Backpacks, when one allots an honest penny of consideration, are quite the wonderful objects, perhaps even more so as they are always used, touched, and handled but seldom really there in the user’s field of active perception: an extension of one’s body to those most in need of its capabilities. They are troves of fine gold to the curious, a library of resources to the archaeologist, and a lifeline to the vagrant, and there is a chance that they are so readily glanced over because its wielders are grateful– for they fit cozily in the valiant purview of any intrepid adventurer as an organ to the inexorable image.

In Allen’s case, the backpack’s inherent virtue was noticeably obfuscated by a broad mission consisting of conditional use, in which he leaped to cover the altitude of an instantaneous idea and promptly took off flying, the pack his freshly hired accomplice. Once his duties had thinned, he purchased his companion and walked a powerful walk of self-assured genius to the nearest bakery– and, a strap held tightly between his distorted fingers, the other hand brandishing a hefty fraction of his salary, he robbed the place of its items, which, once they were all wrapped by those vexed employees, were entrusted to his canvas friend.

–Off he strode, pointed home, no particular intent to eat his victories right away present but their expedient dooms written just a few turns of the pages away, but upon turning right at a corner, someone else was inbound left– and he nailed the poor individual with his bloated pack.

Stumbling backward with a sharp ‘Woah!’, it took but a moment to become cognizant of his evil deed, and when the truth struck, he repented with honesty– and an ‘Ahhhhh!’ emitted at fortissimo.

I’m sorry! Are you alright–?! Thank goodness she didn’t get knocked to the ground–!



Anyone looking for Etrian Mystery Dungeon QR codes to scan? I’ve got one right here. This is a “first draft” for the intrepid adventurers of the Sylphid guild, but I’ll probably update this as I get further into the game. It’s pretty good so far. I’m genuinely impressed.

I Am Bread

“The epic story of a slice of bread’s journey to become toast. Take the intrepid, crumby adventurer on a journey from his natural confines of the kitchen, through the home of an unsuspecting owner and into the outside world. This bread will be boldly going where no other bread has gone before!“

I want to play this

The epic story of a slice of bread’s journey to become toast. Take the intrepid, crumby adventurer on a journey from his natural confines of the kitchen, through the home of an unsuspecting owner and into the outside world. This bread will be boldly going where no other bread has gone before!

Molten Core, the second wing of Blackrock Mountain, opened up earlier this week. Intrepid adventurers will be facing Garr, Baron Geddon, Majordomo Executus, and Ragnaros. Things are starting to …heat up here.


Remember those Grim Patrons you picked up in the last wing during Blackrock Depths? They’re going to come in handy against Garr. There’s a fully developed board for Garr with nothing but Firesworns on that side. When they die, the Firesworn deals 1 damage to you for each Firesworn that died this turn. Oh yes, and Garr’s hero power is Magma Pulse. Oh to top it off, Garr summons 3 additional Firesworns if the ones on the board are gone. If you don’t want to try to rock it out with the warrior, I’d recommend playing a priest deck instead. Your key component cards here are Circle of Healing and Mass Dispel.

RewardsDruid of the Flame

Normal mode

Try to start with a Circle of Healing in your hand as it’ll buy you some much needed time. His hero power does 1 damage to everything on the board. With his Firesworns in play, he can’t put out any minions of his own as long as you can keep them alive. If you can draw into a Northshire Cleric, it’ll fill your hand instantly. You might end up milling yourself out of a few cards but the only damage you’ll take is from Garr’s hero power. In fact, the deck I used last week on heroic Emperor Thaurissan might do the job with a few modifications. Keep focusing on beefing up one minion and hit it with an Inner Fire for the massive damage. Don’t worry about going after the Firesworns. They won’t do any damage on their own unless they die or unless Garr buffs it with a Mark of the Wild. That can be remedied with a quick Silence.

Matt’s deck: Priest

Heroic mode

When you hit heroic, the same strategy should apply. The difference is that he has a higher life total.

Matt’s heroic deckPriest

Druid of the Flame will become available to you once Garr is defeated. The flexibility offered by being able to convert the Druid of the Flame into a beefy 2/5 minion or a glass cannon of a 5/2 minion may seem appealing at first, but outside of those effects, this particular druid is going to be largely useless in comparison to other cards with similar mana costs. None of the major druid deck archtypes would want to run this card in the main deck.

