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I correctly anticipated the responses of people I know well 

To scenarios I devised? 

Can’t everyone do that?

Something about this line screamed this sequence to me and… Well Sherlock does predict when Angelo would be at the door, doesn’t he? Which parallels TLD nicely… Which would suggest a certain EMP starting point is at play…

*cough* Pilot EMP *cough* ;)

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So Katara Totally Should've Become Fire Lady...

I could start by listing and focusing on all the ways Zuko and Katara balance each other, and have so much chemistry it’s quite frankly ridiculous, how the avatar narrative would have benefitted immensely from pairing these two, creating a romance that would have gone on to become quite literally the stuff of legends (crystal catacombs anyone? Omashu\Zutara parallels? Political intrigue and complexities of foreign consorts? Love is stronger than racial differences, class differences, and the ugliness of war and prejudice? Anyone?) … That’s not even going into how great these two would have been for each other’s character development.

I could (and maybe I will someday soon), but I just want to focus on Katara as a character for a little bit…

This girl was literally made for politics.

She single handedly, at the age of 14, was able to inspire hope into the hearts of a ship full of enslaved, heartbroken and downtrodden earthbenders, who’s spirits in the words if the warden, had “long been broken”. This nacht for public speaking and spontinuity and genuine drive and passion would have made for an excellent politician. One who genuinely believed in the power of the people. One who could motivate and inspire people.

Her challenging the patriarchy at the north pole and her ability to stand up not only for her own rights but for those of the voiceless.

Her humility in taking on the persona of the painted lady and seeking to help the poor and unwell people of the enemy fire nation, in disguise no less. She wasn’t seeking glory or praise or any reward and simply, genuinely and unselfishly just wanted to help these people.

She would’ve made an excellent leader.

Not even just as fire lady but as a political figure in her own right. An ambassador? A councilwoman? An honored war-hero? Something. Anything.

It really was a travesty to see this incredibly empowering, dark skinned, poc, WOC, character fail to reach her potential.


So here’s a very subtle, but intriguing parallel for you guys. 

I noted earlier that airbender style airbending allows the air to disperse–giving it lots of freedom to move. This is in contrast to firebending, which requires a lot of control (otheriwse, you might end up burning your crush). 

In the original series, Aang started out using typical airbender style moves–letting the air flow freely as he bent it. Over time, however, his airbending began to resemble firebending (not necessarily all the time, but a lot of times). That is to say that he began to concentrate the air that he bent, exercising more control over it, 

This is in contrast to Korra, Kai, and other new airbenders like Kai, whose airbending could resemble either firebending (for Kai, and Korra) or earthbending (for some Earth Kingdom post-Harmonic Convergence airbenders). 

Going back to our two main examples, Kai and Korra generally started out concentrating the flow of air that they bent, making it more reminiscent of firebending. However, as time went on, their airbending moves began to look increasingly more airbendery in regards to how the air moved after it was bent. 

I want to throw some very quick thoughts about the use of Shakespeare’s The Tempest in Before the Storm into the fray. I saw the play at the Globe Theatre a few years ago and need to get a lil nerdy about some of the parallels being drawn here.  

That said, my knowledge of the play is admittedly a bit rusty, but hopefully this will still be accurate enough and somewhat interesting.

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still star-crossed

I find it very interesting that Benvolio has not (as of yet) told anyone that he saw Escalus and Rosaline kissing. Being a Montague, it would seem fitting for him to try to hurt the Capulets any way he can, and what better way to do that than to bring shame to their family through Rosaline’s actions?

I think this says a lot about his character. He doesn’t like Rosaline (as we’ve heard him say multiple times), and yet he doesn’t actually want to hurt her. He didn’t have a problem digging up dirt on Lord Capulet (regarding the Capulet Cathedral), so it isn’t that he doesn’t hate Capulets; its that he doesn’t hate Rosaline. He doesn’t want to shame her, he doesn’t want to anything bad to happen to her (ex: saving her from the attack in 1x01) so what does he want?

