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Interrupted- William Nylander

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Ok so this one is NOT smut… there’s some steam at the beginning but the only thing missing is shirts! So read at your own comfort level! Anyway enjoy!

Warning: STEAMY, toplessness

Anon Request: Would you be able to write one where someone walks in on will nyalnder and the reader doing something a little dirty ;)


              “Hey” Willy said, his arms coming around you as you stood stirring a pot of soup. He pressed a kiss to your neck.

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Blame @reblogginhood because her stuff on Vesta on Meta Station’s latest podcast inspired me to write a little bit of a Roman Empire AU.

There were perks to being the emperor’s son.  Pike was a bit ruthless for Bellamy’s tastes, but he had been a good commander out in the forests of Gaul.  The old emperor had been a weak, corrupt man, and Bellamy had made sure his legion supported Pike when he returned to take the throne from Jaha.  

Being named his son and heir in return had been a welcome surprise, as it took a boy who had been born in the back gutters of Rome to Palatine Hill.  It also meant sitting with the emperor at the Coliseum, surrounded by slaves with fans while the gladiators battled below in the midday heat. Pike’s relentless war with Queen Nia had been a thorn in Bellamy’s side, and he had agreed to attend the games to smooth things over.  Several hours had passed and Pike seemed to have relaxed, soothed by the festivities below.

Festivities that turned Bellamy’s stomach, but he watched them with a mask of excitement nonetheless.

Pike plucked a fig from a tray and offered it to Bellamy who waved him away.  “This one is new,” Pike said, motioning to the blonde woman walking boldly out onto the sands.  “They’re calling her the Commander of Death.”

She saluted the emperor and Bellamy sat up, intrigued.  “Where is she from?” he asked.

Pike busied himself with choosing another fig.  “Just a slave,” he said, and Bellamy turned his attention back to the arena.  The gladiator’s hair was woven back into intricate braids and she drew a short, broad sword.  Her legs were all smooth muscle, and when the panther was released she danced away with an easy grace.

The match was finished quicker than Bellamy thought possible.  The gladiator circled the panther and then seemed to stumble back just as it pounced.  He thought she was gone— a disappointment— but then the panther went limp and she heaved it aside.  She’d used the beast’s weight against it, driving her sword into his belly when it tried to tear her throat out.

That was a daring play; one false move and she would have died, but she didn’t even seem to relish her victory.  Most gladiators would feed on the crowd, but the Commander of Death simply bowed and strode off her field of victory without a second glance.

“I’d like to meet her,” Bellamy said suddenly.

Pike looked up, surprised.  Bellamy didn’t usually take advantage of the perks of his station, and Pike furrowed his brow.  “I can arrange that,” he said, but his smile didn’t quite meet his eyes.

The gladiator arrived at the palace later that day, still dressed for battle but with an empty scabbard.  He was reasonably sure he could have disarmed her if she meant him harm, but his guards were probably wise not to send an armed slave into the chambers of the emperor’s son.  She stood with her shoulders straight and her chin tipped up in defiance, her blue eyes cold and hard.

Bellamy poured himself a goblet of wine and dismissed the rest of the servants.  She hadn’t spoken yet, just watched him warily as he paced around her.  “You must be wondering why I’ve summoned you,” he said, stopping just behind her left shoulder.

She didn’t look back.  “Not particularly,” she said tightly.

“It’s not for that,” he said, and her shoulders let go of some tension.  

Up close, she looked just like he remembered.  Same delicate lips, same straight nose, same blonde waves.  Her body was harder and leaner now, and he was willing to bet her hands back then hadn’t been callused from holding a sword.  He had only seen her a few times, carried past their street on a litter, but he never forgot a face.

Especially not one as beautiful as hers.

“Wine?” He held a goblet out to her and she accepted it with a suspicious look.  “It’s probably been years since you’ve had something this fine,” he continued, and she lowered the goblet from her lips without taking a sip.

“What do you mean?”

Bellamy circled around to face her and wondered if he was about to meet same fate as the panther she’d dispatched.  “I mean, it’s a long way from Palatine Hill to the arena, princess.”

Her eyes snapped to him but otherwise her face remained impassive.  “I’m not sure what you’re saying,” she replied carefully.