Baron Geddon

Baron’s hero power forces you to use your mana quickly and efficiently or else you’ll take heavy damage from Ignite Mana. A warlock deck powered by Mal’Ganis will be of tremendous help. Cards that offer you spare parts can assist in counteracting Baron’s hero power by using them as filler spells if you can’t quite finish emptying your mana completely.

RewardsBlackwing Technician

Normal mode

Living Bomb will ensure that your minions either need to die or you and everything else on the board that belongs to you will assuredly die since it’s 5 damage to them. Thankfully, you’re playing a warlock and the general attitude of warlocks is to sacrifice all the things! Sacrificial Pact, Void Terror, and Siphon Soul give you options to counteract Living Bomb. Mal’Ganis is included as a stop gap in the event Baron’s hero power does get activated towards the late game. Lifetapping with your Floating Watcher in play will allow you to gradually raise it’s attack and health. Mistress of Pain will help provided additional sources of health gain if you need it.

Matt’s deckWarlock

Heroic mode

This is one of the tougher heroic bosses since he comes with 50 health and 50 armor. The heroic version of Living Bomb will smoke anything on your half of the board with 10 damage on the subsequent turn. Keep controlling the board and minimizing damage you take from Baron’s hero power and use the same strategy in the normal version of the encounter.

Matt’s heroic deckWarlock

Baron’s award is Blackwing Technician. This card is a little useless right now since the rest of the cards that would really synergize with this won’t be available until the rest of the wings have been unlocked.

Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros

The last boss of the Molten Core wing is Majordomo. His hero power? It’s called “The Majordomo” which summons a 1/3 Acolyte on normal. Once you manage to defeat Majordomo, the game isn’t over. Ragnaros will be summoned and immediately take his place. Ragnaros has 8 health and 8 armor so you need to get in 16 points of damage.

Rewards: Imp Gang Boss, Majordomo Executus

Normal mode

On normal mode, I ended up using a variation of a druid deck that eventually overpowered all of Majordomo’s minions and kept his side of the board to a minimum. Strong taunts from Druid of the Claw and Sludge Belchers will help ensure that those acolytes don’t end up doing anything. Continue developing your side of the board. Keep Majordomo at around 20 health (and shredding whatever armor he has up). A well-timed Savage Roar and Force of Nature combined with the existing minions should be enough to kill both Majordomo and Ragnaros on the same turn.

Matt’s deck: Druid

Heroic mode

The heroic version of Majordomo and Executus is even worse. Majordomos hero power now summons acolytes who are 3/3. Ragnaros now spawns with 30 health and 30 armor. His hero power strikes two targets simultaneously. There’s an interesting bug going around where if you use one of the warlock spells on Majordomo, it doesn’t cause Ragnaros to spawn. I suspect that will get fixed fairly shortly. The approach for Majordomo is going to be similar to the one used earlier for heroic Garr. Survive the onslaught of minions and build a minion with enough punch that can take down Ragnaros in the same turn that Majordomo gets eliminated.

Majordomo has a ton of Molten Giants lying around and you don’t want to allow any of them to come out. That means dropping Majordomos initial health down to 21 or so and then holding it there. Use your Power Word: Shield, Divine Spirits, and Temple Enforcers to build up the health of a minion. Velen’s Chosen and well timed Dark Cultists can help with this. Kel’Thuzad will be useful in that he can revive dead minions on your side of the board to combat Majordomo’s hero power and any addition minions that he summons. Deathlords can assist you in holding out.

Matt’s heroic deck: Priest

Defeating Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros will yield the Majordomo Executus legendary card which has a rather interesting Deathrattle effect that turns you into Ragnaros with 8 health and a hero power that randomly deals 8 damage to an enemy target. I would not recommend using him in a competitive deck. I’ve encountered opponents who dropped Majordomo only for me to quickly kill him and then overwhelm my opponent’s health down to 0.

If you missed out on my attempts, you can catch the full livestream on our Twitch channel or on YouTube!