Also, I think an intriguing parallel was made in 1x02 that hasn’t really been noticed. While Benvolio actively avoided shaming Rosaline, Escalus threatened Rosaline with shame. Escalus was willing to use their secret love as leverage over Rosaline in order to get her to marry Benvolio after he promised he wouldn’t make her go through with it. 

tl;dr: Benvolio is a better than Escalus and Rosaline deserves to be loved

The Bone Carver vs The God of Truth

The post I made initially musing about a potential connection between these two went down fairly well so I decided I might not be mad and to take a bit of a closer look at the two things: 

“Legend has it that the Shadow Market was built on the bones of the god of truth.
“Well, they got the bones part right.”
In every wall, skulls and bones were artfully arranged—and every wall, even the ceiling, had been formed from them. Even the floor at the foot of the stairs was laid with bones of varying shapes and sizes.
“These aren’t ordinary catacombs,” Rowan said, setting down his torch. “This was a temple.”
Indeed, altars, benches, and even a dark reflection pool lay in the massive space. Still more sprawled away into shadow.
“There’s writing on the bones,” Aedion said, striding down the steps and onto the bone floor. Aelin grimaced.
“Careful,” Rowan said as Aedion went to the nearest wall. Her cousin lifted a hand in lazy dismissal.
“It’s in every language—all in different handwriting,” Aedion marveled, holding his torch aloft as he moved along the wall. “Listen to this one here: ‘I am a liar. I am a thief. I took my sister’s husband and laughed while I did it.’” A pause. He silently read another. “None of this writing … I don’t think these were good people.”

“Seems like this god of truth,” Aedion called from his wall, “was more of a Sin-Eater than anything. You should read some of the things people wrote—the horrible things they did. I think this was a place for them to be buried, and to confess on the bones of other sinners.” - Queen of Shadows - Chapter 50 

I don’t know, personally, this reminds me a hell of a lot of how The Bone Carver in ACOMAF works. Consider: 

Like the gates above, it was of ivory—bone. And in its surface were etched countless images: flora and fauna, seas and clouds, stars and moons, infants and skeletons, creatures fair and foul—
It swung away. The cell was pitch-black, hardly distinguishable from the hall—
I have carved the doors for every prisoner in this place,” said a small voice within, “but my own remains my favorite.”

Never lie—that had been Rhys’s first command.

Tell me a secret no one knows, Lord of Night, and I’ll tell you mine.”

The Bone Carver pointed a small finger at me. “Promise that you’ll give me her bones when she dies and I’ll think about it.” I stiffened, but the boy laughed. “No—I don’t think even you would promise that, Rhysand.”

The carver said nothing more. Waiting for another truth.

Silence. Expectant, waiting silence.

Rhys’s voice was hoarse as he said, “Don’t offer him one more—”
The carver picked up the bone Rhysand had brought him and weighed it in those child’s hands. “I shall carve your death in here, Feyre.” - ACOMAF Chapter 18

I’m not saying these two are necessarily one in the same but there are enough similarities to at the very least suggest a symbolic parallel and connection. The god of truth is the figure who’s temple of bone is dedicated to. A temple that people come to to confess their awful truths upon the bones of other sinners. 

The Bone Carver in ACOMAF offers truth for truth. He hears the confessions of those who come to him, he takes their truths and in exchange he offers up some of his own and before they go to see him Rhys strictly informs Feyre never to lie to him. 

The Bone Carver in general just sort of fascinates me. I want to know why exactly he’s in the Prison in the first place and the idea of him collecting significant bones, bones that have claimed lives like the bone Rhys presents him with and bones into which he carves death. I also wonder why Rhys is so insistent and seemingly shaken at the idea of Feyre offering him any more truths than she already has and whether this has any correlation to the ‘Sin-eater’ idea and whether he literally feeds on these truths. 

ourqueen-inexile  asked:

If you start running low on art inspiration, I'd like to put in a request a Sansa/Dany duo. I love them both, and I find their story parallels so intriguing! Thanks for putting all your lovely character art up! <3

Today is my only day off, so i could not do both. Here is a young Sansa, before the Kings visit.

I’ll get to Dany next week.

Lonely and lovely and lethal.  – Jon III, A Dance with Dragons.

And who would ever dare to love a dragon? – Daenerys, II A Dance with Dragons.

These two chapters make an intriguing and sad parallel.  They are consecutive in ADWD and Jon and Dany both struggle, in their own ways, with loneliness and longing as they struggle to lead. Above, Jon feels for Val who echoes his own loneliness and isolation. Soon after, Jon aches that Mormont’s raven is his last friend. Ghost, he thinks doesn’t count: Ghost was closer than a friend. Ghost was part of him. As he goes to bed alone, he thinks – This is my lot, from now until the end of my days.