“Pike was a soldier; he never spent much time in Rome.  But I grew up here.  Down in the slums just past the market.”  He took a sip of wine and cocked his head to the side.  “The market that the emperor’s son’s betrothed used to frequent.  Tell me, how do you go from princess of the empire to a slave in the Coliseum?”

Clarke’s nostrils flared.  “Your betrothed dies and his father is murdered by a butcher who has no business running a province, much less an empire.  You run, and you get captured by people too stupid to realize who you really are.  So you start fighting.”

“You haven’t touched your wine,” he observed.

“I’m waiting to see what you do with me.”

Bellamy gave her a crooked smile. “I’m offering you a chance to get what you want.”

Something sparked in her eyes.  “And what’s that?”

“Justice.  Revenge.  Whatever you want to call it.”


Bellamy stopped in front of her and looked her straight in the eye.  “I want you to help me bring down the emperor.”  


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her thick black hair was pulled back in intricate braids, and pastel make-up looked shockingly bright against her dark skin. her stony expression was the same look she favored cameras with when she caught them watching her. […] neil bet she was absolute hell on the court, an unmoving tank unimpressed by strikers stupid enough to oppose her.

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What would the chocobros do when they see their s/o fangirling over a fictional character?

Noctis would probably not really get it at first, but would be totally open to you explaining the character to him. He’d nonchalantly start to read about them and if it’s from a video game, you can bet he’s playing it when you’re not around. You don’t realize he’s also become a secret fanboy until you bring them up in conversation with someone else, and he quietly corrects you on a very obscure piece of trivia.

Prompto totally gets it. He’s the ultimate fanboy of everyone and everything. You want to go to a convention? He’s already bought the tickets. You want to meet the writer or voice actor at said convention? He got you meet and greet passes. He catches you looking at fan art of that character on your phone? He’ll sit beside you and swoon as well. He’s an A+ supportive boyfriend when it comes to your interests.

There is no way that Gladio reads as much as he does and hasn’t experienced fanfare of some sort. He can see the signs––how you casually mention the character at dinner, how you start to tell him about that character’s intricate back story, how your face gets when you bring them up. He totally gets it and definitely brings up characters he’s loved in the past, and you two come up with alternative universe headcanons of how your favs would meet.

Ignis would be fascinated by your love for this character. He’d want to know everything about them––their backstory, their family lineage (if it’s available), their complexities that made you fall in love. But mostly he just adores seeing you so passionate about something, and he will often just sit with a cup of Ebony and watch as you excitedly go on about this character that you’ve come to know as family, and he thinks it’s cute when you start to talk with your hands.

Brendon Urie Imagine- Painter!Brendon AU

It’s the early hours of the morning when the best memories are made. You and your boyfriend Brendon are tangled up together under the covers, listening to an old Frank Sinatra record because the smooth jazz was always soothing to the both of you. You are laying against his chest, listening to his heart beat and his voice rattle as he hums along to the song. His fingers are mindlessly tracing shapes into your thigh. 

“Bren, we should do something.” you giggle softly. 

“What would you like to do love? It’s two in the morning.” 

“Is it really?”

“Can’t sleep?”

“Me either.” 

You let out a brief sigh as you think of something to do. Obviously sleep evades both of you, and perhaps for a good reason. 

“I have an idea of something we could do.” he sounds hesitant, like he isn’t sure of himself. 

“What’s that?” you say dragging you hand across his chest. 

“Can I um.. paint you something?” he mumbles pushing his glasses up on his nose. There is a timid expression looking in his eye behind the glasses. He bites down nervously on his lip as he awaits your answer. 

“I would love that.” you smile up at him.

Something seems off though. It looks like there is still more he wants to say, but can quite find the words to say it. You prop yourself up on your elbows and frown at him, hoping he will speak his mind. 


“Would it be okay if I painted on you?” he asks timidly, shifting his weight on the bed. 

“Oh.” you think about it. His face drops a bit, thinking that you don’t like the idea. He begins to mumble something apologetic but you wave away his worries by reaching out and taking his hand in yours tenderly. With a gentle squeeze, he meets your gaze and you flash him a warm smile. 

“Of course you can Brendon.” your voice is soft and inviting. 