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Travel Hacks Friday: Drinking Salt Water

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for another travel hack! For this weeks hack I’m going to show you how you can start drinking salt water. This is more of a survival hack then a travel hack but considering 96.5% of the earth is covered in ocean water, you intrepid adventurers may one day find yourself surrounded by nothing but seawater. And if that doesn’t convince you to read on, think “zombie apocalypse!”

Depending on temperature, level of activity, physical state and the environment you’re in, generally you can survive without water for 3-5 days. But it would probably be painful as your body cannibalizes itself and you slowly wither away into nothingness. For most of us, who will find themselves in less extreme circumstances, being thirsty just plain sucks.

The ocean is beautiful to look at but is completely and utterly undrinkable. The level of salt in seawater is much higher than what we physically can process, so even if you could stomach the saltiness, the seawater will ultimately increase the rate of dehydration through increased urination. The more you drink, the thirstier you’ll become.

So the idea is to desalinate the seawater in order to make it fit for human consumption through evaporation and collection. As the water begins to evaporate and separates from the salt, the captured vapors will condense into safe, drinkable water. The methods below will both take some time, but I’m guessing if you’re using this trick, you’re not in a rush to go anywhere.

So, you lucky adventurers, here are two hacks for the price of one:

Drinking Salt Water Method 1: Boil – Evaporate – Collect:


  1. Fire source: Jetboil, stove, campfire,
  2. Pot or any container that can boil water
  3. Lid slightly larger than pot
  4. Receptacle

This water desalination technique assumes you have access to gear and/or can start a fire.

JetBoil Setup

  1. Setup your pot on the Jetboil or Fire
  2. Pour saltwater into the pot
  3. Place the lid on the pot so that it is slightly tilted to one side and hanging off the edge of the pot. The condensed water will travel down to the lowest point.
  4. Place a receptacle right under the lowest point of the lid
  5. Start the fire source
  6. Bring to a boil
  7. Now wait for the droplets of drinkable water to fall into receptacle

Here’s a slowmo video of it working with sound effects (slowmo makes everything so cool!)






Drinking Salt Water Method 2: Solar Desalination


  1. Bowl or any type of container that doesn’t leak
  2. Plastic wrap or waterproof sheeting of some sort
  3. A smaller container or cup shorter than height of bowl
  4. Rocks

This survival hack is when you don’t have access to much gear, but oddly might have some plastic wrap with you. Depending on the materials you have access to, you’ll probably have to get creative with this technique. But it does work. This is a saltwater variation of a solar-still.

  1. Fill the bowl ¾ of the way with saltwater
  2. Place cup inside of the bowl, but ensure the lip of the cup is above the saltwater. You may need to add a weight to the cup to keep it from floating around
  3. Cover the bowl with the plastic wrap or sheeting. The more airtight the seal around the bowl, the quicker and more water you can collect
  4. Place a rock or weight of some sort on the wrap right above the cup. This is so that it creates a dip for the water to travel down and drip into the cup. Make sure the weight is not so heavy where it tears the wrap or brings down the entire system.
  5. Place the bowl in direct sunlight. As the sun evaporates the saltwater, the vapor will condense and collect on the wrap, dripping into the cup. It does take an extremely long time. So I hope you’re not thirsty.
  6. Now go fishing

These desalination techniques are for very extreme circumstances where drinking water is just not accessible. In most areas you’ll probably find a good source of fresh water or be able to extract dew and needn’t even consider drinking salt water. But the need to survive never happens at the moment of your choosing. Having another tool in your arsenal makes you that much more prepared for anything – and that includes the zombie apocalypse.

Have some survival hacks of your own?  Please share!

This morning last year I landed in Heathrow to start this, dare I say, journey. I didn’t have a job lined up, nor a house, but I knew that this was where I needed to be.

I’ve been to 37(ish) towns and cities in 16 countries while pretending like I have a full time job, and made many friends along the way.

Here’s to many more adventures ✌🏼️

📷 | @intrepid_fok

The third wing in Blackrock Mountain is now available! Blackrock Spire is where intrepid adventurers can go to and challenge ogres, dragons, and orcs! In addition, the priest and druid class challenge cards are available here. 