Then in Dany’s chapter, we find her awaking alone with after a dream of Daario where, “they had been man and wife, simple folk who lived a simple life in a tall stone house with a red.” Like Jon, Dany is aching for a simple closeness and belonging that seems unattainable, here symbolized by the recurring house with red door. At this point, still denying herself intimacy with Daario, she finds herself jealous of sword hilt.  Dany also considers her isolation from her children, her dragons and thinks, Mother of Dragons. Mother of Monsters.

Incidently, this moment when I hopped aboard the good ship Jonerys.

Father Hunger: Ludo vs. The Forces of Psychology

In my previous post “Mother Issues”, I examined some theorizing behind the motivations of Star, using “Attachment Theory”. Subsequently, Marco was discussed as well. The conclusion I came to was each of these characters represented a different attachment class, as proposed by the theory: Star, “Ambivalent Attachment”; and Marco, “Avoidant Attachment. Jackie probably represnts "Secure Attachment”.

1. Disorganized Attachment

Ludo arguably represents the forth category, one that had not been mentioned up to now: “Disorganized Attachment”.

This is the attachment style that is particular to children who have been both neglected and abused by parental figures. A common pattern is abuse by a narcissistic father, with a mother incapable or unwilling to assist the child. The child often experiences inconsistency - comforted and abused in turn.

Disorganized Attachment is given that title because a child suffering under such conditions is stuck in a terrible dilemma: their survival instincts tell them to flee to safety when in trouble or in need of comfort, and “safety” is hard wired to be one’s parents: but in this case, the problem or lack of comfort is represented by the very people to whom the child wishes to flee. The abused or neglected child’s problem has no solution … so their reactions to their parents appear “disorganized” - sometimes loving, sometimes fearful or hostile.

2. Disorganized Attachment and Father Hunger

What are the characteristics of someone suffering from Disorganized Attachment?

The first and most obvious characteristic is that such children long, above all else, for a loving, caring parental figure who will do everything that their own parents would not - yet they remain intensely fearful that such a figure will hurt them, as they have been hurt before.

In particular, such children experience an intense “father hunger” - the desire for a caring, guiding father.

Why father?

Typically, the father figure is the first individual who is a stranger to the mother-child dyad that a child will get to know.

When very young, children often don’t differentiate between their mothers and themselves. The father is the figure who mediates between the child’s growing ego and the world outside of the immediate mother-child dyad. The growing child often forms the impression of how the world views the child, based on how their father views them; and models their behavior towards the world, based on the expectations and teachings of the father.

However, where the father is neglectful or actively abusive … the neglected/abused child both experiences the world as frightening (thus having a tendency towards paranoia), and learns from the abuser how to interact with the world - dispensing abuse or neglect in turn.

However, underlying all of this is an intense and understandable desire on the part of the child for positive direction, for a “father” who will be loving, supporting, teaching - who will do all the things the child’s own father would not.

Critically, children who suffer this form of attachment often display very poor judgment as to who these surrogate father figures ought to be - and end up further abused or neglected.

3. Ludo’s Father Hunger

Is there evidence that Ludo suffers from Disorganized Attachment?

First, we must examine Ludo’s family.

In Face the Music, we learn that Ludo was “the runt” of a large family. His father was “extra hard” on him, as a result. There is some evidence of domestic abuse and routine child neglect within Ludo’s family: when Moon visits, Ludo’s mother casually drops a child on the ground; she herself appears to have a swollen eye, potentially from domestic abuse (though this is more hinted at than stated).

Ludo further claims abuse, from his entire family (with the exception of his brother Dennis), in Starcrushed, when talking to Moon.

On top of abuse, there was lack of guidance. Ludo was keenly aware that his father had not mediated adequately between Ludo and the world.

In The Hard Way, Ludo says something like:

“Do you know what my dad taught me about making my way in the world? Nothing! Zip! I was one egg out of fifty! Everything I’ve learned, I’ve had to learn dirty!”

“But for once in my life I would like … some guidance.”

This is a key passage. A lot is disclosed in it, in addition to a lack of guidance.

  • Ludo experiences the world, and reacts to it, as a fearful place (“I’ve learned dirty!”)

  • Ludo desperately wants guidance - from Glossaryck.

The rest of the episode demonstrates exactly what Ludo wants from Glossaryck - he wants Glossaryck to become his surrogate father. One who is proud of Ludo, and who will both teach and love Ludo.

This is demonstrated by Ludo demanding that Glossaryck tell Ludo how proud he is of him; making Glossaryck tuck Ludo into bed; and finally, making Glossaryck tell Ludo “Goodnight my darling”.