With a reassuring grin, he lifts himself up off the bed and goes in search of supplies, leaving you to your thoughts. You lift yourself up off the bed and peel off your shirt and toss it to the side. Next you move on to your bra, letting it slip down near the foot of the bed. It feels odd to be so exposed knowing he is right in the other room. Just as you are bundling up the silky sheets in your hands, Brendon returns with an arm full of well loved painting supplies. He stops in his tracks and takes you in fervently as you peer over your shoulder at him. 

“Will this do?” you ask, clutching the sheets to your chest. 

He stares at you for a second longer than he thought he would, and you feel the blush start to creep over your cheeks. Praying he wouldn’t see your sheepish expression, you slide down on the bed so he can paint you. 

“Perfect.” he clears his throat, sitting down next to you on the bed. His fingers brush against your back as he pushes you hair off to the side. The touch is light and it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Soon his hands are tracing patterns along your back as he plans out what he is going to paint. You watch him with wonder in your eyes. 

He bites down on his lip as he dips into a jar of red paint. The paint feels cool against your back, causing you to tense up a little bit. He stops immediately, and shifts his gaze to your eyes. You wish he would continue, but his concern is sweet. 

“It’s cold.” you giggle. 

Your giggle serves as a signal to continue, and he does. He’s so concentrated and delicate as he paints intricate designs on your back. Every stroke is deliberate but you can’t quite make out what he is painting. Settling into the sheets a little more, you let the soft Sinatra record in the background fill your mind. The whole atmosphere is so serene that you could almost fall asleep just like this. The more he paints, the more comfortable he becomes, and you really start to relax. 

“Mmm Bren.” you hum as his hand traces along your waist. 

That indecisive look from earlier is back and you know he is angling at something. His fingers fumble along the hem of your pants and he looks back at you. 

“May I?”


With your permission, he rolls back the waistband of your pants, exposing your lower back. Once again you find yourself fighting self conscious thoughts, but they are quickly tossed away as he whispers encouraging things to you.  The paintbrush flicks over your skin. He hums along to the static record as the continues with his masterpiece. 

“Done.” he smiles down at your back. 

“Can I see?” you ask looking around for a mirror. 

As you sit up, you fold your arms over your chest almost instinctively. Both of you blush against the moonlight, two innocent souls meant for each other. His sturdy hand reaches out and grabs your arm, rubbing up and down lightly. 

“You don’t need to be embarrassed around me you know.” his low raspy night voice is music to your ears. His touch lingers all the way down to your hands, locking his fingers with yours. You hop up from the bed trying you best not to be insecure around him. “Close your eyes.” 

He manages to lead you over in front of the standing mirror in the corner of the room. With your chest against his, you stand there close and personal. His body radiates heat and gives off an energy as he counts down.


You open your eyes and look over your shoulder to find a whole garden of intricate flowers decorating your back. It’s breath taking and all yours. 

“Brendon! It’s beautiful.” you gasp. 

“This flower is my favorite.” He points to a rose that sits in between your shoulder blades. “It reminds me of you. So beautiful and delicate.” 

“I love it.” you can’t take you eyes off of his masterpiece. 

His lips connect with your forehead. You look up at him with a bright smile and hopeful eyes. He dips his head down, connecting your lips in a slow kiss. His possessive fingers curl around your freshly painted back, pulling you as close as possible. You hum against his lips as the two of you find your way back to the bed. 

“You are so beautiful.” he gushes.

[author’s note: This is just a short one I wrote for my good friend @sinnerbrendon because they love painter!brendon. I really hope you like it!]

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Can you do one where Bughead finally gets married.

Here we go :)

Betty and Jughead Get Married

“Okay, B. This is it. Are you ready?” Veronica asked her best friend, taking her hand and squeezing.

Veronica’s hair was pulled back into a crown braid at the back of her head, a silky lilac dress covering her frame. She had a bouquet of orchids and forget-me-nots in her hand.

Polly was standing next to Veronica, under a white tent in the woods. It had been their make-shift dressing room for the morning.

Violet, Polly and Jason’s daughter, was waiting patiently with her basket of flowers in hand.

The music swelled and Veronica squeezed Betty’s hand one more time. “See you out there,” She smiled.

Violet walked out in front of Veronica, throwing petals as she walked.

Polly leaned in to kiss her sister on the cheek. She was styled in the same way as Veronica, blonde tendrils of hair hanging down from her braid.