Highlord Omokk

Omokk’s hero power gives him the capability to Execute a minion on demand — but not until after they’ve been wounded first. There’s a variety of ways to get through to Omokk. You can use a priest deck to help sustain the health of your minions and deny Omokk’s hero power. Alternatively, you can go for a strategy that involves minimal use of minions such as a freeze mage or a stalling tactic. Many of the ogre minions summoned prove to be annoying as they never seem to attack the intended target.

RewardsCore Rager

Normal mode

I went for the throat with this deck by using the combo druid that I normally reserve for the ladder. I wasn’t expecting it to work but the low health total with the burst from Stampeding Roar and Force of Nature was enough to push through for a win. Alternatively, you can use the mage deck listed here under the heroic section. There was a bit of luck involved with the druid deck, though. Being able to close out back to back druid combos did a significant chunk of damage to the Highlord easily and all I had to do was keep my Shade of Naxxramas protected until it was sufficiently powerful enough on its own.

Matt’s deck: Combo Druid

Heroic mode

When you hit heroic, the same strategy should apply. The difference is that he has a higher life total and the hero power doesn’t have to target wounded minions. In a nutshell, lean on minions with Deathrattle components so that additional value is added even if they die. For heroic, I went for a mage deck with a nice mix of spells and heavy hitting minions. Flame Cannons, Dragon’s Breath, and Flamestrikes will make short work of whatever minions enter the board on his side. Fuegen and Stalagg were instrumental in getting Thaddius into play. Kel’Thuzad is a virtual must in any deck you decide to use due to his ability to bring back destroyed minions. Ice Barriers and Vaporizes will buy you time to set up. Your Duplicates can help you add further minions and targets on your side of the board.

Matt’s heroic deckMage

The Core Rager reward might see some action in midrange hunter variations, but it rewards hunters for emptying out their hands which isn’t what a midrange hunter wants to do. At 4 mana, it might be too slow and clunky for a face hunter deck to take advantage of. I don’t see a home yet for the oversized flaming mutt which is a shame because it’s a nice idea.

General Drakkisath

Drakkisath offers you both good news and bad news. The good news is that every card in your deck costs you 1 mana. The bad news is that you are stuck with 1 mana crystal for the whole game. Essentially, you only get one spell. Now the easy solution here is to pile your deck with the most expensive minions possible. You want maximum trade value to ensue. Each minion of yours that dies better have put two of Drakkisath’s in the morgue.

RewardsDragon Consort

Normal mode

For normal, I went with a druid deck again and piled it with some massive minion trees and other large minions. Force-Tank MAX’s can easily trade for two minions. Anything on your end with 8 health or higher will typically survive longer than Drakkisath’s. If you have any giants, stuff them all in there. Maexxna can remove any minion. Black Knight can help remove hefty taunters. If you can score Kel’Thuzad out on the board and keep him alive with the rest of your minions providing defense, let him go to work with the constant minion revivals. Lastly, a Deathwing is helpful if you have one as he functions as an effective board wipe.

Bug: There is currently a bug where if you have a Kel’Thuzad in play with a taunt minion on your side, Drakkisath will not attack.

Matt’s deckDruid

Heroic mode

The heroic deck took me a while on stream to get down pat. Oddly enough, all I had to do was tweak my original deck slightly and go bigger. I must have cycled through so many classes and decks before I finally tapped out and polled the rest of Twitch chat for help. A few viewers recommended trying priest with the Inner Fire and Divine Spirit combination to bowl through any threats. Ultimately, I reverted back to the druid deck with some little adjustments, and Alexstrasza came through in a big way during my attempts.

Matt’s heroic deckDruid

Jury’s out so far on the effectiveness of the paladin’s Dragon Consort. Paladin dragon decks will be a thing eventually, it’s just a matter of time though. Being able to drop the next dragon 2 mana cheaper lets you set up to bring a much earlier Ysera or Alexstrasza into play.

Rend Blackhand

The boss of the Blackrock Spire wing is Rend Blackhand. His hero power is unique, because it will cycle and rotate through different abilities such as this one. Your decks will need to find ways to control the extra minions while chipping in damage to successfully defeat Blackhand.

