What is your preferred genre of music?

Maybe you have that one style of music that really suits you.  Or maybe you like a wide variety of tunes, to keep things interesting and diverse.  Or do you shift around from time to time, going through phases depending on your situation.  Silence is cool too, if you don’t have time for all that noisy nonsense.

So, what’s your genre?  who are your artists?  and what can you absolutely not bear to listen to?
Let’s hear it. 

INTPs and visual arts

I just want to say, that when it comes to visual arts, at least that’s how i work, INTPs have a bit different approach. I work as a graphic designer, and I think that my INTPness and objective outlook on stuff helps me to see what my customer wants. And after that when I actually do artwork and layouts and stuff i can combine stuff i know, my inner pictures ( idk i often think in pictures when i work), my new ideas and all of that blabla… What I wanted to say is, maybe INTPs are not your typical artists that work when they are inspired and when they want to, but when it comes to graphic design that helps because I’m often totally uninspired to do a certain job but i still do it because it’s my job ( I’m getting out of point i think). Anyways I think INTPs make good visual artists, because it’s not always just talent, it takes much work and persistence and learning to make your talent a skill, and I think that is what ITNPs are very good at.