All of these are things a loving father would do for a son - that, very obviously, his own father had never done for him.

(As an aside, not only does Ludo see Glossaryck as a surrogate father, having stolen Glossaryck from Star, he sees Star as a surrogate sister - and is jealous of her: he constantly wants Glossaryck to tell him that he is “better than Star”. I’ll expand on this later!).

4. Disorganized Attachment and Dissociation Disorder

So far, much of the analysis is not terribly controversial. However, it is noteworthy that Disorganized Attachment is often associated with Dissociation Disorder - which has an interesting relationship to the plot.

As you will recall, at the end of The Hard Way Ludo looks into to Eclipsa’s chapter, flies into the air, his eyes glow with green, and Toffee had ‘possessed’ him.

This is obviously due to magic - but had intriguing parallels to Dissociation Disorder.

The symptoms of which are as follows:

  • depersonalization, or a sense of detachment from one’ self;

  • derealization, the feeling that ones surroundings are illusory;

  • identity confusion, or an inner struggle over one’s own identity; and

  • identity alteration - acting like a different person.

The most severe of these Dissociation Disorders is “Dissociative Identity Disorder” (which used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder), typically associated with persistent abuse or neglect as a child. In this condition, distinct, coherent identities exist within one individual and are able to assume control of the person’s behavior and thought.

Sound familiar? “Toffee” and Ludo arguably display this pattern - although in this case, the distinct personalities really are distinct, and caused by magic and not a syndrome.

One last thought: the experience of “derealization” is said to resemble the patient viewing everything at a distance, as if they were floating some distance off the ground.

Twin Peaks by Frequency

Well, well, well.  Episode 9 of the third season is done, and Mister Lynch and Mister Frost have dropped us a big clue about how TMFAP and all his buddies do their magic.  We are directed to a blog called The Search for the Zone

where a bunch of links - some dead - are presented with intriguing titles, like  “Parallel Universe and Density Shifting”, or “On Electricity by Nikola Tesla”.  These links lead to essays which give long lectures which seem to clue us in on just how everything works in the Lodges.

Basically, the articles give hints that matter is controlled by sub-atomic frequency, which can also be used to manipulate time.  Remember the trick with Dale’s coffee in the Waiting Room?

This may also explain why TMFAP has been turned into a brainy tree with static:

There’s a lot there, and if you can stand to read long articles, it has to lot to offer the Twin Peaks addict.

By the way, the visitor counter at Search for the Zone ( is counting down.  I have a feeling it will disappear when it reaches 0

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9x02 “Devil May Care” // 10x02 “Reichenbach”
A Study in Parallels: From Hunter to Hunted and Human to Demon

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

One of the things I really adored about Carver Era and especially the MoC arc is how situations and confrontations were re-visited and re-explored. One of the most intriguing parallels imo were played between Dean and Abaddon. This here is just one example. Whereas in S9 Dean as a human fought against Abaddon as a knight, one season later he’d take her place in the confrontation with Cole. The alignments of Dean and Abaddon have been strong all throughout S9, but this moment here combined with this one surely are among my personal favourites.

what-the-thunder-struck asked for THORKI FLUFF RECS and was super nice to me about it, which is a thing I am weak to. Plus, it’s my shark week and fuck everyone if you don’t understand my need for fluffy, happy things when I’m in pain and just want nice things. So, this is all the warm, sunshiney stuff I enjoy and you can cram it if you just want your heart ripped out, I am not here for your bullshit today. (Shhh, come talk to me tomorrow, then we’ll cry over fic that rips our hearts out instead.)   If you want more, I have a fluff fic tag (just ctrl+f for “fluff”), plus fluffy recs list one and fluffy recs list two to help you find more! ♥

A Place Called Home by cavaleira, thor/loki + kids, NSFW, fluff, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, pregnant!loki, domestic, 5.6k

A hectic day in the life of Loki, Thor, and their five kids (with a sixth on the way). Pure fluff.

The Tribulations of Courting a Trickster by Runie (Runic), thor/loki, mildly nsfw, fluff, 1.2k wip

Thor tries to court Loki. Loki decides to make it difficult.

Bifrost by 1954, thor/loki + background steve/tony, human au, fluff, 17.8k wip

There’s a beautiful stranger in town and Thor is hopelessly in love. Unfortunately for him, this stranger comes with secrets that will devastate them both. Or, in which Thor is a fumbling lovesick idiot and there’s too much Norse mythology for an actual AU.

