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any hcs for lailvarez? because the world needs more and the two pages of those sports lesbians snarking at each other gives me life

ok but same SO

Something To Tell You HC

They went to high school together but didn’t actually meet each other until college (downside of a graduating class of 1,017). Laila was 100% a sports girl and along with exy she’s on a couple intramural teams (flag football & frisbee) but Alvarez only picked up exy for the exercise and is much more of a bookish person (debate team & model UN). Alvarez is an environmental science and political science double major with an academic writing minor. Laila is an archaeology major with a minor in cultural studies. They help each other with their papers by talking them out in depth. Alvarez blushes when Laila kisses the soft spot behind her ear. Laila is addicted to eating breath mints and Alvarez complains about it a lot. Laila will steal Alvarez’s favorite clothes since they’re the same size, so Alvarez has to hold Laila’s shoes hostage to get her clothes back. Holding hands is too sweaty so they link pinkies. Laila has a 57 year old rescue bird that hates Alvarez and it’s the reason that they broke up after three months of dating. They got back together but both agree that they’ll never have another bird. They like to go to farms and pick fruit together on the weekends. Alvarez dyes Laila’s hair green for April Fool’s Day instead of touching up her blonde dye job. Laila shaves her head and Alvarez almost faints because of her girlfriend and her ears that poke out angrily from her head. They’re very in love and they’ll always remember that their relationship is built on the foundation that they’ve shaved each other’s buttholes (trust me you can face most things after trusting someone with that).

Someone [pt. 4]

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The rest of the weekend is fairly uneventful, Kermit is gone when she gets home, Maya doesn’t really speak to Katy, and Riley recovers enough to harass her with hourly phone calls about her well-being.

“I’m fine.” Maya shouts into the phone the fourth time it rings, not even glancing at the screen.

“Wow, good afternoon to you too.”

Maya sighs.

“Lucas. Sorry. I thought you were Riley.”

He chuckles on the other end.

“Wow. Thanks.”

“You know what I mean.” Maya mutters, rolling her eyes as she flips through the textbook in front of her.

“Mhmm. So, how are you-”

“Huckleberry, I swear if you ask me how I’m doing I’ll hang up.”

“I was going to say how are you holding up, actually.”

Maya can practically hear him smirking through the phone.

“Great. Terrific. Never been better.” She mumbles, eyes catching on a particularly compelling painting in her textbook.

“You going to be okay for our presentation tomorrow?” He asks. She frowns.

“Is that why you called? Yeah, Lucas, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” She closes her book in a huff of annoyance.

“Hey, I didn’t mean it like that. Look, do you want a ride to school tomorrow?” He sounds tired, like maybe he’s been thinking a lot about this too. Maya thinks about it. She usually takes the subway, with Riley. But Riley probably won’t be back at school by then.

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except you, bro

SO MY BROTHER-IN-LAW MADE A MOVIE!! Its titled Balls Out and is about, well, college intramural football. its super funny and ridiculous. these two guys are the stoner sports commentators and probably my favorite part of the movie tbh.  lol i ship it 

its out in (select) theaters and on V.O.D and itunes today!! so watch it!!! legally!!!! 

it has a great cast including Jake Lacy, Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett, Jay Pharoah, and D.C. Pierson (aka the apple store guy from Captain America). and its a NYTimes Critics Choice! Check out the review here

Baron Corbin speaks on his match against Austin Aries
[March 21st, 2016]

On April 1st at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, Baron Corbin is set to face “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” and a man who Corbin has attacked on a few occasions, Austin Aries. When asked about the attack in a (kayfabe) interview, Corbin stated the following regarding Aries’ history in pro wrestling:

It’s true. I don’t respect anyone who has a background on the independent circuit. NXT is the professional level, and it’s the best of the best. If you played on an intramural l flag football team, it doesn’t make you NFL material. I came from one professional sport to another, and it’s an entirely different level. I was in the top 1 percent of football players.

Indie guys are in the bottom 95 percent of wrestlers. I don’t care what they did or how many nobodies are sitting in their mom’s basement tweeting how good they are. If they were so good, it wouldn’t take them 10 years to get here. When those guys walk in the door, I am happy to show them they don’t belong.


Okay, at first, this seems VERY harsh, considering Aries is one of the most talented superstars featured on the NXT brand. BUT, to consider what Baron Corbin is, as a character, it’s spot-on for what he’s presenting. It’s such perfect wordplay as it makes everyone want to watch the event just to see Aries show Corbin just how good he really is! This, among many other matches, is one that I’m looking forward to on April 1st at NXT TakeOver: Dallas!