Announcements :)

Hey guys,

Its been a while since I last posted! Finals are coming and my first year in college is almost over O_O… Can’t wait for the summer though… but ANYWAYS follow these guys because they are awesome!

Tumblr <3rushes: <– recently found her and she posts awesome stuff :)

And People I think are awesome :): 

Other stuff:

  • I have infinite scrolling now :D Try it! You’ll love it.
  • I’m planning on adding music soon so if you wanna check it out, you can :) It won’t be on autoplay so you’ll have to click it if you’re curious. It’s mainly going to be peaceful music I think, but we’ll see what happens haha.
  • 1000 posts and 250+ followers now! :D 
  • If you’re bored, just send something to my ask! I usually reply o_o
  • If you wanna submit quotes please do! :) 

Thats about it. More quotes to come!