Creature Comforts by Xparrot, loki, lokitty, fluffy, 5k

When Loki shifts back to his regular form, there is a girl staring at him.

Hot by Rosalie1.0, thor/loki, NSFW, fluff, 2.4k

“Thor’s hands were winding their way into Loki’s hair, effectively messing it up from its usual neatness. A few wisps escaped and stuck to Loki’s forehead because of the sweat accumulating it there. Suddenly everything was so, unbearably hot.”

Mornings by DailyDrabble (EliraWinter), thor/loki, human au, fluff, ~1k

Modern AU - Part of a morning with Thor and Loki.

Day 2: Cuddling by thejammys, thor/loki + children, pregnant!loki, fluff, 2.2k

Thor comforts his pregnant, insecure husband.

Of waiters (and protective husbands) by grimmie_me, thor/loki, NSFW, human au, fluff, homophobia, 5.2k

For the following norsekink prompt: So, I’m sure that we’ve all been to that one restaurant with the waiter that bends over backwards to ensure the customer’s satisfaction, only to have completely rude customers trample all over that kindness.

And it’s played on a table? by Lunik, thor & loki + steve & bucky, fluff, 1.4k

There is no flyting in this game of “Table Tennis”.

30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 8 - Shopping by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, fluff, ~1k

Thor regretted his idea to show Loki the shops of Midgard deeply.

Garnet by peppermintquartz, thor/loki (pre-slash or gen), pre-movie, fluff, 1.6k

Snowflakes curl dreamily from the heavens and float to earth. Loki remembers their first hunt in the snow.

Floating by TheVineSpeaketh, thor/loki + other asgardians, fluff, 3.2k

And really, he wasn’t floating. But Thor made him feel that way, with his hair tightly braided in places, the plaits shimmering under the dull candlelight above them. He made him feel lightheaded with his well-fitted tunic of a deep maroon that grasped every inch of him like a starved lover. And Loki took another drink, because he shouldn’t be so suddenly and ridiculously attracted to his older brother, and shouldn’t be so excited by his admittedly unusual state of dress.

His Blue Boy by blue_jack, thor/loki, arranged marriage, fluff, ~1k

Fandral referred to Loki as his “Blue Boy,” which, considering how long they’ve been at war with Jotunheim, was far kinder than Thor had any reason to expect.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Being INFP

-fights with me are like explosions, but things tend to cool down quickly

-I tend to skip from topic A to D, skipping over B and C, because I go over them quickly in my head but my mouth can’t keep up

-or I’ll go way too deep into the details of topics B and C
-I tend to avoid things I don’t care for and get seriously passionate about things I do care for

-I complain a lot about not wanting to do things, but when I actually set out to do them, I do them with embarrassing efficiency

-I spend a lot of my time pondering over strange theories that don’t really matter but intrigue me anyway (parallel universes, time travel, alternate universes, etc.)

-whatever I feel, I feel with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns… or it’s just an annoying little tingly feeling somewhere in the back of my mind

Thoughts on the First OP of the Death Note Anime

I had a fun fridge logic moment about the first OP of the anime today and I’m deeply amused by the way the anime uses religious imagery to draw parallels between Light and Lucifer. 

The religious imagery in the OP is about as subtle as a pie to the face and much been this reference to Michelangelo’s fresco, The Creation of Adam in which God is about to give Adam the gift of life. 

In the OP it’s Ryuk handing Light an apple, which, in a religious context, represents original sin, but in the context of the OP itself seems to be meant as a metaphor for the death note itself. If you watch the OP, you see Light catching an apple that falls from the sky, and towards the end of the OP, the apple on Light’s desk becomes the death note. There’s obviously some overlap between the two thematically with the apple representing the beginning of a downfall.

This is interesting when relating this back to Michelangelo’s fresco, which is meant to herald the beginning of man with the gift of life. Light, on the other hand, receives the power to kill. A gift of death, if you will. Despite these differences however, if you’re viewing both of these events cynically, they’re arguably telling the same story – the origin of the downfall of man. After all, by granting life to man and therefore the ability to function independently and exercise free will, god has given man the ability to stray from god’s image. 

However, what’s curious about the image with Light is that he’s wearing a handcuff on his left wrist which is not a feature of the original fresco. So what’s going on there? Well, the most obvious interpretation is that it’s a reference to the Yotsuba Arc when he is chained to L and represents his criminality.  

But does that really make sense thematically?

