As I hit 600 followers (HOW) I want to celebrate and make something similar to a follow-forever/tumblr-crushes-countdown. I know it doesn’t make sense but everything I do doesn’t so yay. (≧∇≦)/ I didn’t have the possibility to know you better so, instead of doing a follow forever, I decided to post my tumblr crushes list from 29th January to when I reached 600 followers in order to show you my love! (it still doesn’t make sense, right? xD)
Nevermind… thank you followers for being there and for reading and dealing with my craziness and thank you crushes for making my tumblr experience great.
 사랑해 ! !

smiling-for-12-angels | hiscupidsbow | hanseh | intoxikaition | shixiann | bunnyxing | chentongue | taeminsperfection | tranyeollie | rebelkai |taopard | bunnyxing |baobae | taerection | oyasumihachi | little-bubble | taemagotchi | sukittae | krismehard | readysetohmy | playful-chanyeol | kimjongasm | exolutely | parkbaekyeol | wufabulous | exoholicwu-fan | natalialovesu712

Finally, I want to thank these people in particular! Follow them cause they’re flawless okay?

taopard | eos-flamerhyorangejuice | sleeping-b2uty | shineexopresso | otp12exoplot-twist-luhan-tops | ddoyeol | draco-do-you-mind-if-i-slytherin | exo-kimjongin (my 600th follower ♥)