This 30 second video shows Startle Myoclonus induced by Lyme Neuroborreliosis.

Case presentation: A 69-year old Caucasian man presented with a two-week history of a pronounced startle myoclonus, as well as a four-week history of double vision, gait disturbance and severe lancinating pain in his upper thoracic region. Neurological examination showed an excessive startle reaction of his upper trunk evoked by visual and tactile stimulation, a positive sign of Lhermitte, mild right-sided palsy of his sixth and seventh cranial nerve, moderate dysarthria, very brisk deep tendon reflexes, pallhypesthesia of his legs, and an atactic gait disturbance. A diagnosis of a Lyme neuroborreliosis was confirmed by cerebrospinal fluid examination. Under intravenous treatment with ceftriaxone, our patient improved considerably with complete remission in a follow-up at two months.

Morbid Thinking
  • Tzvi:
  • sleep in the car on the way
  • McCalla Ann Swagerpants:
  • no im going to get an energy drink
  • Tzvi:
  • ooh good plan get all hopped up on caffine!!!
  • McCalla Ann Swagerpants:
  • mhmm
  • maybe ill buy two xD
  • idk i feel like once i go to sleep i wont wake up for like 3 days
  • Tzvi:
  • buy 47
  • and take them all intravenously
  • you will be asleep for a while
  • McCalla Ann Swagerpants:
  • oh man
  • ill just inject some mountain dew instead
  • do you suppose
  • if i inject the blue mountain dew that my veins will turn blue as i die
  • cause that would be cool

Just want to stress to my fellow bangers the reason why it’s best to humble yourself or have someone go and buy the $1.36 ten pack of syringes from Walmart (Reli-On brand) in the least concern for your veins well-being. Face it, we all use to escape, but if we are fucked into staying alive and having to get high, at least try preserving the methods in which you enjoy the most. Getting high is one thing, willful neglect is another. I love you all, please play safe when you play with the serpent.

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The other side of the glass


Bruce smirked as he looked at at his experiment. He opened the glass door and held up two cans. “For being such a good boy yesterday you get to choose what you have for breakfast. You can have chocolate flavor or vanilla.” He set the two cans in front of his test subject before pulling out the necessary equipment to feed the other. Bruce fed him intravenously, that way it was easier to keep track of what Michael was eating, and it would be easier to administer medicine among other things.

Bruce wasn’t always this way. When he first started out he was just excited to see if his theory was plausible. After a rather large dose of gamma radiation and being captured by Hydra, though, Bruce had lost it. They broke him and when he did escape he felt empty. Michael wasn’t his first experiment. There had been others that didn’t survive, but that was science for you. Michael was the longest lasting patient so far and Bruce had grown attached to him. He was glad to see that the serum was taking. 

Bruce kept his hair short. Though it was starting to grey along the sides. He always seemed to have a five o’clock shadow and dark circles around his eyes like he never slept. There were some green patches of skin on Bruce’s hands and arms, and sometimes there was a green glint to his eyes. His experiment might not have worked on himself, but it seemed to be working with Michael. 

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There are all so great, it's hard to pick just one! Just because I am in a mood for angst : 8 for Steve/Loki.

(possible-canon for Remember This Cold - I’ll decide on that later.)

Steve was dozing when Loki woke up, slipped into fitful sleep. The quiet, blurry, “Steve?” jarred him out of it. He swiveled toward Loki and tried to summon a smile, but it felt shaky and he could only imagine how it looked. 

“Hey,” he said. Loki licked dry lips. 


Steve winced. “Not yet. I’m sorry, doctor’s orders. You need to…” He couldn’t say it. Didn’t like thinking about it. “Right now…right now you’re taking fluids intravenously.” Loki blinked slowly, looked to his left and studied the line running out of his arm. 

“Oh,” he said, still sounding foggy. He frowned, minutely. “I don’t…hurt.” He sounded troubled, and it took Steve a moment to appreciate why and then he felt a pang. Loki was so used to waking up in pain that the idea of being injured and not hurting probably seemed wrong. 

“You can thank Wakandan science for that,” he said, trying for another smile. Loki didn’t smile back and didn’t look much fooled. 