Personally, I find that unlikely considering the fact that Light, like Adam in the original fresco, hasn’t received his gift of death yet. Light is not guilty of anything here in the timeline prior to getting a death note. Remember also that this is Light’s origin story. The chain, in my view, is not a metaphor for guilt or criminality, but is a symbolic representation of Light being shackled by something innate to himself. His own humanity in other words. 

Now why do I say that? Because the OP elaborates with this image. 

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All right y’all, so i’m just sayin...

If you love the pure antagonistic power, rivalry, and strange sensual tension of reylo…

But you’re also drawn to the beauty, friends-to-lovers potential, and sexiness of finnrey…

And you’re intrigued by the character parallels, inherent angst, and hotness of finnlo…

Then I have just the ship for you:

Behold, finnreylo! 

In my not so humble opinion, it’s absolutely criminal that this OT3 hasn’t taken off with the same popularity as some other major TFA ships. So c’mon guys, let’s squee about the beauty of these three together. Make fic and art, graphics and videos, headcanons and RPs, all celebrating the delicious potential of this trio. 

mesmerizemme1  asked:

Did someone explain how Braeden left a bank logo bruise on Allison and Lydia? It's also a celtic knot right? So, she a druid?

I don’t think it was ever confirmed anything about how Braeden made that bruise or what she is, but there are probably brilliant meta about it out there somewhere :)

Let’s look at what we do know about Braeden (this is just off the top of my head, so I might have forgotten something)

  • Claims to be a former US Marshall who had to leave the job because she got too invested in one case concerning the Desert Wolf. Still has her badge and access to federal vehicles, which indicates that she might still be connected to some sort of government agency
  • Hired by Morrell to rescue Isaac
  • Managed to make a logo shaped bruise on Allison and Lydia’s hands, which indicates some sort of extraordinary ability
  • Refereed to Scott as an alpha before he got the red eyes. Either been told this information by someone else with information about the future, or has some sort of precognitive ability (or time travel. never forget that one)
  • Claims to be a highly skilled mercenary who will do whatever if the pay is good enough
  • Was hired by Deucalion to rescue Peter and Derek
  • Deucalion gave her the scare on her neck
  • Was hired by the Calaveras to find Kate
  • Was hired by Derek and Peter to find Kate
  • Never found Kate, didn’t even seem to try
  • Was found shot in the woods with Satomi’s infected pack. Said some other assassin shot her.
  • Kept a close eye on Derek, seemed very interested in his new state as “human”

So basically we know very little about Braeden, but so far she comes out on the side of “friend” to the pack. But there are enough inconsistencies and unanswered questions for me not to want to watch her closely (providing she makes an appearance in season 5. I think Meagan Tandy tweeted about her going to set “soon”)

So - is she a druid?

We know that Morrell sent Braeden to get Isaac in 3x01. We know that Morrell and Deaton are druids, this has been more or less confirmed in the series, and also confirmed by Jeff Davis in a tumblr Q&A

That in itself isn’t evidence that she’s a druid of course, but it connects her to them. Leaving such a bruise in an exact shape - that does imply some sort of extraordinary ability.

I have previously theorized that Braeden might not be entirely human. She does have the scar after Deucalion hurt her, so she doesn’t heal like werewolves do. Unless she’s kept it like that deliberately to hide her true “form” and appear human.

Her wound from when she was shot in season 4 also healed suspiciously fast. She was out and about teaching Derek how to use a gun and having sex with him a day or max two after being shot in the stomach. But this might just be lazy TV errors.

In conclusion - I’m still not sure what to make of Braeden, other than the fact that her story doesn’t really add up. She does seem to have a tie to the emissaries, but whether this based on a true bond or just money is another matter. But the fact that she could make that bruise does imply that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Celtic/druid symbol

The symbol of the bank, or logo as Allison calls it, is definitely Celtic inspired if nothing else.

This is the symbol

If you remove the black triangles and close up the ends it is Celtic cross

This is an old symbol with various meanings across cultures. some of the most common ones being that each arm represents one of the four elements:

  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water

In the past this was called the ‘Cross of the Elements’ since these elements were considered to be the basis of the universe.

We know that elements are tied to seasons in TW. Also whenever we talk about the elements of the universe, i can’t help but think back on the mantra of the druids/emissaries to “maintain the balance”.

As for the two black triangles I’m not all that sure what to make of it. The elements are often also represented by triangles like this

The Beacon Hills First National Bank logo has the triangles horizontal, so it doesn’t fit perfectly. But if we’d flipped it 90 degrees, the triangles would ft with the elements of fire and water. These were the elements of the first two seasons.

