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The primacy of material over form gives de Vincenzo de Cotiis’s pieces a kind of organic intrigue. Some seem almost to grow out of the floor, or to take on anthropomorphic dimensions: armchairs that smile; oxidized-brass suspension lamps that bend and twist, interrogating the spaces they illuminate. Because he uses recycled materials — salvaged wood, reclaimed leather, fiberglass sourced from shipyards — and crafts most of his pieces himself, each is incredibly rare, often produced in a series of no more than 10. He has collaborated with Italian furniture companies like Ceccotti Collezioni, Rossana Orlandi and Busnelli but prefers to work alone. “This may sound a bit undemocratic,” he said, “but I don’t like designing mass-produced pieces.”

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How to tell if I have a crush on you:

I will run away.

I will not talk to you.

I will look away.

I will look at the floor.

I will mumble terrible replies to anything you say.

I will stand there twisting and turning with my friends in the same spot make groaning noises trying to muster up nonexistent courage to talk to you even though I’ll never muster it up.

Basically, I will act like I hate you, and you will think I don’t have any interest in you, but I do. I so do.


Films watched in 2015.

Film 71: Touch of Evil (a.k.a. Sed de mal) (Orson Welles, 1958)

Nota: 8/10

-Has estado leyendo las cartas del tarot, ¿verdad? Vamos, léeme mi futuro.
-No tienes futuro.
-¿Qué quieres decir?
-No te queda futuro. ¿Por qué no te vas a casa?

Hipnótica desde el famosísimo plano secuencia del inicio a la filosófica frase en penumbras de Marlene Dietrich que precede al fundido a negro del final.

Frankly, most men bore me.
This is a problem because
I would never be content
with a plain existence
sitting in one room for
the rest of my life with
a boring husband who I have
come to love mainly out of
necessity. I want the one whom
I devote myself to –
to be incredible. Electric.
Someone worth knowing. Someone
who intrigues beyond the point
of comprehension. Someone who
electrifies all of the cells
of my body, who ignites the surface
of my skin when we touch. Someone
who sees me more for my
soul substance rather than
the sum of my parts. He will
understand how to keep me.

How to enliven even
the darkest corners of my
entire universe. He will
fall in love daily
with the subtle nuances
I have saved just for him.

He will know what he has
and what he could lose.
What we would lose, together
If ever we were to unravel.
And what we will gain
by joining ourselves.
By being near each other.

And we will grow.
And deepen with our
and simplicity.

And continue.
And continue.
And understand
that the final chapter
will never
be written.

—  “Dynamic" By Radha Kistler {}



This book, which is only allowed to be handled a few times a year and is never on display for the general public because of its delicate condition, is one of the few remaining copies of Captain Cook’s catalogue of tapa cloth samples from his third and final voyage throughout the South Pacific.