Betty leaned to see Veronica walking with Archie, Polly linking arms with Kevin.

“You ready, kid?” Hal Cooper asked Betty as she stood, linking arms with her father. “You look beautiful, Betty.” He murmured.

Betty smiled, kicked the dress out from under her feet and gripped her bouquet tighter as the music cued them to start walking.

She stood at the end of the aisle and the guests hushed as they saw her.

Betty had her blonde hair gently curled, down and pinned to one side. Her dress was long, the back intricately detailed with lace, an off-white blush. She had never felt more beautiful.

When Jughead had come up with the idea of getting married in the woods where they’d had their first date, Betty didn’t think it could ever look this beautiful. There were twinkle lights and paper laterns and floral wreaths strewn everywhere. It felt like they were in a fairytale.

She looked up at her soon-to-be husband standing next to Archie and Kevin. Jughead was smiling at her, tears leaking out the corners of his eyes.

Betty and her father walked down the isle until she was hand-in-hand with Jughead.

Jughead was trying to listen to the Officiant, he really was trying to pay attention. But he had never seen Betty look this beautiful. She looked like pure magic, like the most person human being on earth. He didn’t want to take his eyes away from her for even one second.

Jughead realized it was his turn to say his vows. “Elizabeth Jane Cooper, you are everything I never knew I was searching for and more. You saved my life when I was 16 years old and I’ll be trying to thank you for that for the rest of my life. You are my best friend, my partner in crime, my better half. I love you more than anything.”

“Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third, do you take Elizabeth Jane Cooper to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, or for worse, for richer, or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

“I do,” He smiled.

“Elizabeth Jane Cooper, do you take Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day foward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

“I do,” She exclaimed happily.

“Then with the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

Jughead caressed Betty’s cheek, pulling her closer for a kiss.

The guests cheered and Betty raised her bouquet excitedly.

The rushed down the isle, hand-in-hand as Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

I want an intricate Prince Adam back story

I’m in love with what we already got as of his past life but I want to know more. I want it to begin before his mother’s death and how his father treated him and his mother, then have it progress to her death and then to how it caused Adam’s downfall. I would love to see his personality slowly progress into the imperious, arrogant, self-centered Adam that we saw at the beginning of Beauty and The Beast. It would be great to be able to see exactly why he became that way. Another thing that I’m curious about is his daily life. I would like to see what Adam did (build on his personality, quirks, etc). I think that if an entire back story were to happen, it could lead up to the night he was cursed, but show the whole night (or even before; think of things like him preparing for the party, him getting ready, dancing, talking to the guests and women surrounding him, since he seemed to be a flirt). Then, after he becomes cursed, it could show the after math. The fear that the people at the party felt (them fleeing for their lives), the fear and embarrassment he felt (I feel as if he would have tried to have stopped people from running, not being fully aware of everything just yet), the realization that he faced. I want to see Prince Adam realize what was happening and the pure horror it must have been for him to not only experience something so horrible, but for others to see him like that (this leads back to his conceded trait, everyone would see a handsome, confident prince be ruined and absolutely humiliated). I also think that they could build on how he was the following days, weeks, and months. I want questions answered, such as: when did he stop calling himself Adam and start calling himself “The Beast”? When did his people begin to call him “The Beast”? When did everything sink in for him? Did he ever attempt to leave to castle only to realize he could never be seen by anyone? How did people who were also cursed react? How did they treat him? Was he ever in denial? The night he was cursed, did he even sleep? Or did he cry himself to sleep? They could also pronounce how his personality changed after that. The way he began to down himself.
In conclusion, I believe that there could be so much more to Adam and I also believe that a movie with his back story needs to happen.

Engraved pt. 10

<– Engraved 9 | (<– Crowned 1) | Engraved 11 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 8161 (sorrynotsorry)
Warnings: Angst. fainting, sexual innuendo…guns, bruises, wounds.
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: A little happy trip present from me to you @oh-beyond enjoy ;) pup, new girl, all the good things. Guys let me know what you think ;) feedback much appreciated.