Rewards: Dragon Egg, Rend Blackhand

Normal mode

A fast hunter deck has the potential to blow out Blackhand on normal. A standard face hunter deck can take care of business quickly before the board gets overwhelmed. Explosive Traps will help control the whelps that are summoned. On top of that, you can punish Blackhand’s board with Unleash the Hounds paired with Timber Wolves, which will rack up serious damage fast. Just think of this particular matchup as a race. Knife Jugglers will go to town when all those hounds go out. If you still find yourself getting overwhelmed, put in some Explosive Sheeps or Unstable Ghouls.

Matt’s deckHunter

Heroic mode

Naturally, we’re going to use yet another priest deck to get through and defeat Blackhand — we’re going to go for the patented Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combo again. Build up a really big minion and swing it right into Blackhand’s face. The Auchenai Soulpriest, Circle of Healing, Lightbombs, and Holy Novas will help hold the line against Rend’s hero power of summoning his horde of mini whelps. You have a Shadow Word: Death and a Big Game Hunter in there on the turns where Gyth manages to come out. On the mulligan, you want to try to dig and get yourself a Lightwell. If you have two of them up, they’ll do a fine job keeping you alive long enough for you to get set. If you’re having a hard time dealing with the extra minions, you can try tossing in a few Explosive Sheeps or a Doomsayer.

Matt’s heroic deck: Priest

Successfully knock out Blackhand, and you get to use Rend Blackhand! The 8/4 body himself isn’t bad. He’ll be able to go toe to toe against other beefier minions. That low health, though, puts him in range of smaller minions. However, a dragon-themed deck with Blackhand can potentially swing the battlefield back in your favor. You’re paying 7 mana to remove a legendary minion and get an 8/4 body out in the process. All you need is a Dragon in your hand. Unfortunately, the Dragon Egg doesn’t seem to be a solid card. It’s a weaker Nerubian Egg and the whelps it spawns are fragile.

That’s it for Blackrock Spire — you can catch the previous bosses from the earlier wings on YouTube!

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Aqua Boy

Ably assisted by a monkey sidekick and a labradoodle professor, Aqua Boy is an intrepid underwater adventurer – scouring the uncharted depths for mysterious, long-forgotten artifacts.

FMCL: Pointers

Sports Desk – FMCL
Vol.5 No.17
Event: Pointers

Welcome back Mecha Maniacs! Full Metal Combat League is on the air to bring you more King of the Mountain action. In the midst of Clan Wars and can’t find enough action? Fear not, intrepid adventurer, we have plenty of point mech panic to satisfy your craving for armored combat. Point mech is the closest to a honor duel we have here in mecha galaxly. Just you and me and a BFM. It’s quick and dirty and you always see a lot of lead changes as the crit-kill weapons rule and speed is king. No matter the division you are in, load up a bunch of Galxaly Eyes and whatever one hit wonders you own and step up to the blast-a-thon because its going to be raining Ferrite and it will be awesome!
From the tech department we have a new high level Ice weapon for you. Restricted to pilots with a class 106 rating or better this weapon will only be seen in the upper reaches of divisions 1 and 2. 

The Wendigo is the largest Crystal based Ice system to date. Factory reps claim it can shatter 78 ferrite of armor per shot. Cycle rate is set at 100 keeping it on par as the fastest Crystal based system as well. Priced to move at 72 Crystal each with standard bulk rate purchases available this weapon has been restricted to 40 units per pilot by the KotM ruling commission. Secondary effects of the system include an 8% chance of freezing your opponent in place for you to destroy at your leisure and a slowing effect of 6 to reduce an enemy’s ability to return fire. An interesting side note, this is one of the few Crystal class weapons that can deal more units of armor damage than it costs in Crystal. 78 damage for only 72 Crystal, now that’s getting the most bang for your buck.

Let’s take a look at the final score board and see who was fastest on the draw:
Div1 Dan Ross of Death’s Coalition {AFF}
Div2 Mark K Penner of Zeon
Div3 Rick Hoffer of Zeon
Div4 Euan Pink of Browncoats (Highland Regiments)
Div5 Fj Bros of SPETRE {NWO}
Div6 Daniel Monson of Black Star Bandits
Div7 Drake Novum Scientist of Exile’s Song
Div8 Aurin75 of HYDRA {NWO}
Div9 Jerry Jones of Death’s Legion {AFF}

Congrats to all the winners and be sure to check the archive of a complete list of results:…/…

Next Issue: Rollin’ with my homies

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Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - Brings Giant Adventures


If your kids like a good adventure then this could be the perfect gift! The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is a giant, speedy, off road adventurers dream.

