anonymous asked:

When you wanna run your own humanstuck ask blog buttt don’t know how to start.... help please?

i think it’s a good idea to have a story first. a lot of ask blogs don’t have a story they just wanna draw the characters, but i think it’s a lot interesting when they’re different.

humanstuck aus with a lil plot include aus like… intricacystuck, daycarestuck, things like that. adding a little story/relationship is nice too. makes you stand apart from the crowd.

if you don’t want to think of a story yet, and just wanna start a casual blog, you can do that. people will probably be interested anyway haha. i think that having an idea about who they are, and how canon the comic is to your au, would help grab more attention.

then design them. you might wanna design them to be a bit different than the usual stuff you see, at least that’s what i do. you don’t have to, you can grab inspiration everywhere. you can choose how  much representation you want, and how little. whether you want to represent different body types, different races/ethnicity , genders, sexualiies, etc. because that will also determine how much the audience can connect and relate to your character.

giving them real problems (not too real oksome people like 2 escap those real problems) that the audience can relate to will give a stronger vibe for your au and more interest.