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Your pov

“So.” Baekhyun started as you walked into the room with a beer, a bottle of diet coke and a hot tray of nachos. “You fucking the hitman?”
You didn’t reply, as you sat the tray down, places his beer in front of him and took a sip of your diet coke.
“You’re going to ignore me all night?”
No reply, you just reached for the nachos and pulled one of, stringy cheese trailing behind and revealing salsa underneath.
“Angel, humour me. Don’t be like this.”
“You gonna be an annoying little shit all night, I ain’t going to talk to you,” you said, but you had a smile on your face so he probably knew you were playing.
He took his own nachos, and the crunching was loud in the room. “Before you nag I’ll turn on the music.”
“I’m not getting a headset?” you pouted, actually very disappointed, you were sort of looking forwards to it.
He shook his head. “Nope, this is not some chat line.”
“As if you and Chanyeol don’t discuss girls on the floor to have a threesome with,” you bit, facing the screen and taking some more nachos. 

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Oops I think I may have made a typo, I think it was 34. The mascarade one :) Just If you want to tho, I mean

this is really bad and i lost the other ask lmao im so sorry but its BLURB NIGHT

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Speaking of tattoos, you know how Hanzo has his one dragon, yet he controls two dragons?

What if he has the other one on his right arm too, like an identical sleeve? o3o

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I have red curly hair,green/blue eyes,freakles,love WWE,wolves,and puppies,and I love crazy guys even someone who acts like a ninja*hint hint*

Your Gear.

you wore a red and black plaid, leather top that was cut out to reveal slight cleavage. You matched it with simple black shorts and ankle black lace up boots. You walked out to the ring wearing a black denim cutoff jacket that was bedazzled on the shoulders with a painting of a wolf on the back. Your hair was always braided intricately and pulled back out of your face in twisted ringlets.

Your Male Tag Team Partner turned Boyfriend

Originally posted by heyambrose

You and Dean had been friends since he came into the WWE. Shortly after they debuted as The Shield, creative decided they needed a female to balance everyone out and that’s where you came into play. But it wasn’t Seth who left the group first, though he was the one to sell his soul to the Authority. You left, claiming you wanted to be a She Wolf, you walked alone. But behind the cameras, you and Dean were happily together.

Your Male Tag Team Partner/Best Friend

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

 Baron Corbin came onto the scene and his attitude immediately appealed to you. You both felt like lone wolves on screen and things got easier when you started tag teaming against Dean together. He was there when you needed him.

Your Signature Move: 

You decided on a Shining Wizard, wanting the simple and aggressive brute force of your knee to the face.

First Time Inked

Genre: fluff

Summary: After purposely bailing out on your brother’s request for a brother-sister tattoo session, today he finally got you to uphold your promise, dragging you to his two hot and gorgeous friends’ tattoo parlor shop. 

Word Count: 1206

Requested by @wendzkells! thank you & hope you like~

Written by: Admin Smutty Wangfairy

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Imagine Legolas seeing you in a dress for the first time.

{Not my gif}

You walked down the halls of the Mirkwood palace. There was a ball tonight and you had to look your best. You never enjoyed wearing dresses, you were a guard. Not a princess. But King Thranduil insisted. You walked in your silver gown, which was long sleeve. Your H/C hair cascaded down your back, and intricate braid running down it.

“Y/N?” You hear the familiar voice of Legolas.

“My Lord.” You turn around to face him, and he didn’t look too bad himself. Actually, he looked handsome. You blushed a deep red.

“Did I not tell you you can call me Legolas?” He asks as he approaches.

“You did, but I am just used to it.” You bow your head. He uses a finger to tip your chin up.

“You look absolutely stunning.”

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

reapergraves666 said:Could you do what dating Jane and Leah from Twilight would be like? Either one is fine if you can only do one

A/N: Heya lovely! Same as before, it’s gender nuetral! Here’s the Leah Clearwater would include! Thanks so much for your request! Please request as much as you would like! - Admin Kat 💟

Dating Leah Clearwater would include:

- Leah would be fiercely protective over you.

- Know that at first, Leah would be rather standoff-ish. She’ll be bitter and will refuse to let you get close to her.

- But after you do something sweet to her - after many failed attempts -, she will be much warmer in receiving your comfort and such.

- Leah would get annoyed if her little brother or any of the other pack member’s hovered about you, - or the pair of you, for that matter -.

- “Get lost!” Leah would bark - mind the pun -.

- “Why? So you can smoochie, smooch?” the pack would coo, making kissie faces.