I find it interesting that two triangles on top of each other is the symbol of ether or aether as it states above. This is the fifth element of “spirit”.

Could the list possibly read like this

  • Fire = Red = Empowerment
  • S2 - Water = Blue = Damnation
  • S3 - Earth = Gold = revelation
  • S4 - Air = White/Grey = secrets
  • S5 - Aether/spirit = ??? perhaps “void”?

I’ve wandered off track as usual. But to sum it all up - Braeden has elements to her that indicates that she’s more than just a mercenary. She’s quick to label and define herself as that, just like Deaton is quick to state that he’s “just a veterinarian”. I find that parallel intriguing.

The symbol is definitely Celtic inspired and seem to relate to the elements that corresponds to each season. The Bank is also situated on the telluric currents, and don’t forget that the vault is made out of stone that scatters the moonlight and makes me very curious as to who build and maintained it and why it was closed down and now looks like it’s part of Silent Hill.

In fact many parts of the town is abandoned and neglected like the mall, the train depot, the distillery and the bank to name a few. I have a feeling this is connected to the cutting of the nemeton - and once again we’re back to druids…

If anyone has ideas on this topic, please chime in :)

anonymous asked:

hi! i was wondering if you could talk about why comparing kabby to bellarke does a disservice to both pairings. there's a little bit of discord both on here and on twitter about 'kabby having to die in order for bellarke to be a thing' and what i personally don't understand is why that is even an argument?

Yeah, I’ve heard some rumblings from panicked Kabby shippers about this but haven’t dived too deeply into it.  I mean the short answer to your question is that, I mean, sure, Kane and Abby – who it’s important to talk about here as separate, distinct individuals that exist outside of a ship – certainly could end up dying by the end of the show.  I don’t think they’re in any danger in S4 if the show seems likely to get an S5 pickup, and while I could plausibly see a series finale arc involving one or both of them dying to save their people, the question with character deaths is always: does it open up more story ground than it closes off?  Right now it clearly doesn’t, in my opinion.  There’s too much potential drama to mine between them and multiple other characters; they exist as more than just a ship.  There’s parental relationships on both sides now, there’s Kane being the de facto Chancellor, there’s Abby being the only person Raven has left, etc.  So the threads extend in many directions.  Obviously none of us can read Jason’s mind, but the deaths in previous seasons have tended to be earned based on the story ground they open up (Wells, Maya), telegraphed pretty far in advance based on the direction their plot is headed (Finn, Lexa) or the result of some kind of behind-the-scenes shakeup that we all heard rumors about in advance (Lincoln, the might-as-well-be-dead-at-this-point Wick).  

 We all have access to the exact same amount of information at this point – which is close to zero, in terms of S4 projections – and we’re all just speculating the best we can based on that.  So right now I’m just taking everyone’s death rumors and predictions as being their own personal opinions and I’m not going to give it any thought until we actually know more.  Two different people can look at the same handful of facts and draw totally different conclusions, and since it’s all just opinion, I’m not going to like get into it with someone who has a different opinion than mine.  Because frankly, we’re all incapable of being fully neutral; we all see everything through the bias of our own shipper goggles.   So I can tell you all the reasons why it’s very unlikely that Kane and Abby will get killed off this season – which I’ve written about a zillion times because this keeps coming up (remember how many people were 100000% CONVINCED Kane was going to die in S3?) – like the fact that Paige and Ian both bought property in Vancouver, the fact that Ian is directing an episode which is something he’s always wanted to do and is a clear sign that Jason wants to keep him happy, the fact that they are both adults with families for whom job stability (and thus an ironclad contract) is a huge priority, and the fact that Ian and Isaiah are still the two actors with the biggest name recognition outside this show’s particular fandom because of Grey’s Anatomy and Lost, which means that as long as they are still trying to get the CW to pick them up for another season, they’re supremely unlikely to kill off the adults.  (This is why there’s a qualitative difference in my death predictions for S4 and S5 if they do get that pickup.  But let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.)

 So in terms of everyone yelling that Kabby is going to die, that’s my two cents about it. I’m just completely unwilling to start panicking about this yet with no real information to support it and a huge amount of information that leads me to believe that this show is continuing to invest in retaining that adult audience who like the adult characters.

