Oliver sat in the cafe, the glow of his laptop screen illuminating his face. Others just like him, working or just trolling who know. For him, it was work. Trying to respond to an email, lengthy in it’s manner, and right as he was getting to conclude it, the screen went black. Unfortunately for him, he had gotten so intranced in the email that he did not notice the low battery. The man groaned, frustrated at himself. “Shit…” Hoping that, since he had a mac, it would be saved. Hanging on a single thread of hope, he plugged the charger in, caressing the device in hopes to persuade it to vote in his favor. 

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The skinwalker and hellhound demons stared as the newcomer walked through the dim path of the forest, glancing at their surroundings. The one with snow hair grinned and jumped out from his spot in the tree. “What brings you to the nightmare realm?” He asked, holding out his hand. “Hasani, look someone came!” The brunette male frowned at the other’s actions and jumped out as well. “Pleasure to meet you.”

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The demon stared down at the girl as he sat on his throne. He was waiting to see if she would do something, but she stood there. She was most likely lost, and if someone was lost in the realm of Hasani, his home was their only option to go and look for a way back home. “Hello.” He finally spoke up. “Can I help you, love?”

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“Oi, oi!” The snow haired skinwalker demon flew out of a shadow like tree and landed right in front of the stranger on his feet. “Welcome to the realm of nightmares!” He stated, holding his hand out and grinning eerily. “Come, now, Zero. Be friendly.” A brunette male stood on a different tree branch, examining the stranger. “And who might you be?”

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What? Hasani smelled a newcomer, not human though. Oh, definitely not! The demon smirked and turned to face the girl. She had a bit of a cold aura. He teleported from his throne to right in front of her. “Hello~” He stretched out his hand and gave a seductive smile. “My name is Hasani. Nice to meet you.”

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The demon hummed as he poured a drink, his Realm Protect was on in case someone came by. He heard a knock on the door, and quickly ran to greet his guest. He was slightly excited, but that was the instinct of any other dog. “Can I help you?” He asked as he opened the door

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The eerie laughter of the snow haired demon could be heard all throughout the forest of fears. He flew through tree to tree, grinning sadistically. He stopped immediately and landed on a tree branch, catching a glimpse of a stranger wandering. “Welcome to the realm of nightmares!” He stated in a loud voice and stared down at them from the tree. “Who are you?”

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Hasani sat up from his bed and took a sniff of the air. Something was off, someone…someone was there. At least he remembered to turn Realm Protect on to make it less suspicious. He stood up with a sigh and walked over to the scent. He saw a stranger there, lost. Well, they’d question why they wandered into someone’s home. “Can I help you?” He asked, trying to be polite

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“Another one in the realm?” The skinwalker demon examined the stranger as they walked through the area, lost apparently? A grin slowly spread across his features. Hasani wasn’t around, so he could play with the new stranger a bit. “They’re guests, but also toys.” He muttered before jumping off the tree branch and landing before the newcomer. “Welcome to the realm of nightmares. Who’re you?”

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Zero watched the stranger from a high shadow like tree branch. This aura…what was it? “This is going to be fun.” Hasani murmured with a silent chuckle as he jumped from the high tree, landing before the stranger. “Welcome to the realm of nightmares.” The demon gave a polite bow as the other demon jumped out as well. “My name is Hasani. The snow haired male over there is Zero. Pleasure to meet you.”

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“Ryu, halt.” The demon said in a stern voice. “I’ve told you before : It isn’t nice to make food out of new guests.” He caught the hellhound barking and baring teeth at a stranger. “I apologize for him. He follows orders well, it’s my fault.” He turned to the stranger and bowed apologetically. “Can I help you with anything?” He asked, standing straight.

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The demon stretched his arms over his hand with a grin. He was done with his shift and met a few people, but he was hungry. He marveled at the thought of how delicious the souls and dreams he had at home would taste. As he walked back to his realm, he bumped into someone. “Hey man, didn’t see you there. Sorry.”

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A cold aura, a black blooded slightly terrifying aura, and a sweet but power-wielding aura. The demon smelled it before he felt their presence. He stared down at the them before standing. “Welcome.” He said and, in a flash, appeared before them and gave a polite bow. “Pleasure to have you in my realm.” He said, standing straight

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What? What, what, what? Another person? This can’t be right! Hasani began to walk around wondering why the hell people were actually following him. He remembered the girl being in his presence and stopped. He cleared his throat and turned to her, followed by a seductive grin. “Hello there, miss. Pleasure to meet you.” He said, giving a dramatic bow.