Powered by a 12 volt battery your intrepid little adventurer can get up to an amazing 5 mph with this Jeep – for all those moms who are now having second thoughts don’t – you have the facility to lock out the high speed option and stick to the lower setting which is a more gentle 2.5 mph and ideal when you first introduce your child to the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It can be a bit awkward for a 3 year old (which is the minimum age for use stated by the manufacturer) to get the hang of using the “gas” pedal and steering this monster, so the high speed lock out is a great feature. There is also a reverse gear for them to master.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is designed for going “off road” and will move well over all types of terrain for example grass, gravel, small tree roots and rocks etc. However, Opinion appears to vary on this point. Some of the parents I spoke to have had absolutely no problems whilst others find the Jeep doesn’t perform as expected on certain types of surface and slight inclines.

I have realised that this appears to be down to two problems. The first is that the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon like all other ride on toys has hard plastic wheels which seem to give poor traction. There are ways to remedy this problem, the first being rubber bands which fit over the wheels – these can be sourced on various sites online. Secondly, one parent I spoke to sprayed the wheels with a rubberised undercoat – this did the trick but needs to be reapplied regularly. Lastly, another parent went for the simple option – duck tape! Yes, it does work!

The second factor which seems to affect how well the Jeep runs is weight – a small, light child often has difficulty getting the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon to move properly, add a second child and the problem seems to be eliminated. Maybe, if you don’t have a second child adding some additional weight in the rear storage area of the Jeep may have the same effect?

Some parents expressed some disappointment that the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon doesn’t have proper doors which open and close, but the majority of the kids thought the rugged grab bars “cool” just like the pretend seat belts which encourage good car habits for the future. To the rear you will find a storage area so the kids can pack up a picnic for the long journey ahead. Other parents and kids would like to see more features like a working radio which some other “ride ons” are fitted with.

The battery does take a LONG time to charge, especially the first time – anything up to 18 hours. If this is a gift be sure to do this in advance otherwise you will end up with one very disappointed child and a long wait on your hands. After the first charge it is probably wise to keep it topped up after every use. Feed back on the length of time the battery lasts has been positive with a large number of parents saying they were surprised how long the Jeep could run.

One further point to consider before buying a Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon – IT IS BIG! With this in mind it is important to decide if you have enough storage space to accommodate it.

Overall there were very few complaints regarding this Jeep, adults find it fairly simple to put together using the comprehensive instructions and the kids just love to play in this durable, well designed monster of a truck.

Source by Mags Sno

Podquisition Episode 20: Sex With A Man-Parrot
this week’s intrepid audio adventure, we talk about having sex with cars and various were-animals, because why the heck not? We also discuss Jim’s three-day Dark Souls binge and what it’s done to his psyche, and TRY not to ramble on about Bloodborne again. Also, Gav and Laura had been drinking prior to the recording. It’s actually surprising how non-obnoxious they are, because they’re professionals through and through. Still, Gav REALLY wants you to know he’s been drinking!

Now Available on Steam Early Access - I am Bread, 25% off!

I am Bread is Now Available and is 25% off!*

The epic story of a slice of bread’s journey to become toast. Take the intrepid, crumby adventurer on a journey from his natural confines of the kitchen, through the home of an unsuspecting owner and into the outside world. This bread will be boldly going where no other bread has gone before!

*Offer ends April 16 at 10AM Pacific Time

from New On Steam

Now Available on Steam Early Access - I am Bread, 25% off!

I am Bread is Now Available and is 25% off!*

The epic story of a slice of bread’s journey to become toast. Take the intrepid, crumby adventurer on a journey from his natural confines of the kitchen, through the home of an unsuspecting owner and into the outside world. This bread will be boldly going where no other bread has gone before!

*Offer ends April 16 at 10AM Pacific Time