeper level of entanglement in the 8th as resources are shared thus leading to legal battles in the 9th.

(In predictive astrology, the progressions and transits to the 7th, 8th, and 9th are analyzed to make predictions and guidance about legal matters. I am not qualified to do this but I find it fascinating that such techniques exist. If someone is a lawyer and an astrologer, they could describe this further.)

The ailments experienced in the 6th affect your interactions in the 7th and whether you get to experience playtime in the 5th.

The games of the 5th either lead to injuries in the 6th or vitalized health thriving from recreational activities. If played well, your soul will rest in the 4th.

Your childhood in the 4th affects how you raise children in the 5th and the way you perceive your own inner child, influencing your way of learning in the 3rd.

The imprints of early school years in the 3rd formulates your self esteem in the 2nd, as your education sets the foundation for your values.

Having your life together by working hard in the 2nd gives you the chance to expand your intellect in the 3rd and provide for your family in the 4th.

Being aware of your thought patterns in the 3rd, opening your mind to possibilities for new ways of understanding, cultivates your best self to emerge in the 1st, with values in your 2nd that are well thought out rather than just choosing an opinion based only upon what works for you.

Your pride in your possessions and accomplishments in the 2nd become the presence that you strut on the runway of the 1st, hopefully not neglecting the subconscious desires of the 12th.

By creating your finest identity in the 1st you resolve insecurities buried in the 12th and live by your principles and morals in the 2nd that are constructive for you.

By doing your shadow work in the 12th you can present your highest self in the 1st and live by your most authentic values in the 2nd.

The confidence you develop in the 1st is brought up thru your dark inner journey in the 12th so that you’re ready to present yourself to the community in the 11th.

direct action is good and powerful and if we can’t explain why we needed to take it or how that direct action is part of a total transformation of society nobody is going to join up with us

we need to build political consciousness and that means having the ability and the patience to explain ourselves to others. these are complicated issues and they have complicated explanations, but i don’t think it’s intrinsically condescending to believe people are capable of dealing with complexity. 

māori are smart; prisoners are smart; queers are smart; working folk are smart. if we don’t have a model which explains how the liberation of all of these groups is intrinsically connected, we won’t be able to build solidarity between them. and without solidarity, the fascists, the racists, the bosses will keep crushing us.

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gilbert took care/protected ludwig for so long…does he ever accidentally sort of slip into that mentality again? ludwig's eternally his little brother. then it's a horrible realization that ludwig doesn't actually need any of that help/care anymore?

hmmm, i understand where you’re coming from, but not quite! i think he’s terribly proud of ludwig for being able to stand on his own and handle himself, past issues aside.

the problem I usually find myself trying to illustrate between them as people, is that Ludwig now considers them to be fully equals, and Gilbert…not so much.

Ludwig figures that their interpersonal relationship is on a level playing field now, and that Gilbert should give his personal suggestions (relating towards Gilbert’s handling of his own self) a full consideration. (Ludwig wants him to go see a therapist and work through some of his issues tbh)

Gilbert, on the other hand, still views himself as older, and wiser to an extent (which, I mean, Fair, he’s how many centuries old again), but he also the weight of power Ludwig carries as a nationperson who still has a nation behind him as intrinsically connected to their interactions. 

so it basically boils down to like…

L: You should this thing I’m telling you to do. I want you to do it and I think it will help you.
G: Will help me? Ludwig, are you trying to fix me?
G: You’re all tough and grown up now, huh? You know better than me now?
L: You know what? About this one thing? Yeah, I think I just might.
G: Absolutely Incredible. I’m going out for a run.

[sidenote: he goes out on runs to exhaust the stress out of himself and collect his thoughts. He doesn’t like extensive arguments about emotional subjects, and he doesn’t like revealing himself]

He still does help Ludwig to an extent (mostly menial help and handling of their household stuff. He doesn’t baby ludwig, and rarely does anything that’s physically affectionate)—and stepping back and giving Ludwig the room to independently work shit out for himself when he finally did was less heartbreaking?

It’s just that he refuses to let Ludwig return the affection, basically. He feels coddled and constricted and threatened by any and all of that.

Which pisses off Ludwig, and makes him feel as though his brother is a thousand miles away, and/or still sees him as a kid.