- “(Y/N), you want some wolf pelts?” Leah would growl through gritted teeth and the pack would flee.

- Leah would totally forget all about Sam.

- Sam and Emily would be happy for Leah.

- Even when Leah leaves La Push, you stay loyal to her and refuse to be a toy for the Uley Pack to use against her, to get her and Seth to return home.

- You’d end up moving in with the Cullen’s, much to the dismay of Leah.

- Leah and you would prize casual nights in as dates and actually cook together. Not many people would know that about her, but she has the patience to cook, and she’s a great chef.

- The pair of you would tag team on roasting the entire pack, - even Sam -.

- You’d be close to Emily, much to the dismay of Leah.

- “Can’t you just spend all your time with me?” Leah would grumble.

“No! I have other people to see, but you’re always in my mind and heart.

- Seriously, she’ll knock a bitch out for looking at you or speaking to you in the wrong context.

- Bickering would be the norm for you too and even a way to horse around.

- “Sheesh! Can’t you old folks head somewhere else?” Paul would gripe.

- “Yeah, you’re like an old married couple.” Jacob would sigh.

- Practical jokes on the pack.

- The pack spilling embarrassing secrets about Leah to you.

- “I hate them!

- “Just calm down! I think it’s cute that you used to run around your front yard naked.

- “I think I’m starting to hate you too…

- Tickle fights.

- Campfires.

- Keeping you warm at the beach at night.

- Being the love of her life and improving her mood most of the time.

- Leah having many insecurities that you’ll leave her, but you always reassure her that you’re here to stay; and stay you do.

- Loving Leah to the moon and back, and vice versa.

- Movie nights.

- Tracing intricate circles upon the back of each other’s hands, on your hips, thighs, wherever you two can.

- Getting lost in each other’s everything.

- Being a power couple of La Push.

- Everyone’s OTP.

- Forreal, you two are made for one another!

- Every kiss feels like loving electric.

- Treating Leah and Leah treating you, too.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

Worst Fear Part 2 - Peter Parker

Summary- Wanda and Peter get into a fight, so she shows him his worst fear to shut him up, surprisingly finding out Peter has a massive crush on you.

Part One  Part Three

Send in requests

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

You had been working for Tony Stark for nearly nine months now, and it was a dream come true. You remember ever since you were a little girl, being fascinated by technology, how it worked and the amazing things you could create with it.

Of course you loved Iron Man as well.

It was only about a month or two ago when Peter Parker became an intern as well. You’d heard the name around school, but all you knew about him was that he was a little bit of a nerd.

Well, a massive nerd really. When Tony first introduced him to you, you sort of expected some kid with taped up glasses, spotty glasses and having the figure of a stick.

You were very wrong. Yes, he wore nerdy shirts and occasionally glasses, but he definitely didn’t have didn’t have the stick figure you expected. Not that you minded.


Tony shouted as he entered the lab, making you jump and nearly burn yourself with he smouldering iron you were using.

Quickly placing it down on the safety mat you pulled the goggles from your face and huffed.

“Jesus, Tony. Give me a warning before you decide to scare the living crap out of me!” Crossing your arms at the same time.

Tony slowly made his way over to you, putting little things away as he went. That was one thing he’d learnt about you whilst you’d been working for him, you were an extremely messy person.

“Well we can work on that. Actually speaking of work, Parker’s coming to help you work on this thing you’re doing.” He said, gesturing to your workspace, it being so messy he wasn’t sure what you were actually doing.

“I don’t need any help-” “Mr Stark, you needed me?”

Both of you turned to the door where Peter stood one of his nerdy t-shirts that had grown on you over time.

When Peter saw you standing next to Tony he couldn’t remember what he was going to say next, and he could feel his face turn a faint pink colour.

“Hi Y/N, what are y-you doing h-here?”

You furrowed your eyebrows at the boy who was avoiding your eyes as his danced across your face, scratching his head awkwardly at the same time.

“This is my work station Peter.” You laughed.

Peter scoffed, trying to fake a smile, “Yeah, obviously, I knew that.”

“Then why did you ask?”

Peter slowly walked into the room, fiddling with some random test tube he found on the work surface, and when he tried to twist it round his fingers he dropped it for a second before catching it with his other hand.

“Uh.” He prolonged, looking to Tony for help.