 As far as the second half of your question – “what’s wrong with making Kabby/Bellarke parallels?” – the answer, of course, is that there’s nothing wrong with it.  I love it.  I do it all the time.  Erin and I spend HUGE chunks of Meta Station yelling about all the fascinating ways that Kane and Abby and Clarke and Bellamy intersect and overlap and mirror each other as characters.  As Erin is always saying, meta is not a zero-sum game – that is, there’s no one right answer, there’s just infinite different ways of looking at the text – so all of us bring our own perspectives to it.  What I meant in that podcast when I talked about it being a disservice to compare them is about the idea that one only exists to serve the other.

I definitely think that there are ways to compare both Kabby and Bellarke that help illuminate them both while recognizing that they’re separate and distinct relationships with their own unique characteristics - which I’m all for - and then there’s sort of the mentality that Kabby is just “old person Bellarke” or “future Bellarke” or, as you mentioned, the idea that narratively Kabby has to die in order to figuratively pass the torch to Bellarke.  And my issue with that is that it simply frames Kabby as something that only exists in the narrative to enhance Bellarke, which turns Kane and Abby into metaphors instead of people.  If you listen to Meta Station, you’ll know that @reblogginhood and I LOVE talking about ways in which those four characters echo and relate to each other, and the ways in which you can draw really interesting parallels about their leadership styles, decision-making, and character arcs over three seasons.  I could have those conversations for hooooooours.  But that’s a completely different conversation than the idea that Kabby only exists as a framework for Bellarke, which both of us - the Kabby shipper and the Bellarke shipper - feel oversimplifies them both.  Abby and Clarke have gone on similar character journeys of moving from a more rigid, black-and-white mentality where they’re convinced they’re right all the time in Season 1, towards a more flexible and situational way of looking at the world, where they remain stubborn but their sense of whether there really is a definitive objective “right” and “wrong” in any situation is more fluid.  We can talk about that like it’s a shared family trait that both the Griffins have - and which Jake had in his own way too - and the ways in which mother and daughter are similar to each other, where they come into conflict, how their journeys mirror each other, and how those journeys have impacted their relationship.  And Kane and Bellamy have gone on similar character arcs (although Bellamy’s got shortchanged quite a bit in S3 of course) in the transformation from oppositional forces against the Griffin women to co-leaders with them, in ways that have taken them on a fascinating parallel journey that’s also built a relationship between them that I’m really interested in.  And then of course the other facet to this is the gender-reverse parallel, where it’s Kane and Clarke who make decisions in a more cerebral, intellectual way based on a more abstract sense of the greater good, while Abby and Bellamy are always primarily motivated by protecting the people they love. But saying “ship A only exists to make a point about ship B” feels a little reductive.

 But part of my issue with looking at Kabby through only the lens of “what does this relationship tell us about Bellarke and how it will unfold?” is that it minimizes another really interesting area of character parallels to mine, which is that you can make an equally credible case for parallels between Kabby and Clexa.  Kane and Lexa are paralleled by the narrative as co-leaders in some incredibly distinct ways, with Pike and Ontari set up as parallel foils. You have the leader who represents sort of the worst of the rigid, unyielding old ways of their people – Pike being the epitome of the Exodus Charter and its’ “survival at all costs, no matter who has to die” mentality, and Ontari as completely emblematic of “blood must have blood” – and then you have two leaders who came from that world and are steeped in that world, who once represented those ideals just as clearly, who are slowly beginning to move out of that to find a new way.  And Clarke’s influence over Lexa, shaping her as a leader, has a lot of clear parallels to the way we see Abby’s influence over Kane transform him too.  So you have the stubborn-ass Griffin women fighting to help these two political leaders let go of the outdated beliefs that no longer serve this radically transformed world they all live in, and laying the groundwork for peace.  I’m just as intrigued by Kane/Lexa parallels as I am by Kane/Bellamy and Kane/Clarke, so again, if you approach Kabby as a relationship that only exists to sort of metaphorically highlight the Bellarke relationship, then you miss out on all the other fascinating character parallels that Kane and Abby bring that have zero to do with Bellarke whatsoever.  The Abby and Raven relationship is another one that I think is really beautifully structured – brilliant, badass stubborn women of science with matching back and leg scars who wear symbols of their dead loves around their necks.  I would argue that that’s the character parallel the narrative has sketched out for us the most clearly between Abby and anyone besides her daughter.

 ANYWAY.  I guess my point is that I love those four characters and I love every intersection and parallel of their relationships and I am always here for a wide and diverse range of perspectives about how they all connect to each other.  I’m just inherently skeptical of any approach that minimizes Kane and Abby as individual and distinct human beings.