All large drawers have puzzles inside. You will need to solve these puzzles to open other drawers or find secret compartments.

Adjusting these pegs on the back of the memory board changes the tune it reads. The dark pegs represent the notes of the song.

A secret button opens the center of the desk revealing a checker pattern. If you find a way to rearrange it into a key pattern the center drawers unlocks.


I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night - Sarah Williams 

Although many think it was said by Galileo

Request 2/11 for July 2015 -  Requested by book-book-books

A lot of the detail in this is lost in the photo, I will be doing a vector version of this which will look pretty great I hope. 


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n the 1800s, many artists used microscopic algae to create intricate patterns called diatom arrangements. Diatoms are single-cell algae that create their own glass shells, which present a vibrant display of shapes and colors when viewed under a microscope. Source