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Giggles echoed down the hall. The sounds of pans and mixers and blenders had been filling the kitchen since this morning and had long since been going into the afternoon.  

Morality was humming and swaying to the radio that was turned on low, mixing a bowl of batter for another batch of something sweet. 

Logan had at first reluctantly joined him, but was challenged by a pun using Patton “But I how do we know who bakes, batter?”  and was now rather enjoying rolling out doughs and making various geometrical shapes.

Morality chuckled, picking up a bowl of icing as Logic studies the thin slab of dough, watching his partner calculated the spacing and amount of cookies it would create as he mixed yet again. His arm was aching but he ignored it because he loved it.

With a mischevious grin, he took his chance at the others distraction and stuck his finger in the gloop.  With a quick swipe, he grazed the frosting along Logans cheek. Stifling giggles as he stepped back.

Logic sighed with a tired smile.

It took him only a moment to look up at Morlaity, who was positively raidiating with happiness as he laughed.

Logic could’nt help the words slipping past his lips.

“Well, arent you just the sweetest”

Morality’s smile if possible doubled and had he had the bowl still in his arms.. it may of hit the floor. 

He dashed to him, motherly wiping the sweet from his cheek and not so innocently licking it from his thumb before squeezing Logan tightly.  Logan couldnt mistake the unsual odd wetness as tears hit his shirt as the father burried his face in the fabric. 

A muffled giggle vibrated on his chest.
“Awh lo… you’ve got me in teirs!”

Logan was unable to reply, overwhelmed by the way his heart was pulpitaing, he’d never be used to such a sensation…

Later that night, the sweet smell was finally fading from the air and the pair found themselfes curled in a blanket and huddled rather close.. At Patton’s institance.
Morlaity was gazing at the tie wearing trait as the baking show played in the background. Logan was rather inthralled by the intracit space designs used ona particular couples wedding cake.

It was quiet, nevorous whisper as Patton shifted in his seat.

“Do you think… We’d look good on a cake together?”

You know what, imma tag people.. 


guys listen it's 2am but cars frozen

Elsa: orignally purple or some shit, uses headlights and tires to do the ice bullshit repraints herself with ice and has cool lil intracite designs 

Anna: orange or maybe forestry green, has a frostbitten streak of paint going from the front edge of her hood down her sidedoor 

Olaf: a lil beetle or smart car made of snow and has a traffic cone for a nose

Kristph: big ol snowtruck of some sort idrc 

Sven: a lil steam train maybe? Who’s honestly reading at this point