“You want to ask,” Loki said, his voice slightly rasping. “Ask.” 

Steve shook his head. “Later. It can wait.” Until Loki crawled a little further from death’s door. Until the relief finally penetrated the fear. 

Loki shook his head. “No, you need to…I went worldwalking. Just…it helps. But they were waiting for me there. Bounty hunters, rogue Kree working for the Titan…” Loki trailed off. “It doesn’t matter what they were. I was surprised. I couldn’t…”

Steve could fill in the gaps from there. It was one of those images that was going to be burned into his brain forever, like Bucky reaching out to him as he fell, or his first glimpse of the Red Skull’s real face, or Loki in Doom’s lab. Loki standing trembling and covered in blood, stumbling into Steve’s room and collapsing. He’d sounded awful, his breathing a thin rasp that sounded like it could stop at any second, and then it had, and the sudden silence was worse. But Loki was alive. He was alive.

Steve swallowed hard. “Loki,” he said. “You can’t…you know that, right? That you can’t go back there. Not if…it’s not safe.” 

Loki looked away. “Steve…”

“No, listen to me,” Steve said, his voice rising a little. “I can’t - do that. I can’t lose you. I thought - I honestly thought you were dead, you stopped breathing right in front of me and I was panicking too much to do a single damned thing about it.” He squeezed his eyes shut. “You lost - a lot of blood. Way too much. One of your lungs was shredded and - and there was almost nothing in one piece under your ribs. They almost cut you in half. An inch further and it would’ve severed your spine.” Steve pressed the back of his hand against his mouth, for a moment wavering on the edge of throwing up. “Please. Okay? Just - please. Don’t.”

“All right,” Loki said finally. His voice sounded very small. “I will not…go wandering.”

Steve let out an immense breath of relief. He bent his head forward and reached out to take Loki’s hand, threading their fingers together. 

“For a couple of minutes there I really thought that was it,” Steve said. “And it was…I can’t do that. And it made me think of how it must have been for you, for months-”

“Steve,” Loki rasped, but Steve shook his head. 

“I know. It wasn’t my fault. That’s not the point. The point is-” He squeezed his eyes shut. The point is I want this to last forever. The point is that I want to know we’re both going to make it through this, we’re going to be okay, I’m not going to lose you. “I love you,” he said, hoping it somehow conveyed some of what he couldn’t manage to say. “So damn much. And we keep…maybe we should do something. Make it permanent, somehow…”

It was only after he said it that he realized Loki had slipped back under. Steve felt a tug at the corner of his lips, not really toward a smile. 

Maybe it was better that way.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a bad idea is it to give Shreddy mutagen intravenously?

depends on whose side you’re thinking

if youre thinking shredder its either gonna heal him and make him swole or mutate him horribly, but its too early for that so i’d say a 6

studio daze by vnph (1hr 12m)

for juliars

01 Joke’s On You — Highspire
02 I’m Gone — Tamaryn
03 Moonstruck — The Megaphonic Thrift
04 Don’t Fall Asleep — The Sunshine Factory
05 I am an Eye Machine — No Joy
06 Sometimes — My Bloody Valentine
07 Intravenous — Catherine Wheel
08 Glorious — Adorable
09 Hymn to the Pillory — Nothing
10 Opale — Alcest
11 When The Sun Hits — Slowdive
12 Aviary — Mint Julep
13 Bolas — No Joy
14 Weightless — Washed Out
15 Glacier — Highspire
16 All Release — Fleeting Joys
17 All That We Are — The Black Ryder

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EMP/EDT: I've not seen anyone mention this. The series we call Series 4 or S4 is designated "SHERLOCK IV" on slates and scripts we've seen. Is this a clue right under our noses? Sherlock's still in hospital, dreaming under the influence of INTRAVENOUS drugs. Cue Mofftiss chortling.

AHHHH !!! That is so cool!!!!! I really really wish we could call it a clue, because that would be amazing and so sneaky, but series 3 slates were also in roman numerals :((

I’m positive that Moftiss have chortled about it anyway though. I love it!