“Well!” Tony clapped his hands together, drawing your attention from Peter and to himself, “I’ll leave you two, to it.”

Peter cursed under his breath as he saw Tony leave the room, winking over-dramatically in his direction before shutting the door.

“So, Y/N-” “You don’t have to stay Peter, I can manage this on my own.”

You looked over your shoulder to see Peter looking at the ground with an expression that looked like a kicked puppy.

“Yeah, because you’re super smart and stuff…”

You could hear `Peter walking towards you, but you tried to ignore it but failed miserably. It was only when he leant against the counter next to you, that you lost concentration completely.

Looking to your left at Peter, you didn’t even feel your fingers slip around the tool and the smouldering iron nearly melt all the work you’d done.

Peter couldn’t help himself, he knew how much time and effort you put into everything you did, so grabbed the iron about a millimetre before it touched the intricate metalwork.

His back was touching yours, his left arm skimming yours as he grabbed the tool, and his other arm loosely wrapped around your waist.

Both of you froze, unable to say or do anything.

He carefully placed the tool onto the safety mat, and pulled himself away from you, as much as he didn’t want to.

“I’ll go… I’ll see you at school on Monday.”

You saw Peter basically run out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Peter carried on walking until he reached the elevator, leaning against the wall and squeezing his eyes shut. Lightly slapping his cheek he muttered.

“Get your act together, Parker, it’s just a girl.”

Arno Dorian x Reader - An American Prostitute in Paris

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[Part of the prostitute series I will be working on featuring select characters from AC2/AC: black flag/ AC: Unity/ AC: Rogue/ AC: Syndicate. I will add others as I experience the games or watch the cutscenes. This one will have the reader and Arno, where Arno comes across the reader with a bit of a language problem.


Ezio | Connor | Edward | Shay | (HERE) | Jacob]

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Never would you imagine being a ‘beautiful foreigner’ (as one English speaker put it) would have you trembling in the cold embrace of Paris late at night. Misery was the only blanket of emotion that cradled you when you were forced to the streets of Paris in hopes of bringing back to the brothel your worth. Misery was often accompanied by fear, however. Men you never knew would demand and pay for your time and body. Hell, some wouldn’t even pay. Some liked it rough, some liked it adventurous, and others just wanted to take what they felt you were offering without allowing you a say.

Not that you could say a damn thing…you didn’t know French. You were just visiting, or so you thought, only to be kidnapped and forced to the brothel as your body was precious and your face, hair, and sweet voice would get them what they wanted. The mistress who owned the brothel even made sure that nobody spoke a single English word around you. The last girl who tried to teach you French…well…you hadn’t seen or heard from her since Madam Leonda found out.

Embracing yourself in the cold of the night, you lowered your head in sorrow. If the mistress could see you now, she would strike you and yell at you that you aren’t going to get men that way. Same could be said if you even came back a franc short of what was expected of you; you would be screamed at and struck with anything that the horrible woman could get her hands on, but you were burdened by the thoughts of home…how you missed it so.

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A Court of War and Starlight: The Epilogue

(Read: Part I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII | XIII | XIV | XV | XVI | XVII | XVIII | XIX | XX | XXI | XXII | XXIII | XXIV | XXV | Nessian I | XXVI | XXVII | XXVIII | Elucien I | XXIX | XXX | XXXI | XXXII | XXXIII | XXXIV | XXXV | Elucien II | XXXVI | XXXVII | XXXVIII | Nessian II | XXXIX | XL | Feyrhys I | XLI | Elucien III | XLII | XLIII | Elucien IV | Nessian III | XLIV | XLV | XLVI | Elucien V | Azriel I | XLVII | XLVIII | XLIX | L | Elucien VI | Moriel I | LI | LII | LIII | LIV | LV | LVI | LVII | LVIII | LIX | LX | LXI | Nessian IV | LXII | LXIII | LXIV | LXV | LXVI | LXVII | LXIII | LXIX | LXX | LXXI | LXXII | LXXIII | LXXIV | LXXV )


Nine months later …

The setting sun glimmered on the surface of the Sidra, creating a ribbon of silver in a world of pinks and golds.

Velaris. My home. The city of my heart.

“Feyre! Get down from there, for goodness sake!” Elain called from the balcony below. “We’re running out of time!”

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